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Miss Barrick's Class

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S: Miss Barrick's Class

FC: Miss Barrick's Class Poetry Collection

1: The students have explored the various forms of poetry writing. Each student has selected their favorite poem to publish. Please take the time to enjoy their hard work. | 6th Grade Poetry Unit

2: Janell Baker | I am I am nice and bright, I wonder where my brightness will take me, I hear people talking, I see friends and laughter I want to be a good friend. I pretend to be an artist I feel like being a good friend is good, I touch friends hearts, I worry what, if I don't have friends? I cry when friends are mad at me, I am nice and bright

3: Devin Beitler | I would never beat someone up, unless they hit me first, only if it hurt, and if they weren't joking. I believe in defending my girlfriend . unless she says she can handle it, only if they decide to hit her, and if they hurt her. I don't believe in listening to Miss.Barrick , unless she can get me suspended, only if she is right, and the principal is watching.

4: Iris-Ann Berkheimer | I am I am talented and ambitious, I wonder where my talents will take me, I hear birds chirping, I see crystal clear water, I want to stop animal abuse, I am talented and ambitious. I pretend I am a zoologist, I feel like a hero, I touch the lives of animal's, Ii worry someday the world will change, Ii am talented and ambitious. I understand life must go on, I say that you fight for your beliefs, I dream of being the rescue of an animal, Ii try to save something with less life, I hope to become a greater person, I Am Talented And Ambitious. By:Iris Berkheimer

5: Dakota Brennan | I don't believe in people being let down because everybody needs a shoulder to lean on and somebody needs someone to listen also people need to belong somewhere I would never put down because everybody needs to feel comfortable and somebody needs encouraged and what goes around comes back around I would never leave someone in the time of a crisis because everybody needs a boost to the higher level and somebody needs to feel protected also someone needs to be safe I don't believe in true love because too many hearts get broke and there is a fifty-fifty chance it will end also not everybody needs true love to be happy

6: Aaron Campbell RULES!!! | Morning Rushed, Messy Sleeping, Moaning, Stumbling Breakfast, Toothbrush, Chores, Schoolbooks- Rushing, Nagging, Loathing Rushed Grueling Chaos

7: Randee Ferree | I Am I am smart and creative I wonder why there's war I hear a constant bell I see birds swoop down in the midnight air I want a successful life I am smart and creative I pretend to be an animal I feel a tingling feeling I touch the velvet flower I worry about my family and friends I cry when someone dies I am smart and creative I understand my family and friends I say nobody should fight I dream about having a good life I try to make it through every day I hope someday I will be successful I am smart and creative

8: LeAnn Gingrich | Sport girl, yellow batting, fielding, pitching base running is fun Softball | Diamante Softball exciting,fun umpiring, coaches, playing teams, coaches, fast, round fielding, hitting, catching yellow, fast Balls

9: Maddie Gleason | CINQUAIN candy, sweet,yummy eating,licking,crunching, flavors,cherry, BlueBerry, grape Lollipop

10: Tyler Kirsch | Sports white,hard catching,batting,throwing Having a good day at the park. Baseball

11: i sit by my pool as a magic blue raindrop falls on my lap so i let my good yellow worm try it. when i did he was yellow but he is blue now.

13: John Quirk | Car fast cool racing,speeding,relaxing convertible coupe Mustang GT

14: Kayla Reisinger | I Am Strong and Courageous I wonder what the wind will tell I hear my twin soul laughing at night I see the past unravel in the blowing air I want to be the wind I am strong and Courageous e

15: I am I am fun and caring. I wonder why the sky is blue. I hear whistles in the wind. I see birds in the meadow. I want to have a bird. I am fun and caring. I pretend i am immortal. I feel sad and lonely. I touch soft green grass. I worry that i will be lonely. I cry to deaths around. I am fun caring. I understand why the sky is blue now. I believe it's god's light. I dream i will go up with god. I try to do good deeds. I hope i will go in the sky. I am fun and caring.

16: Paula Scholl | Paula`s Poetry Puzzle I Love my friend tonight look before you so you sleep to have a sweet dream as if the school does our magic today . They took only her from me!!!!!!

17: Joshua Smith | School black noisy cranking pushing cranking shavings on the floor sharpener. | school | We run out side to jump and play in the worm worm sunny day. We start a game and scream and fight. Then the teachers use all there might. When they get us all away we run and play until the whistle blows.

18: An Ode to Matt Tuick He waits on stage, guitar in hand surrounded by his rock band and many fans, the fans scream, waiting for the guitar angel to show. He finally shows, thousands of obssed fans, screaming as his long, black hair, falling in front of his gorges face. After it is all over, one fan is depressed, "Oh no! My rock angel is gone!" she says, until they meet again. | Jenna Swift

19: Ode to Zebras Running around through the African grass such a exhilarating sight with their stripes as fast as they can go really tight and close to each other it pops zebras pop out from all the other Africa animals Zebras are special special to me as far as i can see they may get attacked or eatin by others o well their still brave to me imagion zebras how you want like rainbows Shania Wallace

20: Storm Williams | sports brown,leather running,jumping,catching good game football | Diamante football brown, green jumping,catching,kicking basketball,soccer,swimming,wrestling running,diving,throwing white,black baseball

21: toby | i dont beleve in homework unless its really fun but then again i could be wrong and ill just stop doing it

22: Dale Rinehart | sports big,people running ,sliding,hitting in the fresh cut grass baseball

23: Morgan Moyer | Ode to soccer Rolling in the grass getting kicked by the other kids feet, trying to make a goal on the other team. As the ball slowly rolls in the kids cheer very loudly. Once the ball is placed back in the middle the kids start playing again. As the sun is beginning to fade the kids start to wrap up their game. When the kids leave the soccer ball waits there silently for the next kid to kick it around the big grassy field.

24: I Am... I am beautiful and smart. I wonder when he will break my heart. I hear the ocean. I see the sunset. I want the ocean to take me away from this horrible pain. I am beautiful and smart. i pretend not to be hurt. I feel depressed. i touch the sand. I worry about him cheating on me. I cry when i think about the past and what he has done to me. I am beautiful and smart. I understand he hurt me. I say it's okay. I dream u'll miss me one day I try to trust him. I hope you understand. I am smart and beautiful. | Asia Marie Seibert

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