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Mrs. Jones 1st Grade Class

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BC: Jerome Harrison Elementary School 2010-2011

FC: Mrs. Jones First Grade Class | 2010-2011

1: A teacher is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them, Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. A teacher is like Winter, While it’s snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable, As a warm and helpful guide. Teacher, you do all these things, With a pleasant attitude; You’e a teacher for all seasons, And you have my gratitude! | A Teacher for All Seasons:

2: In good writing, words become one with things. Ralph Waldo Emerson

3: Our Classroom | Adeline Christopher Adeline has made several contributions to Redwood Elementary this year as the fourth grade class president. Her leadership skills have made a positive impact on the student body.

4: You can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right; but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count. Winnie the Pooh

5: Big Smiles | Games | Fun Times!

8: Mrs. Jones's Talented Class | Something Strange By Nolan Brustman One day there was a girl and boy. They woke up. When they woke up they saw a alien ship. In their front yard the boy opened the door and the boy almost went out and stood next to the alien ship. They went outside and ran away to get there dad and mom. The mom and dad came to the house. And the dad and mom did not see a alien ship. They didn’t see anything there. They went inside and the alien ship went away, they were free to play outside.

9: The Parrot and The King by Ryan Lemay Once upon a time, there was a parrot, his name was Alicksx. One day a volcano blew. The parrot squawked and squawked and squawked even screamed. The parrot was frightened. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Alicksx flew away. She was scared. And for Alicksx is very sad because she is very scared. One day Alicksx heard a loud Boom. Alicksx was very very, very scared. Suddenly, Alicksx heard a horn and a trumpet and then horses pulling a throne with a king. The King found the parrot. The King brought the parrot to the palace and they lived happily ever after.

10: Weekend News by Giada Mercuriano I went to store and I got a frog and a turtle that says ‘Home Sweet Home’. Then we grilled brd stak.. it is fun and yummy.

11: I've got magical talents! | Talent Show 2011 | Friends Together by Leo Polanco One day two friends were playing baseball but they hit a window. There mom got mad. I am so mad at you two, said Mom. So she pushed them. “But Mom”, No said Mom but the boy had a plan. Wait I have a plan; we will go out the basement window. When dad goes to make toast, we will exit the window. So they fixed the window and Dad might never find out. When we fix the window we will show Dad and he will say, how did you fix the window? With team work. Good job, now you two are unpunished. Yeah and they lived happily ever after.

12: "Learning is Fun!" | The Year in News by Nikolas Proestakis It all started on a beautiful September morning. After getting off the bus, my new classmates and I entered our classroom with caution, only to find the sweetest teacher in the world, Mrs. Jones. The month started off good as we got to know our teacher and what to expect over the year. My day was filled with math, reading, writing, Gym, Library, Art, and Music. Who knew that my favorite part of the day would be writer’s workshop! We also had back to school night and prepped for Family for Night. We even got to parade around in our Halloween costumes, of course with Leo, Isaac and Ryan A. Such fun! November came with such surprise as we made Turkey’s out of our hands and colored our pilgrims!!! December was here before we knew it and had a great holiday party with my classmates. Wow! It’s already January and half way thru the school year which we celebrated the 100th day of school and got hit hard with a lot of snow days! Yuck! March we went to the Yale Center of British Art’s my mom was able to come as a volunteer! We had our April vacation and were able to “veg out” as the school year is quickly ending. May is here and we are so excited to go on our last field trip! We got to see a play, so cool!!!! As we end off the school year in June, my classmates and I play in field day and have an end of the year party! But I will never forget what I have been taught and what I have learned, as I have grown into a young man the past year with the help of Mrs. Jones, our awesome TEACHER!

13: Letter by Lauren Pietrandrea Dear Mrs. Jones, you are the greatest teacher of all teachers. I do not want to go to the 2nd grade class without you. I wish we can never leave each other do not leave me. I love you for a teacher I love being with you in the class room every day. I love to play with you. I love to spend time with you, I love reading with you. I love you Mrs. Jones. Don''t leave me. Love Lauren

14: Halloween

15: Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try. Dr. Seuss

16: Art by Ava Bonapace | The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. Dr. Seuss

17: Animal Antics by Carley Parente One hot summer day, Lauren and Jacob were taking a walk with their wagon. Then they saw something bushy and furry. Then they walked closer and guess what they saw. A huge puppy. “Should we keep it but a secret from mom?” Lauren asked. “Yeah” Jacob answered. So they did but when the dog got in the wagon the wheels broke. And the kids realized that the dog was too heavy! The End

18: Story By Alissia Hunt One Day there was a dog named Pixie. She was a Husky. Pixie liked to take long walks in the yard with me. She liked to run and play catch. Pixie also dug holes. | Marsha Beamer | Clayton Carter

19: The Spooky Tunnel by Spencer Greene and Izaac Pereira One hot day there was two boys walking. They fell in a tunnel but they didn’t know where they were going and that made them really scared so they yelled for minutes, hours, and years. When they got to the bottom of the tunnel they saw a bunch of people standing there. They said, “Geis, were in a bad mood, could you leave?” “Sure” “Thank you”. When they left they climbed up they went to their house they gave their mom fifty hugs and they lived happily ever after.

20: Story by Mia Oliverio One day there was a little girl. The little girl was going to 1st grade. She was happy to meet with her 1st grade teacher. Her 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Jones. The little girl was shy. She was worried that she would not make new friends. But when she got to school she felt happy. The little girl was happy that she made lots of new friends. Now the little girl loved 1st grade and she specially loved Mrs. Jones. She is ready to go to 2nd grade. The End.

21: The Beautiful Fairy Saves the Day by Saoirse Burke Once upon a time there was two girls that were waking in the backyard. They saw a fairy. The fairy had sparkles on its wing. Next the fairy came down from the sky. We said yyyou aaare prettier than I thought. Are you the prettiest in your group? Yes, I am. The fairy was so beautiful; our brother came out and said who is your friend? Then it got dark. We heard something. We thought it was a tornado. A tornado came by and picked us up. HELP! We cried. Get us out of here. Then the tornado brought them to a puddle. Ahhh! We cried. Help us! Then Ava fell in, she couldn’t fly. Get me up. Ok, we said Lauren and Saoirse. Get us out of here. I’m coming. Hurry up. Ok! The fairy saved them from the tornado.

22: READING | WRITING | Weekend News by Ryan Anderson I went trick or treating with my Mom and Dad. I got my favorite candy twizlers. I went to 30 houses. I carved a jack-o-lantern. I played football with my Dad. | Letter by Ryan Anderson I like Mrs. Jones she plays fun games with us my favorites are hang mouse and around the world.

23: Fun Day was so amazing...Ms Jones Class - 3rd place winners!

25: The Spooky Night! By Saoirse Burke and Carley Parente Chapter 1 ‘Cage Trap’ One spooky cold night Daniyella and Amy were walking home from their hike. But then they came across a spooky looking house. “What kind of house is this?” asked Amy. “I don’t know, I think it’s a old castle.” Daniyella told her. Then they walked in the castle. Then they started running up the stairs but when they got all the way up the stairs. They saw a boy trapped! But then Amy fell into it! AHHHH!” Amy yelled. Amy was holding the key to the cage trap but it was to late. She was already in the trap. “HELP!!!” Daniyella yelled back. Steven was Amy’s cousin. Steven was no ordinary boy though. He had clothes that no other boy had, black strait sparkly hair, and purple running shoes. Chapter 2 ‘Cousin Seeking’ “Steven!” Amy yelled. “Amy?” Steven said back shocked. They shot their heads and arms over to each other but they forgot about the cage and BAM! They banged their heads and soon enough they were on the floor with their eyes shut tight. Then Daniyella noticed them and noticed the key on the floor. Then she opened the door to the cage with the key, pulled out the cousin’s still with their eyes shut. Suddenly, a fairy flew over to them from her hiding place and said “BOO! He, he, he,” startling Daniyella and waking up the cousins. The End.

27: Friends! | Field Trips are cool! | I love first grade!

28: Yale British Art Museum


31: We chose this special present because we wanted you to know, That were grateful for your hard work in helping us to grow. For your constant understanding and for always being there, To tell us we can do it and to show us that you care! | ~ Thank You ~ | Mrs Jones 1st Grade Class | Ryan Anderson Ava Bonapace Nolan Brustman Saoirse Burke Spencer Greene Alissia Hunt Tyler Kenyon Ryan Lemay | Giada Mercuriano Mia Oliverio Carley Parente Izaac Pereira Lauren Pietrandrea Leonardo Polanco Nikolas Proestakis Ariana Salzillo

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