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Mrs. Discenza's Class

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S: Famous Americans

FC: Written By: Mrs. Discenza's Class 2010-2011 | Famous Folks

3: Written by Mrs.Discenza's 5th Grade Class 2010-2011

4: Harriet was born around the1820's. Harriet Tubman worked when she was six. When you were a slave you didn't get much time to relax. Before she became Harriet Tubman her name was Harriet Ross. Harriet got Tubman from John Tubman. A life lesson would be no matter how hard your goal is you shouldn't stop trying to achieve it. | Harriet Tubman By Celyna Shaw

5: Harriet Tubman was the first black slave to escape to the north. Her accomplishment was she rescued over 300 different slaves. She even saved her brothers and sisters, plus her parents. Harriet saved all of those slaves by the under ground railroad. The under ground railroad is not a railroad, it was a series of homes, where slaves would hide to make their way north to freedom. | Harrriet lived up to 93 years old. She was very persistent. She always wanted to be free. Harriet was about 30 when she escaped. When her brothers and sisters didn't want to go north, they all turned back. The next day she went off by herself. She was also ambitious. She always worked hard so she wouldn't get even more scares. | Harriet ran away and tried to stay alive. She was courageous. Once she stole some sugar. When the owner's wife saw and before the wife could get to her, she ran away and lived with the pigs for a few days. When Harriet ran away she had her life at risk.She was also courageous when she went back to the south to save 300 other slaves.

7: Condoleezza Rice By Maggie Borgos Condoleezza was famous for being the first black woman to be secretary of state. She went to Denver and received her PhD there. Now she works at Stanford as a provost. One of Condoleezza's character traits is she is really smart. I know this because she discussed foreign affairs with President Bush. Her grades also got her into Notre Dame for a couple of years. I think the life lesson that Condoleezza showed us, is that if you are kind to other people and do well in school, anything can be accomplished - no matter what the challenge. Condoleezza did many great things in her life and I hope to do just as many great things too. That is the amazing Condoleezza Rice!!!!!!!!

9: Shaun White By Linus Sante Shaun White is famous for being a pro snowboarder and skateboarder. A accomplishment he achieved is that he did a double cork 1260. He won the X Games and the Olympics with that trick. A life lesson of Shaun White is to never give up. One year at the X Games he got seventh place. The next year he went back and got first place. One character trait of Shaun White is that he is very competitive. He said that he has to win at everything he does. That's Shaun White!

10: Anne Frank By Emily Atamanchuk

11: Anne Frank was known for being a girl who was hiding from the Nazis for almost two years. But one day she got caught and was sent to a concentration camp. Also when she died her dad found her diary and showed it to a publisher he turned it into a book. First the title was "The Secret Annex." Then later it changed to "Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl." That is why she was famous. | A life lesson you could learn would be to never give up and to keep trying. I think that because Anne Frank hired somebody to bring food to them every night. She got really sad that she couldn't see her friends anymore. All she had was her family. It is just like getting in trouble and being sent to your room. You don't get to have friends over for the whole day. | I think Anne was very courageous when she was forced to hide for almost two years. Also when her grandmother Oma died in 1941. Anne said Oma was part of her life. When she had to hide for two years she was forced to eat almost the same meal every night and also during the day they would have to be quiet or else somebody would catch them.

12: George Washington Carver By Trevor Daily George Washington Carver was the first black scientist to do experiments with peanuts. He was not only a scientist he was a farmer, a teacher, and a artist. George was friends with inventor Thomas Edison and automaker Henry Ford. George died January 5th and President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the George Washington Carver national monument in Missouri to him.

13: A character trait that George Washington carver had was he was ambitious. This was shown because he created over 300 uses for peanuts, such as: peanut butter, gas, soap, milk, lotion, and paint. | A life lesson I learned from him you need to have a proper education to go through life successfully.

14: Neil Armstrong By Mike Siano These photos are of Neil in his space suit.

15: Neil Armstrong went on many trips to space like Saturn 5 and Gemini 8 but his most famous trip was Apollo 11 when he was the first person from earth to walk on the moon. Neil was born on August 5th, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. When Neil was 6 he went on his first plane the Tin Goose. Neil was the second person from his family to go to college. Neil was on the Holloway plan for college. The Holloway plan is serving 3 years of navy and 4 years. He flew planes in the navy and flew 78 missions. Neil got his pilot's license before his driver's license.When he was in college he earned 3 degrees -his bachelors degree, his masters degree, and his doctorate. Neil was very courageous because he did things that have never been done before. One of those things was docking a space craft for the first time ever. Another thing was being the first person on the moon. Neil is still living - he is 78.

16: Anne Frank By Kyra Willmart and Luke Wilson Anne Frank was Jewish and in 1941 there was a mean man and his name was Adolf Hitler. He hated Jews because he THOUGHT they were trying to ruin the Germans, but they weren't. They were just minding there own life when Hitler took many Jews and he put them in jail.

17: Anne Frank Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Anne Frank was mostly famous for having her diary published which was one of the most famous books in America. Another reason why Anne Frank was famous is that she was hiding in a secret annex for almost 3 years from the German Nazis and especially Adolf Hitler. Anne Frank had to be very quiet hiding in the annex or else the people who were working in the offices below the annex could hear them.

18: Franklin D. Roosevelt was a president of the United States of America. He was born in New York to a wealthy couple. When he was young he didn't go to school, but was taught by tutors . | Franklin D. Roosevelt showed he was persistent by giving speeches all over the world. Also, he made the law called Social Security . | Franklin D. Roosevelt By Davin Butler

19: One of his character traits was being a determined person . | Another character trait of Franklin D. Roosevelt's was being trustworthy and honest. In one of his speeches he promised "to speak the whole truth, frankly and boldly".

21: Harry Houdini By Trevor Azaert Harry Houdini was famous for being the best magician ever. Houdini was also an escape artist. Here is one of Houdini's charter traits. Houdini was brave because he hung upside down on a building trying to get out of a straight jacket on. The second character trait is that Houdini was hard working because Houdini quit grade school to get a job to feed his family. When Houdini was 17 he got a job as lock smith and he learned how to pick locks and that's why he was the best escape artist ever.

22: John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the U.S. in 1960's. He was also a war hero for saving his crew after Japan fighter boats blew up his ship. After,he got two heroism awards. A life lesson you can learn from him is to never give up. | John F. Kennedy By Tanner Lant and Brandon Ladd

23: One character trait is he was persistent. He kept going in politics. Even though he failed a lot, he still kept going. | Not every body liked him including the person Lee H. Oswald who shot and killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

24: Anne Frank By Sadie Hendrick and Gwen Sweet The life of Anne Frank is inspiring and makes us realize how lucky we are. We are lucky for the freedoms we have to be who we are. Also that in United States we don't have to worry because we won't ever have someone like Hitler as a leader.

25: Anne Frank She was a girl in hiding from the Nazis. She had a boyfriend named Peter and he was her first boyfriend and only. She was with her sister most of the time in hiding. Only one person lived in Anne's room with her and Margot would stay with their mom and dad. In the hideout there was a bookshelf that covered up their hiding place, so the Nazis wouldn't find them. Someone told the Nazis where they lived. So they went to a concentration camp and she stayed with her sister the whole time.

26: Helen Keller By Sabrina Harris Helen Keller was famous for being blind and deaf. She met many famous people including President Grover Cleveland. She even learned how to talk. | Helen Keller was persistent. She was persistent because she went to college and graduated. Another reason is she learned how to talk and even spoke in public.

27: Helen Keller was courageous.She was courageous because she talked in public. Another reason is she traveled around the world. | A life lesson you could learn from Helen Keller is if you think doing chores and homework is hard, imagine doing it when you can't see or hear. Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person to go to college. She met many famous people including presidents. Helen Keller also had a movie made about her, but it wasn't that good. She even learned how to talk, and she wrote things to read in public. Helen Keller also wrote a book about herself.

29: Milton Hershey By Tylia Balta Milton Hershey was famous for inventing all sorts of chocolates like milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Milton grew up with no chocolate! At the time, it was still a new invention in Europe! After that he set goals to make his own chocolate business. Like all his other goals he achieved that one.. | One character trait he had was he was very persistent because when one chocolate invention didn't work he kept trying over and over until it was just perfect enough to sell. Another reason was because he always worked hard at his chocolate factory - always making new chocolate shapes. | Another character trait Milton had was he was very ambitious because he always set goals for his chocolate factory and always worked hard to achieve them. Another reason is because Milton always thought of new ideas for the factory like Hershey Kisses.

30: Albert Einstein By Ryan Cole Einstein was famous because of his famous equation E=Mc2 and his great dicovery that light is glowing particles in a wave. | Did YOU know that when Einstein was young he got expelled for being too curious? As Albert grew older he was confused by light which lead to his famous discovery related to light.

31: Did you know Albert Einstein was originally a German? He became an American citizen in 1940.

32: Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors of all time. One of the reasons why he was a great inventor was that he created a working light bulb. | Thomas Edison also invented the first moving picture studio. If it weren't for him we probably wouldn't have movies today. | Thomas Edison By Julia Mann

33: Thomas Edison loved to invent thing in his labs. Did you know he had a lab for every season ? He spent almost 24/7 in his labs. Most nights he fell asleep in them. This is a picture of Thomas Edison's winter lab. | Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio . He died on October 18, 1931 due to natural causes . If it weren't for him we probably wouldn't have the things we have today.

34: Annie Oakley By Liam Smith Annie Oakley was famous for being the best female sharpshooter ever. She was born on August 13, 1860 in a rural part of Ohio in a log cabin. She had so many brother and sisters that they moved to a lot BIGGER house. Annie never liked doing work in the kitchen. She liked to do the farming out in the fields. One day there was a storm blowing up from the north so her father took the wagon out to get all the animals into the barn before the storm hit them but he got right in the middle of the storm.Then he almost froze to death right in the wagon. The horse found its way back to the ranch safely. When they made it back to the farm his hands were frozen to the reins. He died that spring. After her father died her sister died. Then Annie got married to Frank Buler. He was another sharp shooter. Annie Oakley lived from 1860 to 1926.

35: This is Miss Annie Oakley doing her famous trick.

36: Amelia Earhart By Keegan Willette Amelia Earhart was famous for being the first woman to fly a plane. Back in the 30's girls could not do what men did because men thought women were weak and lacking knowledge. She also was famous for her flights around the world and flying records such as beingthe first to fly 14,000 feet high.

37: One character trait Amelia Earhart demonstrated is to never give up. She wanted to learn how to fly. When Amelia was alive, men workrd and women stayed at home with the children. Amelia wanted to be a pilot. She took flying lessons even though she was a girl.

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