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Mrs. Hutzel's Class Poetry Collection

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FC: Mrs. Hutzel's Class Poetry Collection

2: Kenny Black | I Believe that my cat plays the computer and eats my cookies when nobody is home unless its the 3rd or 4th Monday in May and the grass is mowed and its raining hard | I believe that I am going to own a pet fox Unless he is like my cat and he eats cats and he doesn't use the litter box | I don't believe in space cows Unless they're house broken and they have a flying saucer license and they have space helmets

3: Taijuan Carothers | I believe in not believing in stuff i don't believe in, Unless the stuff i don't believe in is actually something i believe in,That means i was lying unless you don't believe in lying.

4: Madelynn Carroll | i am dedicated and loving i wonder if ill ever walk on the moon i see the stars dancing i want to swim with the dolphins i pretend that everything happens for a reason i feel living is a dream let out i touch the fiery sun i worry when ill die i cry when someone hurts me i am dedicated and strong i understand well all die soon i say that water makes us live i dream that the wars will stop i try to save animals i hope the world will come to peace i am dedicated and strong

5: Kayce Durand | I am calm and quiet. I wonder what the future will be like. i hear people talking in the background of nothing. I see a comic describing my life.I want an MP3 player. I am calm and quiet. I pretend to be a different person. I feel as if someone is beside me but no one is there. I touch something feathery when it is rock. I worry about my friends and what the future will bring them. I cry when i think of my dead dog. I am calm and quiet. I understand when I am growing up. I say God is great. I dream about summer vacation. I try to do my best. I hope life will turn out good for me. I am calm and quiet.

6: Nena Farris | I believe in spirits unless there not real and if it is nonfiction and if it is a prank. I believe in vampires. unless it is daytime and if it is fake teeth and if their in the light and not running.

7: Zane Fink | I belive in playing video games unless i have to do chores and only if im at a good spot in my game and my bed is made I belive in drawing unless i need a shower and i need to eat and my clothes need washed I belive in eating unless im not hungry and its not time to eat and theres nothing to eat

8: Curtis Fry | Ode To The Sun It creeps into my bedroom window, filling my heart with its bright light as it shines its wake up call to the world. It shines its brilliance to the ever flowing ocean. As it rises, it rids us of the moon's wrathful curse of darkness. Its reassuring rays blaze their significance over my as they creep up the walls of my house. It gives us all heartwarming delight as it circles the globe shining bright. And then it retires after the long hours of the day. But it retires in its own special way. As when it is gone, the light is replaced by sorrow. But I never worry, for it will be back tomorrow.

9: Allison Gingrich | I believe if you are a good friend you deserve a good friend. You help them with their homework, you sit with them at lunch, and you give them a note that is way to important to be said aloud. I don't believe in doing the laundry except when money is given, and there is something fun involved. , and if you try to make me I'll so NO WAY!!! I would never tame a lion, especially when you are short and the beast could scarf you down in swallow, when the beast growls, RUN!!!!

10: Lydia Hammaker | I am I am goofy and active I wonder where I will be in the future I hear the buzzing bee I see a pink elephant dancing. I want to put my past behind me I am goofy and active I pretend to swim like a fish I feel the cool breeze I tough gentle flower I worry whats going to happed the next day I cry when death has brought forth to my family I am goofy and active I understand that the world is not hard or easy I say an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind I dream of anything on my mind I try to dedicate myself to my work I hope I live to be old I am goofy and active

11: Elizabeth Johnson | I cry, I'm sad. I miss you, you left. You never looked back, and I can't change it. I wish I could, I cry I'm sad. Because you left with no goodbyes and I miss you. I whisper to myself, as I've longed for a tearful goodbye.

12: Wesley Jumper | I believe in racing, unless they are canceled, and only if I am not in trouble, and all of my chores are done. I always ride bike or play sports, unless I can't play, and only if I feel like it, and all of my chores are done. I don't believe in doing dishes, unless there is such thing as a miracle washer, and only if I hate it, and I have nothing else to do.

13: Anonymous | Z-Zach is A-Always tired C-Can make some people laugh H-Has a hard time doing work

14: Matthew Keiter | Fish small,scaly bitting,pulling,swiming two fins and a tail Fishing.

15: Alyssa Meisel | As the water sits in the groundIt calms itself and doesn't move and when I look at it I want to fall asleep Now it's night There's a storm the trees start to rustle and the water begins to splash. In the morning i come back and it's like the water is sleeping It gets hot in the afternoon so at night time the water relaxes in the night breeze.

16: Tori Nailor | Ode to Bees In the trees a hive is found. As a yellow swarm buzzes around. A young one sound as it falls to the ground. There busy workers who harvest honey. Working for the Queen. All the live long day they collect pollen from flowers and roses and much more. They work so hard then return to their hive in the process of making sweet delicious honey. Bees

17: Bailey Potter | I am trustful and friendly I wonder about education I hear small voices I see a beautiful future I want lots of books I am trustful and friendly I pretend to be an actor I feel excited inside I touch the cold past I worry about death I cry waterfalls I am trustful and friendly I understand the economy I say believe in whats true I dream of a brighter tomorrow I try to make people happy I hope everyone learns I am trustful and friendly

18: Rondale Russell | waits at my tv waiting to be played white at its top and the controller is white play it every chance i can and white all around and the controller in reach now at night it is time for bed i have to shut it off put the controller down go to bed wait till the next day to play it again | ode

19: Eating the rainbow piece by piece.The skittles touch your tummy like tasteful treats. As many flavors and colors as there are in the world.They melt in your mouth. Strawberry, orange, grape, apple, so many many flavors I just cant decide. Skittles Skittles the best candy of all. Skittles Skittles they blow my mind! | Taylor Stone

20: Logan Ulsh | When she stands On the Atlantic, Staring out at sea with one hand holding a book, another a torch, back facing New York. With a green gown, The sign of Liberty. When I stood, Looking up at her, Even though I couldn't go inside I gaze up at her, With great, great pride

21: Jonathan Weller | It waits in the shed colored in blue key in my hand hear it roar what happens next... I'm out the door the land fills with dust as i fluster the birds into the night as i rode on and on back to the shed through the door till the next day I cant wait till it comes to start my cycle over and over again

22: Gabrielle Wright | I Am I am tall and smart I wonder if I'll ever name a planet I hear my favorite music playing in the background I see visions of the future I want to go to Greece I am tall and smart I pretend that everything happens for a reason I feel that life is just a long dream I touch the cotton candy clouds I worry when I will die I cry when someone that I'm very close to dies I am tall and smart I understand that the world will come to and end I say friends make the world go 'round I dream that the world will eventually be peaceful I try to help save the endangered ocean animals I say that there will soon be world peace I am tall and smart

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