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Mexican Culture Book

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S: Mexico

BC: Mexican Culture Book of 2010 By: Blessed Seneh

FC: By: Blessed Seneh

1: ARt | The different types of art in Mexico art paintings, murals, sculpting, weaving clothing, dances. the main ones are Murals and sculpting.

2: Buildings | Most Buildings in Mexico are made of Concrete, Brick, Wood holdings, and Terracotta Roofing. The Catholic Churches are very important in Mexico. The Mayan pyramids are Most known in Mexico because that's where Mexico was first found.

3: Commutation | the commutation in Mexico is basically the same as The United States. They use cell phones, computers, and pay-phones. When they didn't have that kind of tech, they would basically travel.

4: Dress | In Major Cities, Modern Mexican clothing doesn't differ from The clothes we wear everyday. Because of globalization many kids in Mexico are wearing clothing like the Americans.

5: Economy | These days in Mexico, not many people owns their own farm. Many Different companies owns factories and farms. Many Mexicans owns their farms, but the rate has decreased. | there are many High tech factories In Mexico, but more re low tech.

6: Family | Mexican families usually are huge. they have extended family too. There may be 3 generations or more in the average Mexican family. | The job of the mother is to clean, cook, and take care of the house. And the child is to do the same but not as detailed as the mothers.

7: Government | The President of Mexico right now is Felipe Calderón. > | In Mexico the presidents are only allowed to run one. they get a 6 year run. | The President use to have complete control on the people, but now their rights ahve been lower down. Some people depend on the President, and some don't.

8: History | Before 1325 AD, the Aztec or Mexican people were a nomadic tribe that wandered throughout the land, looking for a place to settle and build their capital. They found land. That city was Mexico-Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City Mexico declared its independence on 16 September 1810. Spain recognized that independence on 27 September 1821.

9: Icon | when we hear, talk about soccer, tacos, or the Virgin of Guadalupe, they think of MEXICO.

10: Jobs | The typical job in Mexico is farming, or in some case, ranching. Men and women work in the fields, and sometimes children. The men many of the times works a job where they use their hands.

11: Knowledge | Many children go to school for education. It starts from the age of 6 to 17. the attend Grade school, Junior high, and High School. Some don't even go to school , and just work.

12: Language | These are some "slang" words in Mexico. ¡Órale! = right on, Cool! Sale = That's fine, cool Tipo = guy, fellow

13: Movement & Migration | They use cars, taxis, horses, and buses to get to places. People are moving to USA. their getting their citizenship and becoming Americans.

14: The National Pride would be their Independence day, Cinco De Mayo, and their Soccer team! | National Pride

15: Organizations | Two Major Organizations are the Mexican American Rights, and the Drug Trafficing Organizations.

16: Population | The largest age group is 15-64. The largest race is Hispanic/Latino. The Common language is Spanish. and Majority is Mexican.

17: Quality Of Life | I would give most people in Mexico a 75% health, and as of now a 60% of happiness.

18: Religion | Some Values are that you have close extended family relationships, the central role of a child in marriage, male respect females, and and obedience from children. Some traditional holiday's are cinco de mayo ( Day of the Dead), Consitution day, Christmas, labor day, ect. | The Main religion in Mexico is Catholic. Others are Christians, and jews

19: Status | The Majority of the Mexican Population i are equal. There are no high class or low class, you only have middle class. . Only the Mexican Celebs are in Higher classes.

20: Taboos | Mexican's belief in the Dead of the dead.. They don't really have any Customs, but one thing they do a lot in Mexico is kiss each other on the cheek when they meet. . they also have Quinceanera's for their daughters when they reach the age of 15. It means they became a woman..

21: Urban or rural? | Most of Mexico is Urban, but they have certain cities. It's mainly filled with land and no buildings. They ahve farms.

22: Vacation & Rec | There are many Vacation Areas in Mexico, but one that many go to is Cancun. It's the place to be when in Mexico. Some famous Vacation areas are Cabo San Lucas, Cancun , Mexico City,, andLos Cabos.

23: Ways of everyday Life | Ways of everyday in Mexico is is that they sometimes drink a lot and they love to partiy They also farm, ranch and bulid things. They paint murals and sculpt things too.

24: X- Marks the Spot! | Geography shapes the culture because the amazing land forms wouldn't be there if it wasn't for geography. We wouldn't have all these islands to vacation to.

25: YUM! | Mexican food is mainly spicy. they eat things like tacos, burritos, tortillas, ect. Many foods we eat here in America. ground peanuts, sesame and anise seed, cinnamon, salt, black pepper, sugar, garlic, onion, clove, coriander, tortilla, wheat bread, tomato, raisins, lard, pieces of pork, and... chocolate. Chocolate was invented in Mexico

26: Z(stuff) | There are many "stuff" in Mexico that they find typical. They party and drink a lot, they love to bullfight, and they are very creative.

27: Currently in Mexico there is Gun violence, and drug wars. There are innocent people being killed because of gang members, including Children. | News Story: During a celebration, rival gangs engaged in a gunbattle in Tecalitlan, Jalisco, western Mexico, late Friday. Armed men arrived in three cars and opened fire on another group of gunmen in the main plaza of Tecalitlan just as a crowd was gathering Friday night during a Virgin of Guadalupe celebration. 10 people were killed at the scene, and another man, the brother of one of those killed, was found shot to death next to a car on the highway just outside the small town. | Gun/Drug Wars in Mexico

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