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Memoir Craft: Interview- Mr. Bizan's Crazy Kids

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Memoir Craft: Interview- Mr. Bizan's Crazy Kids - Page Text Content

FC: Mr. Bizan's Crazy Kids Memoir Mixbook

1: Ryan Schyberg is a third grade student in Mrs. Winchell's class. The character ed. trait that best describes Ryan is Pride. Ryan take's pride in everything he does, especially his schoolwork. Ryan can be described as a very athletic young man. He enjoys playing all sports. His favorite sport is soccer. Presently, Ryan is the goalie on his soccer team. I learned a lot about Ryan. He is a tremendous student with a great future ahead of him. I hope you enjoy his memoir mixbook!

2: Hi! My name is Mogan Holland. I like to swim, ride my bike and watch movies. I would like to be the President because I would like to change laws. I interviewed Brionna Doughty.

3: Brionna is 9 years old.Her birthday is January 28, 2000. her favorite hobbie is soccer. Her favorite sport is soccer. Her favorite song is Tear Drops On My Guitar sang by Taylor Swift. She likes soccer because it's fun. she would like to go to Six Flags in Georga. Her favorite subject is art because she likes to draw. Her last name is Doughty. She goes to school at Stillwater Elementary school.She plays soccer outside of school because you have to work together and it's fun. The best time of her life was riding on a rollercoaster. She said the rollercoaster was fast. If Brionna could change a law it would be to not have homework

4: I am Brionna Doughty! I love soccer. I would love to be a nurse for babies ! I would also love to live in Calforna. I'm interviewing Morgan Holland!

5: Morgan Holland is 8 years old. She likes music because she likes to sing! Morgan goes to Stillwater Elementary School. Morgan is a third grader in Mrs.Cimma's class. She was born on May 17 2000. Her favorite color is green because that was her baby blanket color. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters. Morgan has 2 cats and 1 dog.Her 2 cats names are Kitty and Rex. Morgan's dogs name is Tatoo . Her favorite teacher is Mr.McGovern because he is fun! Morgan's favorite subject in school is science because it's very hands on! If she could go somewhere she would go to hawii because it's very hot there and she loves swimming. If she would win another awardin school it would be honesty because she is very honest. Her best time in her life

6: Hello my name is Kaelin Murray. I like toys and money. I also like stuffed animals. When I grow up I want to be a yellow lab breeder,because I love dogs. I interveiwed Madison.

7: Madison is a third grader in Stillwater Elementary. She loves lots of teams in football. She likes art too. But just because of Mrs.salmon. She loves pizza but just because it's cheesy.And her birthday last year was at snip-it's. She would love to go to Hawill.When she grows up she would like to be a kids doctor. She would love to have hotdogs and pizza every night. And she would love to come home with 2,000 dollars. I really really liked interveiwing Madison. It was fun and easy. I learned alot about her, like she really likes pizza.

8: Hi my name is Madison McCoy. Three things about me are, Ilike to swim. My favorite board game is Scene It. My favorite movie is I Am legend. When I grow up i want to be a PED Iatrieian. I interviewed Kaelin Murray.

9: Kaelin Murray is 8 years old. she has 1 dog named Flynn. She wants to be a yellow lab breader when she grows up. If she could go one place, she would go to a UR. She likes to play with her dog. The honesty trate best describes her.The best time of her life was when she first saw her dog. Her favorite special is gym. If she could make a law it would be to have free ice cream every Friday at any store. The best year of her life would be having casual clothes every day. The best vacation for her would be swimming with dolphins. I learned alot about Kaelin Murray. Ireally enjoyed interviewing her. I hope do it again.

10: Hi my name is Ryan Schyberg.I am 8 years old. I am a third grade student at Stillwater Elementary.

11: Madison Mcoy is a third grader at Stillwater school. She's 9 years old.Her favorite movie is saw 5,and her favorite reptile is a frog.Her favorite food is chocolate cake.She always wanted to go to Antarctica. She wants to be a doctor.She loves to play with her dog because it's fun.She wants to swim with dolphins for a special vacation because she has always wanted to.Her favorite special is art because she likes to draw. It was a plessure interviewing Madison.I learned me and Madison don't have a lot in common.

12: Hi my name is Jay Flynn.I like to fish at Saratoga Lake.I like to ride my bike.I also like to ride my 4 wheeler.When Igrow up Iwant to be a pro baseball player because I love baseball! I interveiwed NickRoy.

13: NickRoy was born May 5 2000.His favorite videogame is Mario Party.His favorite sport is soccer.His favorite teachers are Mrs.Howes and Mrs.Mc.Mann.His favorite book is mouse and the motercycle.His favorite subject is math.His favorite expirence was going to Epcot. His favorite sports team is the Yankees.His favorite song is T.N.T by AC/DC.His favorite food is chicken nuggets.The best time of his life was going to the Gratest Scape for the first time. The Character trate that best represents him is patience because he is patiencent.He would like to be in the Milatary when he grows up.His best vaction ever was going to lands end Florda. I hope you injoyed my interveiw of NickRoy.

14: My name is Nick I like vidio games my faverite movie is space balls I want to be in the Olimpics my faverite sport is soccor.I am interviewing Jay.

15: My person is Jay Flynn he's in third grade. His teacher is nice and serious. He like's gym because it's active.His birthday is June 20th 2000.He has a brother named Nick, his mom's name is Nikki, and a dad named Jim, he also has a pet pug named Aciey. Jay likes to play his ps3 outside of school becau he's addicted to guitar hereo. The best time of his life was lerning how to bike ride because it was fun for him.If he were to change a school rule it would be to do math evrey day because math is fun for him.If he could go one place it would be Spain because he thinks they have good food. His best vacation ever was Animal Kingdom because he liked playing in the arcade In my interview with Jay, i learned that we shared some of the same interests. . I'm glad I got to interview him.

16: My name is Emma.My favorite kind of dog is a golden retrever. I love animals.

17: Carissa was born on July 4,2000. She has one brother Ryan,and he's 17, two sisters , Stepheny, and Samantha,they are 20 and 16. She has 13 pets.She has 8 fish ,1 gerble, 2 cats, and1 dog.The gerble is Dale and he's a boy, and the other cat is Shadow,and he's a boy too.Her last pet is Princess,the dog and she's a girl.When she grows up she wants to help ingerd animals.Her hobby is basket ball, she loves to slam dunk it!If she could go to a famous persons house, she would go to either Hannah Montana's house,or the presidents house,because she wants to see how they live.Her teacher is Mr. Bizan, she likes him because she thinks he's funny. Carissa has always wanted to go to Australia, she likes Australia because, she likes to see animel wild life. Outside of school she likes to explore outdoors.The best part of her life was when she got Princess her dog,it was the best part of her life because, it was her first dog, and she will remember her.Her favirite special is art, she likes art because she likes to make things .If she coud chang a law she would chang to make it so that if youwere

18: Hello my name is Carissa. I'm very shy but some times I am very loud.I love to run !

19: Emma was born on October 19, 1999. She has three people in her family.Her mom's name is Pam and her dad's name is Mark. She does not have any brothers or sisters. Emma has one dog named Harper. Harper is a girl and Harper is a golden retriver.Emma likes gym because she likes to bowl and play kick ball and exercise .Emma likes to be outside because she likes nature and to explore.Emma's teacher is Mrs .Winchell. Emma would like to go to France so she can compair our culter to their's. Emma likes to ride her scooder after school .Self Control represents her and she said it her self ''It's all the education traitis." The best time of Emma's life was when she was born because if she wasn't born she would not be with us today! If Emma were to change a law or school rule she would like to say the Pledge of Allegiance at the end of the day. When Emma grows up she would like to be an animal rescuer. The best vacation Emma ever went on was when she was four and went to Cape Cod. She really liked it because she got to do a talent show. I liked working with Emma and I would like to work with her again. the most inresting factI learned from Emma was that she would like to go to France and compare are cultiers I liked workig

20: Hi! My name is Amy Hotaling! I would love to vist HollyWood and meet famos people. I love to play piano because it's soothing. When I grow up I want to be a gymnist because I'm very flexible. I am interviewing Amanda Bink.

21: Amanda Bink and I have alot in commen. She is in 3rd grade Mrs.Rinaldi's class.She has a older brother named Adam, he is 3 years older then her. Her birthday is December 8 1999. She loves Maranda Cosgrove. She also loves the show ICarly. Her favorite school subject in school is Art bcause she loves arts and crafts. If Amanda could go one place it would be France because it is a very foreign country and she has never been there before. When Amanda grows up she wants be a to be a Veternairien because she loves animals. Her best vacation ever is when she goes to Disney each year. Amanda Bink thinks the best year of her life would be her geting married that year. The last thing I am going to tell you about Amanda Bink is that she loves playing basketball because she loves to exersise and comute with friends. I enjoyed interviewing Amanda Bink. I hope to do it again!

22: Hi! My name is Amanda Bink. When I grow up, I want to be a vet.I want to be a vet because I love animals. I would love to live in Florida. My favorite sport is swimming. I also love tap and ballet dancing. I interviewed Amy Hotaling.

23: Amy Hotaling was born on March 1rst 2000. She loooves chineese food! She has two dogs and one bunny. One of her dogs is a black lab. Her name is Molly. Her other dog is a yellow lab.Her name is Chloe.Her bunny is white with pink eyes.Her name is Rosie.She has lots of friends.She lives with her mom, dad and little brother. She is a nice girl! Amy Hotaling would love to go to Hawaii. She wants to see dolphins and tikis. When she grows up she wants to be a famous ballerina , because she does ballet now and enjoys it. Her favorite special in school is art. She likes art because she likes to draw. She goes to Florida every year. When she goes there, she likes to see her Mimi and Papa. Then she goes to the beach there. It is her favorite vacation spot. I had alot of fun interviewing Amy Hotaling. After the interview, I found out that we have alot in commen. I wish to do it again!

24: Hi my name is Carson. I am in Mr. Bizan's class in third grade. My partner in my memoir craft is KYLE MONE!

25: I had fun interviewing Kyle Mone. I learned that we have a lot in common. His birthday is January 13. He is a third grade student in Mrs.Cimma's class. His teacher is very nice. His favorite subject is art because he likes to color. His favorite special is art because he likes to draw. He has a pet parrot named Chico. He likes small group time. Kyle would like to visit Japan to learn Japanese. The character trait that most represents Kyle is Responsibility. Kyle wants everybody to recycle on Earth Day to help the earth. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. I hope you liked my interview on Kyle. Me and Kyle are also great friends.

26: My name is Kyle Mone.I like to play soccer.I like to swim.I like to play video games.I want to be scientist because I like science.I am interviewing Carson Gambaro.

27: Carson Gambaro is a third grade student at Stillwater Elamentary School.His birthday is October,23.His teacher is Mr.Bizan.His favorite baseball team is the Yankees.His favorite football team is the redskins. If he could go one place he would go to Florida because he likes to spend time with his parents and aunt.He is very honest in school.The best time of his life was when he went to Yankee Stadium because he loves the Yankees.If he could change a law he would have everyone reycycle on earth day because he wants to help the earth. I found out that me and Carson have a lot in common.Hope you enjoyed my memoir on Carson Gambaro.

28: Hi my name is Rachel Morin.I would like1 dog,2 cats a couple of fish,and a parrot.My favorite movie is Lassie.My favorite board game is Disney Pixar Monopolly.I would like to be a vetrinarian when I grow up.I interviewed Crescenzia Quantock.

29: Cenzi is in third grade.She wants to be a pre-school teacher when she grows up.Her favorite stuffed animal is a cat.Her #1 subject is science.She LOVES the Chicago Bears.Her favorite special is gym.She LOVES the show flapjack.Her favorite sport is swimming.Her B-day is September 11 2000.Her family members are her,mom,dad,pa-pa,grandma,aunts,uncles, step mom, cousins and pets. She lives on Park Ave. Cenzi would love to go to Flrida because she really wants to see some lizards. The caracter ed trait that best describes Cenzi is Respect. She thinks Respect represents her because she is a respectful person. Her favorite subject is Science. Science is her favorite subject because she enjoys learning about chemistry. If Cenzi could change a school rule, she would make recess all day. I had a fun time interviewing Cenzi.I hope to do it again.

30: Hi! My name is Crescenzia Quantock. I like to play tennis. I LOVE pizza! I want to be a pro tennis player when I grow up.I'm interveiwing Rachel Morin.

31: Rachel is in third grade. Her favorite place is a glow in the dark golf place. Her favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins. She loves to do cheerleading. She has 3 pets: 2 cats named Crackerjack and Onyx, and one fish named Pleco.Her favorite pet is a cat because they are fluffy.She enjoys swimming.Rachel lives on 133 North Hudson Ave.She was born on April 15,2000. When Rachel grows up, she wants to be a vet because she LOVES animals.Her favorite subject is science.The character trait that best describes Rachel is honesty. And if she could go one place,it would be Arizona because she has friends that live there. Even though we don't have much in common, it was still fun interveiwing Rachel Morin.

32: I am Myles Meeker. Iike to eat cupcakes. Ilike to swim. I like the movie Madagascar ascape to Africa. I want to be a ninja when I grow up because I like ninjitsu. I interviewed Nick C.

33: Nick C. was born on March 7,2000. Nick goes to school at stillwater alamentary school.Nick likes to play video games. Nick would like to be a base ball or foot ball player. Nicks favorite team is the Giants. Nick C. wants to go to Japan and get a cool car and sushi.He wants kids to drive cars.His favorite speical is gym. Nicks best day ever was his birth 7 birthday. He had a lot of fun in pennsylvania. Nick C. has a very interesting life and has a lot in comen with me.

34: My name is Nick Campion.I'm a thid grader.I live in Stillwater NY.My hobbys are baseball,football basketball. My favorite movie is Madigasgar 2.My favorite baseball team is the Mets.I like the Giants.My favorite basketball team is the Knicks.I love to play video games.I like when it rains.

35: Myles was born June 26,2000.Myles want's to be a football player because football is fun and he's going to be a good running back.His favorite season is summer.The character trait he uses a lot is patient because he's waiting for his birthday. Myles has 2 pets ,and they are a cat and a bunch of fish.Myles loves monkeys because he is part monkey because he climbs trees and he eats bannas all the time. Myles favorite special is gym because he's good at running.His best vacation ever was when he went to Animal Kingdom.If he could go one place in the world it would be Japan because he want's to be a ninja.The best time of his life was his 8th Chistmas because he got 1 million toys. I hope you like it.I wish I could do it agian.This is the memoir of Myles Meeker.I learned a lot about him. Bye for now

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