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Modern Epic - Tyler Rapp

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BC: The End!

FC: The Son of Artemis Tyler Rapp

1: Lancelot, son of Artemis and Lance, had never seen such a sight. He never expected the so called plague to reach as far as it did. Thousands of children were already hit with the spell around the world.

2: Lancelot was luckily accompanied by his dearest friend Annabeth on his quest that was bestowed upon him by the great archer Artemis. Hypnos, the God of sleep, had not yet reached Lancelot or anyone close to him yet in his pursuit of making all children fall asleep.

3: Lancelot had just reached the prime city of London, near the supposed hiding spot of Hypnos, when all of the surrounding children suddenly collapsed.

4: Lancelot and Annabeth knew something was going on. Hypnos must be close to make something like this happen so rapidly. The children fell so suddenly and all of there parents started to go crazy, hysteric about what has happened to their children. Then, out of nowhere, Morpheus, the God of dreams, appeared. This particular God has the ability to take any desired shape and appear in someone's dreams.

5: Lancelot now knows that Hypnos is not working alone on his goal. Morpheus approached Lancelot and Annabeth as they pulled out their weapons. Lancelot genetically obtained the ability to shoot a bow and arrow like the archer Artemis does in the middle of a deadly battle upon natural predators of the deer, her sacred animal.

6: Annabeth also knew how to shoot a bow, but was not as skilled as Lancelot. However, that was all she currently had. Morpheus had luckily drained a lot of energy when he put all of the kids asleep. Lancelot and Annabeth automatically started to shoot with the arrows Artemis had provided them that can hurt the greatest of things, including Gods. They both hit the winged dream bearer Morpheus and made him fall over. He was trying to appear in the form of happiness in the sleeping children's dreams to make them stay asleep forever, as well as fight the two warriors.

7: The arrows typically temporarily disabled all God-like powers, thus making himMorpheus more of a mortal. Sometimes, if hit appropriately, the arrows would make a God lose all powers for many upon many years. The two brave children approached him, demanding the exact location of his father, Hypnos. At first Morpheus would not give any hints, but then he did for his own sake as Lancelot drew back his bow to shoot Morpheus in the head.This proved to be too much for him and he forfeited as Lancelot and Annabeth hit him square in the chest with their magical arrows.

8: Morpheus revealed to them that Hypnos was hiding away in the Tower of London, an ancient and famous building. Right away Lancelot and Annabeth fled the sight as the sleeping children began to wake up after the defeat of Morpheus. In about an hour they reached the attraction that would usually take about three hours, but they arrived earlier due to Lancelot's superior intelligence regarding time and travel. As they got to the tower, they drew their bows and prepared for an epic battle that was about to occur.

9: Lancelot prayed to his mother to help him in this time of need to save all children of Earth. Anxiously and quietly, they walked into the front doors of the castle like a teenager sneaking into their house after a long night out past their "early" curfew that their parents set. They began to stalk up the stairs, assuming that Hypnos was near the top of the tower.

10: As they climbed up the stairs they both started to feel drowsy, Mortal-like Annabeth felt it a little more than Lancelot. Luckily for Lancelot, his half-God blood helped him in situations such as this. This sleepy feeling let them know that Morpheus did reveal the truth to them. They both had their bows out, but they only had about five magical arrows left, which may not be enough to do too much. God-like warrior Lancelot finally came to a halt at the top of the stairs where a powerful glowing door appeared. Slowly, the door opened just before Lancelot was going to try to open it himself. Inside, Hypnos comfortably sat in a throne sort of chair.

11: Immediately they shot their arrows, which Hypnos easily dodged, putting them down to only three mystical arrows remaining. Hypnos thus attempted to put them to sleep, his main way of "attacking" his opponents. Annabeth promptly stumbled over into a deep sleep, unable to hold back the droopy feeling any longer, but Lancelot remained awake, easily fighting the God's power.

12: Hypnos' struggle made Lancelot fight harder and he drew two arrows, shooting them both at the same time. These two hit, one in the chest and one in the neck. Upon these hits, Lancelot felt a relief from the sleepy feeling. However, with only one arrow remaining Lancelot was not sure he could finish Hypnos off. Just as he was thinking this, the skillful hunter Artemis and the eminent glory of a God Apollo appeared. They successfully finished Hypnos off with their unimaginable archery skills. They could no longer bear the fact that Lancelot and his best friend could die.

13: Artemis revealed to her son that she did not intervene earlier so she could see his true heroism and so that he could see how much he was worth. This meant a lot to him, coming from his renowned mother he hardly ever saw. During his long trip, Lancelot managed to defeat Morpheus and Hypnos, thus preventing them from putting all children asleep forever.

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