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Middle East Vocabulary

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Middle East Vocabulary - Page Text Content

S: Middle East Vocabulary

BC: Made By: Emily Onstad

FC: Middle East Vocabulary

1: 1.Judaism- monotheistic religion by Jews; use Torah and Talmud | Judaism uses the Torah like Christians use the Bible.

2: 2.Christianity- monotheistic; beliefs and practices from old and new testament; says Jesus is our Savior | I am a Christian; I follow the bible which tells me that Jesus is our Savior.

3: 3.Islam- monotheistic; muslims founded in Arabia during 7th century; follows Muhammad’s teachings in the Koran | If I was Muslim, I would follow the Koran instead of the Bible.

4: 4.Zionism- policy that makes and develops national homeland for Jews that live in Palestine | 5.Jihad-called “Holy War”; A holy struggle by Muslims towards goals politically, spiritually, or morally | Jewish people don't need to worry about having a home in Palestine because Zionism provides them. | Sometimes I have Jihads, except that I'm not Muslim, because I make a lot of goals.

5: 6.Arab- someone from a group of people from Arabian peninsula and territories who speak Arabic and lives in Middle East and northern Africa | (I know it's silly, but it's all I could think of.) Kim Kardashian is an Arab because her descendents are from the Middle East.

6: 7.Sunni- a person from branch of Islam that believes in first four caliphs as people who helped make Muhammad successful | Sunnis believe Muhammad needed more than one person to make him successful.

7: 8.Shiite- person from smaller branch of Islam who believes and that Ali was the one made Muhammad successful and reject first 3 caliphs | The first three caliphs are sad because Shiites reject them, but Ali is happy to take credit for Muhammad. :)

8: 9.OPEC- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; international cartel that make the price of oil rise by limiting supply; Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are big members | Many people would save a lot of money if OPEC didn't limit the amount of oil.

9: 10.Ramadan- Islam people fast from sunrise to sunset during the ninth Islamic month | Ramadan is like Homeless and hungry; you can't eat for a certain amount of time.

10: 11.Yom Kippur- Jewish people fast it is a day of Atonement | 12.Palestinian- group of Arabs who used to live in Palestine | Many palestinians live in places other than Palestine. | My friend Natalie, who is Jewish, cannot eat at lunch one time every year during Yom Kippur.

12: 13.Taliban- Fundamentalist Islams who took over Afghanistan’s government in 1996 | Taliban is now the leaders of Afghanistan's government.

13: 14.al Qaeda- group that was founded by Osama Bin Laden that fights against U.S. and gets rid of “corrupt muslim governments”-- al Qaeda helped in the 9/11 terrorist attack. | 15.PLO- Palestinian Liberation Organization- movement that united Palestinian Arabs to try and make an independent state of Palestine-- PLO thought Palestine would have a stronger chance of becoming independent if Arabs came together.

14: 17.Intifada- riots by Palestinian Arabs in 1980’s and 2000 | During the Intifadas many people were hurt and killed by the Arabs.

15: 16.Hamas- Islamic fundamentalist group that doesn’t want peace with Israel and uses terrorism | Something happened to the people involved in Hamas to make them not want peace with Israel.

16: 18.Hijab- scarf that goes over the head worn by Muslim women | My friend Nadia wears a Hijab over her head because that is part of her culture.

17: 22.Terrorism- threats of violence against people to get what the group wants | When the twin towers were hit by planes it was an act of terrorism by Osama Bin Laden.

18: 19.Synagogue- where Jewish people worship their God-- I hope to one day visit a synagogue so I can learn more about the Jewish practices.

20: 20.Mosque- where Muslims worship | If I was Muslim, I would go to a mosque to pray.

21: 21.Fundamentalism- following a religion to the tee | I believe that my pastor is a fundamentalist because he follows everything the bible says.

22: 23.Bedouin- nomadic Islams | Bedouin people see many people and places throughout their life because they are nomadic and travel a lot.

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