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Mechanicville/Stillwater 4th &5th grade Young Scholars

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S: 2008-2009 Young Scholars

BC: A collection of writing by 4th and 5th grade Young Scholars Students 2008-2009

FC: Mechanicville & Stillwater 4th and 5th Grade Young Scholars Writing Collection

1: Mechanicville Julia Amodeo (5) Rebecca Arnold (3) Kate Bee (8) Lauren Claeys (6-7) David Coreno (9) Miranda Gaetani (13) Gabby Mastropietro (14) Eric Turner (10-12) | Stillwater Morgan Beaulieu (21) Madelyn Bryant (15) Alexa Burczak (18-19) Howie Davis (20) Caeden Gilheany (2) Amanda Patenaude (4) Will Reichart (22-23) Johnny Tedesco (16) Connor Wescott (17)

2: Earvin Magic Johnson was born August 14, 1959 6 feet 9 inches, 220lbs. Magic went to Michigan State College. He was in the Nba for 12 years. Magic was a point guard. He won an MVP award his Rookie Year. Earvin abruptly retired but came back in time to play the 1992 all star game and won the all star MVP award. Magic retired again for his third and final time. Johnson was honored as one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.In 1996 Magic was elected to the Hall Of fame. By: Caeden Gilheany

3: George Lopez is a very funny comedian. He stars in the Nick at Nite show "George Lopez". He recently starred in the Christmas movie "Naughty or Nice" and "Inside the NFL". George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California.Much of his comedy comes from his childhood. Too sum it up; George will be getting his own show on TBS soon. by Rebecca Arnold

4: Happiness Woobi my soft fuzzy blanky I love. Silky ice-cream, that freezes my brain. Sunny bright days, which make me light as a dove. Blue Birds singing at dawn with no pain Lavender Lilac’smell floats through the breeze. Two silly brothers I tempt and I tease A baby's eyes that look like a puppy's. A flowing creek home to lots of guppies. Happiness is all around.! By: Amanda Patenaude

5: A watering can on eBay Was recently bought in May. He waited outside and then he lied, "Oranges are magic, totally!" BY: Julia A.

6: Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was an African American who was enslaved for most of her life. Harriet was born March 10,1913. When she was older Harriet escaped from slavery. To escape from slavery she used the Under Ground Railroad. The Under Ground Railroad was a line of houses that slaves would fallow to escape to freedom. But why didn’t the people who lived in those houses not hurt the slaves? The people did not like slavery. After Harriet was free she helped other slaves escape to freedom. She saved 70 other slaves.

7: While Harriet was a slave she got a horrible head wound from a heavy metal weight. After Harriet escaped she was an Union spy for the Americans in the Civil War. She also helped John Brown recruit from a raid in the Post War. Harriet helped stop women’s suffrage. After Harriet Tubman died on March 10,1913 Sarah Bradford wrote an autobiography on her. Some people thought Harriet lead so many people to freedom because of her head wound but all the things she did helped all Americans all over the world. Lauren Claeys

8: Blue Sadness By Kate Bee Sadness is blue It tastes like an old cashew It smells so tearful It looks so awful It sounds like a crier It feels like a puddle of water

9: My favorite book is Chasing Vermeer because it is a mystery book and the author makes you keep on reading. Also she fills the book with suspense. | It was about a famous painting that was stolen just to protect it and the person who stole it sent three letters to the best detectives. Later, two kids went out looking for it their names were Calder and Petra they found clues and they found out there was a person chasing them and eventually they found the painting. By: David Coreno

10: Poseidon Was Angered It was a beautiful day on Earth, but Mt. Olympus was not so. Zeus could not hold back his anger as he screamed, “Ares, I’m sick of this,” His thunderous voice roared through out the beautiful ‘house’, “Killing the mortals, I thought you hated war. Killing will only create it, you have killed innocent men!” From his hand he launched a lightning bolt which just hit Ares, almost missing him. The next one did miss however and flew out the door, hitting the towering Poseidon. “Well, Zeus. I was here to talk but it would seem you are busy”, He took his leave with an uneasy face. “YOU! Feel lucky you keep your god-ship”, Zeus threw yet another lightning bolt that hit Ares in the spine with a crack that sent him toppling out a window and off the mountain, where he almost hit Poseidon. “

11: Angering Zeus is quite easy, and I am afraid you have, tell him I will be going down to Earth for a swim.” Poseidon said calmly stepping over Ares fallen body. He continued down to the nearest beach where the Mortals were swimming. Disguising himself as a regular man he stepped into the waters and began to swim with his sea-faring brethren. Then, as kids saw him only as a common man, they accidently splashed him, raising his anger levels until he was having trouble holding back. “I do not believe it is respectful to splash other people.” Poseidon said with the least anger he could’ve. But then the father came over looking angered also. “You do not tell my kids what to do!” he screamed as he punched at Poseidon. Poseidon immediately dropped his guise and commanded the sea to kill, and the father was gone. “Poseidon” screamed the angry voice of Poseidon’s brother, “Killing mortals. Mortality, 3 Weeks, ONE POWER! What shall it be?” “

12: “The power to command the sea-animals,” said Poseidon and shoed off Zeus, “Animals,” he shouted making the animals come around him, “Spin!” they did as told and spun rising slowly up in the air until Poseidon was ready. He looked down at the new batch and commanded, “Splash!” and yet again they followed orders until the water mixed with what is now known as a tornado combined and ran laps around Greece destroying everything. And that is how the hurricane was created. All because Zeus angered the God of Water. Eric Turner

13: The Linakeebra A Linakeebra is a mixture between a lion, a parakeet, and a zebra. It has a head like a parakeet, a mane, a tail, and feet like a lion, and a body like a zebra. Its name says it all. The Linakeebra is simply the best creature on the planet! It has all of the abilities of a regular lion, parakeet, and a zebra! So, it can fly, run like the wind, and scare away predators. Its wings blend in so you can only see them when they want you to. It’s considered 1/3 lion, 1/3 parakeet, and 1/3 zebra so it is accepted In different animal categories. That’s why the Linakeebra is the best animal ever! By Miranda Gaetani


15: Happiness By Maddie Bryant Happiness is yellow just like the sun It tastes like a fresh grape off the vine Happiness smells like a brand new vanilla candle Burning on the fire place mantle It looks like my family with There arms wide open ready to hug me It sounds like my moms comforting and Beautiful singing voice that I love It feels like my soft, cozy, comfy fleece blanket That I’ve had since I was born That’s what happiness is to me!!

16: Once upon a time there was a world that had no television, computers, or electronic games. One day Brian said what are we going to do today? Sara said nothing because there is nothing to do besides run around and that is getting kind of boring. So Sara and Brian walked out into the woods and they built a tree fort it took them a while to build it but when it was finished they had lots of fun in it. They played board games and it was so big they played hide and seek for the rest of their lives By: Johnny Tedesco

17: Once upon a time there was a world called non-electronictopia .There wasn’t any electronic products. All of the kids were so bored. One day all of their parents told them to go outside and play. One of the kids named Nick asked what can we do outside. One of the other kids named Dianne said we can play tag. All the other kids asked what tag was. Dianne said tag was a game where somebody is it and all the other kids have to run around and try not to get tagged by the person that is it. Nick said okay let’s play it. Alex said who is going to be it. Mady volunteered to be it. Everybody agreed that Mady would be it. They started playing and everybody had a lot of fun. By: Connor Wescott

18: TOMMY Tommy is my tiger. I found him one day when I was exploring the Amazon. He was whimpering on a pile of leaves so I took a little look at him then I got up enough courage and ran toward him, picked him up then ran as fast as I could out of the Amazon and jumped into my boat and paddled away. When I got him home he was very scared so I tried to calm him down by feeding him some strips of steak and he really liked it. The next day I was really worried that my mom would find out that I had a tiger. So I went to go get Tommy to try to find a place to hide him but I couldn’t find him so I wondered where he was and as I was walking down the hallway and I saw a glimpse of a tail so I followed it .

19: When I saw that it went into a tree I followed it into a hidden lair and saw Tommy in there and he was fighting a robot that had broken into his lair and when the fight was over Tommy came over to me and just rubbed up against my leg and started to purr. So I gave Tommy a hug and we both went back to the house and I found a hiding place for him under the house and Tommy carried on with his missions and I carried on with my trips to the Amazon and on my last mission I found a gorilla but that’s another story. By: Alexa

20: Ned Kelly Ned Kelly was born in a ramshackle hut, He’d battled since he was a kid. He grew up with bad men, Bandits and thieves And learned all the bad things they did. And soon the police were out to find him so he hid, But hiding wasn’t good enough And soon enough he was killed. But still today, He is remembered in infamy. By: Howie Davis

21: Brett Gardner Brett Gardener is an outfielder for the Yankees. He is 25 and has played for the Yankees for two seasons. Brett throws and bats left handed. His birthday is August 24th. Brett was born in South Carolina. He played in college at College of Charleston for three years. He was a Florida State League all star in 2006. Brett batted .390 during spring training. He is the fastest base runner in the MLB. He is 183 pounds and is 5’10”. By: Morgan Beaulieu

22: Neil Armstrong By: William Reichart Neil Armstrong was an amazing astronaut. He was the first person ever to step on the moon. Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio. In 1955 Neil Armstrong became a test pilot for new aircraft. In 1962 Neil was selected by NASA to be an astronaut. In 1969 Neil was commander

23: of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. At 10:56 P.M. on July 16, 1969 Neil replied to the base “Tranquility base here … the eagle has landed.” He soon got out of the capsule and was the first man on the moon. A few days later on July 24 the three astronauts splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. When they got to dry land they were hailed as heroes. Neil later resigned as an astronaut. In 1986 Neil helped in the investigation about the explosion of the Shuttle Challenger. As you can see Neil Armstrong was an amazing person. He was the first man on the moon and he survived an explosion on his first mission.

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