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Miracle Aura Mist

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S: Miracle Aura Mist

FC: Miracle Aura Mist | Repairing Emotional Damage in the Aura

1: When we are born, we are an eternal expression of Perfect Love with whole emotional integrity. This expression is called innocence. The interpretation of innocence belongs to whole eternal science and is perfectly defined in our free will. As we mature we learn that we must settle for and accept guilt as our part of our reality. As we learn to accept guilt, we learn that physical love is not so perfect and the value of physical integrity can be purchased if the price is right. This teaches us fear as we begin to sell our Self for bits and pieces of fragmented physical value. As false value begins to replace our innocence, the emotional links that bond us to eternal emotional references begins to shut down. As these shut down, gaps in the integrity of our aura become evident by shadows and black holes. Eventually we learn to emotionally settle for what we don't want. As guilty compromise and sacrifice replaces the value of what we really want, paying this price becomes too high and the body shuts down and dies. 'This is not how it's supposed to be.

2: What would happen if all of the green defining the Planet Earth was suddenly gone? What about the color blue? Could the Earth sustain life without these two colors? If there was no color, would our world be able to exist? Would people want to exist without color? The pallet of the Earth must have color to sustain life. Even if there were no forms in the Earth, eternal colors would continue to broadcast the eternal science of color necessary to sustain the integrity of the Earth. All physical form is the effect of a cause defined by the emotions revealed in color. It is color that carries the emotional integrity that holds the Earth together, as well as the form that resides in it.

3: Color is also what links all physical form to eternal memory. All eternal memory is defined as property that belongs to Creation. Eternal property is defined as form when the emotional Sound in Perfect Love that emanates from the Light. is carried across the colors in the aura. As this Sound merges with the Light, form is defined. The memory of the colors in the Light evokes a strong emotional bond to eternity. When a gap appears in the integrity of the aura, it is because an emotion unlike Perfect Love has been introduced. In our world, these emotions begin as guilt. Once guilt merges with form, a shadow or black hole becomes evident. This dark memory of guilt eventually becomes a reference for fear and terror. Physically, we do not recognize the problem because once the problem is introduced, it is acted upon as if it were real. It is not real, it is a deception.

4: The foundation of our world began with a guilty mistake. All physical lessons demand innocence to learn to conform to the dark justice of this mistake.. As we learn to depend on guilt and fear for our reality, the radiant colors that link us to eternal property begins to fade.. The vibrant colors that defined eternal justice that once surrounded our innocence with radiance is replaced with guilty physical justice.. This is called bad behavior. Once guilt behavior is learned, it becomes a physical memory. Guilt memory is dark and steals the integrity of innocent happiness., and our life eventually ends, not understanding that it is guilt that has stolen our eternal identity. It doesn't have to be this way. We are entering into a New World era, which will dispel the guilty shadow by repairing the void in the aura.. We are on the cusp of opening global memory banks to eternal property and emotional integrity. As the aura is repaired, guilt will be abolished and give our world access to eternal integrity and global peace. This is called evolution.

5: The Miracle Aura Spray was created to help repair the damage done by guilt in the aura. By restoring a natural frequency higher than guilt, the Miracle Aura Mist by-passes guilt by building a bridge across the problem. Because the frequency in the Miracle Aura Mist is so hight, it is not affected by unnatural guilt or fear. Without the guilt or fear that is constantly bombarding consciousness, emotional integrity will be given an opportunity to heal. Repairing the aura is a step in helping eternal memories flow across the aura and reconnect us with the innocence defined in eternal free will. The frequency in The Miracle Aura Mist was created to work with free will. Free will is a natural ability that has been contaminated by being unnaturally exposed to unhealthy emotions defined in guilt. The Miracle Aura Mist is a tool to undo the damage done at the aura level.

6: Repairing the colors in the aura is a Universal concern. Our responsibility in this process is to help any way we can by offering assistance to the process. of healing. Restoring emotional balance and integrity will give our world access to the eternal memories we were born with. Because the tear in the aura has affected our world so deeply,, repairing the natural integrity to our world will take time. The Miracle Aura Mist is a tool. It assists eternal miracles by allowing them to repair the problem by building a miracle bridge across the gap that has been left by guilt and fear. We the people are being asked to assist in the process of repairing the aura by helping to restore its radiance. by giving the miracles the opportunity to heal the aura, which will ultimately heal our world.

7: Because an eternal frequency is not laden with guilt,, it is impossible to associate the Miracle Aura Mist with the same frequency as the body. The Aura Mist was made to repair the aura. It will not fix the body, as this is not its purpose.. If you do not feel anything at the body level, it is because this is not what it is for. The aura level is where emotional integrity resides. You do not feel the effects of emotional integrity because you do not believe you can. Eternal integrity, like the aura, is unseen., The faith that is necessary to repair the aura is contained in the Miracle Aura Mist. Before a problem can be addressed, it must first be recognized. Univrsally this problem is apparent, and everything necessary to fix this problem will be provided, but the people must be willing to use theses means. As more people become involved in repairing the aura, the effects will become evident.

8: Because the Aura Mist is linked to eternal memories, and its value is so much higher, it cannot be bought and sold according to the value assigned to old world terms. Instead the term that can be used for the Aura Mist is called New World investing in Self worth. Because what you give you receive, by investing in a Universal truth, you will learn the value in the Self. Another term for this is paying it forward. Paying it forward is a Living Law. A Living Law extends and increases in value as it is given away. It blesses both the giver and the receiver beyond what can be physically understood. A blessing is eternal, which means it is forever. By learning to pay it forward with the blessing of a Living Law, it is within our power to claim eternal peace for our world.

9: Paying it forward begins by giving a Gift. to another. This Gift is the Miracle Aura Mist, and it will be given to you upon your request. This is a free gift., which means there are no strings attached. However, there is an opportunity here that will bless the world if personal willingness is given for this purpose. If you are willing to "pay it forward" and give another the same Gift that you have received, namely a bottle of Miracle Aura Mist, you will bless yourself and the world. This will allow you to see the Living Law of Giving and Receiving in action. Because it is impossible to lose when this Law is working correctly, everyone will win. However, if you choose not to participate in using the Law, the Gift is still yours.

10: The Law of Giving and Receiving is like a river that flows into the ocean. The ocean receives this Gift or flow of the river, which is then claimed by the ocean currents and the air. As the currents move and the air evaporates the water in the ocean is collected in the clouds and then returned to the river. This is how the eternal Law of Giving and Receiving extends and multiplies forever. In our world, guilt is associated with giving and receiving, so the Law is commonly left uncompleted. When the Law is left uncompleted, giving and receiving a blessing is inconsistent. A personal experiment and experience in working with the Living Law of Giving and Receiving is one that will forever bless the giver and the receiver, because the Law is an eternal one. While it is nice to receive a Gift, learning how giving a Living Gift is in truth a Gift to the Self and eternal lesson in assigning an eternal blessing with gentleness. Using the Miracle Aura Mist to repair the aura is an opportunity to watch a Living Law in action, and give an eternal blessing while offering miracles to the world.

11: If you are interested in participating in doing your part to repair the aura, learning how you can apply the eternal Living Law of Giving and Receiving by following the guidelines in the Pay it Forward system as outlined, to make sure the meaning of the Law is not violated, and learn how to bless the world because you are blessing your Self, then please join us in The Great Miracle Share. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to explore the means to develop skills to access and learn the same Living Laws that govern nature. By learning the value of these Laws,our world will open to New World possibilities never before experienced. Never before in the history of the Universe has so much been given for so little. If you would like to be involved in the Great Miracle Share and Pay It Forward, please be willing to send a Gift to the next person who orders The Miracle Aura Mist. If you are not interested in participating in The Great Miracle Share, and only want the Gift of the Miracle Aura Mist, please email your name and where you want the Miracle Aura Spray to be sent to themiraclealchemist@yahoo.com

12: If you want to participate in using a product that shares miracles, you can find out more by visiting http://www.themiraclealchemist.com/pages/aura-repair Whatever you decide please know that your decision to play your part in repairing the aura will help change our world and keep it safe for future generations. If you have questions about the Miracle Aura Mist please send an email to themiraclealchemist@yahoo.com

13: If you would like to know more about The Great Miracle Share please contact bobbifriday@yahoo.com http://www.miracleresponse.com

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  • Title: Miracle Aura Mist
  • The frequency in the Miracle Aura Mist is eternal and carries the emotional integrity necessary to define a New World. This frequency is so profound, it is not physically possible to define the benefits of this frequency on the one who uses it. The Mist carries the same frequency as eternal science. Every time it is used, eternal memory references are re-established.
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