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Mr. B's 4th Grade Famous Missourian Book

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S: Mr. B.'s 2011 Fourth Grade Famous Missourian Book

FC: Mr. B's Class of 2011 Famous Missourian Book

1: Famous Missourians | Written By: Mr. B.'s Fourth Grade Class 2011

2: He grew up on a farm near Little Falls Minnesota and grew up to be a pilot in world war two. Later becoming the first aviator to ever fly solo across Atlantic Ocean nonstop. My Famous Missourian is Charles A Lindbergh. Charles A Lindbergh’s life was pretty cool he did lots of exciting things. Charles Agustus Lindbergh was named after his dad Charles Agustus Lindbergh Sr. Charles A Lindbergh was born in Stockholm Sweden on January twentieth 1859.Charles mom wanted to have a girl so she did and named her Louise. When Charles was ten he went to a business meeting with his dad the Charles went to law school then dropped out after one year. Charles A Lindbergh got interested in flying when he was 15 years old he went flying with his friend in a two man by plane. When he was 25 he got interested in a race where thousands of people died in or crashed in. Lindbergh thought he had to have a really good plane so Lindbergh got in made and wanted to test it first. While he was testing it he broke a record he was the fastest to fly to Bourget field. | Charles A. Lindbergh

3: Written By: Luke | When Charles got back from his flight he say a big crowd he mew he did something Lindbergh landed and asked what happened his dad said you broke a record Lindbergh was so happy he took off again and did a victory flip and everybody started to cheer. After that he was known for his record. Charles a Lindbergh was born in 1902 and lived to 1974 so he lived to be 72 years old. Lindbergh died in his house of cancer on august twenty sixth 1974. Everybody was devastated of him dying ever body was saying he should not of died now because he was going to meet the present the next day. That is just some of the facts about Charles child hood the flight that made him famous how famous he was after the flight and when he died. Charles expired me to Wright about him because he goes fast in his plane and I go fast in my Jr. Dragster I hope you like my story.

4: George Washington Carver | Does your mom use oil often in the kitchen? Do you like sweet potatoes? How often do you get to enjoy a delicious piece of peanut butter and jelly sandwich? We can thank the “plant doctor” for all of these delicious inventions. George Washington Carver got his nickname “the plant doctor” during his early life. George Washington Carver was born in 1865 in Diamond Missouri. He was born during the end of the civil war. When he was only a few months old he and his mother were kidnapped from the Carvers farm. Moses Carver found and got back George but his mother disappeared forever. On the Carvers farm is where he earned his nickname “the plant doctor,” where he fell in love with nature, and collected in the earnest all manner of rocks and plants. George had a brother named Jim. His father died before he was born. His mother disappeared after she got kidnapped. His owners were Moses and Susan Carver.

5: Written By: Jarrod | He began his formal education at the age of twelve, which required him to leave the home of his adopted parents. Schools segregated by race at that time with no school available for blacks near the Carvers home. He moved to Newtown County in the southwest part of Missouri, where he worked as a farm hand and studied in a one room school house. He went to attend Minneapolis High school in Kansas. Collage was a struggle, again because of racial barriers. George Washington Carver’s first job was to be an agricultural artist. Then, he was a researcher before going to Tuskegee institute. Finally, he was a teacher at Tuskegee institute. Now do you know who “the plant doctor” is? You could probably tell he was pretty important even for an African American. He influenced me by saying even if you have a bad childhood you still always follow your dreams.

6: Ozzie Smith | Written By: Hannah | Many of you know him as the wizard of oz. Or for his famous flips. But most of you know him as a baseball star. Ozzie smith was born on December 26, 1954. Ozzie Smith didn’t have the best childhood he had to move to los Angelus when he was six. And his parents got divorced when he was in junior high school. Another thing you might want to know is how he learned to do his flip. When Ozzie was a kid he would go down to the neighborhood lumberyard and do flips off inner tubes into sawdust piles with friends. Ozzie went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in college. And got a partial academic scholarship and still played baseball. Ozzie smith still got a really good education because of the partial academic scholarship. Ozzie didn’t normally start but the starter broke his leg and he got his chance. | # 1

7: Ozzie smith left college early to go to the MLB. But he wasn’t offered enough money by the Detroit tigers so he went back to school for his senior year. The next year he was drafted by the San Diego padres. The next year the cardinals and padres didn’t like there shortstops. So they traded the cardinals liked the trade but the padres were unhappy with the trade. And surprisingly his batting average was only 276. Ozzie smith retired but didn’t stop loving baseball. Ozzie took over for Mel Allen in this week in baseball. He also became a commenter for local cardinals on kplr-tv And on January 8, 2002 he was inducted into the hall of fame. Many people think of Ozzie smith as a hero. I think of him as a hero because he never gave up on his dream he went back to college and still played in the MLB. | Written By: Jonothon

8: Daniel Boone | Have you ever thought about being a frontiers man like Daniel Boone? Daniel was born in Pennsylvania in 1734. Daniel did go to school very mush as a boy. He moved his family to Kentucky. He married Rebecca Bryan in 1756 and they had 10 kids. His last 20 years were spent in Missouri. The Native Americans captured him. His oldest son was killed by the Native Americans. Daniel escaped from the Native Americans after they adopted him and went back to his village. Daniel Boone lived 50 miles west of STL Missouri with his wife. Daniel Boone died in Missouri on September 26, 1820.

9: Written By: Oleg

10: Susan Blow | Without one amazing woman there would not be a public kindergarten in St.Louis . Susan Blow was the person who opened the first public kindergarten in St.Louis. Her goal was for kids in St.Louis to have a good education. She reached her goal in 1873. She had a good education so she thought other kids should get a good education to. Her class was very colorful. People came around the world to see her class. Susan Blow loved to learn. She studied in her family library. She joined a group of thinkers. She studied a lot in St.Louis and Germany. Nothing could stop her from studying. Susan Blow had a good life as a kid. She was born St.Louis on June 7,1843 . She was very rich and had a good life style. There was a big fire in 1849. There was a deadly epidemic that’s when she moved.

11: . | Written By: Hannah | Susan Blow loved kids. She tough kids stuff like numbers, shapes and colors. Her first year she tough 38 kids. She retired in 1884.She retired because she was sick. Lots of people were sad. Susan died a couple years later. On March 26,1916 she died. Susan Blow was a great person by her outstanding characteristics. I am happy I picked her because now I know who to thank for the fun time. She lived 1843 – 1916. She loved everything. Thank you Susan Blow.

12: Have you imagined or dreamed that you were a famous singer? Some singers have dreamed it sense they were little. Not all dreams come true. But what she didn’t know was her biggest dream was about to come true. She didn’t know she would win many awards, she didn’t know she would be on T.V. or that she would have as many greatest hits! Sara Evans was the one who became a famous country music singer at age eleven! She wasn’t like most famous Missourians. Because she had a nice loving family. So her childhood wasn’t that rough. She was born in Booneville Missouri in 1971. She became famous at age 11! The reason why is she got famous at 11, is she was in a band with her family. But there was one rough part about her childhood. She always got hurt! At age 8, she got hit by a car! After that she was in a wheelchair for a while. Sara Evans has been nominated for many awards. She has won many awards, too. The ones that she has been nominated for are, Best New Country Artist Video Of The Year. The Top Female Vocalist Of The Year. She has also won, Vocal Event Of The Year Award. | Sarah Evans

13: Have you ever seen Dancing With The Stars? Well, five years ago she was on it! She has also been on Nashville Star. She has been on the game show Password. She has been on many game shows for a country music singer. Sara Evans has had many greatest hits. Have you heard of these 3 greatest hits? Like, Feels Like Home. Born To Fly. NO place that far. Plus much more. I did Sara Evans for my report because she has influenced me to be more confident. What you probably have learned in this report is that Sara Evans is a famous country music singer. You also probably learned that she has many greatest hits. Plus that she has been on T.V., and she had a lot of awards. | Written By: Elizabeth

14: Walt Disney | Written By: Owen | I picked my famous Missourian because my great grandpa was born on the same day and he made cartoons when he was young I hope you like my famous Missourian report. Walt Disney was born on December 15 1901. When he was 17 he started making cartoons selling them because kids like them he made alot of making these cartoons .His dad almost died because he had some kind of cancer. When Walt Disney was only 16 he went into the military service then after military he joined the Red Cross. Then after the Red Cross he was ambulance driver for a couple years.

15: Walt Disney got married to one of his employees they had twins then when Walt Disney dies one his daughters will take over business. Their rest of their lives. In 1920 he made his first cartoon .In 1928 he made Mickey Mouse then in 1938 he made Snow White .It was his first full length movie. He couldn’t make anything during world war 2. There was too much fighting going on in 1956 Disney land open up in 1965 Disney world open up in 1966 he died.

16: Do you know what it feels like to be a famous Missourian and work in a circus at the same time well my famous Missourian did he was a legend at the circus. My famous Missourian loved to do it. Emmett Kelly Jr. was born on November 13, 1923 in Dyersburg, Tennessee it was the closing day performance for the John Robinsons circus. The circus which employed his father to entrain young and old people. From 1942-1956 Emmett Kelly performed with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus where he was a major addiction thought he took the 1956 season off to perform as the mascot for the Brockton Dodgers team. | Emmett Kelly

17: In the 1970s he starred in the Emmett Kelly Jar circus. For nearly two decades he provided interment with his one ring indoor theater circus. Emmett Kelly even performed at the white house in Washington Dace. Emmett Kelly died at the age of 80 because of a heart attract on March 28, 1979. At his home in Sarah stone Florida. Emmett Kelly is an American living legend.Nobody knows the difference between Emmett Kelly and Emmett Kelly Jr. | Written By: Alyssa

18: Maya Angelou | She had a rough childhood. Life was hard as an abused African American. But Dr. Maya Angelou made it. She accomplished all her dreams. But what were her dreams? Maya Angelou was born on April 14th, 1928, in St. Louis, Mo. She was raised in St. Louis, Mo., and Stamps, Ak. When she was young she experienced racial discrimination. But, also had unshakenable faith and values of a traditional African American community and culture. She spent her time moving back and forth between her mother and grandmother’s house. Her mother’s boyfriend was killed by Maya Angelou’s uncles. Witch made her go on mute for nearly six years. What about her dancing career? Well, Maya Angelou’s was dancing when she was in her teen and early twenty’s. She studied modern dancing. Then she toured Europe in 1945. Next Maya Angelou toured Africa in 1947. She was in the Broadway musical “Porgy and Bess” for the years 1945-1966. And that was one of her dreams. She was also a writer, so what books did she write?

19: The first book she wrote was “I know why the cadged bird sings”. Next, she wrote “All gods’ children need traveling shoes”. Then, “My painted house, my chicken, and me”. Also, “I still rise”. And, that’s just a few. That’s also one of her dreams. But, she did have a few awards in her life. Maya Angelou had a few awards in her life. Like, she was nominated for Pulitzer Prize in 1971. Then she got a Naacp Image Award in 2008. Last, she got the Freedom Award in 2011, and that’s also one of her many dream’s. As you can see Maya Angelou was an awesome dancer, a great writer, and got many awards. She very much influences me. Because, she tells you that you can always forget the pass and move forward. To a better future, a good future, an awesome future. | Written By: Lexy H.

20: Singers like to be successful. They like to be the winners and the helpers. Kind of like Sheryl Crow. Sheryl’s love for her music started at a younger age. The success started with the help of her musical parents too. Also she had Breast Cancer. Some small bands helped her follow her dreams of being famous. Yet with all of that, she managed to have a famous life. Childhood is always going to lead up to what you want to be when you grow up. Sheryl Crow’s life led her up to being a famous girl. Sheryl was born on February 11, 1962 in Kennett, Missouri. Her birth name is Sheryl Suzanne Crow. Sheryl started playing the piano at six. She had a dream for music. Family is always going to be there for you a lot. Sheryl has 2 older sisters, Kathy and Karen. She has 1 younger brother, Steven. She has a mom named Wendell Crow, which is a piano teacher. She also has a dad named Bernice Crow, which are an Attorney and a trumpet player. Sheryl’s mom and dad inspired her with music. | Sheryl Crow

21: Life in high school and college is hard. But Sheryl was ready to graduate in 1980 from Kennett high school. Then she only had 4 years of college. She graduated at the University of Missouri. During college, she performed in a band called Cashmere, on weekends. She was amazing at track, so she won Allstate Track Athlete medals. She was awarded doctorate degree and an arts degree in music composition, in college. It took hard work to get all of this stuff. Now it comes too “how did she even become famous.”She moved to Los Angeles and did jingles. Then she went on tour with Michael Jackson on his ‘‘bad” tour, as a backup vocalist. After that she became pretty famous. In the spring of 1994 “All I Wanna Do” became an unexpected hit. Tuesday Night Music Club won her 3 Grammys, in 1995. Her second album won her 2 Grammys in 1996. She won 4 female Best Vocal Performance Grammys. She had the struggles with Breast Cancer. She even said it doesn’t even run through her family. Famous lives are hard, but super fun. Sheryl Crow is an influencer. I know that because she influenced me, because she went after her musical dream. I think the best thing about Sheryl is she is a 9 time Grammy award winner. She is a fantastic famous girl, well to me she is, and now you know why | Written By: Kennadi

22: Rose O'Niell | Who will think winning an art contest when your 13 years old will change an artist life? Her parents probably inspire her to be more successful at art. She went to New York City sell her paintings. The artists even the most popular doll until the Mickey Mouse doll. That artist is a famous Missourian, Rose O’ Neill is that artist. Rose O’Neill was born on June 18, 1864 in Wilkes Barre. When she was 13 years old Rose entered a children’s drawing completion sponsored by the Omaha Herald and won a 5 dollar gold piece by winning first prize. Then Rose O’ Neill’s family unrolled to Missouri Ozarks they called it Bonnie Brook. Within two years from winning the Children’s drawing contest combination she was doing illustrations for the excelsior and the great divide and other periodically. With help from the editor at Omaha World-Herald and the Art Director from everyone magazine. Later O’Neill’s father decide she would do even better if she was in New York City. Rose went to New York City to sell her drawings and paintings to make money. She drew a lot of nature when she was there. She worked for a magazine company in New York City. In September 19, 1896 issue of True Magazine O’Neill became the first American women cartoon strip. Concerned with the welfare of her family, Rose sent much of her paycheck at her home to her family. With the money her family build a 14 room mansion.

23: Rose had a loving family. She had two sisters Lee and Cartinsta. She has three brothers too, Hugh, James and Clarnce. Her mom is Alice Asenath Smith O’Neill. Her dad is William Patrick. Rose created the Kewpie doll in 1909. The Kewpie doll sold all over the world. With the money she finally became a millionaire! In 1912 a Germany porcelain manufacture stared making Kewpie dolls. That year she and her sister went too Germany to show the porcelain artist how to make the dolls the way she wanted them. Rose O ‘Neill did infuse me. She probably work hard on her art work and doll to be a succeed. She also keeps going if keep will keep going if she has ideal about her artwork. She inspired me to try very successful. Rose O’Neill dose infused me to work hard. | Written By: Lexi J.

24: “There is a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for treasure”. Digging for treasure is like an adventure. This great man had many adventures and they later became good books for many families, libraries, and schools. Mark Twain did this he was born frail and grew up to be a very strong man. Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Sam was born November 30,1835in Florida, Missouri. About two years later the Clemens family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. His experiences there later inspired The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Sam’s father died of pneumonia so Sam was pulled out of school to help support his family. One year after he left school he got a job as an apprentice printer he then worked for his brother Orion print the Hannibal Journal. After childhood he became a river boat pilot but during the Civil War he was forced to go west to Nevada. Sam jobs as a prospector and a newspaper reporter taking up the pen name Mark Twain. | Mark Twain

25: Mark was married Olivia Langdon their first child died in infancy their next three kids where girls and all made it through childhood. Mark became a famous author his most famous books where based on his childhood. After Mark was married they moved to Hartford, Connecticut. In the 1900s Mark went on a worldwide lecture tour. When it was over they moved back to the U.S. from Europe. Mark then started a club for girls to have fun ages 10 to 16. Towards the end of the decade Mark lost many close people including himself. He died of a heart attack April21, 1910 Mark Twain came and left the world with Haley’s Comet his dad died of a disease, he had 4 kids and died of a heart attack. Mark Twain inspired me because I realized I can do almost anything with the things I have. | Written By: Cameron

26: Can you remember witch president that is on the 50 dollar bill? Hiram made it to West Point military academy. He was a general in the army fought in many wars. He became president well he was the 15 president in the United States of America. He became president on April 22’ 1874. Ulysses S. Grant had a good child hood. But his parents divorced. Ulysses had 2 siblings named Hannah and Matthew. His parents got him good education. He went to West Point military academe. Do you remember all the things I told you about well that was sergeant Ulysses S. Grant he was the 18 president of the United States of America. | Ulysses S. Grant

27: Ulysses had a very important life. He was a lawyer for 2-3 years. Then was in the war but he was in the civil war. Then he became president of America. Ulysses S. Grant had 3 kids and marriage during the civil war got married with Julie dent grant. Then he had 3 kids. He fought in some of the bloodiest battles but never gave up. Ulysses .S Grant died at age of 63 by a heart attack well that’s how it ended. | Written By: Britney

28: My famous Missourian grew up hunting in the woods for animals. When he grew up he married Rebecca Bryan. They had nine kids. Rebecca had to take care of the kids a lot because Daniel explored. My Famous Missourian is Daniel Bonne. Daniel was Famous for the setting in Kentucky. He was a brave and smart man. Daniel Bonne was born in Pennsylvania on November 2/ 1734. In his childhood he had perfect preparation. When he was twelve his father gave him his own rifle. When he was fifteen the family moved. To the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. He love going in the woods like known would even do back then. Daniel Boone married Rebecca Bryan and they had nine kids. Rebecca ran the farm and the kids. Daniel had to decided if he wanted to stay on the famous with his family he did not help Rebecca take care Of the kids. Rebecca had to cook for the nine kids a lot. | Daniel Boone

29: Written By: Samantha | Daniel exploration and lived in Kentucky. Daniel Boone went hunting Daniel had never been last in the woods. Daniel spent a lot of time alone hunting. He explored a lot back then. Daniel is famous for exploring and stetting of Kentucky. He was able to get out of a lot of tribes trade to capture him. Also famous for hunting and exploring. He sent a lot of time wildwest. And hunted for meat and other things. That is what Daniel Boone is famous for. I think his childhood was outstanding. I also think Daniel Boone was so brave. Think of it we had to do that. He has explored a lot for a long time. He family was amazing I think we should thank him.

30: Some of the best books were made to be enjoyed by kids of the late 1900’s. Laura Ingalls Wilder was one of the great authors of the 1900’s. She has a loving family and a wonderful life. She was a person with a lot of stories to tell. She had all of her stories of her life with a little twist. Like with more excitement. Laura was born on February 7, 1867 in a log cabin in Wisconsin. When Laura was only three she and her family moved to Kansas. After a year in Kansas they moved back to Wisconsin. Couple years later they left to move to Walnut Grove in Minnesota. In Walnut Grove Laura and Mary went to school. Laura’s father is Charles Ingalls. Caroline Quiner married Charles and was Laura’s mother. Laura has three sisters Mary, Carrie, and Grace. Mary the oldest got ill and became blind. Laura also had a little brother named Charles jr. but he died at the age of nine months. | Laura Ingalls Wilder

31: Laura was fifteen when she became a teacher. When Laura was teaching that’s when she met Almanzo Wilder. Almanzo took Laura on sleigh rides. On one of their sleigh rides Almanzo asked Laura to be his wife. On August 25, 1885 Laura and Almanzo were wed. Laura had a daughter Rose on December 5, 1886. In 1902 Laura herd her father was dying. In 1924 Laura’s mother died. Shortly after her mother’s death Mary died. After all the distress Laura’s daughter Rose talked her mom into writing down her childhood and her life. So Laura wrote her first book when she was 65 years old. In 1949 Almanzo died of a heart attack. Laura had promised herself she would live past the age of 90 which Almanzo had done. Three days after Laura’s 90th birthday she died. Laura Ingalls Wilder was famous for her stories that she wrote in Mansfield Missouri. She had written nine books “Farm Boy”, “Little House in the Big Woods”, “Little House”, “Little House on the Prairie”, “On the Banks of Palm Creek”, “By the Shores of Silver Lake”, “The Long Winter”, “Little Town on the Prairie”, and “These Happy Golden Years”. Laura has influensted me to be a writer. Just by reading her books I think people will feel different about the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. I think Laura has done a great job writing her stories. | Written By: Rebekah

32: My famous Missourian played soccer and base ball. My famous Missourian now holds the record of 1,000 home runs. He coached for the cardinals in 2010. Guess who did all those great stuff, mark McGwire did Mark was born on October, 1, 1963. Mark was born in Clermont, California. He did not pay much attention to baseball as a youngster. As a kid soccer was the most popular when mark was growing up. He was trained to be an amateur boxer. He got glasses at age 8. He said “I have the worst eye you could have”. Mark played for Oakland, St. Louis, and played in the U.S.A. Olympics. Mark is a major league baseball player. He also worked hard. He has a son named Matthew. His brother was a quarterback for the Miami dolphins and Seattle Seahawks. Mark was the world champion in 1989, home run derby runner, gold glove award winner. Mark now holds the record after hitting 73 home runs during 2001 season. Babe Ruth record at 11.80. He hit 1,000 homeruns; he is a major league base ball player with 1,000 R.B.I. | Mark McGuire

33: Mark became a hitting coach for St. Louis cardinals in 2010. He is 48 years old today. He has a record of 1,107 home runs. Mark married Stephine Slemer of Los Angeles, on April, 20, 2002. His free time is golfing. He resided in a gated community in shaded Cayains, Eninme, California. Together they created the mark McGwire donation for children. My famous Missourian does influence my life because he won lots of awards and 1,107 homeruns in one season. | Written By: Jacob

34: Did you ever think a child who quit school in the eighth grade and grew up in an Italian neighborhood would become a very good baseball player? This Famous Missourian had a cartoon named after him. My Famous Missourian is Yogi Berra. Lawrence Peter [Yogi Berra] was born on May 12th 1925 in St. Louis Mo. He grew up in a small neighborhood called the Hill. He got his nickname from a childhood friend named Bobby Hoffman. Yogi joined the war when he was only 18 years old. After the war he came back and saw his father and his brother John. | Written By: Cole | Yogi Berra

35: When Yogi entered the MLB he played for the New York Yankees. When Yogi signed up they made a contract for a lot of money. When he was there he made a lot of friends and he led them to a lot of World Series. Then a couple years later he got traded to the New York Mets. In his carrier he was awarded most valuable player of the year. He also won a lot of other things I just can’t tell you all of them. Finally he went to the Hall Of Fame. He had 330 hrs in his whole carrier. He also had 1,430 RBI’S. Finally he had 1,175 runs. These are all his stats when he was playing MLB. My famous Missourian influenced me because I like baseball and he was a very good player. He was one of the best player in baseball history just like Ozzie Smith. The good thing is that Yogi Berra is still living today.

36: Have you ever shopped at J.C. Penney? Do you know the person who invented this wonderful department store? The creator of J.C. Penney wanted to be a lawyer but turned out to be an entropenewer. Thanks to James we have a store to shop at, that is still here today. Like you and I everyone has a childhood, it could have been good or bad. James childhood was almost perfect. He was born on September 16, 1875 on a farm in Missouri. One thing James had to do was to buy his own clothes, at the age of eight, because money was scare. A few years later he graduated at Hamilton High School. James Cash Penney had a lot of family members. He was the seventh out of twelve children born in the family. Sadly, half of the children made it to adulthood. His father was a famer and a Baptist minister. So that’s most of his family. | James Cash Penny

37: The first J.C. Penney was opened in 1902. In the beginning the first store was one room. Item sold at J.C. Penney are clothes, accessories, shoes, and home furnishing. Costumers liked two things, the great service and the merchaisedice. J.C. Penney‘s total sales by the 1920s were 43 million dollars. James did a lot of things in his life. Like he got married three times to Berta Alva Hess, then he married Mary Hortense Kimball, finally he married Caroline B. Auttenrieth. He also had to live up stairs of J.C. Penney. Sadly, He died at the age of ninety- five in New York City. Does James Cash Penney influence you? Well he influenced me, because he made goals to follow. Also, a store that people love. | Written By: Julie

38: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dropped out of school and became a street child? Well, Freda Josephine McDonald did. Or in other words Josephine Baker did. A street child that became a famous dancer, moved to Paris, and fought in World War 2. Hope you learn a lot!! Josephine Baker was born in St. Louis, MO on June 3, 1906. Her birth name was Freda Josephine McDonald. When she was 8 she was sent to work for a white woman who abused her. When she was 12 she dropped out of school and became a street child in the slums of St. Louis plus, even slept in cardboard shelters. She was seen dancing on the streets and was recruited for St. Louis Chorus Vaudeville shows, soon after that she went to Broadway. She was billed as “the highest paid chorus girl in vaudeville.” When she was 21 she was off to Paris! Josephine’s family was very large. She, like anyone, had a mother. Her mother’s name was Carrie McDonald. Her father is unknown but, thought to be Eddie Carson. When she moved to Paris she had a pet cheetah named Chiquita. Her mother was adopted by former slaves Richard and Elvira McDonald. Josephine’s parents never married. She adopted 12 kids and called them her rainbow tribe. She must have loved kids! | Josephine Baker

39: Josephine had many good things and many bad things happen to her in Paris. Like, she became famous for her singing and dancing in “La Revue Negre” she also became known for her unique dancing style and outrageous costumes in “La folie du jour.” She died from major blood loss from the brain April 8, 1976. Dieing, of course the worst! In World War 2 she did many things. All of them for the French. She became a French spy. She was in the French air force. At her funeral she earned the highest possible French military honor ever, a 21 gun salute. She must’ve done well in the war! Josephine Baker did many things and one of them was to influence me. She influenced me by working hard to go from living on the streets, to Broadway, to a famous dancer in Paris, and finally became a fighter in World War 2. She followed her dreams so I should follow mine. She started small and got far. She definitely influenced me! | Written By: Anna

40: My famous Missourian was a Shoshone Indian who spent life in the wild. She ended up on the Voyage of Discovery before that she had a baby boy and she got married. The last events of her life was she died. She inspired me by her wonderful personality. My famous Missourian is Sacagawea Sacagawea was born in 1787 to a tribe of Shoshone Indians. When she was eleven she was kidnapped to a group of Hidatsa Indians .Sacagawea was force to marry a much older man at the age thirteen At the age sixteen Sacagawea was remarried a French Trapper named Toussaint Charbonneau. When she was pregnant with a baby boy the Corps of Discovery interviewed them for being interpreters for the Hidatsa language. They got the job | Sacagawea

41: Sacagawea and her husband left for the journey when Sacagawea was seventeen. She had her baby boy on February, 11, 1805.She named him Jean Batiste Charbonneau. While staying at the party on fort Mandan she would carry the infant throughout the entire trip across the Pacific Ocean. The people that met her thought a mother wouldn’t be carrying a baby around with a friendly approach When Sacagawea got back from the trip she was offered a piece of land for the Charbonneau family .The piece of land was located in St.Louis Missouri. A few years later at the age of twenty five, she died from putrid fever now known as diphtheria. | Written By: Tori

42: My Famous Missourian was born Feb 3, 1918 she was someone who had racing feet. She ran as fast as a rhino. She ran with a lot of courage. Also she admires what she does and what she loves, racing. Helen Herring Stephens grew up in Fulton Missouri as a child, she dreamed of being the fastest woman on earth. She always jogged to school holding on to the horse her friend was riding. She became faster as she practiced more and more each day. Stephens thought chasing rabbits down was better, instead of shooting them. As a young adult she was nearly six feet tall. She ran the 50 yd dash in 5.8 sec. Her coach W. Burton Moore clocked her but her time matched a world record. Coach Moore made her repeat the run. Her time was 5.8 sec. Coach Moor`s clock wasn`t broken. | Helen Stephens | Written By: Kaden

43: When Helen was 18 she competed in the Olympics in Berlin. During her trip to the Olympics she received a letter asking her not to compete to protest the mistreatment by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. She did compete, even though she cared. She won 2 Gold medals and set an Olympic world record in the 100m event in 11.5 seconds. She was the fastest woman in the world. Her dream had come true. (After) Olympics After the Olympics she was named associate press athlete of the year for 1936.One of the top ten greatest athletes of that period. She earned a collage degree from William Woods collage. Helen was the first woman to create, manage, and own semi-pro basket ball team. It was called Helen Stephens Olympics co-ed during world war 2 she work she worked at a aircraft plant in St. Louis. Then she enlisted in the woman`s reserve of the u.s. marines I chose Helen herring Stephens as my famous Missourian because my family is from Fulton, Missouri. She paved the way for female athletes of all ages. She died in 1994 at the age 75.

44: Have your parents ever told you to work towards something when you grew up? At Edwin’s young age he loved to look through telescopes and see the stars. He never wanted to join law school like his father wanted. He secretly worked toward doing a career in astronomy. I hope you learn a lot in my story? Like you and me, everyone has a childhood. Edwin’s childhood was good but sometimes tough. He was born on November 20th , 1889. He was the 3rd of 7 children . His grandfather built a telescope that sparkled Edwin’s interest in astronomy. Edwin went to a central school when he was young. Everybody has college years right? Well when Edwin was in college he worked hard towards his studies. His father wanted him to join law school , But Edwin didn’t like the idea. His father would never approve of him doing astronomy. Edwin would not dare argue with his father. | Edward Hubble

45: Like everyone else we all have a family and this is Edwin’s. When Edwin was a kid, him and his family moved to Wheaton, Illinois. A few years later they moved to Shelbyville, Kentucky. Once Edwin went to college his family missed him very much. Would you like to learn about how Edwin became an astronomer? Well this is how! First he secretly planned a career in astronomy. He started taking the scientific subjects he needed. He studied really hard and got a good education. There’s a lot of things I learned about Edwin Hubble but the most important thing is how he influenced me. Edwin influenced me by making a Hubble telescope with his grandfather. He also influenced me by following his dreams. I think that Edwin Hubble is very interesting and that you should pick him for your bibliography. | Like everyone else we all have a family and this is Edwin’s. When Edwin was a kid, him and his family moved to Wheaton, Illinois. A few years later they moved to Shelbyville, Kentucky. Once Edwin went to college his family missed him very much. Would you like to learn about how Edwin became an astronomer? Well this is how! First he secretly planned a career in astronomy. He started taking the scientific subjects he needed. He studied really hard and got a good education. There’s a lot of things I learned about Edwin Hubble but the most important thing is how he influenced me. Edwin influenced me by making a Hubble telescope with his grandfather. He also influenced me by following his dreams. I think that Edwin Hubble is very interesting and that you should pick him for your bibliography. | Written By: Kaylee

46: Have you ever been to the Missouri state capitol? Seen all the beautiful murals and paintings? Well if you have there is one room that has all 4 walls covered in murals that were all painted by the famous painter Thomas Hart Benton. Did you know that Thomas Hart Benton had another Thomas Hart Benton in his family? Benton`s father was a U.S. congressman and lawyer. His great – uncle Thomas Hart Benton was one of the two first U.S. senators. Thomas married one of his old students from art school, Rita Pizenzia. Benton studied at two art schools. He studied at the art institute of Chicago. He also studied in Paris for 5 years at Academic Julian. Benton returned to New York City at the age of 24. | Thomas Hart Benton | Written By: Andy

47: Thomas Hart Benton taught at two art schools. He was a teacher for 15 years total. He taught 9 years at the Art students league of New York and 6 years at the Kansas City art institute. His most famous student that he taught and tutored was Jackson Pollock. He was dismissed from the art institute after calling the typical art museum “a graveyard run by a pretty boy with a delicate wrist and a swing in his gate”. Thomas Hart Benton had a fairly easy adulthood. During his later life he wrote a series called “year of peril”. He also served in World War 2. During the war his work focused more on pre- industrial farmland. Benton died on January 19, 1975 at age 85. Did you like my story or not because if you did I can make many more. If you ever ask Thomas didn’t influence me because I have never really wanted to be an artist. Benton lived a long happy life but there were some down parts.

48: The outlaw of many states. Know for robbery. A young but famous Missourian. The legend of his own time. This person is Jesse James. He was born Jesse Woodson James on September 5, 1847. He had a older brother and a younger sister. His dad was a slave owner and a popular batiste mister. Missouri became the site of skirmisher started by both union and confederate riders. In the summer of 1864 Jesse James got shot in the chest during a guerrilla raid. But the next morning he was well enough to be in the eighty man raid. | Jessie James

49: His cousin Zoldra “Zee” minis homed he later marred nursed him back to health. While his gang went to robbing trans in 1873. By 1882 Jesse James had moved to St. Joseph, Mo. In that same year Robert Ford shot and killed Jesse James. For 16 years Jesse James and his gang robed a half dozen states. His friends and family members still admired him to his death. | Written By: Kerrigan

50: Omar Nelson Bradley | My famous Missourian was one of America’s greatest generals. He commanded the longest American force ever united under one man’s leadership. Early Years He was born on 1843 February 12th. He had busy perents. Their names were Shara and John Hubert he was the oldest child in his family. He also had a brother named john also he was his youngest brother. Becoming an Army Officer He made a plan to save up money. So that he could attend university of Missouri. And later he got enough to go to it. After he went to and finished it. He got a exam at St.Louis then he went to the military academy. . | Written By: Zach

51: When he was in his academy he also had to do special chores and a couple of years later he graduated as an officer after that he and his family moved . During World War II he had a child born and they named her Elizabeth. Then America went to ward and during the war a lot of corporal’s that were important were killed and families like Omar’s were very worried about the war. Omar nelson Bradley became one of the most accomplished generals in the United States army history and that is why Omar N. Bradley influenced me.

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