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S: My Year in 5th grade


3: Mountains The Himalayas are still rising. An Unassisted Expository text It’s one of the most common landforms in the world. It’s freezing up there in the winter, mostly. This feature is made up of rock. Mountains are one of the most impressive physical features on the surface of the earth. Landforms are physical features on the surface of the earth. A mountain is a high piece of land made of rock. In winter many mountains get covered in snow. Other mountains have lots of big trees in Lebanon we have a very famous tree the cedars. Some mountains are very rocky that causes it from the rocks. Mountains are formed by colliding plates which is caused by continental drift. When the plates collide it pushes crust up. If there is no mountain on land it forms a new one. Tectonic plates can also form other landforms.

4: January, 1 2010 Dear Grandpa: I would you to stay here for two months. You could have fun over here. Besides don’t you miss Lebanon? You’re traveling from America to Lebanon to stay here for one month? If I were you, I‘d stay here for two relaxing months. Believe me, you’ll love it. You could visit new places. You could have fun by playing soccer with me. We could also go biking together. And two months could be fantastic. We could also play wii. Like we could go see the biggest sinkhole in Lebanon the great Balaa. We can also go to the beautiful Jeita Grotto. Believe me, it will be fun. If you still don’t believe me that everyone misses you, ask them. I thought you missed your brothers and sisters, because they feel the same way. Don’t worry, it will be relaxing. You haven’t been here for four years and this is your birth country. I thought I would see you for a long time. But it turns out that it’s going to be a little time. So please think about my request. Sincerely yours, Mohammed Kansou (Your grandson)

7: The Unlucky Kid An Assisted Realistic Fiction I wish Dad didn’t make us move. I loved Italy, now I’m stuck in this country with Lebanese people. 6th grade is a disaster, I am living in a hotel, you call that a house? My name is Paulo Hernandes and that will stay that way. Miss Habiba is not mean but my problem is that the kids are, except one, he looked nice. His name was Shawn. He turned out to be half Italian because his mom was Italian I asked him to be my friend. He said he wanted to ask me but I took the question away. He also said at P.E. that I looked athletic, and when I got a 100% on the test he said that I was smart too. We both wished we were popular but, we looked like garbage to the popular kids. In December I got glasses so I could rest my eyes. Sometimes, when I put them on in class, everyone popular laughed, but when I told Dad that I missed Mom he said I miss her two but I know shes seeing us now but we can’t. I had lots of problems at school and I was one bad sneaky boy by that time and so was Shawn so whenever we “nerds” (normal kids) had problems with the spoiled popular kids when they made fun of us. We convinced half of the school that the popular kids were bad people and if you were with them and you did something wrong you will be called a nerd and so what if you were a nerd at least your smart so they helped us prove that popular is not that important and we showed them are smartness by attest and we won we all got 100%and then the real popular kids was us because we are smart. At the end of the year half of the class was my friends and the other half were still spoiled popularity and I was happy because I was going in the summer to Italy to eat fresh pizza with my Dad and with Shawn, my buddy. Eventually I ate the whole pizza and came back from Italy at the end of the summer so that means I had all the fun I needed; arrive derci. Mohammed Kansou November 2009

8: I Am From by MK The sound of planes departure and arrive at all times, from the sound of T.V.’s going on and off, the blue bird wallpaper and the soft carpets. I am from the most comfortable couch in the house, my green room that makes my head twist around, from cars honking and the sink going on and off. I am from the early alarm at 6:10 to wake me up for school, from my closet open and closed, the free bathroom opened for me, from all of these and more. I am from playing after finishing my homework, the pencil that I always sharpen, from the crackling sound of the paper thrown into the garbage and the phone ringing all over the house. I am from the slices of green apples I always crunch with my teeth with a munching sound and the maple syrup on my fresh pancakes, from the smell of my yummy waffles I eat and milk and drink in the morning. I am from the locked glass door that I hate sooooooo much I feel like breaking them, and the car that I turn on so we can go to school. I am from the movies I watch to the DVDs I buy till the computer I use. Where are you from?

9: Hating Songs The songs just stuck in my head make me go crazy I hate it they like she likes it as if it’s a daisy Is it because I’m always lazy I’m the kind of boy who likes to work with no sound I feel like I’m in a new background Sometimes when she turns it off I feel like I’m in heaven But when it comes back on there goes my peacefulness Trying to tiptoe out of class will not work at all All I hope for is that the next day there will not be any sound yet there is Mohammed Kansou April 2010

10: The Red Wheelbarrow Poems Poems Inspired by William Carlos William Written by Mohammed Kansou Donuts so much depends upon a very yummy donut glazed with creamy vanilla beside the hungry boys

11: Money so much depends upon a 100 dollar bill with a greenish Money so much depends upon a 100 dollar bill with a greenish surface beside the money machine surface beside the money machine

12: An Unassisted Realistic Fiction “Why do I need a job? It’s such a stupid idea!” yelled Anwar.”Mom! I don’t need a job, I just graduated! I’m free no school! If you need money I will not give you , if you work you can get your own money. “said Anwar’s mom. Your such a irresponsible boy what will happen if you work!?You just go out at night and smoke nargile! shouted his mom so he told her that he would come on Monday and Tuesdays. Anwar was an 18 year old boy some thought he was stuburn and selfish but he always likes to have fun. After his mom left he just left to his friend’s house. When he got there his friend showed him the newspaper and it had an article about his favorite game shop, that needed employees so he took the address and left. When he got there he asked if he could have spot in the place and the manager told him that it was a good thing he came and gave him a spot as an employee. They sat and talked about games and talked all about their selves after their talk ended after 2 whole hours of talking Anwar went to his mom’s restaurant and told her all about his new job that he was starting on Monday and Tuesday she was happy that he found a job but sad that he can’t help her so he told her he would help her any day his free. After one week he earned 100$ with the money from his mom. But the second week was a disaster he tripped and broke equipment at the game shop. His 3rd week was the worst ever he got fired from the game shop. He worked for 4 months at his mom’s restaurant not and then stopped and bought a building and turned it into a gym, after one year he was so rich he had companies and islands his mom was so proud of him because he followed her dreams that came true. Mohammed Kansou March 2010

13: The Choke A Personal Narrative “WeeeeeeeeWaaaaaaaWeeeeeeeWaaaaa”! I am in an ambulance Help! I am in class its sleeping time and I suck on my cover hard and then I’m suddenly somewhere else. I was in school and it was my friend’s birthday. But I just didn’t feel very well. The first thing we had was recess and I couldn’t believe I was playing while I was sick .When we were done we went back into class I was 3 years old, so that means I was in kindergarten, and it’s time for my best friend Vince’s birthday .We ate the delicious chocolate vanilla cake. After we ate we went to play hide and seek. This is part of the birthday. We went back in to the class to rest and we watched Scooby Dooby Doo 1 It was hilarious he is one hungry dog. I started getting sleepy and unfortunately good it was sleeping time so I ran to my bag to get my cover and pillow and snored happily. Not until I opened my eyes and found myself in an ambulance “noooooo” !I screamed .I remember when I went to sleep I was sucking my cover so hard I ended up choking on them! Oh look my parents are here good they know I’m over here. I hope there not that sad, good I’m alive. Mohammed Kansou October 2009 .

14: Hashem, Me and the Motorcycle An Unassisted Personal Narrative Me and Hashem went to Baalback over there we played football and drove on all terrain vehicles all on a Saturday and off course we had fun. My cousins came and they bang they’re friends along and my sis came my mom my dad and the whole family. On the way we got hungry so we stopped at Wooden Bakery. When my dad went down to get us food we stayed in the car I tried to open the door but couldn’t suddenly it opened “aaaaaaaahhhhh” “Hashem help “I was falling from the car “sure” said Hashem he pulled me back up,”boooooom” “Waaaaaaaa” what happened I punched my cousin how well I didn’t know, but eventually he heeled on our way we played psp,ds,watched movies and told jokes after that Hashem started to ask “are. we there yet””no “I replied he kept asking And finally he stopped until I screamed to him “yesssssss we are”. When we got out of the car I ran to my atv Hashem followed me and got onto it to so we drove off to the Football field then my cousins arrived with they’re friends. We got there and started playing when we finished the match which was won by my cousin and his friend 5-29.Then we went back to go eat lunch yum burgers. We had 3 All Terrain Vehicles 1 for me 1 for my big cousin and 1 for my cousin, after we finished we went to the secret place we toke with us candy and chocolate to eat while making a secret plan. 1 whole hour past while we were doing these secret plans, we left the secret place and went over to the huge bridge and went to our mini island to play with all the animals over there like the dogs, turtle, etc.Eventually we left and went to eat dinner but it was very fun doing something with Hashem. Mohammed Kansou October 2009

15: The Kansou Family Jnah Tania Building Beirut, Lebanon January 28, 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Kansou: I would like to inform you that on February fifth we are going to go tree planting. And each student in my class has to earn seven dollars. Every day we would own a dollar. And to earn it we need to get a job at home. I think I should clean my room for the coming week, that’s how I plan to earn my 7 dollars. Of course if you like that job. With these $7 we will buy pine trees. We are all going to plant trees because lots of animals can’t find any houses. So if we plant trees they would find homes. Like a bird needs a nest to lay here eggs and she needs a high place she could make her nest in the tree. Just like how bees need to pollinate plants. Trees are part of an ecosystem. A tree is useful, because it cleans our air. It takes in carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. A tree I also helpful because they help us build houses by giving us wood. We also use its wood for paper. Pine nuts are also a source of income for some people. And of course a tree has its own beauty. Trees are also relaxing; their shades are huge and beautiful. The sound of it waving is soothing. I hope you understand why I need these seven dollars. Thank you for taking some of your time for read my letter. I’ll be starting today. Just in case you want to know when I’m going to start. Sincerely yours, Mohammed Kansou

19: Food traditional food of the Emirates has always been rice, fish, and meat. Fast Facts: Name: United Arab Emirates Origins of name:???????? Capital: Abu Dhabi Size: 83,600 km Population: 6,888,888 Density:55/km2 Language:Arabic Religion: Muslim Type of government:Federal constitutional monarchy Head of government: Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Latitude: 54 28 East Longitude:24 28 North All info from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Arab_Emirates

22: Heart attack: Pumping Time Mr. M. T. Kansou MD. (Cardiologist) What’s my job? My job as a cardiologist is to help you if you have a disease in your cardiovascular system. Like the heart, lungs and the rest of your body. And if you have a serious problem you should take care of your health and I’ll give you the surgery. I hope you understood everything so you could know what to do. What is a heart attack? A Heart attack is a problem in your Cardiovascular System. A heart attack can stop your heart from pumping and then your cardiovascular system shuts down and leads you to death. If you don’t take care of your health you can get CAD and go through a Heart attack. The Symptoms of a Heart attack. Some of the symptoms of a Heart attack are that you might faint. You feel dizzy and you’ll complain that your left side of your body is numb. Another sign is when you complain about serious chest pain. You’ll sometimes lose your breathe. What causes a Heart attack? A Coronary Artery Disease can cause a Heart attack. This is caused by the blood clots from CAD and blocks the Arteries so no more blood can flow. When your blood is blocked you will faint and your breathe will be knocked out. When your plaque is stuck to your Arteries the blood clots will increase and cause a CAD which causes a heart attack. What System does the Heart attack affect? A heart attack affects the cardio vascular system. The heart attack can affect your lungs and knock your breathe. It can affect your heart the most because the heart can stop pumping and that’s dangerous

24: Because after that, your cardiovascular system shuts down! The Cardio vascular system The cardiovascular system is the system that lets the blood flow around the body. The blood goes to the lungs, heart and legs all around because it needs oxygen and co2. Every time your heart pumps the blood moves a space until it circulates around the whole system. When the blood goes through the heart it goes to chambers (2 kinds of chambers). There are two kinds of blood de-oxygenated and oxygenated. There are three kinds of blood vessels and they are arteries, veins and capillaries. There are also doors in the heart that the blood goes through that are called valves. Last but not least the cardiovascular system has lots of names but I’ll name two the Circulatory system and the Transport system. What can occur a Heart attack? A heart attack can be occur if you don’t have enough oxygen so you should go to the hospital where they will give you pure oxygen through a oxygen mask. If you feel like your chest is hurting and there is lots of pain you should visit me and if we find a problem in your chest I’ll fix it by giving you a treatment for chest pain given in hospitals to help you feel better and to prevent a heart attack. Reference: Usbornes Human body book , Usbornes,2000

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