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MOPS Yearbook (Copy)

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S: Lamar MOPS 2010-2011

FC: LAMAR MOPS 2010-2011

1: Lamar MOPS | "We can learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box." "Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." Psalm 139:10

2: Back To School!

3: Marci Abrams | Lindsay Adamson | Kami Anderson | Kidron Backes | Jill Bellomy

4: Tamara Brassfield | 2010-2011 Steering Team | Anita Brodecky | Lauri Bronniman | Aubrey Case | Heidi Colvin | Felicia Conner | Jessica Daniels | Brittney Dickerson | Heather Bratt | Karina Bruce

6: Cathy Dodge | Michelle Durst | Maria Gomez | Lorena Garcia | Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty

7: Stephanie Groves | Alicia Harrington | Lisa Harvey | Teale Hemphill | Jennifer Hemphill | Amber Herrera

8: Char Herrera | Laura Hobden | Shelby Homm | Katie Kopasz | Brittney Lewis | Miranda Mandl | Rachel Marks | Susanne Matteson | Melissa Miller

9: A mother is a person who seeing there are only 4 pieces of pie for 5 people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan | Tamran Mitchell | Leigh Ann Neilsen | Amy Nightengale | Abby Pettinger | Shea Reinhardt | Crystal Robbins | Amber Robbins

10: Tiffany Rohlman-Wingo | Tanya Rushton | Jerri Shaw | Amber Sheaves | Jenny Snyder | Sherry Sprout | Christi Stulp | Meena Shelton | Tami Sliwkowski

11: Robin Thacker | Kelsey Thomas | Roni Vallejos | Michelle Weimer | Sharleen Wertz | Lisa Harvey's famous Dr. Pepper tower | Ty Williams | Shawna Wollert

12: In September we learned the importance of PLAY TIME from Play Clay creator, Linda Clark. | IT's TIME TO PLAY!!!

13: October was all about safety. Cheryl Gilmore provided safety tips and excellent car seat information.

14: Holiday Planning was the hot topic for November. Michelle Weimer taught how to be prepared for the holidays and how to enjoy them! We also had the opportunity to prepare 65 boxes of goodies for Operation Christmas Child.

15: The JOY of Adoption | In December we learned the joy of being adopted by God. Kip Ryherd, Susanne Matteson, Amy Nightengale, and Heather Ramsay provided wonderful accounts of the impact of adoption on their lives. | Who could forget the winner of our ugly sweater contest - Anita!

16: POSITIVE PARENTING - DON'T BOIL OVER! | In January we focused on positive parenting. We learned how to use positive comments to motivate our children. We are moms - not perfect, but a work in progress.

17: February's pamper day is largely about food, manicures and pedicures. But, mostly its about making our moms feel loved and relaxed. | PAMPER DAY

18: Our resident expert and organizing guru, Kami Anderson, taught us how to clean out our closets and declutter our lives in March. Kami, we all thank you.

19: The gift of grace was the message from Drew Meyer in April. Drew did an excellent job of helping us remember the importance of grace - giving it and receiving it...

20: Cooking With Mommy Day

21: Everyone had a great time cooking with their mommies!

22: Lamar Days Parade 2010! MOPS moms worked diligently to create an amazing float representing the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe! We had so much fun and enjoyed participating in the parade.

23: Marci Abrams P.O. Box 85 Lamar, CO 81052 719.510.6074 mjaphilippians413@yahoo.com children: Lilly Lindsey Adamson 520 Willow Valley Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.1100 sheardivashairco@gmail.com children: Payton, Cael Kami Anderson 201 Willow Valley Road Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.9659 datallone@hotmail.com children: Talmadge Kidron Backes 1806 S. 7th St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.3747 michael986@centurytel.net children: Lillie | Jilly Bellomy 1210 Parkview Avenue Lamar, CO 81052 719.940.0862 children: Delorin Wendy Bellomy 908 Willow Valley Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.9317 bellomy2@bresnan.net Tamara Brassfield P.O. Box 5 Hasty, CO 81044 719.688.8378 faith1016@juno.com children: Kylie, Brooklyn Heather Bratt 302 S. 7th St. Lamar, CO 81052 360.689.5967 heatherbratt@gmail.com children: Afton | Anita Brodecky 3100 Memorial Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.5257 anidawk@yahoo.com children: Brocc, Brennan Lauri Bronniman 1023 Independence Blvd Las Animas, CO 81054 719.456.9600 jlbronniman@centurytel.net children: Ethan, Ryan Karina Bruce 1601 S. 11th Apt. 10 Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.9452 karinabruce20@gmail.com children: Joshua Aubrey Case 1306 S. 14th St. Lamar, CO 81052 208.390.8513 aubrey_case23@yahoo.com children: Myla, Savannah, Logan

24: Heidi Colvin 1016 S. 10th St. Lamar, CO 81052 702.526.5326 heidicolvin@hotmail.com chidlren: Savannah, Grace Felicia Conner fabflea@hotmail.com children: Parker Jessica Daniels 307 N. 11th St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.8601 jdanielsconstruction@yahoo.com children: Madysen,Landon Brittney Dickerson 29868 RD LL McClave, CO 81057 719.691.0863 brittneydickerson@gmail.com children: Corbyn | Cathy Dodge 708 Mullen St. Apt. C4 Lamar, CO 81052 cathydodge82@gmail.com children: Kingston Michelle Durst Memorial Drive Lamar, CO 81052 801.616.1119 nmdurst@gmail.com children: Drew, Will Letitia Echols 48175 Co. Rd. Z Arapahoe, CO 80802 719.343.5585 children: Chasity dan_tisha17@hotmail.com Cheryl Ferris 1310 S. 12th St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.239.0934 cherylferris@bresnan.net children: Ellen | Lorena Garcia 207 North 6th Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.5218 nenagarcia0146@live.com children: Jessica Maria Gomez 206 Cypress Ln Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.1213 tommylg099@hotmail.com children: Abrielle Crystal Griggs 500 W. Maple St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.5033 cdgonzales25@yahoo.com children: Alyssa Stephanie Groves 1407 S. 9th St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.1932 sgroves@bresnan.net children: Wildie

25: Amber Herrera 3 Reese Circle Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.5111 jaherrera3@yahoo.com children: Blake | Char Herrera 408 Conifer Circle Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.0523 bryanandchar@yahoo.com children: Reed Laura Hobden 1808 S. 7th St. Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.2062 laurahobden@yahoo.com Shelby Homm 108 Country Village Rd. Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.9871 justshelb@ymail.com children: Layton, Emmett Katie Kopasz 11111 Co. Rd 49 Eads, CO 81036 719.729.3356 kkopasz@earthlink.net | Brittney Lewis 506 Willow Valley Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.2099 bkenyon@tribcsp.com children: Bryson Miranda Mandl 605 Willow Valley Drive Lamar, CO 81052 816.752.8536 mir_neb15@hotmail.com children: Charlie Rachel Marks 102 E. 4th St. McClave, CO 81057 719.688.6401 rmarks84@yahoo.com Susanne Matteson 523 Willow Valley Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.3095 sus712@yahoo.com | Alicia Harrington 400 E. College Rd. Apt 10 Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.9447 aliharri27@yahoo.com children: Ethan, Christian Lisa Harvey Swallow Ridge Dr. 14B Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.0222 lisamhawkins@hotmail.com children: Kasen Teale Hemphill 1104 S. School St. Hasty, CO 81044 719.829.4005 tealehemphill@yahoo.com children: Avery, Oliver Amber Herrera 3 Reese Circle Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.5111 jaherrera3@yahoo.com

26: Melissa Miller 815 Willow Valley Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.0875 mlira_miller@yahoo.com chidlren: Brooklyn Tamran Mitchell 30310 Hwy 196 McClave, CO 81057 719.829.4828 ethmitchell@cminet.net Leigh Ann Neilsen 209 Gordon Wiley, CO 81092 719.829.4220 seed_n_noots@hotmail.com children: Lilli Amy Nightengale P.O. Box 129 Lamar, CO 81092 719.691.9722 stratos189v@yahoo.com children: Ella, Elijah | Abby Pettinger 45799 Co. Rd. AA Walsh, CO 81090 719.691.5433 ambroseabby@hotmail.com children: Anabelle Shea Reinhardt P.O. Box 214 Wiley, CO 81092 719.829.4447 sheaesgar@hotmail.com children: Lylah, Royce Cristal Robbins 101 Willow Valley Rd. Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.0958 robbinsbobbins@yahoo.com children: Grady, Quinton, & Cooper Amber Robbins 616 Willow Valley Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.0507 amberrobbins34@gmail.com children: Brooklyn, Jace | Tiffany Rohlman-Wingo 15 Picasso Ct. Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.9714 tiffanyr69@hotmail.com children: Payton Tanya Rushton P.O. Box 691 Holly, CO 81047 719.537.6861 crushton@centurytel.net children: Allison Lacy Seufer P.O. Box 522 Holly, CO 81047 719.537.6573 seufer2@hotmail.com children: Heston, Briley Jerri Shaw 17313 Co. Rd. B Granada, CO 81041 719.326.0103 jerri8_long@yahoo.com children: Gintri

27: Sherry Sprout 315 Willow Valley Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.2423 sherry.sprout@yahoo.com Christi Stulp 312 W. Olive Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.4521 christistulp@centurytel.net children: Mark Robin Thacker 709 S. 12th Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.2340 rlynnthacker@yahoo.com children: Austin Roni Vallejos 1412 S. 8th Street Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.0733 ronivallejos@gmail.com children: Addison | Sharleen Wertz 34664 Hwy 50 Lamar, CO 81052 719.688.3132 children: Madelyn, Tyler Michelle Weimer P.O. Box 496 Holly, CO 81047 719.537.6574 bweimer@centurytel.net Ty Williams 8555 Co. Rd. 59 Brandon, CO 81071 719.729.3413 tylin9@hotmail.com children: Kinsley Shawna Wollert P.O. Box 188 Wiley, CO 81092 719.829.4183 sgrasmick@hotmail.com children: Garren, Brasen, Anna, Emma | Amber Sheaves 202 Woodland Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.691.5860 amberloyana@yahoo.com Children: Colton Meena Shelton 11 Cedar Hills Lamar, CO 81052 303.877.7172 minna2@aol.com children: Braxen, Mae Tami Sliwkowski 3503 Memorial Drive Lamar, CO 81052 719.940.0046 m_tslick@hotmail.com children: Tyler Jenny Snyder 5 Summit Road Lamar, CO 81052 719.336.2607 jennifer216@centurytel.net

28: What a blessing this 2010 - 2011 MOPS year has been! Thank you for sharing your lives and your precious children on this exciting mothering journey! I am honored to walk this path with you as we all strive to be better mothers. We are God's instruments in raising future generations for Him, and facing this challenge together is a joy! BLESSINGS! Char | Here's a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from this year's steering team. Sherry Sprout, Amy Nightengale, Roni Vallejos, Maria Gomez, Teale Hemphill, Tamram Mitchell, Susanne Matteson, Shelby Homm and Char Herrera | A message from the coordinator

29: Next Year's Team is already preparing to make it great! Maria Gomez, Amber Sheaves, Shelby Homm, Jennifer Hemphill, Char Herrera, Melissa Miller, Anita Brodecky, Susanne Matteson, Kelsey Thomas | Signatures

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