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S: My Odyssey By: Darby Anna Gould

BC: My Odyssey :) By: Darby Anna Gould

FC: My Odyssey :) | By: Darby Anna Gould

1: Table of Contents | 1. Table of Contents 2. Publication 3. Dedication and About the Author 4-7. Musical Odyssey 8-11. Odyssey of My Birth 12-15. Odyssey of My Adventures 16-17. My Life Odyssey 18-21. My Future Careers Odyssey 22. Pictures of 2009 23. Work cited

2: Darby Gould Publications 2010 Boston, MA, USA Except in the United States of America. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by the way of trade otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the permission of the publisher, prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. | Publication:

3: I dedicate this book to every person I have every come across in my life. Each person from my family to my friends to the people I brushed shoulders with in the middle of the store. All of these people have all had an impact on my life making me a better person, whether they know that or even know me they have helped raise me. This is a subtle thank you to all of you! | Dedication: | About the Author: | Hello! My name is Darby Anna Gould. I am fifteen years old. I live in Bolton, Massachusetts and have lived in the same house my entire life. I am an only child with a wonderful mother and father. Leaving middle school was a big change to high school for me but I love it! I have a lot of friends and good grades. Right now my life is going really perfectly and I could not list one thing that could make it any better! I play tennis, volleyball, and fencing. I have many pets including three dogs, three chinchillas, a bunny, a hamster, a fish, and two birds. I am a typical girl and I love shopping, nails, and boys! I want to go to an ivy league college and want to become a TV meteorologist. That is bout all... | "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get" -Mark Twain (My life motto)

4: For fifteen years of my life, I have played many different instruments. My parents always supported my interests in music. They also thought I had a strong musical talent. “Though your father and I never had the musical gene, we know you do and feel you should use it to your advantage,” always exclaimed my mom. Therefore, I was always free to explore a variety of instruments and broaden my musical horizons. These various instruments include the guitar, piano, violin, song flute, and flute. When I was five, I started playing guitar. My uncle bought me a child's guitar. Perfect for my size and I wanted to know how to actually play it. Every Thursday afternoon my mom brought me to a private teacher to help me begin to learn the notes. This was instead of me randomly strumming in the middle of our living room, causing a ruckus. Since my hands were small and I barely knew my alphabet, I had trouble playing. Though I was still young, I was nervous that I would never be able to make “pretty music,” as I used to tell my parents. They would laugh at me because I was that young and still set high goals for myself. So in the end, my first lessons of guitar turned out to be a flop and I quit. This was not a very good start to my musical journey. By the time I was seven, my mom started me in piano. The instructor was the mother of one of my mom's former students. She was a sixty-year-old woman and could play piano quite nicely. I was still not at the stage where I could make a song such as “Three Blind Mice” | My Musical Odyssey

5: sound like a song and not a long string of random tones. I guess I was still not ready to make the beautiful sounds I had dreamed of. I stopped piano and started violin. This was my favorite instrument so far. I had a rented violin and I had never been more excited in my life. I remember the day my mother brought it home from “Daddy's Music”. Though I had no base learning with violin I was already on top of it. I remember prancing around the house, trying to figure out how to hold my hand on the bow and rubbing my fingers up and down the precious hairs on top the fragile ‘frog’ mechanism that held everything together. It was amazing! My mom brought me to a high-class music school to learn. I had private lessons twice a week for three years strait. I learned so much. My fingers found their places up and down the strings and I was able to connect book reading with the playing of notes. I even started playing in concerts and I learned that I love to have an audience, just like the rest of my family. I was in third grade and in school, during class, my music coordinator Mr. Kelly came in to teach us a few songs with the song flute. It was a cheap plastic thing and not as fun as violin but I was still able to do one more concert and play another instrument. By the time forth grade came, there was a school band! This band did not have any string instruments. That included violin. If I were to do the school band, I would have to drop out of my much-loved violin. But I made that decision and started flute. This was quite a change from any other instruments I had ever played. By this time though, I had got the notes down pat and my sight-reading was top

6: notch. Mr. Kelly was quite impressed, so were my parents, teachers, and my friends when it came to the winter concert as how much I had learned in such a short amount of time. Before long though, I was board again with flute and wanted to try out piano. From the end of fifth grade to the beginning of ninth grade, piano was my instrument. My parents got a grand piano for out family room and I practiced everyday. Since this instrument was not in school, my mom found a different woman who had a good reputation as a piano teacher throughout Bolton. Every Wednesday night at seven-thirty I had a one-hour session. I had quite the background with instruments at this point and I was able to skip the entry-level book. During each year of piano twice a year, my teacher would have a “piano party” at her house for students only. This was a relaxed way to do a concert before the end of the year concert where she would rent out the church for our families and us. It was a great feeling to see how much everyone, including you, had improved. When I entered high school, a lot changed. With fall sports and more work, I no longer had enough time to go for a piano lesson during the week. When my schedule was changing I was able to have some time for an in school instrument. There was a two-credit course for intro to guitar. This met every other day and I wanted to see if I could learn guitar and try it again, never giving up. So here I am, my latest instrument as guitar. Maybe in the future I might stay with guitar or change back to piano or flute. No matter what, I always love to know that my parents support me and feel that I am always looking to learn something new.

8: Though I was not there on the day of October 22nd, the stories from that day in the year of 1994 are still told today. My dad had a hard day of work and my mom had much stress. Little did she know, that night she would have a daughter, which her mom would be a grandmother, who her brother would be an uncle, and she and my father would have a brand new family together. This morning my father went off to work and my mother was home. She started to “nest”. She overly cleaned the house. It was spotless; there was not a speck of dirt to be found. Bananas was the latest craving. She drove to the close town market to pick up some fresh bunches. My dad had gone to work on a construction project for our neighbors. Then that evening, my parents went out for dinner, thinking it could possibly be there last dinner as a couple. Most of my parents’ friends told them that the first child always comes late, though the doctor had estimated the 22nd of October. My parents, on the other hand, had a sinking suspicion that I was going to pay my first visit into this world tonight. At the restaurant, my mom's most recent craving for dinner was fried shrimp. This was unusual because she never ate fried shrimp. Another thing that was very unusual for my mom was after she was finished with her shrimp; she did not take the leftovers! This even surprised my dad since she always took left overs, the meals would go to her, my grandmother, or the dogs. | Odyssey of My Birth

9: After dinner, my parents came back home and my dad suggested for them to get some rest. My mom tells me to this day, “You cannot sleep if you are going to have a baby!” Therefore she took a shower because she wanted to ‘look good for me’. Next, she went to wake up my dad and sternly suggested, “We better get to the hospital” On the drive there, my parents got almost half there and realized that they had forgotten the camera. My dad turned around and starting booking there and booking back. Finally they made it to the hospital in a nick amount of time. Though my mother was there, she thought that it was going to be a false alarm, she was wrong. My mom was hooked up to many machines to monitor me. The nurse returned and exclaimed to my mom, at 3:30 am, “Miss, you are going to have this baby before my first cup of coffee!” Within two hours, I was born. The birth apparently had gone very smoothly and I came out quite healthy with all ten fingers and toes. My parents could not have been happier! My mom called her mother to tell her the wonderful news that she, from this moment on was a grandmother of a baby girl! My grandmother was so excited! She immediately went out to the store to buy me Barbie dolls and pink dresses. My grandmother was never happier in her entire life! My other close family members were also notified, they were just as happy. My father's mother came to the hospital immediately with some close family friends right behind. It was a very loving and joyful celebration of my new life.

10: The next day my dad drove my mom home from the hospital. My mother said it was the most frightening ride of her life. Even though my dad was driving only twenty miles per hour in clear weather. They finally got me home and I was asleep in my very first bed. This was the start of a new family and my new life! | "It's a girl!" | 10-22-1994

12: People may not realize it at first but I am a very adventurous person. My appearance is quite different than how I act when it comes to my sports or anything for that matter that goes fast, spins, flies, or gives me that “Oh my gosh!” feeling. I would say that I am athletic but that only helps to add to my adventurous life style out side of school. Ever since I was little, my mother has been scared when I do anything that looks a little uneasy to her, but I have always thought it was a lot of fun. My father thinks it's unusual to have such an adventurous child, but he enjoys it and encourages the adventurous spirit just as much as I do. When I was six years old, my parents took me to St. Thomas for April vacation. We stayed at a resort that had every water toy you could imagine. One day, I decided I wanted to try kayaking. My dad sent me out on a kayak by myself in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean on my first kayaking trip ever! For an entire hour, I paddled around by myself and thought it was the coolest thing ever. That summer my dad purchased a set of family kayaks and we have been kayaking together ever since. On that same trip, there was another first adventure. This time my dad rented a jet ski. My dad and I sat on one Jet Ski, because I was not old enough to drive, a tour guide was on the other. The guide led us, flying, down the nooks around the island. This experience was the fastest I had ever gone on a small water toy. When my mom heard about my adventures that day, she was amazed yet thankful she didn't know until afterwards and I “promised” never to do something to that extent again. | Odyssey of My Adventures

13: This promise was made before I learned how to snowmobile. My dad had an Arctic Cat. I always loved to ride on the back. After my feet finally reached the feet holes and my hands were strong enough to squeeze the throttle, I was cruising across the fresh powder white snow! I loved it so much. My dad later bought me my own snowmobile and brought me when he went to Vermont to ride the mountains. These trips were so much fun. I remember them vividly. A different type of adventure that I really enjoy is any super fast amusement park ride. I was always very tall therefore when I was quite young; I could get into almost every ride. Any ride that spins like crazy, flings you up and down, or tries to give you a fright, I love. My personal favorites are the highest roller coasters that do the most loops. The majority of the time on the roller coaster, I don't even remember. But the best fun is waiting in line with all my friends and seeing the people in front of you get on, you see the roller coaster go up to do its path, and then seeing the people frightened to the color of ghosts when they come off. This is when my excitement builds for me the most, knowing in less than three minutes from now, that will be me! (Minus the “ghost white” part.) In conclusion, I realize it is just my personality; it's part of me never to be scared when it comes to things like that. I just think to myself, “What is the point of being nervous? I will miss all the fun in it!” It is the sheer thrill of the ride, the before excitement and even afterwards that keeps me going back for more. I find being adventurous is an energy release for me.

14: If I am ever upset about something, I do something adventurous. I am always looking to build up my adventurous activities!

16: Odyssey of My Life | Life is my journey. However you think of it, life is an experience. With every quick turn and bump life passes by like a freight train. You have to use every second and live life like it's your last day. Do not let any moment go from the time you wake up, to the time you put your head on your pillow, love it, live it, and feel it. It is your life. Invent it. When I was six, my dad taught me how to ride a two-wheeled bike. It was on Father's Day about ten years ago. I remember like it was yesterday. I had been trying for many months and could not make it up a small hill. Though my experience of trying to ride a bike was difficult. I was finally able to ride a two-wheeler. On Father's Day my dad got ready to push me around for a few hours with no training wheels. One, two, three steps and I was off like a rocket. My dad had helped me through a moment of my life. If those few minutes made an impact that large on my life, you can imagine the joy my own dad had felt, watching me ride away. Now, at age fifteen, I have entered a turning point in my life. I graduated eighth grade with highest honors, tons of friends, and a great reputation with teachers and peers. After two months of summer, I was very ready to start high school because I had been at the same elementary school for a full ten years! Entering high school was a bigger leap in my life than I could have envisioned. I crossed the threshold into a fresh world, a new life. Every corner in the halls, every person I saw was now different. How could I adjust? I adjusted by taking it step by step and realizing that I was going to make it

17: through. It also helped when I talked to upperclassmen that had gone through the same transition and had felt the same overwhelmed and nervous feeling I had felt. Though my grades dropped significantly, over time I met friends, found my way around the halls, and learned that I was able to build up a good reputation. Finally, for the first report card after two months, I brought my grades back up! I accomplished this task by finally being able to adjust to the new high school lifestyle and expectations. I realized how quickly you need to learn and change to fit life as life is changing around you. Since life changes so quickly like a roller coaster, you need to be ready to adapt, even if life is changing for the better. In high school I found one person that makes my life better. The person is always there for me and I am always there for that person. I light up when I see that person in the halls and after every second, that person helps me make it through, just as I help that person. We are there for each other. In life everyone is not this lucky to have someone as great as this. That is why I must take every moment and treasure it forever. Whether you are starting at a new school, finding someone you treasure, or riding off on your own for the very first time, life is full of adventures that you would never expect. You must always be ready for change. As the great American philosopher and humorist, Mark Twain, once said, “You are the author of your own life story.” Twain was right. You can make life your own journey and fulfill it your own way, just always watch out for what is coming around the corner. You never know what you might find. Always live in the moment, never waste it.

18: My Future Careers Odyssey | In my life, I will transition through many stages. Each of these young adult to adult to senior stages will consist of a job. In the future, I may find one job that I love and stick with it forever or go through many jobs through many transitions. I feel that there are endless possibilities for careers, whether what I happen to be doing is to support my life or just to volunteer and help others. I know that I will try to make a difference in my life or in others. Though, I think a minimum of five money-producing jobs is necessary to build success. Currently, I have yet to get a quality education. This obviously influences my job choice. I also have to think what stores or restaurants are looking for part time help in my age group and a business that would be entertaining and interesting to me. Because “if you do not like what you do, than your days are going to very long”, quotes my full- time working mother who knows a lot about making money and getting jobs. Knowing this fact helps me narrow my job choice even further. I think that my first job should be over the summer, when I do not have to be stressed with my real full-time job of school, and should be in a clothing store or even as a hostess. Last summer, I was eating in the restaurant “Not Your Average Joes” and the manager actually asked me, “Would you like to hostess, I am willing to hire you right now, and start you training by the weekend, will do it please?” Though I respectively declined,

19: I took the business card anyway. My reason for declining was that the location of the restaurant was too far for my mother to drive me daily, but this had me thinking about the subject of location. If I choose a short-term job to work at like a small clothing boutique or to be a hostess at a hopping restaurant, “location, location, and location” is one of the more important aspects of choosing a job (especially since I am unable to drive). I feel as though I have the qualities and the personality to work for either of those positions as my very first job. After I graduate from college though, I will be facing the hardest choice of my life. “What will my life long career be?” Hopefully by this point, I will have graduated with a college degree to help me narrow down my job choices. This first full time job will have to support all of my necessities, maybe by this time I will be dating, married, or just single, my job will have to bring in enough money to do this. “The more you learn the more you earn!” For a long-term life career, I would like to be a meteorologist. I like to be in front of a camera, so I am strongly considering a television meteorologist. This career may not earn enough money to support a family, so I was also considering a classy job at NASA for meteorology. This combines money, weather, and always being able to see a rocket launch or other space exploration. I may be on the team to make the decisions whether or not a space shuttles launches based on the weather. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of seeing myself on TV and knowing that thousands of others would know my name and watch just for me. That thought alone makes me happy. It is not only about being on TV, but also being able to watch weather patterns and help keep people safer by predicting the weather.

20: In the end, I feel like I have much time to make an educated decision, find out what my love is, and then settle down after college and start my own life with a major long-term career. Though I have not planned out every step of my life, I don't think I ever will. I don't want to follow a plan because that may be giving up an opportunity that was far better than any plan could ever have been. Therefore, instead of a ‘plan’ I consider these career steps in my life ‘goals’. With each year, month, day, or second, my goals are changing to fit who I am as a growing young adult. I will one day grow up to be someone important of this society and represent the newest generation of adults, all starting with my choice of career.

22: 2009

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