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"Memoirs of a family"

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Ryan Ballesteros
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  • Title: "Memoirs of a family"
  • Chapter I As with the other common families, I, Myself has a different story to tell how we got our own humble beginnings with all the strives climbing the ladder of success at fortune. To relate with, my daddy's origin is , Pangasinan the home province of my grandpa Rodrigo Ballesteros and Pampanga where my grandma Barbara Ballesteros was raised, and gave birth to two daughters and four sons, including my dad, Mr. Fernando Ballesteros, born 6th February, 1966; While my mom's parents are, Ceriaco Malayag and Antonina Malayag both of which are from Visayan Islands of Leyte, graced by God to have four daughters one of which is my mom born 1st January, 1966 and there sons. My dad, studied in Pampanga and is a Mechanical engineering undergrad while my mom, finished her Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from the Arillano University, Manila. Chapter II It was year 1998 when my dad was employed as a supervisor of Barrio Fiesta restaurant in Delta Triangle, Timog, Quezon City and my mom then was applying as a casher in the same branch. Well blessed by God, my mom got hired and they became both co-employees in the same branch. Both my parents then, were hardworkers being loyal and honest to their works and the company but there's a saying that in every workplace there is always a lion and a tiger, why because at that time the senior lady casher was too anomolous getting rid of her monetary kickbacks from the establishments cashregister doctoring the sales receipts until the time that the company discovered the anomaly and that my mom was wrongly or mistakenly identified by that corrupt senior lady casher. Yet, later on, after a couple of months the dignity return to my mom but both my mom & dad planned to resign, and before their resignation they settled down their church wedding year 1990; Chapter III Out of their respective separation pay of P80,000 pesos each, on 17th February 1995, They established their first venture, labeled as Fermel Bonoan Boneless Bangus. Due to their finest & delicious product they were contracted to supply the Nay's Barrio Fiesta, West Ave., Quezon City, until years later Max's Restaurant & others were added as their clients, no to mention our overseas clients in Japan & Taiwan etc., Blessed by God , we are three children by them namely; Mark Fernan M. Ballesteros, Jr. born 28th October 1992, Then myself born 24th November 1996 and our only sister Mariel M. Ballesteors, born 14th January 1998. Chapter IV A couple of years back, our family business nearly toppled down when one of Max's resto top executive became our hidden rival unknown to the management. It was really a big sorrow for mom & dad that such crosswind vehicle to cover-up our losses and paid some of our unsettled balls, etc., Day after day of many months of coupel of years, my dad kept on himself busy, looking for a now clients and swallowing his pride for all the pressures of our product quality test for every prospect clients, but they did not gave up yet kept on kneeling to God for them to be guided into success, No matter what my mom did not miss a daily evening mass in our parish. As if by a Fairy's Magic Wand, that one day, My Dad's mobile phone could not find rest in the incoming flows of SMS & Phonecalls., A request of a demos & contract of supplies signing. Thanks God, each and everyone of us uttered with praises of our almighty's divine power. From then on, easy and swift we rose again from near to a fortune. Chapter V Bragging not, maybe it is in our generosity to others that God looked after us, I myself could testify on how much my parents are generous givers to anyone in need. Like what happened to one of our neighbor last 1st quarter of 2009. A father of 3 children, as young couples, was rushed to a nearby gen. malvar hospital at commonwealth ave., Having encountered a breathing difficulty after their basketball league, poorman that at the emergency room as soon as he was admitted, minutes later he was pronounced dead. With no single penny, The wife cried on my mom's shoulder and without any expectations for a return, my parents shouldered the burial and gave a sum of capital for a small business to start with and now they are economically and financially stable. Chapter VI When it comes to our education, Both our parents are too supportive, morally and financially, my elder brother Mark Fernan Jr., is a freshman of computer technology at the AMA University, While I am at Claret School of Quezon City exclusive for boys, and our youngest the only sister Mariel is a fifth grader at the Good Shepherd Cathedral School in Fairview. Each one of us has a personal laptop linked to an internet for all the research needed in line to our studies. Mom and Dad never says "NO" to whatever needs we have regarding our studies and project and or to whatever whatever school related activities, in short I can call or address my parents as our "PERFECT FRIENDS". Chapter VII Through my parents iniative, we were able to acquire a single unit townhouse in East Fairview, thus every evening of our hectic school activities as well as their own business hours, we gather together there for our complete rest and relaxation and a soundsleep in preparation for a new day to follow under God's direction. Chapter VIII It was also in that townhouse in East Fairview , that last year my mom encountered her great sorrow in life when one of her brother passed away, My mom is too loving to that brother of her that she almost forgot her 3x meal a day, that she cried day and night for almost a week and even up to now sometimes, His brother's family survivors were to benefited by the generosity of my parents. Chapter IX Last year 2008, Mom & Dad acquired our two new cars, one of which is their personal car for business transaction and the other one is for our school service, Mostly for the reason of avoiding our tardiness in going to school, Mainly because of a heavy traffic flow during morning of regular weekdays all of us helps our dad in maintaining the cleanliness of our car so as to avoid it getting dull in an early years of usage. Chapter X Yearly during yuletide season, like now, prior the month of December, we have a lot of household appliances purchases along with other goods for Christmas gifts and giveaways to our business clients/customers, friends and nonfriends, least of all these things we are practical to say that we don't expect for any return as it is said by god and written in the holy scriptures> Love one another and be a cheerful giver, for it is in giving that one is rewarded by God. Chapter XI During Christmas vacation, we a share our family presence to the olds of my dad and mom in a budgeted number of days stay. We enjoy so much about being together with them, feeling the love they once feed to our beloved parents and our parents shared in return to us, something nourishing practice and treasure. Chapter XII Now in addition to the original Boneless Bangus Business, My parents are engaged to in Yema making and other confictionary businesses. They have expanded pretty good with big time clients that we have even reached as far as the U.S. continent, Japan and other far eastern countries. Thanks to God and Jesus with his beloved Holy Spirit presence in us.
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