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Mound's Must See Books

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S: Must See Books as Reviewed by the Mound 5th Grade Students 2011

BC: Konnor S. Ethan M. Gillian K. Patrick B. Cyndi B. Ryley H. Ryan GR. Delaney P. Velencia F. Suga S. Ryan GI. Owen L. Abigayle Z. Miko T. Mark G. Kailey H. Adam Z. Linzey G. Michaela G. Bayli B. Brant P. Justus M. Jared P. Brady S. Gram D. Alex P. | Kyle S. Jacey H. Julia O. Meghan m. Maggie G. Corey l. Tony C. Mark H. Addie S. Billy P. Aaron L.M Libby K. Corey L. Maggie G. Meghan M. Morgan P. Brad C. Jason S. Molly S. Paige O. Reilly K. Kylie M. Logan S. Taylor K. Jewel C. Nikolas K. | Emma V. Christopher S. Tyler G. Todd R. Alla A. Charlotte O. Jared W. Casey H. Sydney W. Isaac R. Russell B. Brenna M. Cameron S. Allen H. Kole G. Hailee H. Kamari S. Brook S. Jordan C. Caty E. Josh R. Alexis C. Hailey G. Caylee S. Luis A.

FC: Books That You Don't Want To Miss... Check out some of these great books in our school library | 5th Grade Book Review Project | Intro To Technology Class Mrs. Feix Spring 2011 | Created by the Mound 5th Graders

1: Table of Contents Credits p 2-3 A Picture Book Of Rosa Parks p 4-5 A Sweet Smell of Roses p 6-7 Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery p 8-9 Buffalo Wings p 10-11 Caps For Sale p 12-13 Charlie The Caterpillar p 14-15 Chewy Louie p 16-17 Chicks and Salsa p 18-19 Cinderella Skeleton p 20-21 Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs p 22-23 Corduroy p 24-25 Duck On A Bike p 26-27 Falling For Rapunzel p 28-29 Froggy Plays In The Band p 30-31 I Wanna Iguana p 32-33 Meet Wild Boars p 34-35 Mind Your Manners p 36-37 Moo Who? p 38-39 Over In The Jungle p 40-41 Probuditi p 42-43 Ted p 44-45 The Librarian From The Black Lagoon p 46-47 The Meanest Things To Say p 48-49 The Mitten p 50-51 The Pigeon Wants A Puppy p 52-53 The Seven Chinese Brothers p 54-55

2: 2011 | Books That You Don't Want To Miss... Mound’s Must See Books is a joint effort of Intro to Technology Class and our school Library. Fifth grade students worked collaboratively to review some of the great books available in our school library. This book will be shared with younger students during Library time, hopefully generating excitement for reading! | Thank you to all of the people who have helped make this book possible! The teachers, librarian, and students have worked together to create this book and we hope that it will be enjoyed by Mound students for years to come.

3: http://www.miamisburgcityschools.org/schools/mound http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Smell-Roses-Angela-Johnson/dp/0689832524#_ http://www.amazon.com/Cinderella-Skeleton-Robert-San-Souci/dp/0152050698#_http://www.davidaadler.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Meanest-Thing-Say-Beginning-Readers/dp/0590956167#_ http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Probuditi/Chris-Van-Allsburg/e/9780618755028 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=tony+diterlizzi+ted&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Atony+diterlizzi+ted&ajr=3 http://www.amazon.com/Chicks-Salsa-Aaron-Reynolds/dp/158234972X http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Chicks-and-Salsa/Aaron-Reynolds/e/9781599900995 http://images.booksamillion.com/covers/bam/1/59/990/325/1599903253.jpg http://thebrainlair.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/areynolds.jpg?w=172 http://www.scbwi-illinois.org/Reynolds.html http://www.amazon.com/Cinderella-Skeleton-Robert-San-Souci/dp/0152050698#_ http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/authphoto_330/26813_san_souci_robert_d.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.randomhouse.com/teens/authors/author.pperl%3Fauthorid%3D26813&h=424&w=330&sz=32&tbnid=6wkyplN1OauycM:&tbnh=255&tbnw=198&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dpics%2Bof%2Brobert%2BD.%2Bsan%2Bsouci%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=pics+of+robert+D.+san+souci&usg=__inJKJg8zDX9pnK7WlaKWf9vJzBA=&sa=X&ei=XMrTTeqjCoOjtge98aHiAg&ved=0CB4Q9QEwAA\ http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_W9qW2E3W0Jo/SWJcUKcJMFI/AAAAAAAAAbY/NqgjhU4uC5U/s200/DavidAlderHeadshot.jpg&imgrefurl=http://barbarabbookblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/welcome-david-adler.html&h=155&w=100&sz=4&tbnid=ki9iR7OU5uykEM www.apples4theteacher.com/holidays/martin-luther-king-jr-day/kids-books/a-picture-book-of-rosa-parks.html www.oncapepublications.com/authors/howie_schneider.jpg | http://www.amazon.com/Moo-Who-Margie-Palatini/dp/0060001054 http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Your-Manners-B-B-Wolf/dp/0375835326#_ http://www.google.com/products/catalog?rlz=1T4GGLD_enUS428&q=duck+on+a+bike&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=4971816387430469666# http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Probuditi/Chris-Van-Allsburg/e/9780618755028 http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Caterpillar-Dom-Deluise/dp/0671796070 http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Caterpillar-Dom-Deluise/dp/0671796070#reader_0671796070 http://www.amazon.com/Mitten-Jan-Brett/dp/039921920X http://www.amazon.com/Mitten-Jan-Brett/dp/039921920X http://www.amazon.com/Sleeping-Ugly-Jane-Yolen/dp/0698115600 http://www.amazon.com/Falling-Rapunzel-Leah-Wilcox/dp/0399237941 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=tony+diterlizzi+ted&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Atony+diterlizzi+ted&ajr=3 http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=picture+of+tony+diterlizzi&aq=3v&aqi=g1g-v6g-j2&aql=&oq=picture+of+tony+d pot.com/2009/01/welcome-david-adler.html&h=155&w=100&sz=4&tbnid=ki9iR7OU5uykEM:&tbnh=97&tbnw=63&prev=/search%3Fq%3Ddavid%2Ba%2Balder%2Bpictures%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=david+a+alder+pictures&hl=en&usg=__di5LjuT3x5YD6n6hcOKBEdU3X2Y=&sa=X&ei=YsrTTcWSBo32gAfDpLku&ved=0CBQQ9QEwAA http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Smell-Roses-Angela-Johnson/dp/0689832524 http://www.amazon.com/Cloudy-Chance-Meatballs-Judi-Barrett/dp/0689707495 http://lazlo.us/gallery3/gallery3/v/portraits/bw/judi_barrett.jpg.html http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_W9qW2E3W0Jo/SWJcUKcJMFI/AAAAAAAAAbY/NqgjhU4uC5U/s200/DavidAlderHeadshot.jpg&imgrefurl=http://barbarabbookblog.blogs | Credits

4: Type of Book This book is a historical nonfiction book. | Summary Rosa Parks was a wonderful woman. She fought for equal rights. A Picture Book of Rosa Parks is about Rosa’s life. She thought that people shouldn’t be treated differently because of race or color. When Rosa was young, she wasn’t treated fairly. Rosa and all the black people had almost everything separated from the white people. They had separate streetcars, trains, parks, drinking fountains, churches, hotels, theaters, restaurants, the army was even segregated. In this book, you can see what life was like when people were segregated. Back in history, Rosa did something that made people stop and think about segregation. She got thrown in jail because she wouldn’t get out of the seat on the bus for a white man. To find out the rest of the story read A Picture Book Of Rosa Parks.

5: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy reading true stories from history, you might like this book. | Other Books by David A. Alder A Picture Book of George Washington and A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln | Main Characters Rosa Parks - She is an African American who fought for equal rights Raymond Parks - Husband of Rosa Parks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr-. He is an African American person who gave famous speeches

6: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like to learn about history, you might like this book. | Other Books By Angela Johnson Violet's Music Heaven First Part Last | Type Of Book This is a historical nonfiction story.

7: Summary In A Sweet Smell Of Roses, Minnie and her sister slip out of the house to march for equal rights. The two girls are standing in the back of the large group of other people that are marching for equal rights. Everybody waits to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak. Then Minnie and her sister get picked up and put on the shoulders of two men to continue marching for equal rights. At the end of the march, the two sisters start heading home to their worried mother. To find out the whole story, you should read A Sweet Smell Of Roses. | Main Characters Minnie- She is the oldest sister in the family Mom- She is the parent of Minnie and her sister Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- He is an African American person who gave famous speeches Minnie's sister - She is the youngest sister in the family

8: Type of Book Bones And The Big Yellow Mystery is a ...you guessed it - a Mystery! | Summary This book is called Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery. There is a kid, named Bones, and he really wants to be a detective. The book involves of course a big yellow.....BUS! Mr. Green is a bus driver who loses a bus. He asks Bones to help him find the bus. Mr. Green thinks that someone stole his bus. Bones thinks that Mr. Green just misplaced his bus...somewhere..somehow. To know the rest you will just have to read the book.

9: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like mysteries, you will probably like the Bones series of books. | Main Characters Bones Bones wants to be a detective. He solves a mystery about a bus driver that loses his bus. Mr.Green He is a bus driver who loses his bus. Bones’ Grandpa Bones’ grandpa helps Bones with his mystery. Curly the dog Curly helps Bones with solving the mystery. | Other Books By David Adler Bones and the Math Test Mystery Bones and the Birthday Mystery Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery

10: Type of Book Buffalo Wings is a fiction story that has many has many characters which are mostly animals. It is a little childish yet funny. | Summary Buffalo Wings is a great book to read. It is a very funny story. The story starts the day of the game between the Mustangs and the Buffaloes. That’s when the animals realize that something is missing. The rooster flipped through one of Mrs. Nuthatcher’s cookbook, and he found the perfect solution - BUFFALO WINGS! The rooster then realized that something else was missing. Well, the rooster wanted buffalo wings, so he would have to find a buffalo. He got on the pickup truck and set of to find a buffalo. He went to many places, but there were no buffaloes. He finally came upon a buffalo herd, but something was missing. He realized the buffalo herd was wing-free. The rooster reread his recipe: vinegar, ketchup, garlic, hot sauce, and Chicken Wings! His feast was a total flop. Or was it? Read the story Buffalo Wings to see how the rooster fixes the problem!

11: Who Might Enjoy This Book Most first and second graders would like this book. If you like animal books, you would probably like this book. | Main Characters Rooster- is silly and always trying to get things done Mouse- is with the rooster every step of the way; he helps the rooster to find the buffalo wings Buffaloes - try to tell the rooster that you do not need a real buffalo for buffalo wings | Other Books By Aaron Reynolds The author wrote other animal books. One of them is Chicks and Salsa.

12: Type of Book Caps For Sale is a fictional children's book about selling caps and it is very funny. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, you will definitely enjoy this book. | Summary Caps for Sale is a story about a peddler who sells caps. But he was not like an ordinary peddler carrying his caps on his back. He carried them on his head instead. Starting with his own checked cap, then a bunch of grey caps, then a bunch of brown caps, then a bunch of blue caps, and finally a bunch of red caps on the top. He walks up and down the streets straight and tall, careful not to move a single cap on top of his head, which is a lot! Then as he walks up and down the street, he calls "Caps for sale, caps for sale 50 cents a cap!" But nobody wanted a cap, not even a red cap! So he went for a walk in the country, and he walked out of town slowly, so as not to upset his caps. He walked for a long time until he came to a big tree. He sat down slowly under the tree and carefully leaned back against the tree's trunk, careful not to upset his caps. Then he checked that all of his caps were there. They were all there, so he took a nap. He slept for a long time. When he woke up, all of his caps were gone! All that was left was his own checked cap! If you want to find out who or what took his caps and if he ever gets them back, then you will have to read Caps For Sale!!!

13: Who Might Enjoy This Book Caps For Sale will make you wonder how the peddler balances all those caps on his head. If you are interested in monkeys, this book includes some monkeys. If you have not heard the phrase ‘monkey see monkey do’ then when you read this book you will. This book is interesting, funny, and very fun to read!! If you are interested in hats, and you like to have a laugh, then this is a perfect book for you! You can be a 100 or 1 day old, you will definitely LOVE this book!! | Main Characters The Peddler – A man who is trying to sell caps; he seems like a normal guy but he isn’t, he has a special talent of keeping a lot of caps on top of his head at once. | Other Books By Esphyr Slobodkina This book is part of a series which includes Circus Caps For Sale Some other books by Esphyr Slobodkina include: Sleeping ABC The Wonderful Feast The Little Fireman Billy The Condominium Cats

14: Type of Book Charlie The Caterpillar is a fiction book. | Summary Charlie the Caterpillar is a very good book. In the story there is a caterpillar who wants to play. First, Charlie meets some monkeys. He asks them if he can play. Both of the monkeys said “no.” He also went and asked two other animals. They said “no” too. Do you think that Charlie will make a friend?

15: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like butterflies you should read Charlie The Caterpillar. | Main characters Charlie- Charlie is a very nice caterpillar. He likes leaves. He is a very tough caterpillar. He was an ugly caterpillar. Katie- She is an ugly caterpillar. She is not so tough. | Other Books By Dom Deluise No Place Like Home The Pouch Potato Hansel and Gretel Goldilocks Nightingale

16: Type of Book Chewy Louie is a humorous fiction book. | Summary One day a little boy's father brought home a little black puppy. They named him Louie. Louie was a very different puppy, he would eat everything, and I’m not talking about just food. One day the father had to hire a construction crew to repair the whole house! Read this book to find out whether this family keeps this mischievous puppy!

17: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like to read fiction books then you should read Chewy Louie. Also if you like books about dogs, you would enjoy Chewy Louie. | Main Characters Chewy Louie - a little black dog that eats everything in sight. Chewy Louie destroys the whole house! Little Boy – Owner of Chewy Louie | Other Books By Howie Scheinder No Dogs Allowed

18: Type of Book This book is a humorous fiction book with animals for characters. | Summary At the Nuthatcher Farm, the chickens were tired of chicken feed. The rooster decided that he would solve this problem. Mrs. Nuthatcher was watching a cooking show, and that’s when the rooster found his solution, SALSA! The rooster instructed the chickens to go to the garden to take tomatoes. That night they ate chips and salsa. In the pond of the Nuthatcher farm, the ducks were tired of fish. So, they went to the garden and got cilantro and garlic. That night the ducks ate guacamole. In the pigpen of the Nuthatcher Farm, the pigs were tired of slop. The rooster distracted Farmer Nuthatcher, so the pigs were able to get beans and chiles from the garden. The pigs ate nachos that night. Since there were so many savory scents in the barn, all the animals had a fiesta. The rooster organized everything. Then, when the animals snuck into the garden, all the spicy southwestern supplies were gone. In the Nuthatcher kitchen, Mrs. Nuthatcher had decided to make tamales for the county fair. Disappointed, the animals canceled the fiesta. That evening, the animals ate their usual food. But the next morning, the rooster borrowed a French cookbook and made crepes and white grapes in champagne sauce. Read to find out what else happens in this entertaining book!

19: Who Might Enjoy This Book Many little kids would enjoy Chicks and Salsa because it is funny. | Main Characters Pigs - at the beginning of the story they are stealing a sandwich Rooster - he helps every animal on the farm. Mouse - he helps the rooster Hens-they do whatever the rooster tells them to do Chicks-they are with the rooster every step of the way Ducks-they get help from the rooster because they did not want fish any more Pigs-they are tired of seeing the rooster, hens and ducks eat something different | Other Books By Aaron Reynolds This book is not part of a series. The author wrote other books such as Buffalo Wings

20: Type of Book It's a fairy tale/mystery book. | Summary Cinderella Skeleton is a twist on the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Cinderella Skeleton lives in the bone yard near the woods. She is everything a ghoul should be, however her stepsisters still treated her very, very badly. They made her do everything for them no matter how simple it was. One day Prince Charnel summoned everyone to the Halloween Ball. However Cinderella Skeleton’s stepmother would not let her go, even though she begged her to go. However, Cinderella Skeleton finds a witch that helps her get to the ball. Will her stepsisters recognize her and ruin her special night? Read Cinderella Skeleton to find out!

21: Who Might Enjoy This Book I would recommend this book to 1st graders-3rd graders who like fairy tales. | Main Characters Cinderella Skeleton – She was long, lean, lank, her nails were yellow, teeth were green. Gristline- She was small, mean, packed with spite and spleen. Bony Jane-She was a splatterbrain, vile, and twice as vain. Prince Charnel- He was determined and happy. | Other Books By Robert D. San Souci Haunted Houses The Faithful Friend The Talking Eggs

22: Type of Book This book is not part of a series. It's a fiction book that is a great family book. | Summary Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is about one day when everyone was sitting around the kitchen table, and dad was making pancakes and flipped one on Henry. Everyone laughed. That night father told the 2 kids the best tall tale bedtime story of all. It was about a town called Chewandswallow and in that town they didn't have food stores. The sky provided all of their food. In the town of Chewandswallow, it didn't rain rain and it didn't snow snow, it rained and snowed soup and mashed potatoes. Read this story to find out what happens when food falls from the sky!

23: Who Might Enjoy This Book Kids who are in grades 1-3 might enjoy this book, and even if you're older you still might enjoy this fun family book | Main Characters Henry - Got hit by grandpa's pancake and then he ate it! Mom - Makes freshly squeezed Orange Juice Grandpa - Makes good pancakes, he also likes telling tall-tales | Other Books By Judi Barett The Marshmallow Incident Pickles to Pittsburgh Animals Should Not Wear Clothing

24: Type of Book Picture Book | Summary Corduroy is a bear who once lived in the toy department of a big store. He always dreamed of being taken home with someone who would care for him. All the other toys got taken to a home. But for some reason nobody wanted Corduroy. One day he noticed he was missing a button. He figured that’s why nobody wanted him. So that night he set to find his button. Will he find his button? Will he ever have a home with someone to love him? Read Corduroy to find out!

25: Who Might Enjoy This Book Kindergarten - second grade or people who like picture books | Main Characters Corduroy is a stuffed bear who loses his button Lisa has always wanted Coruroy | Other Books By Don Freeman Pocket For Corduroy

26: Type of Book Duck On a Bike is a humorous fiction book about animals on a farm. | Summary One day down on the farm, duck got a wild idea. “I bet I could ride a bike!” he thought. At first he rode very slowly, and he wobbled a lot, but it was fun! A duck on a bike? Every animal in the barnyard has something to say about duck’s wild idea. What will happen next? Duck On a Bike is a great book by a great author. It has funny characters. It is also a great children's book. It is a great comedy. That duck is funny.

27: Who Might Enjoy This Book Little kids who love funny books will enjoy reading Duck on a Bike. | Main Characters Duck- the duck is very nice to everyone Cow - the cow is nice to his friend Sheep - The sheep is very nice to duck Dog – The dog was trying to play with duck Cat- the cat was kind of mean | Other Books By David Shannon No David A Bad Case of Stripes Uh Oh Max The Spooky Tire Scoop That Snow Snow Trucking Fun at the Junkyard Encounter Smash That Trash On The Road With Jack Truck

28: Type of Book Falling For Rapunzel is a fictional fairy tale. | Summary Falling For Rapunzel is a wonderful book about a teenage princess who has a horrible hair day. When her prince comes and hears her cry, he thinks she is crying for help. When the prince yells out to grab her hair, she mishears him, so she throws down her underwear! Her maid is trying to tame her hair, although she is having a problem. Falling For Rapunzel is a great book because it has a great and creative twist in the end. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens in this unusual fairy tale! This book is great if you like the story Sleeping Ugly. This book is a good book for young readers. The tale is funny, creative, and, cute.

29: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy rhyming books you might like this book. You might also enjoy this book if enjoy picture books. If you like Sleeping Ugly you might like this book. | Main Characters Rapunzel - a princess with long hair who lives with her maid in a high tower Maid - a person who has to work for and live with Rapunzel Prince - a boy who wants Rapunzel to fall in love with him | Other Books By Leah Wilcox Waking Beauty The Very Smart Pea And The Princess To Be Cinder Edna

30: Type of Book Funny fiction book for kids | Summary Froggy Plays In A Band is a book about a frog named Froggy. He saw a poster In his school that said "Marching Band Contest." He started his own band to see if he could win it. When his band was ready, he performed for all of the people. His sister was throwing a baton when something happened. What do you think happened? You will have to read this book to find out.

31: Who Might Enjoy This Book IF YOU LIKE FICTION BOOKS ABOUT FROGS YOU MIGHT LIKE Froggy Plays In The Band | Main Characters Froggy- Froggy is a character who is very outgoing. Miss Martin- Miss Martin is the music teacher at Froggy’s school. She is the one who hosts the contest in this book. Max -Max is the one who plays the drums in the band. Leah- Leah is the one who plays the triangle . Emma- Emma is the one who plays the recorder Hannah- Hannah is the one who plays the cymbals. Frogilina- Frogilina is the one in the band who tosses the baton. She is Froggy’s younger sister. | Other Books By Jonathan London FROGGY’S BEST CHRISTMAS, FROGGY EATS OUT, FROGGY’S FIRST KISS, FROGGY GETS DRESSED, FROGGY GOES TO BED, FROGGY GOES TO SCHOOL, LETS GO FROGGY, FROGGY’S HALLOWEEN, FROGGY LEARNS TO SWIM, FROGGY PLAYS SOCCER.

32: Type of Book This book is a fiction book. about types of pet that Alex might like. First he wants an iguana, then a tarantula ... He just wants every pet! | Main Characters Alex - One of the main characters is a little girl named Alex . She’s a big part of the story. Mom - Alex’s mom has a big part of the story as well. Alex’s mom is the type of person who does not really like pets a whole lot . So throughout the story, Alex writes letters to her mom letters trying to persuade her mom & dad to let her get a pet. Dad - Same with him...he is not so big on pets, so Alex writes letters to her mother & father trying to talk them into buying her a pet that is just right.

33: Summary This book is about a boy named Alex who wants an Iguana. Alex wants an iguana so bad and his mom won’t let him have one. So, he tries to persuade his mom to get an iguana by writing letters to his mom saying he wants an iguana and why, and the mom writes back in a letter (just like Alex wrote to his mom). Alex wrote a letter to his mom saying “An iguana is very quiet and so cute!” Then, his mom wrote back “Well, you still can’t have an iguana.” Then, Alex writes to his mom “You will never even have to see an iguana. I’ll keep his cage in my room on the dresser next to my soccer trophies. Plus, he’s so small, I bet you’ll never even know he’s there.” His mom writes back to him “Iguanas can grow up to six feet long. You wont have enough space in your room, much less on your dresser you have all those soccer trophies.” Will Alex ever get an iguana?? Read this book to find out!!!!! | Who Might Enjoy This Book I think people who like to read might like this book. | Other Books By Karen Kaufman Orloff If My Mom Had Three Arms I Wanna New Room Talk Oscar Please

34: Type of Book The book is fiction (which means not real). This book is for anybody who likes to laugh and likes to read about boars. | Summary Meet Wild Boars is about four boars who have horrible manners. The boar’s names are Morris, Horace, Doris, and Boris. This book describes how all boars are smelly, stinky, and bad tempered. The book is about how all of the boars don’t clean up after themselves, are messy and don’t have table manners. The dirtiest boar of all is Doris. Even though Doris is the only girl, she has a bad temper, she's smelly, and she's messy. No boar compares to Doris after reading this book. I would recommend this book for children most of all. Recommended age is 3-8 but whatever age you are you’ll love this book and it’s characters. This book is enjoyable for either one person or the whole family. Have fun reading!

35: Who Might Enjoy This Book I think people who like to laugh would like this book. | Main Characters Boris, Doris, Horace, Morris are the main characters in the book MEET WILD BOARS. Boris will tusk with his big sharp tusks, he will also break your pencils or spill your glue on purpose, he is a very naughty boar. Morris will eat all your treats and stomp on them, she will not eat at dinner, but please let her go first or else she will throw a major fit . Horace will make terrible smells and snorts, he will sit in your toilet, you also might want to keep a spare key with you because Horace sometimes locks himself in your shed . Doris is slinkier, uglier, and bossier than anything in the world. Dorris is scared of the dark so she needs a toy to keep her safe. | Other Books by Meg Rosoff Jumpy Jack & Googily Vamoose! Just In Case

36: Type of Book Mind Your Manners is a fiction book about a wolf that talks. | Summary One day when B.B goes to get his mail, he sees tons of bills and one special thing. That special thing is an invitation to a tea party from Miss Wonderly! B.B the Wolf doesn’t know if he should go, so he asks his friend the Crocodile. His friend said yes. The Crocodile warns B.B wolf that he has to behave, so he tries to look nice and wears a nice jacket. He arrives to the party very nervous. He starts having fun. Miss Wonderly gives him a cup of tea and his stomach feels funny afterwards. He said “excuse me!” and then made a huge burp! How will the other guests react? Will he ever be invited back? Read Mind Your Manners to find out!

37: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who would like Mind Your Manners would most likely be little kids. | Main Characters B.B. wolf - is one of the main characters in the story, he has brown fur and has lots of friends Miss. Wonderly - wears purple clothes and she is the one to invite B.B. to the tea party Crocodile - helps the Wolf to behave & dress well | Other Books By Judy Sierra Wild About Books The Sleepy Little Alpahabet The Secret Science Project

38: Type of Book This book is not part of a series. Moo Who? is a humorous fiction story about a cow. | Summary Hilda Mae Heifer has lost her singing moo voice. A clunk on the head... and now Hilda is not sure what sound to make. Is it a mew or an oink or possibly a honk? With the help of farm animals, Hilda is determined to learn how to sing again. Will she get her singing voice back or will she continue to be confused & sing like other animals? Read Moo Who? to find out.

39: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like funny and humorous books, you may like Moo Who? If you like Gorgonzola or the Moostache Series you are sure to like Moo Who? | Main Characters Hilda is a cow that has lost her memory from a hard flying cow pie hitting her in the head. She runs into a lot of different animals such as a goose, a mama chicken and her chicks, and a pig. | Other Books By Margie Palatini Gorgonzola Lousy Rotten Stinkin’ Grapes Moostache Series Lab Coat Girl Series Goldie Series

40: Type of Book 0ver In The Jungle is a funny fiction story about talking animals who live in the jungle. | Summary Over In The Jungle is an amazing book about talking animals. Rhymes are used creatively in this story. Over In The Jungle takes place in a jungle. It has different types of animals that live in the jungle. At the end of the book there is a hide and seek puzzle. It’s a good book to read, I hope you like it.

41: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy bright colors or you like to explore then you would enjoy Over In the Jungle. | Main Characters Sloths - slow animals that hang from heavy vines Ocelots - cute animals that can be mistaken for a jaguar Poison Dart Frog - blue frogs that are poisonous Boas -a type of snake that are mossy Honey Bears - mostly scramble hives Leaf Cutter Ants -orange ants that feed on leafs Parrots - colorful animals that squawk Morpho Butterflies - a type of butterfly that are blue Howler Monkeys - black or orangish yellow monkeys | Other Books By By Marianne Berkes The book is part of a series. Over In The Ocean

42: Type of Book This is a fiction book about a boy who tries to do a trick on his little sister, but the trick goes wrong and he can’t turn her back, so they go to a magician to see what he can do. | Summary Probuditi is about a boy named Calvin. It is his birthday and he just got 2 tickets to the show of Lomax the Magnificent, the world-famous magician and hypnotist. Calvin ends up taking his best friend Rodney. At the show, Lomax hypnotized his assistant and makes her act like a chicken. Then Calvin has the best idea! He can try this trick on his little sister, Trudy. He does the trick and she acts like a dog. Then Calvin can't turn her back. Will Trudy ever get back to her old self?

43: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like magic and adventure would enjoy Probuditi. | Main Characters Calvin is a big brother who is always looking for trouble. Trudy is Calvin’s poor little sister who is so irritated by Calvin’s tricks. She would be doing something random but Calvin would trick her. Rodney is Calvin's best friend. He does whatever Calvin does. When Calvin got tickets for Lomax the Magnificent, Calvin invited Rodney to go with him. | Other Books By Chris VanAllsburg Jumanji The Sweetest Fig Bad Day At Riverbend Queen of The Falls The Polar Express The Mystery of Harris Burdick The Stranger Two Bad Ants And More!!!!!!!!

44: Type of Book This is a fiction book about a pink creature that meets a new friend. | Summary The book Ted is about a pink animal who goes into a little boy's house. He introduces himself and asks if the boy has any raspberries. Ted and the boy play Monopoly-Twister and eat raspberry cereal. The boy’s dad doesn’t believe him about Ted. Before going to the movies, they want to look their best. The boy says “I look like a million bucks” after Ted gives him a haircut. The father doesn’t like it at all. They paint a picture on the wall to show the father what Ted looks like. Once again, the dad doesn’t like it at all. “Go get washed up” father says to the little boy because he is a mess. Ted asks “what do adults do for fun?” Both of them decide to put a swimming pool in the house for the dad. The boy doesn’t think that is a good idea. Father does not like the pool. So the little boy runs away to find Ted after he is forbidden to play with Ted. Will he ever find Ted? Will his dad ever believe that Ted is real? Read this book to find out!

45: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy funny creatures then you might like this book. | Main Characters Ted is a pink party animal. Ted loves to play games. Ted is also a friendly playmate. The boy in this book loves to play all kinds of games. His birthday was last week. Father is a person who is always working in his study. He starts to get mad at all the things that they are doing. | Other Books By Tony DiTerlizzi The Search for Wondla Adventure of Meno series

46: Type of Book This is a fiction book that is both humorous and scary. | Summary Tommy's class is visiting the library today. Other kids have been telling them some scary things about this place. The librarian’s name is Mrs. Beamster, they call her “The Laminator”. They say if you talk in her class she laminates you! Her assistant’s name is Igor. Once you are there, you can’t actually check out the books. They also say she has a crush on Mr. Dewey. He created the Dewey Decimal System. She’ll even glue you to your chair! Now it is time to go to the library. There are lots of signs there. What will happen when they walk in and meet Mrs. Beamster? Is she really a monster like the other kids have said? Read The Librarian From the Black Lagoon to find out! | BEWARE

47: Who Might Enjoy This Book If You enjoy The Librarian From The Black Lagoon, you would like The Classroom From The Black Lagoon and other books in this series. | Main Characters Mrs.Beamster is the librarian, the kids call her THE LAMINATOR.They say she laminates you if you talk in the library.They also says that she is a terrifying monster! Tommy is the most worried about going to meet Mrs.Beamster. He doesn’t want to get laminated. Igor is Mrs.Beamster’s assistant. He helps around the library. | Other Books By Mike Thaler The Field Day From the Black Lagoon The Bully From the Black Lagoon The Substitute Teacher From the Black Lagoon | NO TALKING BEYOND THIS POINT

48: Type of Book This book is a children's picture book that teaches a lesson. | Summary The Meanest Things To Say is about this new kid that comes to school with a new game. The game is who can say the meanest things to a person. And who ever says the meanest things wins. So Little Bill went home and asks his dad about the game at school. His dad tells him he was the best at that game at his school. Then little Bill asks him how. His dad said all "I said was so so so so so so." Then his dad said it is way more easy than remembering a million mean words. So the next day little Bill goes to school, and when it came to be recess time little Bill and the new kid Michael met up with each other. Now it is Little Bill's turn to try to say the meanest thing to Michael. But instead, he does not say any thing for a minute or two. So Michael said something mean. And then Little Bill said so so so so to what ever Michael said. And that got Michael really mad. So if you want to see what happens next get this book and read it.

49: Who Might Enjoy This Book This book is a picture book for beginning readers. Ages from 4 to 9 might enjoy this book. | Main Characters One of the main characters is Little Bill. He is the one in the bad situation. Two other main characters are Little Bill’s Dad and Mom. They give him good advice that helps him get through the bad situation. The last main character is Michael. He is the new kid that comes up with the bad game. | Other Books By Bill Cosby Bill Cosby writes books like this one, and they teach lessons. Also, he has a television show about these books. | Little Bill | Michael

50: Type of Book The Mitten is a fiction book. The Mitten is about a little boy who wants snow white mittens, loses them, and many animals crawl in. | Summary A boy named Nicki who wants his grandmother to knit him mittens as white as snow. His grandmother tells him not to lose his mittens. When he goes off with his new mittens, he almost immediately drops one. Along comes a mole who is tired, so he gets inside the mitten and rests. Next, a rabbit comes. The rabbit sees the mitten and climbs in. A bunch of other animals come to get in the mitten. Now everyone knows a mitten is only so big. Will Nicki ever find his mitten? You’ll have a good time finding out!!

51: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like spending time with their grandparents might like The Mitten. | Main Characters Nicki - He is a boy who asks for snow white mittens. Grandmother - She tells him they will be lost. Also she warns him that he is not going to find the mittens. Mole - He is tired so he goes in the mitten. Snowshoe Rabbit - Gets in with the mole and gets cozy, too! Hedgehog - Comes and also gets cozy. Owl - made himself cozy. Badger-He gets in the mitten because of his eyes. Fox - The animals put him in because they see his sharp teeth. Great Bear - They let him in because they see his big paws. Meadow Mouse - Makes himself cozy on the great bears nose. | Other Books By Jan Brett Christmas Treasury Snowy Treasury Town Mouse, Country Mouse Who’s That Knocking On Christmas Eve The Three Snow Bears

52: Type of Book The Pigeon Wants a Puppy is a humorous fiction book. | Summary The book The Pigeon Wants A Puppy is about a pigeon who wants a dog and he will do whatever it takes to get one. Then when he finally gets one, it licks him in the face and he does not like it. Will he keep the puppy? Will he want to get a different type of pet? You will have to read this really good book to find out!

53: Who Might Enjoy This Book I believe that kids who like really funny pigeon books are great for The Pigeon Wants a Puppy. | Main Characters Pigeon - he really wants a puppy but does not know the puppy is bigger than him Puppy - is a lot bigger than pigeon The other main character is yourself because pigeon was really talking to you, not himself | Other Books By Mo Willems Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog

54: Type of Book The story is a fictional picture book for younger kids. | Summary This story is about seven Chinese brothers who all have a special talent. Each of the brothers' talents will come in handy. It is a delightful story about seven Chinese brothers. They all have to help save the other brothers when they are in danger. In order to save them, they have to work together with their talents.

55: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy adventure books, this book would be just perfect for you. If you like this book, there is another book similar to this book. It is not written by the same person, but its called The Seven Chinese Sisters. | Main Characters First Brother - has amazing ears and could here a fly sneeze from a hundred miles away Second Brother - has amazing eyes that can look right across a hundred miles and see a fly sitting on the Great Wall of China Third Brother - is a man of unusual strength and he can walk across China in a straight line holding up mountains and putting them back down carefully behind him Fourth Brother - is strong too, for he has bones of iron that won’t break, buckle, or bend Fifth Brother - has legs that can grow as tall and thick as tree trunks Sixth Brother - never, ever becomes too hot, no matter how hard he works under the summer sun Seventh Brother - he is the baby of the family, and all six older brothers try to keep him smiling and happy | Other Books By Margaret Marhy She has written Bubble Trouble

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