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Mr. Underwood

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FC: Mr. Underwood in To Kill A Mockingbird | By Cole Spletstoser and Will Marko

1: I live in Maycomb, Alabama. I have lived here my whole entire life and I would not want to be anywhere else. Sometimes, I just stare outside my house window for long periods of time gazing at the beautiful outside and listening to the joyful song of Mockingbirds. The weather here is a little warm, but it is definitely better than the cold. | I am the sole owner, writer and publisher for the Maycomb Tribune. I get most of my stories from other people around town that bring them to me. It might be true that sometimes I write some fictional articles that come out of my head, but who can deny a good story? I know I sure cannot. The Maycomb Tribune is printed every week and keeps all the people in the county updated on the events that took place and are taking place. I believe that many people rely on my papers to not fall behind with news. I get donations and thank-yous from so many people that help me make the newspaper better and better every week. Plus, did I mention that the Maycomb Tribune is only two cents? Now that is a low price! Anyway, I love my job and I want to do it for the rest of my life. | I am a deep-rooted Baptist that goes to church every Sunday no matter what. It is a sin to not go to church even if I am sick or something. Although I am not like some of the Baptists that forbid any kind of fun (and believe me! I do have fun!), I do think that everybody should read the Bible and understand God's word. He and Jesus were our savior's and we should cherish that and live by the word of God.

2: Heck Tate | Atticus | Heck Tate, my best friend, gives me many excellent stories about the people and events of Maycomb County that I put in the Maycomb Tribune. He has lived here his whole life here like me, but I was not acquainted with him when I was a little boy. When I met him several years back, we became instant best friends. Every week he comes over with his family and we have a great dinner. I will always cherish him. | Atticus is a long time family friend of mine. He has also lived here his whole life, like the majority of adults in Maycomb. I have always known him, but we were never really close friends. However, nowadays I admire him because he is an honest, hard-working man. He is also probably the smartest and wisest man I will ever know.

3: I sat upstairs, looking out my window when I saw men get out of cars and walk up to the jail house where Tom Robinson was being held. I had wondered what Atticus was doing in front of Tom Robinson's cell, but I was starting to put the pieces together. I saw the gang walking up to Atticus. He was a good man, and I knew I should help protect him if a fight started. I grabbed my beloved shotgun and sat silently in my window watching and waiting patiently. Then, I saw Atticus's children and after a while the men left. I wondered what happened, but then told Atticus I had his back. It was the top story in the Maycomb Tribune the next week. | At the prosecution of Mr. Robinson, I noticed Jem, Jean Louise, and Charles Harris (Dill) up in the balcony with the Negro folk. I knew it would be a great story in the Maycomb Tribune. I had wondered if Atticus aproved of this action by his children, but later, when Calpurnia told Atticus that his children were missing, I knew that he did not. I spoke up and told Atticus where they were, and I think I saved a lot of time because the children would have never yelled out that they were in the court room.

4: This is my shotgun. It is a Remington 750 and it shoots a 12 mm buckshot. I use this and the good Lord to ward off any trouble-makers that try to break into my building. I bought it a couple years back from a war veteran and it has been one of my prized possessions ever since. The best part about the gun is that, if you look closely, you can see that there are two triggers. What this means is that you do not have to cock the gun to shoot each bullet. | This typerwriter was passed down through my family for years. It is the only thing worthy of writing the Maycomb Tribune. My great great great grandpa made this typewrite with his own two hands. As you can see, he placed the word 'Silent' on there. He did this as a reminder to not type personal things in public newspapers.

5: "Had you covered all the time, Atticus" (Lee 155). | This quote in To Kill A Mockingbird best describes Mr. Underwood because it shows a double meaning about him. One meaning that comes from this quote is that Mr. Underwood was friendly by 'having Atticus's back' and, in a way, protecting him. The other meaning that comes from this quote is that Mr. Underwood was 'covering' the event like a news reporter. His main and most important role in the book was to write the Maycomb Tribune for the county.

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