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middle ages

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BC: This book is about the middle ages time and about the people and what they did. It talks about clothing, traveling, classes, fun facts, people, knights, money, houses!

FC: The MiDDLE Ages by E. carr

1: What did the people wear? The women would cover up their arms and legs and would not show their hair. Men would wear tights, a long t-shirt with a belt around the waist. Church people wore a long robe with a giant hat.

2: Where did people live? People could live in towns villages and even out in the country. If you lived in town you would be crowded, smelly, and grouchy. And only had one room in your house to sleep, eat, and work. Uaually if you lived in town you were a knight, noble, king, preacher, or a merchant!

3: Did They have money? Yes they did have money and it was very hard to break and it was usually made from nickel. They usually had a king's face on it. These days they are very rare and valuble to find!

4: Knights wore really good protection to keep them from being injured when they fought. A knight started training at the age of 8 and would be on a battle field by the age of 11 . | In the early middle ages on the battle field a armed knight ruled the battle field.Lots of people grew afraid of them but by the 15 century they started getting out of fashion and soldiers grew popular!

5: There were lots of people in the Middle ages.But the most popular was the king he watched over everything in his land.But there were more people like preachers, nobles, serfs,lords, and bishops. Most people think that it would be fun to go and be a prince or princess but they are wronge it is really hard.

6: In the Middle Ages they had weapons just like us except instead of guns they had bows. They also had sords, axes, and cannons the most popular cannon is the one right next to the picture.

7: Classes of people. kings,queens,peachers,bishops, madens,knights,caben owners,merchants,peasants, and serfs.

8: What was there religion? In the middle ages you had to obey the king. But most people were christians. You had to listen to the church if you did not you could have your head cut off, whipped or burned. It was very painful and that is why everyone was scared.

9: Would people travel? Yes people would travel but it was very different. Why I said that is because people rarley traveled because you could be robbed, kidnapped or even worse stuff.When people traveled it was by foot or on horse.

10: A Serfs life! According to the law a serf did not belong to him/herself the owner owned the serfs animals, land, clothes and home. Serfs were bound to work for their master and in return the master would give the serf a piece of land and a farm!

11: It was hard for a serf because they had to take care of their family work on their house and fulfill their duties. Forbidden to leave the manor a serf had to work for its master in less the serf gained freedom by buying land or marry a free person. A serf worked six days week in snow,rain or blazing sun.

12: Dance of death! The dance of death was when a man dressed up in a skeleton suit and showed people that death came to everyone. It was also shown in the church.

13: FUN FACTS! ~Mideval towns are Europe's lost cities. ~No guns but they had bows ~Castle was home to the King and Knights ~If a knight did a good deed for the King then he would get land or a woman. ~If someone crossed a bridge to the King and was not allowed to he/she would be covered by a powerful liquid and smashed by stones. ~Serfs could not have an education and could not make food for them selves. ~Most people did not know how to read or write. ~Most poor people feared the rich. -Back then they had instuments like drums, trumpets ect.

14: Words to know: Slaughter: To kill in a cruel or violent way. Preacher: Someone who talks about a god or a belief Sinful: Full of sin Serfs: A servant or slave Devil:Was a evil catcher that made people sin and killed people. Master:a king or someone that is rich that has enough money to own someone to help them. Classes:A group of society that has upper classes and lower. Someone that is better. Money:A piece of paer that is valuble and can buy things. Cottage:A small house that you can live in.

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