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Mr. Mitchell's Rockin' Writers

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S: Rockin' Writers

FC: Mr. Mitchell’s Rockin’ Writers!!

1: Mr. Mitchell's Rockin' Writers Third Grade January 2010

2: My First Day of School When it was my first day of school, I was nervous but I made a friend. She was very nice to me. She showed me around the school. Then I meet someone else. Their names were Jordan and Yajaira. They let me play with them at recess and they let me sit with them at lunch. After that, we went back to the classroom. Then we did social studies. It was really fun on my first day. Nataly

3: The Zoo One day I said, “Let’s go to the zoo.” “We have free passes,” I whispered to my mom. So we all went upstairs and we got ready. We all went out the door and zipped to the zoo. The first things we saw were some ducks. It was time for them to eat. Finally, we went and saw lots of different animals. However, I really wanted to see the lions. When I got to the lions, they were chasing each other like two friends playing tag. I was enthusiastic about seeing the lions. I could have stayed forever! I did not want to go! Olivia

4: Sleeping with Fred! One Friday evening I was sleeping in the living room. I suddenly woke up. It was approximately 3:00 a.m. in the morning. I was terrified. I couldn't go back to bed. Then I realized my dog Fred was practically a guard dog. He would protect me. Fred was sleeping on the dog bed behind me. I knew he wouldn't come on the cot. So I had to come to him. I grabbed my blanket and fumbled to the dog bed. I didn't bother about my pillow because the dogs have their own pillows. I lay down cuddling Fred. At first I thought it was my other dog Sarah. You can’t tell when it’s dark. When I realized it was Fred I was happy. I felt safer with my baby in my arms. I love Fred!! By Katie

5: Ring! Ring! Ring! Who is that? It was my grandma. I said, “Hello?” "Oh hi grandma," I said, "what is it?" "Your uncle is coming today." I said, “That’s a lie.” She said, “No, it’s true. Come home from the store now and you’ll see.” “Ok, I’ll tell my mom,” I told my grandma. My mom was paying up and I had the phone. So we went home, took a shower and went to the backyard. They were not there yet! So we waited and waited. Finally, they showed up. I screamed, “Tioooooo!” Tio is my uncle. His real name is Fito. I had not seen him for 12 months. I was so happy. Lots of people were there to see him. I hope they don’t get him again, I really missed him. Now I get to see him every day! It was the best surprise ever!!! I LOVE MY TIO FITO!!! By Alejandra

6: Scary Videos Yesterday my best friend Fernando came to my house. We watched scary videos all day. The first video we watched showed a kitchen table moving by its self. Next we watched a video and it was creepy. A rocking chair moved very slowly across the bedroom floor. Then a scary face that looked like a dead girl was crawling on the floor toward the computer screen. Her face filled the screen on the computer and Fernando and I got scared. Later we watched another video. It was almost the same as the scary girl video. However, the face was different and it had sounds like she was crying. I said to Fernando, “That is very freaky!” When my friend and I got scared, I grabbed his mouth and he didn’t blink. When we were done we watched another video about a guy that found a ghost in someone’s backyard. That night I couldn’t sleep at all. Next we watched a video that a person was dead but she was still in the house. In the night she became a ghost and she destroyed the house. That was most awesome day ever. However, my parents were really angry because it makes it hard for me to sleep at night. I can’t wait to watch another horror video again. By Sergio

7: My Family’s B.B.Q Wow! I had so much fun last night. My family went to a B.B.Q at my dad’s friends Cherls house. I had steak with Bacon wrapped around it. The corn on the cob was melted in margin. The potato salad tasted delicious. The watermelon was really juicy. The homemade baked beans were nice too. For dessert I had strawberry short cake with whipped cream. It melted in my mouth. After dinner we watched football. Then I played on the computer. During the game I got to hold a three month old baby. She was so cute!!! I felt a little weird inside. That night was a night that I will always remember!!!! By Marissa

8: My First Time Feeding a Chicken When I was 5 years old, I went to my auntie's house and I got to feed the chickens. I was so scared that I said to my auntie, “Tia, I’m scared!” She said, “No tengas miedo!”. That means don’t be scared. I whispered to my auntie, “Can you help me?” My auntie said, “Yes, I’m going to help you.” I love my tia. That was my first time feeding the chickens. I love my tia. By Kiana

9: We buy an RC remote control car. It is the same as in the Toy Story movie. It has lots of fire. I put Buzz inside it. By Chris

10: Baby Shower My sister’s friend Vidi is going to have a baby girl. We had the baby shower at our house. First, we played games. Next, we had sandwiches and cake. Vidi opened the presents last. I was so excited! By Stephanie

11: Going Fishing by Kevin One steaming hot July I went fishing for the first time. My parents came with a shiny black boat. My mom, my dad and my brother zoomed to the car. Finally we got to the fishing place. We jumped in the shiny black boat. My dad taught me how to fish. After he did, I fished and waited until a fish came. Suddenly something pulled me, it felt like a shark pulling the string! It was a gigantic catfish. It wiggled in the water! SPLASH! My dad thought it was a humongous fish. I pulled and pulled until the fish was caught. Not long after my dad sliced the string and released it. I fished for thirty minutes more and I caught five brown dotted fishes. I put the fishes in a white bowl in our car. After that we rushed home. I put the fishes in the refrigerator. My first time fishing was the best! By Kevin

12: The Birthday of My Brother One day it was the birthday of my brother Luis. We were making a surprise party for him. My mom said, “Let’s go get the cake at the store.” So we got in the car and zoomed away. So my mom said, “Do you have any humongous cakes?” The lady said, “Yes we do.” So we got the cake and zoomed away to the house and decorated the house to get ready for the party. So my aunt Bere said my brother was coming to the house. So we all hid so when my brother opened the door we could all shout “Surprise!” My brother was so surprised. We all played and played for hours. My mom said, “Let’s cut the cake.” So we all ran to go cut the cake. My mom said, “Let’s sing happy birthday to him.” So we all sang happy birthday to my brother. We all ate all of the cake. Then my mom said, “Let's break the piñata.” My brother was first. He hit himself on the head so he cried and cried. Next it was my turn and I hit it but I didn't hit it hard enough to break it. So my dad said, “My turn.” And we all said, “No!” So my dad hit it and broke it anyways. Then all the candy came down like rain. We all got a lot of candy. So my mom said, “Let's go open the presents now.” We went inside and opened the presents. My brother got a lot of presents; it was the best day ever. By Yajaria

13: Basketball Game Saturday I got up. I was so, so, so excited. It was my first basketball game! We zipped to the basketball stadium in my sea blue van. I took some practice shots before the game. After that, I put my Nikes on. My mom and dad exclaimed to me, “GOOD LUCK!” I announced back, “I will have good luck”. We started the game and I was feeling so, so, so excited that the game started. I was too small to shoot a hoop. I could get passed people even though the other people were like giants to me. They shot but missed and I rebounded the ball. I zipped across the court and I tried to shoot a basket but MISSED! It was the second quarter now. I zoomed to get a drink of my Gatorade, it was red and it taste so, so, so great. We raced back to the court. They raced to shoot the basket, they made it. Twenty minutes later it was the 3rd quarter. We had the ball. I passed the ball, shot and made it! I screamed “YES!” The other team had it, they shot and missed. Now it was the 4th quarter. My team shot and made it again! WE WON THE GAME! Jeremiah

14: Disneyland Have you ever been Disneyland? It is awesome! I went on a rollercoaster called Volcano. Do you know why it is called the volcano? It is called the Volcano because it is the tallest rollercoaster EVER!!! It goes so high you can’t see anything but the clouds. You hear a chica, chica, chica as the rollercoaster starts climbs up the huge hill. Then it goes ZOOM DASH down the giant hill. I began to feel nervous because I had not been on a rollercoaster in a long time. | After going over the big hill I wasn’t nervous any more. We started going faster and faster. We were going so fast my cheeks were flapping in the wind. Then we went into the dark tunnel with tiny lights flashing on the roof. The tunnel was awesome. When we dashed out of the tunnel we went right into two loops. I felt like I was going to fall out. Next, we went down the biggest hill of all. That’s when I got scared again. As we came to the end of the ride my heart was beating so fast. I can’t wait for another blazing cool day at Disneyland! By Kelvis

15: A Time When I Got Hurt When I was eight years old, I fell off my bike at the skate park. I hit my arm on the handlebar and blood was squirting out from my elbow. I started to freak out. My friend Emerson or “M” skated to his house to get his mom to come and help. It felt like forever before his mom came. Everyone was looking at me with a worried look. I said to myself, “Oh my god, I’m going to die!” I felt like my whole body was being shocked. At that point Emerson’s mom came and got me. I got in the back seat of her car and went to Emerson’s house. Emerson helped stop the bleeding with lots of band aids and alcohol wipes. When he used the wipes it felt like a snake tearing into my flesh. Emerson’s mom called my mom so she could come and get me. It was 30 minutes before my mom came to the house. My mom didn’t think my cut was that bad. She asked me, “Do you want to come home or not?” “Yes, I want to go home,” I screamed. I got in the car and we drove back home. The bleeding finally stopped after about 20 minutes. When I got home I watched a movie for the rest of the day. I finally fell asleep thinking that was the worst day ever. By Angello .

16: BB War When my sisters, my brother, my cousin and I were having a bb war, my sisters were on my team. But on my brother’s team was my cousin. Then my cousin was shooting at a big, fat bush but the bbs were not coming through. Then I ran back and got in my grandpa’s truck. Then I got trapped so I shoot them then I got out and ran and the game was over the end. Caden

17: My Trip to Boondocks My mom and I drove to Boondocks one hot August midmorning day. The first thing I played was a cool alien game. The aliens are shiny black monsters. When you kill the aliens toxic liquid comes out. I pushed the button on the gun so I can walk to the mother alien that I was shooting. I beat the game after two hours of craziness by killing the mother alien. Tickets began to fly out of the machine when the game was over. I got 60 tickets because I beat the game! I traded the tickets and got a toy hammer. Finally my mom drove me back home. It was a great day! Hilario

18: My Family My tall mom and my huge dad and I slowly walk across the park on Sunday morning. The time was 7:24 am. I said “Can I play mom?” Mom said, “Yes.” I played roughly on the slide. I said, “Dad try to get me!” | My dad got me when I got slow like a snail. I said, “NO, NO, NO!” “YOU GOT ME!” I yelled. Then my dad said,“I beat you son!” After that my mom and I ZOOMED back to the house! But my dad ran CRAZY FAST back to the house! My mom and I got to the house before my dad. He was tired and said, “You beat me son.” “I thought so,” I said to my dad. That was the best day ever at the park with my family. By Alfonzo

19: My Dog Named Star I have an adorable dog named Estraya. Her name is in Spanish. But in English it is Star. I got her seven days after Christmas. The first night I slept with her, I felt so happy! But whenever I get hurt, she comes and comforts me! BY JOSLYNE

20: Rocky Mountain When I came back to Rocky Mountain Elementary, I saw a lot of kids from second grade. First I saw Olivia and Yajaira in my new classroom. I felt happy because I hadn't seen them in a long time. Then I saw Faith at recess. I am still trying to get used to my classroom. One thing that is helping me is my mom. Now I am used to my classroom. Adriana

21: Football Championship Wow! I can't believe it. Out of all the games we lost we won our championship football game. It started with nobody scoring but then our tight end Lucas caught a 40 yard touchdown pass! Our defense was unstoppable so we were only giving up one yard every play. I got two runs for 20 yards because I am the half back. Then the QB passed the ball to me and it got intercepted. The final score was 6-0 we won the championship woo hoo. By Gavin

22: THANKGIVING My mom, dad and I went to my sister Paola’s house for Thanksgiving. We went inside and had turkey, fruit, apple pie and mashed potatoes. My sister also had chocolate ice cream in a white bowl waiting for us. I ate half of the ice cream because I love it more than anything. After dinner we played video games until we got tired. Then my little brother asked, “Can you play with me?” I said, "Yes, I can play with you.” My brother and I were played soccer outside for hours. After we played soccer, we went inside and fell asleep. David

23: Laser Tag I was at Boondocks because my friend Dylan’s birthday party was there. I played laser tag for my first time with my sister Haley and my two friends named Lauren, Taylor and Dylan. It was exciting. My favorite color is red and that is why I chose to be on the red team. Next we watched a video on how to play laser tag. It was exciting because it was now time to play laser tag. Now, we had to put on our vest and get the laser guns. Each team had their own side. I slowly ran to the red side where my team was at. The light turned off and anything that was white was glowing purple. I had white on and that glowed. My clothes were glowing. I like laser tag. by Jordan

24: The Aquarium My Girl Scout troop 443 went to aquarium in downtown Denver. The girls names were DJ, Destiny, Amparo, Dez, Stephanie and Tiff. I got to feed a grey sting ray one little tiny fish. It was so, so, so much fun! At the aquarium I also saw sharks, electric ells and huge fish! We named that fish Bob. I loved the aquarium. But I had to go home after lunch. I was sad when I left because I wanted to see other fish. I wish I could go again. By Destiny

25: Thanksgiving On Thanksgiving I went to my auntie’s house. The first thing I did was skating but I kept falling down. Everybody wanted to use the skating shoes. Then my cousin Daniel let me use the PSP, it was awesome. The PSP was black. Then I went inside and my uncles were singing songs. We all laughed. After that, I was going outside and my uncle was playing with a ball and everybody came to see what was going on. He put his hand on the floor and got the ball without holding it. He threw the ball in the air and caught it with two fingers. It was fun. My cousin Jose Andres was trying to do what my uncle did. But he couldn’t do it. It was too hard for him. We went to eat turkey. It was yummy!! by Jesus

26: In this project we learned how to focus on one specific idea by writing a personal narrative. Through the technology of mixbook we were able to publish our writing into an awesome book. This project has allowed us to become published authors. We also owe a big thank you to Mrs. Patrick for helping us accomplish our mixbook. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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