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Mr. Larson's Civil War

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FC: Mr. Larson's Class Civil War 2012-2013

3: John Brown was born in 1800 but died in 1859. the side that he was on was north his point of view was collecting arms. Something he was known for was that he was brave for freeing slaves. Also he was nice for helping them. Also he was hung for collecting arms. Experiences he was dealing with was dealing with slavery. Some famous quotes his goal was to collect arms. Contributions and Achievements they made were to start a slave revolt also collecting arms. There impact was that he was captured at the arsenal and later hung for treason.

5: Abe Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president.

6: Jefferson Davis

7: Henry D Clayton | Henry D Clayton was born March 7th of 1827. He died on October 13th of 1889. Henry D Clayton was on the confederate side in the civil war.

8: Theodore Weld was a great man and lots of people liked him because he wanted to stop slavery because they said it was not fair for the blacks be boss around there owners ( whites ) but the North didn't need slavery. ( I think that because the North wasn't LAZY and RUDE and they could do it all them selfs!

9: Theodore Weld Born: 1803 Died:1895 Theodore Weld was against slavery also he was in the North. At age 14 his father 100-acre for near hart ford. At 1802 until 1822 falling eyesight. They needed slavery if needed. North saw the South had slavery and they were having a fight about it. Him and his father were famous but Weld was more Famous!

10: Ulysses S. Grant | Ulysses S. Grant was born on the 27th of April 1822 he died on the 23rd of July 1885

15: f | Harret.b. stowe | harret was born on 1811 and died on 1896. she was frum the north and she was an ather. she wrote uncle toms caben. she was a haard working porsen. the book she wrote helped people relys how bad slavoy was. :)

17: Marse Lee born 19 1807 dead 12 1870 Robert wanted money Confederate General Robert E.lee is one of the most studied figures of the civil war Robert E.Lee

18: William L. Garrison was born in 1805 and died in 1879. He was on the union side. He was an abolitionist and was the editor of an antislavery newspaper called the liberator. He was the first abolitionists. William was againist slavery | WILLIAM L. GARRISON

20: Harriet Tubman | Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 and sadly died in 1913. She was 93 years old when she died. She was on the Union side. In 1844 she was married to John Tubman who was a free slave. In 1849 she escaped to the underground railroad. The underground railroad was not a railroad but was a series of stations all around to help slaves escape to freedom.Tubman freed more then 300 slaves. She was a hero in American History and changed slavery for everyone. Like she once said I freed hundreds of slaves and I could have freed hundreds of more if they would have known they were slaves.

22: ~Sojourner Truth~ | Quick Facts Born: 1797, Highland Died: November 26, 1883, Battle Creek Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m) Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Books: The book of life Parents: Elizabeth Baumfree, James Baumfree | Quick Facts: Born: 1797, Highland Died: November 26, 1883, Battle Creek Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m) Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Books: The book of life Parents: Elizabeth Baumfree, James Baumfree

23: Sojourner Truth was born in 1797, Highway. She was a Union Abolitionist and against slavery. Her parents were Elizabeth and James Baumfree. She was 6'0" and very tall. Sojourner Truth was known for her famous speech 'Ain't I a Woman?'. In 1843 Truth

24: Dorthea Dix | she was a teacher at the age of 14 and owned a school for 10 years | she began a investigation on the conditions for insane asylums

25: Dorothea Dix was born in 1802 and died in 1887 she also supported the Union | she worked for 40 years to establish new hospital for the mentally ill and improve existing

27: Fredrick Douglas was born in february 1817

28: NAT TURNER October/2/1800-November/11/1831 Nat Turner was a slave.He was a black slave preacher that led a rielabean.He also murderer.Nat turner experienced having escaped from his owners .He ach

30: George E. Pickett Confederate General in the Civil War.

31: George E. Pickett George E. Pickett was born January 16th, 1825 and died July 30th, 1875. In the Civil War he was a Confederate General. George Attended West Point Military and graduated in 1846. He also received 2 brevets for gallantry during the Mexican War. George was promoted to Major General.

33: Robert Gould Shaw By:Kelsey Heath Robert Gould Shaw was a great man that worked in the union army.He was born on October 10 1837.Sadly he died July 18 1863.The man was against slavery and worked for the union army. He died in the battle of Fort Wagner. He was one of are hero's and stopped slavery.


35: ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln was born February 12,1809 and his day of death was April 15 1865 Abraham Lincoln was the U.S.A 16th president. During the Civil War Abe was on the Union side. he wanted to end slavery. During the war one of his sons sadly died. Jhon Willces Booth killed Abarham Linchon

36: William Craig

37: William Craig was born on January 8, 1832 and died March 13, 1913. In the war he was on the unions side. He thought it would ruin 1,000 of men. He enrolled in the Illinois infantry on August 11, 1862. On June 19, 1880 he applied for originol invalid person. June 10, 1803 he received 2 gun shot wounds on his right leg. He said this would be the ruination of 1,000s of men. they have hardened to every thing. Neither cares for god or man and I among the rest l

41: John W. Booth John W. Booth was born in 1838 and died in 1865. He was a confederate agent so he wanted slavery. he killed Abraham Lincoln he was also a actor he brook his leg trying to escape after killing Abraham Lincoln.

43: Clara Barton Clara Barton was one of the greatest Union nurses in the civil war. She is known for being the Angel of the Battlefield. She knew nothing about nursing when the war started. But wit her hard work, she healed many Union soldiers. Barton was against slavery. Barton also had many difficult experiences. It wasn't easy being a Union nurse. Barton was very successful. Not only was she known as the Angel of the Battlefield, but she also founded the American Red Cross, and has helped many people. Barton lived from 1821 to 1912. All those who were in the Civil war for the Union side remember Clara Barton.

44: Dredd Scott Dredd Scott was born about 1799 and he died in 1858. Dredd Scott was a union slave. He thought that all slaves should have the same rights. Dredd Scott sued for his freedom in court, Missouri supreme court and U.S. supreme court. Dredd Scott was taken into free areas where slavery is not allowed but still remained kept as a slave. Dredd Scott went to court and talked to try to earn him, his family's, and all slaves freedom but they would not give the slaves freedom. The court eventually stated that slaves were not people they were property.

47: Jackson stonewall born:January 21 1824 died:may 10 1863 he was part of the confederacy he was considered lees right arm and was a general in the civil war he got killed in the battle of chancelloville

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