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Mrs. Fortner's Explorers Book

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S: Mrs. Fortner's Explorers Book


FC: Mrs Fortners Class

2: Juan Ponce de Leon | Juan Ponce de Leon was a explorer. He grew up in a poor, noble family. When Spain went to war with the Muslims, Juan was a soldier and fought in the war. But after the war, Juan was jobless. Spain won, so the king and queen of Spain hosted a celebration. But little did he know, that one man in that crowd held the answer. His name was Christopher Columbus | This is a picture of Juan Ponce de Leon

3: Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for the Fountain of Youth. He did not find what he was looking for. Ponce had explored for Spain. Spain also paid for the crew,ship and any other needs. He decided to become an explorer when he went on an expedition with Christopher Columbus.Ponce only went on Christopher's first journey, not the second. | Juan Ponce de Leon

4: Juan Ponce de Leon sadly died on his journey.He is still buried to this day in Old San Juan.

5: Bibliography | JUAN PONCE DE leon | By Ann Heinrichs | www.notablebiographies.com results | www.google.com | Juan Ponce de Leon Searches for the fountain of youth | http://www.enchanted learning.com/explorers/page/d/delon.shtml | http://welcome.topuertorico.org http://www.floridahistory.org/floridans/conqis.htm

6: Bibliography | http://www.floridahistory.com/inset11.html | http://school.discovery.com/homeworkhelp/worldbook/atozhistory/d/155920.html

7: Hernando De Soto's Route in North America | Hernando de soto was a famous explorer that explored a lot of North America.He traveled west towards the Americas,he first visited Havana,Cuba.Then he went north landing on the coast of Florida,he explored by foot from there.He traveled threw Georgia,he stopped in Cofitachequi,South Carolina.Then he went north traveling threw North Carolina,he moved west and stopped in Goosa,Georgia.Next he traveled southwest into Atahachi,Alabama,then he went west stopping in Mabila,Alabama.He moved northwest exploring Mississippi,Arkansas,and then he traveled along the Mississippi River.(Hernando de soto died on his exploration)His men then traveled threw Texas,Louisiana and then into the Gulf of Mexico.

8: Hernando De Soto | Hernando De Soto always wanted to become a solider! but he ended up becoming someone very important to history! | Hernando De Soto was just a young child when his parents died! he had a brother named Juan and two sisters named Catalina and Maria! | In the end Hernando De Soto was a gold driven conquistador! | Fortunately he became an explorer who helped discover the Americas!

9: Hernando De Soto left Spain in 1538! the famous explorer intended to find gold and become rich,but that never happened of course! | Hernando De Soto's great exploration | Hernando De Soto! | Hernando De Soto died on his exploration! he might of been the greatest explorer of all time! He might not of found gold but he found something more important! The Mississippi River! | Hernando De Soto died during his trip of a fever.His body was then put in the Mississippi river and the man continued on there journey!

10: TIME LINE | Born in St. Malo, France in 1491. -His parents were Jamet Cartier and Geseline Jansart. -Developed love for sailing at young age. -Married at 26, had no kids. -He became more experienced and commanded two ship. -King of France hired him to go on a trip to the East in 1534 -The King wanted new riches -He went down the St. Lawrence River and found Quebec -In Quebec he found a Iroqouis tribe. -They were called the Saguengy. -He made trading with Indians possible -

11: -Before he left, he kidnapped two kids of the Iroquois to show them of in France. -This discovery made countries jealous and wars started. -The leader of the tribe, Donnacona, got quite mad. -The king of France quickly sent him to his next trip. -This time he ventured deeper then before into the unknown. -He traded and made quite a fortune. - He went all the way to Montreal this time. -

12: Image from World Book at http://www.worldbookonline.com/contents/common-content/images/lg/pc325788.gif | JACQUES CARTIER

13: Jacques Cartier map | This is Jacques Cartier route down the St. Lawrence river. | http://jacquescartier1534.wordpress.com/voyage-of-1534-map-route/

14: Ferdinand Magellan

15: Ferdinand Magellan | Magellan was born in Portugal. 1480-April 27, 1521. | Ferdinand Magellan is an explorer who was the first to prove that people can go west to get to Asia. On his trip he brought 5 ships and about 270 men. He looked for a strait or sea passage to cut through the Americans to another ocean. Magellan wasn't always a sea captain. He first had to serve as a soldier than he became a sea captain. | Emperor Charles helped Magellan to his trip to the new world

16: When Ferdinand was working for king Manuel he kept asking the king for a higher payment. Later Ferdinand killed the inhabitants of Mactan.

17: Bibliography | http://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/article?id=ar831105&st=Ferdinand+Magellan

18: Henry Hudson ?-1611 | Henry Hudson was a English navigator hired by an English Muscovy company to try and find the northwest passage. The Europeans believed that there was a body of water that went though North America and to the Indies. Many Europeans have attempted to find this passage before Hudson. But Hudson thought you had to take a more northernly route to find the passage. The Muscovy company gave Hudson a boat and 20 crew members for his voyage. In the fall of 1609 Hudson began his journey. Henry Hudson sailed for two years. During the two years he came across some of Canada. He claimed the land he found for england. In the end his crew turned against him, and sent him away in a small boat with no food or supplies. | bibliography

19: Fun Facts | Almost nothing is recored about Hudson before his adventure. The English sailors had to take a very northernly route to avoid running into land claimed by the conquistadors. Not only did the reels send Hudson away, but they also sent his son and a few other crew members that were loyal to him. Hudson was married and had two kids. Hudson and his crew encountered many arctic animals such as the walrus.


21: Henry Hudson ?-1611 In Loving Memory | Will Heaven Ever Find Him?

22: Rene-Robert Cavalier | Rene-Robert Cavalier was an explorer of the Mississippi River. People know him as Robert De la Salle, his father's property. Born in Rouen, France on Nov.21, 1643, la Salle was born for adventure. Before he was an explorer, he studied the Jesuit religion to become a priest, just like his older brother, Jean. Later on, la Salle moved to Canada to get furs and riches. That's why he chose to become an explorer.

23: La Salle was sponsored by France. He set sail in 1666 to look for the Mississippi River. He ended in 1682. When la Salle finished exploring,he built a settlement on the Gulf of Mexico. | Explorations

24: La Salle discovered that you really can travel from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico. La Salle started to fight with his own men and was assassinated by 4 of his own on March 20, 1687. He is important to history because he is was the 1st one to travel down the Mississippi River. | income/ outcome

25: Bibliography | Websites we used for resources Wikipedia World book kids Oracle: Think Quest & Wiki Answers | Robert De La Salle | An Explorer Ship

26: Francisco Vasquez De Coronado Coronado was born in Salamaca,Spain in 1510.Francisco went to school before he was a explorer.He decided to be a explorer so he could find riches.He married the daughter of Spain's treasurer and had 8 children.

27: Explorations of Coronado. | In the year of 1540 Coronado and the crew of 300 Spaniards and 1000 native Americans.Coronado did not find what he was looking for which was gold and to spread Christianity.

28: Outcomes/Impacts | Coronado is important to history because he discovered the south of north America. While he was there he killed a Indian because he did not find gold were the Indian told him.He discovered Southwest of America.Fransisco Coronado died on Sept. 22, 1544 of a head injury.

29: Bibliography | Thank you to the sites Including http://www.enchantedlearning.comhttp://eduplace.,http://www.vaca.com/early-explorers.html,http://www.win.tue.nl/~engels/discovery/northam.html,and http://www.win.tue.nl/~engels/discovery/northam.html

30: John Cabot By Spencer Willig,Gage Keller, and Luke Ungerer

31: John Cabot's maps and routs

32: made by Gage Keller, Spencer Willig, and Luke Ungerer.

33: Facts on Cabot | John Cabot was born in Giovanni,Caboto on 1450.He was a merchant before he was a sailer.When he found out about Christopher Columbus thats when he wanted to become a explorer.Thankfully he was a skilled navigator so the job was perfect for him.He had one small ship with 15 men.He set sail in 1497.His ship was called the Matthew.that ship was used in the first trip.He didn't find what he looked for.

34: Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa,Italy on October31st,1451.He died on May 20th 1506. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer. He made a total of 4 trips during the years of 1492-1504. Christopher Columbus began a career as a seafarer at the age of14. Later he supported himself by selling maps and charts. In fact if he reached the in fact if he reached the Indies, Christopher Columbus was asking for a title, coat or arms for one-tenth of all prophets for Spain.It wasn't easy to get the money or the ships, but it was even harder to find a crew. Christopher Columbus first went to King John of Portugal with his idea to find a westward sea passage to Asia, but after months of waiting the answer was no thank you. Christopher Columbus did stop along the way when he was coming back to America,but it was only the first stop on his voyage.Christopher Columbus might of spread diseases, but what I do know is that he was a sailor and he held Native Americans captive and he also claimed land for Spain Christopher Columbus did stop on his voyage. | here is a picture of Christopher Columbus.

35: Bibliography To the websites that helped us find some of this information like Panda.com, Enchanted learning.com, and a book that helped us out a lot is the History Alive Book.

36: Exploration of Christopher Columbus His first voyage was the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria began on August 3, 1492. To find the route to India. Ferdinad 2 of Argon and Isabella 1 of Castile allowed him for the trip. His dad name was Domenico Colombo and his mom name was Susanna Fontanorosso. Around the age 15 Christopher Columbus became a sailor. In May 20th, 1506 age 54 Christopher Columbus died by a heart attack. Well what he was looking for(the route to Asia)he did not find but he found a route to Cuba.

37: Christopher Columbus's Time line | He was born in October 31st, 1451 in Genoa, Italy. At August 3rd, 1492 his first voyage took to America his three ships the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The he found a island and named it San Salvador. In 1493 with seventeen ships and 1,200 male colonists, Columbus sets out for the West Indies a second time.On 1494 after founding a colony on Hispaniola, Columbus explores the West Indies. | Also in 1498 on Columbus's third voyage from Spain to the New World, he becomes the first European to set foot in South America. At 1502 on his last voyage, Columbus explores the coast of Central America while searching for a passage to the Indian Ocean. Columbus died on May 20th, 1506 at Valladolid, Spain. o

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