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Mixbook; Farmer in Manhattan!

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BC: Irony I used Irony mostly just in the end, when I had Joe leaving New York to go home to be with his family and friends but it turned out that they had won the lottery also and they were here to live with him. I also used it when I was naming his goats'. I wasn't really sure what to name them, but I knew I wanted the names to rhyme. So I just came up with the names Peep and Sheep, and you wouldn't expect a goat to be named Sheep. | Setting The setting of my story was present day New York. I used a lot of places in New York and allusions of what happens there in my story to add realism. The first few days Joe was in New York he went sight seeing all over the city. He went to a lot of famous places in New York and he even stayed at he Waldorf Asteria, which is an actual hotel in Manhattan. So the setting was definitely used a lot throughout this story.

FC: Farmer in Manhattan by: Jordan Rubinstein

1: Farmer Joe Eugene Spitts had just won the Idaho State Lottery. For all his life he had always been just a plain ol' farmer, but he had always wanted to be something more. It was Joe's lifelong dream to become a star on Broadway, he even practiced his singing and dancing with his goats when he milked and fed them. Joe had never won anything in his life and so he was very excited to spend his newly earned money. After thinking about what he wanted to spend the money on most in the world he finally decided that he

2: would move to Manhattan and become a star on Broadway. To make his move to New York permanant, Joe sold his farm and gave away all the animales he didn't want anymore

3: to fellow farmers. On the last day he was in Idaho with all his family and friends there was a big party thrown in his honor, no one had ever left the small farming town before, and there definitely wasn't anyone that had moved across America. Everyone told Joe that they would miss him and they told

4: him to write as much as he could. Joe waved goodbye to all his friends and told his two favorite goats, Peep and Sheep, that he would see them in a | few weeks, because he was bringing them along too, they just couldn't come on the plane. The Plane ride to New York took about 5 hours, all of which Joe spent reading books on New York and trying to figure out where would be a good place for him to move to, with the $375 million he had won from the lottery his choices were seemingly endless. When the plane ride was finally over Joe

5: got off the plane and entered the J.F.K. Airport lobby he realized he had never even dreamt of a place quite like New York, sure he had seen tv shows and movies where the setting was New York, but they could never even come close to capturing the activity that the actual city of New York gave to it's visitors.

6: Joe left for Manhattan and told the taxi driver to go to the Waldorf Astoria, the very ritzy hotel his travel agent had booked for him until he managed to find an appartment to live in. Once Joe's taxi approached the huge stone building he couldn't help but marvel at its large size from the outside, he couldn't help but think of how big it was going to be on the inside. After Joe checked in, he took the elevator up to the 6th floor, where his room was located at. The hotel room was nicer than anything he had ever seen before, and it was probably bigger than his whole house back in Idaho; and probably half the size of his farm, which was considered very big at home. Once Joe situated all his belongings and then left to do some sightseeing.

8: Joe was so excited to go out and explore New York and see all it had to offer. The books he had read about New York on the plane told him all about the best places to go sight see, so he knew exactly where he needed to go. Joe stepped out on the the curb in front of the Waldorf Asteria and was amazed at how many taxis were going by, he stuck his hand out and immediately there was a taxi in front of him, waiting for him to climb in. Joe told the driver to go to Central Park, he was most excited to go there. He walked around for a while and spent some time admiring the Bethesda Fountain. Once Joe felt like it was time to head off to see another wonderful sight he just stuck his hand out at the road and a taxi pulled right up to get him. The next

9: stop for his sight seeing was Time Square. He loved watching the ball drop every new year and couldn't wait to see where all the action took place. Once he had walked around for a while he decided it was getting late so he needed to be heading home, his goats were going

10: to be arriving tomorrow, and he would need a lot of energy to deal with them running around his new appartment. When Joe got to the lobby of his building he was greeted by the front desk man. They exchangd hello's and goobye's and then Joe went up to his appartment and went

11: to sleep. The next morning when Joe awoke he quickly put on his clothes and went down to the curb to catch a taxi to go to the airport. Joe waited for half an hour, then, finally, and man approached him and asked him if the two goats, Peep and Sheep were his goats. Joe became very excited, he hadn't seen his beloved goats in over two weeks, he wondered if they even knew who he was. After a few minutes of waiting Peep and Sheep finally

12: walked out of the terminal and ran over to him. Joe couldn't wait to show his goats the city he had grown to know over the past two weeks, he knew they were going to have so much fun. And he knew they would love running along the trail Joe had come to favor above all the others in Central Park. The first thing to do to do though, was to introduce them to his appartment. --- Once Joe had been living in Manhattan for a month he decided to finally do what he had come to New York to do in the first place: Act and sing on Broadway. The day of his first ever audition was fastly approaching and he was getting more and more worried as the week progressed. The musical he was trying out for was Cats, and he couldn't be happier.

13: Cats was his all-time favorite Broadway performance, and he was so lucky to be living in New York while the auditions were going on. On the morning of his audition he said goodbye to | auditions were going on. On the morning of the audition, Joe said goodbye to Peep and Sheep and headed off for | Broadway to get his big break. As his taxi slowly approached Broadway Joe started sweating buckets. He

14: had never been more nervous in his life. He wanted to be a part of this musical so badly, he didn't know what he would do if he didn't get it.

15: After weeks of anxiously waiting for a responce from the Broadway producers, Joe finally got his answer. He hadn't gotten the part he had been hoping for, actually, he hadn't gotten a part at all in the show. Of course Joe was crushed, he had been dreaming of this becomming his big break. He wouldn't have come out of his room for days if it weren't for Peep and Sheep in need of food, water, and exercise. After a while Joe finally did come to realize that maybe being a star on Broadway just wasn't his thing, and that maybe this whole move to New York had been a big mistake. When Joe finally did come

16: to the realization about who he was and what he was supposed to do he packed up all his things and booked to first flight back to Idaho for him and the goats. He couldn't wait to see | everyone's faces when he came home. When Joe showed up at the airport with Peep and Sheep he was about to board the plane, but he felt like peole were staring at him. When he turned around he was shocked to find all his family and friends in the lobby of the airport, all of them holding bags and looking like total tourists. "Oh! There's my baby Joey!" Joe's mother cried out. "Look! We've come to stay with you, we won the lottery too!"

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