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Miracles Do Exist

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S: Miracles Do Exist

BC: All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

1: It was during fall when it happened. I happen to come home from work, and all a sudden, a piece of torn, rotten, flyer came flying right into my face. I quickly grabbed hold of the flyer and this is when the miracle, "my life's miracle", happend. Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Bearden. I am an old, poor, and a filthy farmer. I don't even like to admit this, but this is who I am and what I am. I farm to live and I live to achieve a more fulfilled life.

2: Okay, getting back to the subject. As I grabbed hold of the flyer, I gazed upon it. On the flyer, it said, "Whoever plants the most impressive fruit or vegetable, will win a prize of $5000 dollars." At that moment, I was into it--not because of the money, but to achieve something that I have never done before. I started to do the basics. First day, I started to weed and plow-- in order to make the soil smooth. Second day, I started to make the layers of the dirt of the land. Finally, the third day, I started planting and carried loads of fresh water from one of the town's well to water the plants. I thought of watermelons first for my choice in this competition.

3: As the days passed by, the conditions of farming were getting harsh-- the temperature got cold. Since it was fall, it was easier to start off in a nice, not too hot, and a not too cold weather. But as it's getting close to winter, the weather started becoming dry and the cold winds couldn't seem to control itself. The plants were against nature now. Spring finally came and the flowers around the town started to bloom. My watermelons were growing as well as I thought. For me, farming has been interesting for the past years of my life-- seeing myself planting and harvesting gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I can help support the people of this town and my wife, who lives with me and helps sell what I harvest.

4: At last, the hot, bright, sun that represents the summer came. The watermelon that I planted from last fall grew as big as the back of the truck. As the days went by, the day of the competition came. Loading the huge, gigantic, heavy, ripe green, watermelon into the back of the big red, truck, took the longest time, but then I realized, it was no good. I decided to use a truck loader, so it would be easier to scoop up the watermelon from the ground. "Hey dear, be careful with that thing!!", my wife shouted.

5: I drove the truck loader to where the competition was held. I parked it neatly with all the other truck loaders. Since there was still time left for the competition, I decided to go take a walk and look at the other people's fruits and vegetables. I saw that some were not quite as big compared to mine. I felt more confidence that I could win. At the competition, there were children running and playing around. Looking at them took me back the days as when I was still a child. I couldn't go to school and had to help my father farm. Later on, I saw one of my friends who was my rival, joining the competition. I waved happily and said, "Let's see who's the best."

6: I decided to go back to my truck loader and decided to drive up to my position and lower down the scoop. When I adjusted the scoop using the control to lower it down, there was a scratchy, high pitched sound. I decided to ignore it but then, I heard people coughing behind me. "Hey! What are you doing?" "Get this stinkin', smokin' truck out of here!" So I panicked. Something was wrong. I hurried and lowered the scooper down, but it wasn't working.

7: "Crash!" I heard a loud, big, sound. It seemed like the scooper just banged onto the floor. I still couldn't see clearly from my viewpoint because of the dust that was up in the air, but I could hear screaming everywhere. I wonder what it was-- something was not right. As I got hold of myself, I saw that my watermelon was not in front of me. I asked around, "What just happened?" I was curious.

8: As the coast was clear, I saw something green and black that was flying up and down. When I thought clearly, without knowingly, I shouted, "Hey! My watermelon!" I could not believe that it was bouncing everywhere. It crashed up and down onto people's tables. It wasn't only bouncing, but it was rolling too! I felt a pain in the stomach. Because of this incident, I had a feeling I was not going to win this competition. I was doomed.

9: "Splat!" As the watermelon finally landed on the spot of a spiky, sharp, needlelike, pineapple. All the juicy, inner contents of the watermelon spread everywhere. On people's clothes, face, hair, shops and other places. As I turned around my head, I saw a glimpse of the judge of the competition. He was covered with juice all over his hair and on his clothes. His expression was in shock-- just like everyone else's.

10: Minutes passed by, and there was an uproar of clapping. People were smiling and laughing at each other about their appearance. Some of them were even licking their faces. "Congratulations! This watermelon is the most fantastic, sweetest, ripest, largest, watermelon I have ever tasted or seen! Who is it that made this place fruity flavored?", asked the happy judge. "Er...it was I..", I said loudly. "YOU! Come collect your $5000 dollars prize! Everyone else, enjoy!", yelled the judge.

11: This was it. Sometimes, you never know what happens. This was a miracle. It taught me to not give up in life and you might even have the chance to succeed. Because of my hard work in farming and the disaster I created, this had paid off my hard work. When I got home with the big bag of money, my wife and I happily decided to move to a much more urbanized area. Because of this situation, my wife and I always put dedication into what we're doing and make the best of it so our lives will be more accomplished. We hope that you will be successful in your future just like us.

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