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Mighty Minerals

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S: Mighty MineralsGrade 3 2011

BC: Abby, Andrew, Ava, Blaise, Dana, Daniel | Dylan, Emma, George, J. T., Jacqueline, James | Laila, Leo, Mara, Massena, Matt, Nikhil | Oliver, Ronan, Sophia, Victoria C., Victoria R.

FC: Mighty Minerals

1: Written and Illustrated by Mrs. Stiles' Third Grade Class March 2011 | Mighty Minerals

2: Adam Augite

3: Hi, I'm an Augite. I am probably the most common member of the pyroxene gang. I really love fire! I am a little chunky and dull looking, but it doesn't matter to me. I am black and dark green. If you try to find me, you should look in igneous rocks like basalt, diorite and moon rocks. My hardness is 5-6 on the Moh's Scale. I am made of silicate. I can change my composition by adding some metals to my crystal lattice but I always carry my trademark crystal structure. J. T.

4: Aggie Agate

5: Hi, I'm Aggie Agate! I come in different colored bands. Sometimes in the middle of me are rock crystals. I love to play around. Opal and I are best friends. I am made of silica. I am a form of quartz. I'm afraid of big rocks. People say that Opal looks like me. I am used to polish leather and crush chemicals in laboratories. I like to wear playful clothes. My color bands can be milky white, green, brown, red, and black. What makes me happy is that ancient Greeks thought I could calm troubled minds. I am going to play now, so goodbye! Sophia

6: Vivid and glowing with internal fires, I am classy and an expensive kind of lady. You can get lost in my gorgeous green depths. My original name is the bewitching sounding Izmargad, but you can call me Beryl! My deep green comes from traces of chromium in my crystal structure. I have many defects, so other minerals crowd inside my crystal and inclusions. And I have fissures and surface cracks. Sometimes inclusions make me even more valuable than ever! People once claimed I drove away evil spirits and prevented epileptic seizures. Laila

7: Beryl Emerald

8: Catherine Corundum

9: Hi, my name is Catherine Corundum. I come in a lot of colors such as brown, yellow, and green, but my best known colors are blue and red. I am found mainly in metamorphic rocks. I'm very hard and I'm used to make the rough surface on emery boards and some sandpaper. I'm made of aluminum and oxygen. I'm full of crystals of different shapes. I'm a tough cookie--second to a diamond. I'm a jewel of choice for kings. I look like Emerald and Apatite. I don't wear easily, so riverbeds and beaches are a good place to find ME! Well, byebye! Dana

10: Cathy is a transparent mineral. She can come in many shapes and sizes. She’s dissolved all around in the world’s water. Many ocean creatures extract her from the ocean to create their protective shells. Lots of sea creatures like Cathy because they would be bare without her. She is the thing that makes your water hard. One of her coolest things is her top crystal, the Iceland spar. It shows everything twice. She is made of calcium carbonate. Ava

11: Cathy Calcite

12: Boys just love me because I make up 60% of the Earth's crust. They think I am so pretty, one of them asked me to marry them, but I said no. The color of my skin is white, pink, and yellow. I am monoclinic (That means I form crystals with seven points). I've been invited everywhere. I am the fifth or sixth strongest rock. I love to sing and dance a lot. I have a band named "Minerals". Our first song is titled "Feldspar is Awesome". Massena

13: Florence Feldspar

14: Flora Florite

15: Flawless, that's what most rocks and minerals call me. I have crystals that are shaped like cubes. My crystals can be blue, violet, purple, green or yellow. I can be white and pink sometimes. When I glow with a violet light, I attract men, especially when I sing. I always win in things like beauty contests and fashion shows. I have lots of friends, many of them are diamonds. In the moonlight, I seem to glow. Although I am very pretty and sing beautifully, I get along just fine with other rocks and minerals. Mara

16: Garnet Greg

17: I am a red, blue or green rock. I am a built-in rock thermometer for scientists. I can withstand high temperatures. I am commonly used in jewelry. I never break; I just shatter. I'm in jewelry shops a lot. Even though I am a lot of colors, I usually wear red. There are 15 different types of me. I'm found all over the world. I look like my friend Spinel. I am on the hardness scale at 6.5-7.5. My favorite place to hang out is with metamorphic rocks. I am a mixture of several elements. George

18: I am the dirty brother of the diamond. I have the same composition as the diamond, but I am really soft and minerals like to poke me. I am a black graphite. I am mostly found in metamorphic marble rock. I can leave a mark on almost any surface. And I am used to make pencils. I am used in lamps, motors, batteries, and generators too. I can be used in machines. That's why everybody likes me. I am really useful! Andrew

19: Gary Graphite

20: Gregory Gold

21: I’m as good as money. I will always be clean and no stains will get on me. I’m found deep in the ground by miners. If people spread the news that I am found, many more people will come and try to get me. I am used in electronics to help them work better. I am coated only one-atom thick onto the astronaut’s outfit to keep them cooler. I also protect satellites. I’m loved by the whole wide world! I’m so rich my house is 1,000,000 stories high! And it’s all gold! Ronan

22: Henry has two big horns. He is a wrestler. He is made of lots of different elements and muscles and minerals. Henry is a member of the amphibolite/heavyweight group. Sometimes if Henry's opponent hurts him badly, one of his elements falls off. That makes him weaker. Henry comes in different shapes and colors, kind of like people. Henry is igneous and metamorphic. He has columns on his body. Leo

23: Henry Hornblend

24: Jackie Gypsum

25: Hi I am Jackie. I am the most cheerful mineral on the block. People love to hug me because I am soft, silky and smooth. I have powders that are dry and ghostly white. At night people ask me to go to supper. I am used for cement, fertilizer and black board chalk. I am used in rock collections because I am fire resistant. I can create gems too. I have created LARGE crystals in the Cave of Crystals in Mexico. I am called the flower because I am the Desert Rose Mineral. I RULE! Victoria R.

26: Hi, I am Jaden Jade. My home is New Zealand. I am famous there. Everybody loves me. I also get the coolest haircuts. I have two friends. Their names are Talc and Serpentine. They are my neighbors too. I have a twin. His name is Amphibole. We look just like each other. People also like me in China. I am famous there because I am priceless. They make jewelry and sculptures out of me. Blaise

27: Jaden Jade

28: I'm so popular because I'm so useful! I'm a clay mineral and I'm probably everywhere you look. I'm famous because I'm in your magazines, your mom's China, and I help your food taste good. I'm in your toothpaste, light bulbs, paint, and cosmetics. Don't feel bad if you think you're going to eat me, because it's only my crystals. Don't forget I am also in your candy bars, making them as tasty as can be. Think about what would happen if I weren't there for you! Jacqueline

29: Katie Kaolinite

30: Mick Mica

31: I am Mick Mica. I am not a chick magnet like a diamond, but I am a good power source. I am found in all types of rocks. Other minerals call me a flake, but I like my way of splitting. Geologists say my cleavage is "perfect". I also have a brother. He is a different type of mica. I live in a house made of granite. I am also not the strongest. I am actually 2.5-3 on the Moh's scale. Daniel

32: Shiny Silver

33: I am Shiny Silver. I am very rare to find in perfectly good shape. I can be worth some money, because I can be made into a coin. I hate to be shoved into a person’s mouth, but I sometimes have to be. I am also made into silverware. Many minerals are not hung on trees, but I am. Ornaments are also sometimes made of me. I can be very useful. I can treat wounds. Bacteria and fungi do not grow on me, so that is the reason why. I can be permanently stained by silver sulfide in the air, and because of that I can be very dull. Scientists can use me too! I help cause chemical reactions. I am silver white. I also am the best at conducting lighting. James

34: My name is Mike. I am a rock composed of the crystal Olivine. Olivine is very rare, with its origins from our sun. Its properties include translucent green color, hard texture, and the ability to allow any person holding the rock to defy gravity and fly like a bird. Only 150 grams are known to exist on earth. It also gives humans incredible powers with strength equal to one-hundred men. I was present on the shuttle Discovery on its first flight into space. There is believed to be a large deposit of Olivine on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Oliver

35: Mike Olivine

36: Oliver Opal

37: Oliver Opal likes to play with light. Opals aren't real minerals. They are a silica gel. Opals shimmer like pearls. Oliver Opal is made up of tiny see-through spheres that break up light. That is why I'm so bright. I am found inside fossils or in spaces left by animals. My hardness is rated 5.5-6. If you see me shining with other rocks that don't gleam, please don't get me mixed up with my friend Agate. My chemical formula is SiO2. I have a crystal system that resembles a triangle. I am the coolest silica gel. Matt

38: Quincy Quartz

39: I'm Quincy Quartz. I'm made out of silicon and oxygen. I was used to make sandpaper but now I make glass. I can make an electric rhythm which is used in electric clocks, and I also have an electrifying personality. Speaking of clocks, I wear a watch every day. I also have a lot of friends. Their names are Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Milky Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Druzy Quartz and many more. Every time I walk out my front door, people think I'm a diamond but I’m really not. I just look like one. I’m very shiny, just like gold. People say that I have a sparkling attitude. Victoria C.

40: Serpentine Sam

41: I am at the center of attention because my stripes are amazing. I have a mottled surface like snake skin. I like to take other mineral's places. I have fibers like asbestos. Asbestos dust is very bad for you. I am like a zombie who invades others. I am the sixth toughest mineral. People call me secondary man because I'm made from silicate and hydroxide. I look a lot like my friend Todd Talc. My charm will make you smile. Nikhil

42: Stinky Arsenic

43: Stinky Arsenic is like a bottle of poison and king of poison to a human. His lumps look like grapes to most people. Now you know not to eat him. He can be made for violent murders! Stinky Arsenics's color is really hard for artists to make. Stinky Arsenic is kind of like an engineer. When you eat Stinky Arsenic, your body will shut down completely. I look a lot like silver, so sometimes people mistake me for it. With my cape, I look like a super hero. Abigail

44: Hi, I'm Sully. I like to play with matches. I'm a Fiery Brimstone Sulfur. I spew from HOT volcanoes. My pure form is odorless, but I'm often combined with hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide. Try not to get too close; I reek like rotten eggs. When I'm mad I become stinging sulfuric acid. If you want to find me, I'll be in galena, pyrite and many meteorites. Emma

45: Sully Sulfur

46: Terry Tourmaline

47: Hi, my name is Terry Tourmaline, I'm not just a Tourmaline, I'm the most beautiful and biggest Tourmaline in the mineral gang. My nickname is gem pebbles. It comes from the language of Sinhalese. The Russian Czars prized me. Girls don't like me because I'm made of one complex and weird mineral. I'm black but some of the other tourmalines are different colors. My friend is pink and my dad is red. Minerals always want to be my friend because I'm always a good material for polarizing filters. (This helps people with glasses and photography.) Dylan

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