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Mrs. Sciarratta's Civil War

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FC: Mrs. Sciarratta's Civil War Book 2012-2013

2: Harriet beecher Stowe was born in 1811 and died in 1896. She was a famous abolitionist and as well as an author. In her career as and author, she wrote the famous book known as Uncle Tom's Cabin.In 1832, her family moved Cincinnati where see saw slavery for the first time in her life. After that she treated Africans different. She thought every person should be created equally. She sadly died at the age of 85 in 1896. She will always be remembered for her inspiring writing.

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4: Nathanul Banks Nathanul Banks was born on January 30th. He was against slavery. He lived in Boston in the north with the union. Nathanul Banks was a military General but later was given advanced military general in 1861. All though he was not a very good General though. He had won the liberal party endorsment. He sadly died on September 1,1894

5: Nathanul Banks | pic from

6: Mary. E Walker | She was a union doctor. She got a medal for her work. | She was against slavery. She was born in 1832, and died in 1919.

7: pic from | She hated slavery.

8: General Lee was born in 1807 and died in 1870. Lee's dad was in the Revolutionary war so Lee wanted to follow in his dad's foot steps so he joined the army. Lincoln wanted to have Lee as general for the Union but he wanted to be loyal to his home state. his Le e

9: e |

10: Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield

11: Who Was Clara Barton? | Clara Barton was a battlefield nurse for people who were fighting in the civil war. Before she became a nurse, she knew nothing about being one. In fact, she worked a copy clerk! After a while, Barton's work was reconized by Abraham Lincoln himself! Lincoln then gave her a job to find the missing or wounded soliders so they could be reconized. Early Years Barton was truly a great nurse and helped in times of need. She was born in Oxford, Massachusetts on December 25, 1821. Her full name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She started caring about nursing people back to health when she first nursed her brother, David following an accident. The Last Years Barton's last years included the book The Story Of My Childhood written by herself.

12: Dred Scott was a union slave who fought for his freedom. His birth date is unknown and he died in 1858. The exact date is unknown. He was owned by the Bloh family. The Bloh family soon had to sell Dred Scott to the Emersons. Dred was very much against slavery one reason was because he was a slave. One day his master, Dr.Emerson, took him to a military base in Wisconsin and Illinois. Both of those states were free states. Dred thought that he should be free. Now after Dr.Emerson died Dred sued Mrs.Emerson for taking him to free areas and not setting him free. This situation got out of hand and went all the way to supreme court. The judge was Alexander Hamilton. Unfortunately Dred was not set free. He is a man that has never lived free. WE SALUTE YOU DRED SCOTT!

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14: Abraham Lincoln he was on the union side and was against slavery. he was born on February 12 1809 and was killed on April 15 at Washington DC. one of his famous quotes was by the people for the people of the people shall not parish from this earth. one of his achievements were making most people stay on the union side.his one of his impacts were fighting for the worlds freedom and no more slaves/slave owners. | picture found at

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16: John W. Booth John W. Booth was born in Bel Air, Maryland on May 10,1838 and died in 1865. He was born into an acting family and he began acting when he was 17 years old.His job was to be an Confederate agent and he was for slavery. He was known for killing Abe Lincoln.He originally wanted to kidnap Abe Lincoln,but since it didn't work out,he choose to assassinate Abe Lincoln. The people who helped Booth were Mary Surratt,Lewis Thorton Powell,Gorge Atz Eroldt,David Herald and Dr.Mudd.All of them were tried and hanged.In his opinion his ''achievement'' was killing Abe Lincoln.Because of the killing of Abe Lincoln,someone had to become president

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18: Sojourner Truth | Who Was Sojourner Truth? | Sojourner Truth was a runaway slave

20: George Pickett | DATE born: 16 Jan, 1825 | DATE died: 30 July, 1875 | The action at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863 | Graduated West point military academy.

21: photo found at | Confederate for slavery.----------------> | FACT: Received 2 brevets for his gallantry during the Mexican war.

22: William Lloyd Garrison | William Lloyd Garrison was born on 1805 and died in 1879.He was also a Union Abilionist

24: Jefferson Davis | Picture found at E

25: Jefferson Davis was born in 1809 to 1889. He lived for exactly 80 years! Davis was known for being the confederate president and led the Mexican War. After the south lost the Civil War, Davis wrote a book called The Rise and Fall of the Confederacy to blame others for failure of the Confederate States of America. acy

26: Ulysses S. Grant By: Jason Zheng | Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 27, 1822 and died on July 23, 1885. In the Mexican War, he was assigned as the 4th Infantry. His job was to be Quartermaster General for the regiment, where he performed excellently. He received two brevets at the battles Molino del Rey and Chapultepec for his bravery. After the Mexican War, he resigned his commission in 1854 to return home. He attempted at farming and real estate, failing both jobs, and finally ended up working in his father's store in Illinois. When the Civil War started, Grant offered services as colonel to Illinois but was rebuffed. After a long while, the governor of Illinois did appoint Grant as colonel and he entered service. He first started out as the Colonel of the 21st Illinois Infantry regiment and quickly got promoted to Brigadier General. His first great success was when he captured Forts Henry and Donelson in 1862. After the captures of Forts Henry and Donelson, Grant was embarrassed by being surprised by

27: Confederates at Shiloh. Grant managed to win the battle, but many of his critics said that the caught was unprepared. On July 4, 1863, General Pemberton surrendered Vicksburg and his army to Grant. The surrender of Vicksburg, along with Port Hudson, the entire Mississippi was under Union control. After these victories, Grant was promoted to Major General. After Vicksburg, Grant also won at Chattanooga, thus promoting him to Lieutenant General. President Abraham Lincoln gave him the Army of the Potomac and full control of all of the Union troops. Finally, in 1865, Grant surrounded Robert E. Lee's army at the Appomattox Court House, forcing Lee to surrender.

28: Dorothea Dix

30: Clara Barton

31: John Brown After creating havoc in Kansas and Missouri, he and five of his sons captured the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. His goal was to collect

32: Life of Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman's undercover name was Moses. She was born 1820 and died in 1913. She was on the union side because she was a slave. Harriet was known for leading over300 slaves to freedom. Harriet was allowed to return to her family between jobs. Also Harriet was able to get to the north with out getting caught. Her impact was that she helped slaves escape slavery.

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34: The life of Sarah Edmonds | Sarah was against slavery. That means she was apart of the union. She served as a union

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36: Henry clay Henry clay was born on mar 7 he fought for slavery but died at October 13 1889.The side he was on was the Confederate army. The rank he was a one star general sadly

38: Fredrick Dougless He was a slave all his life one day one day he escaped! to a free state after he escaped slavery he became part of the union government he was born 1818 to 1895 and he served as a abolitionist as we'll on the left theres are picture of him to the left >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> | m

40: James Buchanan | James Buchanan was the 15th president of the United States. He was born in 1791 and died in 1868. He did not want slavery. He did not want war. | James Buchanan

42: THE LITTLE 2 PAGE PAGE THING OF STONEWALL JACKSON!!!!!!!! Stone wall was born on 1/21/1824. He was considered to be a very good general. He was cocky and was known for being a good general in the south. He made no famous quotes.

43: He made no big achievements. He was In the Confederate States Of America.

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