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Memories of the Worlds

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FC: Memories Of The World

1: Ancient River Valley Civilization | The first river valley civilizations were formed about 5000 years ago. Some ancient civilizations include the Indus river civilization, Nile river valley civilization, and Mesopotamia. These civilizations marked an end to an era of being hunter gatherers. People domesticated animals. This was the next step toward human political, and religious institutions.

2: What if people had not learned to farm? | If people would not learn how to farm then people would have still resorted to being hunter gatherers. And if people were hunter gatherers then towns and civilizations would not happen. This is simply because there would be not a large food supply to sustain such a population.

4: Classical Greece/Rome | Classical Greece and Rome in many ways were similar to one another. In both empires, there was a great amount of agriculture going on. Commercial agriculture sustained the empire very well. There was lots of widespread trade going on. Many colonial trade routes and colonies were formed which made the empires flourish for a very long time.

5: What if Rome did not fall? If Rome did not fall, then the empire would improve/advance and continue to expand (invade other countries). Ancient Rome would continue to do this until it would control all enemy territories. However, the empire would fall sooner or later simply because its so huge, and huge empire can't exist forever.

6: Post-Classical Africa/Asia | Africa was conquered by many kings before it became part of many European nations. Some of the ancient African civilizations include the ancient Egyptians. Other less known empires include the Ghana empire, and empire of Ashanti.

7: What if | What if the Bantu Migrations did not take place in Africa? If the Bantu migrations did not take place then all of Africa would have been without technological aid. Agriculture would never have happened and most of Africa would have been underdeveloped. Most of the people living in Africa would have still resorted to hunter gathering.

8: A Smile As Sweet As Spring | Post-Classical (medieval) Europe | The crusades, algebra, and the Hundred Year's War came out of Medieval times. The Black Plague was also a tragedy that came from this time. Schism's divided countries and made what Europe is today.

9: What if The black plague never happened? If the black plague never happened in western Europe then millions of lives would have been saved. However, the black plague assured equality for the citizens. It gave people the common people a new means of power over the rich nobles. If the black plague had not happened, people would be unfairly ruled by landlords and kings/queens.

10: Renaissance/ Reformation | The Renaissance refers to a specific time period, so their is no precise date. the renaissance happened through the 1300's - 1600's. Feudalism was disappearing. Individualism and humanism started to appear. During the Renaissance people were very creative. Architecture, art, and inventions started to emerge.

11: What if Gutenberg hadn't invented the printing press? | If he had not invented the printing press then ideas would not have spread so quickly. The printing press brought out freedom of speech and let everyones opinion be heard by others. If there was no printing press, then peoples ideas would have been censored very often.

12: Enlightment/ Revolutions | There is no specific date for the enlightenment, as it was a time period. The Enlightenment happened at around around the 1700's. It was a time of free thinkers and when ideas spread spread very quickly through the printing press. People began questioning the authority of the church and believed that not everything in the world was now centered around God, The government could now not censor everything because ideas spread quickly.

13: What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists? | If the ideas were not embraced by the colonists then the colonies would have been the same as the rest of Europe. God would still be everything to ones life, and people would never focus on science.

14: World War I | World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918. The War took place in Europe. Some of the primary causes of the war were because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Other causes were because of the alliances of certain empires and countries around Europe. That is why so many countries began to be involved in the war. In the end of the war Germany was one of the countries who lost. Germany was mostly blamed for everything. Unfortunately after the war, Europe began to be in great debt because Germany could not repay the all the debt that it had caused.

15: What if Germany had not been solely blamed for WWI? | If Germany would not have been blamed then perhaps there would have not been severe debt in Europe. Perhaps Germany would have been so aggressive to invade other countries which led to WWII. Germany might have been more merciful and Europe would not have been in a great depression.

16: World War II | World War II lasted from 1939-1945. War War II involved many countries around the war. The major powers in World War II were the allied powers and the axis powers. There was about 50-70 million deaths in the war. Famous leaders in World War II included Hitler and Mussolini. They were ruthless dictators. The war ultimately ended when atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

17: What if the U.S. had not dropped the bomb on Japan? | If the US had not dropped bombs in Japan then world war II could have gone for many more months, possibly years because the Japanese were not willing to give up. Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers would have died. But then again the lives of over 100,000 innocent Japanese citizens would not have been lost.

18: Cold War | The cold war lasted from 1947-1991. It was the United States versus the Soviet Union. It was not an actual war, but more of an economic battle of which power had the best technology and military weapons. The Soviet Union and its allies fought this war against the US and their western allies. When the war ended, it put an end to communism and the Soviet Union broke up into many countries. Russia was the main country that formed the Soviet Union.

19: What if the Soviet Union landed on the moon first and not the United States? | If the Soviet Union landed on the moon first then the US would have been in a great panic. The Soviets already beat the US to the space race. The Soviet Union would have been ahead of the US in terms of technology, and nuclear warfare cold have been a very real possibility.

20: Table of Contents | 1 - Ancient River Valley Civilizations 4 - Classical Greece/Rome 6 - Post-Classical Asia/Africa 8 - Post-Classical Asia/Africa 10 - Renaissance/Reformation 12 - Enlightenment/Revolutions 14 - World War I 16 - World War II 18 - Cold War

21: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

22: Nothing Is So Beautiful As Spring

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