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Middle Kingdom Egyptian

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S: Middle Kingdom Egyptian

FC: Middle Kingdom Egyptian By: Austin Vos and Annie Khong

1: Muhammad is the name of the prophet who founded Islam. | Map of Middle Kingdom Egyptian | This is a map of the Middle Kingdom Egyptian in the North East part of Africa.

2: Interesting Facts | -Muhammad is the prophet who founded Islam. -The bedouins are the most most distinct tribal community . | -Egypt was one of the earliest to develop tourist trade | -Cotton, corn, sorghum are Egypt's main summer crops - Wheat, vegetables and Egyptian clover are their main winter crops

3: Geography | -In the 5500 B.C to 3100 B.C Egypt was divided into two lands upper and lower. - The Upper was called Hedjet and the bottom was called Deshret. -They based their calender on the annual cycle of the Nile. -They buried their dead in a curled-up position. - Amount of the yearly flood was very important. -Egypt is one of the in the world and is nicknamed the gift of the Nile.

4: Art | Egyptians transformed everyday items into works of art. Egyptians refer to the style of painting, sculpture, crafts and architecture. They have made everyday objects decorative to please the eye and for investments. Most of the art is used in tombs and monuments.

5: Religion | In Egypt, their religion was full of beliefs and rituals which were also a huge part of their society. This mostly centered on the interaction of the Egyptians with the super natural who seemed presents and in control of the forces and elements nature. Their religious practice was mainly about the pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

6: Middle Kingdom Egyptain | Entertainment | For entertainment Egyptians play board games, danced, did plays (drama), and played sports

7: Attractions | Red Sea Coast- The Red Sea Coast is famous for the crystal clear blue water and beautiful marine life. This attracts thousands of people each year. They named the sea one of the 7 underwater wonders of the world. Temple of the Middle Kingdom- This temple was built by Alexander the Greats Brother. The reasons of the massiveness of the first pylon was because once the second pylon was built, anything built later had to be grander and larger.

8: Clothing | Egyptian clothing was made out of white linen | Men wore skirt like garments and woman wore simple robes | Men and woman marked there eyes with black make up | They wore leather sandals and hide cloaks

9: The decentralization left individual provinces under the control of powerful families who Held the passed down title of the Great Chief of the Nome. This was developed in the 5th and 6th dynasty. Egypt was going to be united under a central government. Amenemhet made the city, the major of the larger cities would get the Nome title. | Government

10: Egyptians mainly ate 3 meals a day the woman would do the food preparation. Their main items to eat was bread and beer. Meat was only for the luxury and only the rich could afford it. | Foods

11: Language | Egyptian language formed in 3400 B.C making it one of the oldest languages in the world. Egyptian is the indigenous language of Egypt and a branch of the Afroasiatic language family.

12: Method of Writing | The Egyptians believed that writing was a form of immortality and created a unique form of writing based on pictures. There form of writing was called hieroglyphic hieros which meant scared in Greek and glyhein which means to crave. They called there writing gods words.

13: Men would chase loins and ostriches across the dessert while children would play with balls and dolls. Men take place in martial arts while female took dance and acrobatics. | Athletics

15: Osiris ruled his country he hated violence and choose to civilize in a gentle manner. Everyone like Osiris except his brother Seth who was very jealous of him. Seth had a plan and made a gold coffin for Osiris he lied and said it was a gift for becoming king. When Osiris got in Seth shut the coffin and threw him in the Nile river. Isis Osiris wife search for he husband and finally found him in a small village. Later Seth found out and cut Osiris into 14 parts and threw him back into the Nile river. Once again Isis went to search for Osiris. When she found all the body parts she used her magic to bring Osiris back to life for one night. Then Osiris became king of the underworld. | Myth | and Folktale

19: THE END!!!!!!!!

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