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Mr Jenkins Project

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S: Math Book for dummies

FC: Math For Dummies By: Tiera Woods, Chris Phillips, C.j Redd, David Rhodes

1: PEMDAS | Remember the most important rule : P stands for Parenthesis E stands for Exponents M stands forMultiplication D stands for Division A stands for Addition and S stands for Subtraction. Ex. 1 (4*5)+(6*10)= Ex. 2 4+8(1*9)+2-1= Now you try! It is easier than adding.

2: Chapter 2: Integers

3: Always Remember Good Guys and Bad Guys. Positive is good guy and Negative and is a bad guy. Always remember to keep change change. Positive equals a Positive and Negative equals a Negative. Secret agents are Good Guy and Bad Guy. Always remember how to solve these following problems always use a calculator on these problems. This is how you solve a multiplying problem you take the first number and times it by the second number and you get the answer It's exactly how you would regularly multiply. This is how you divide you just do it like you do regularly do. This is how you add and subtract you just add and subtract like you usually do. Ex.1 2*-3= Ex.2 -2+5=

4: Chapter 3:Fractions

5: if you cut a circle in half you will have one half. if you cut a circle four ways you will have four fourths. example 1 if you cut a circle i two was what will it be example 2 if you cut a circle i five was what will it be

6: Chapter 4: Probability: probability is the chance that something will happen

7: Example: | A spinner has 4 equal sectors colored yellow, blue, green and red. After spinning the spinner, what is the probability of landing on each color? Outcomes: The possible outcomes of this experiment are yellow, blue, green, and red. Probabilities: P(yellow) = # of ways to land on yellow = 1 total # of colors 4 P(blue) = # of ways to land on blue = 1 total # of colors 4 P(green) = # of ways to land on green = 1 total # of colors 4 P(red) = # of ways to land on red = 1 total # of colors 4 When a coin is flipped you multiply the sides of the coin as 1/2 if there are four coin you would multiply 1/2 four times EX:1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/16 Problems: Six Quarters are flipped what is the probability that they will land on tails

8: Chapter 5: Equations Equations are groups of numbers or letters that make up a math problem to make sense of of a math problem

9: An equation is a mathematical statement such that the expression on the left side of the equals sign (=) has the same value as the expression on the right side. An example of an equation is 132 12 = 11. One of the terms in an equation may not be known and needs to be determined. The unknown term may be represented by a letter such as x. (e.g. x 12 = 11). The solution of an equation is finding the value of the unknown x. Use the multiplication property of equations to find the value of x. The multiplication property property of equations states that the two sides of an equation remain equal if both sides are multiplied by the same number Example: x 50 = 20 x 50 * 50 = 20 * 50 x 1 = 1000 x = 1000 Check the answer by substituting the answer (1000) back into the equation. 1000 = x 50 = 20 problem: 15 + x = 50

10: chapter 6 area and perimeter

11: when doing area you are finding the inside of the shape. you can find the area in side of a shape by using formulas. the formula for area of a trapezoid is a = 1/2 h x (b1xb2). the formula for triangle is A= 1/2 B x H. the formula for a square is a= s2. the rest you can find on the picture below. question what is the area of a trapezoid with one base length of 15 and another base length of 10.and a height of 20.



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