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Ms. Stone's Class Poetry Collection

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Ms. Stone's Class Poetry Collection - Page Text Content

S: 6 Orange 2010

FC: Ms. Stone's Class Poetry Collection

1: Look, Look A book A book for me, a book all filled WITH POETRY, a book that I can read and read. A book Exactly what I need. Look, Look A book to open wide, and marvel at the words inside, to sit and savor quietly. Look, Look A book A book for me. - Children's Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky

2: Video Games Awesome, Fun Addicting, Playing,Exciting Controller, Game, System, TV Amazing, Manipulating, Exercising Great, Cool Jaren Baum Jaren Baum

3: Emily Blazina

4: Renee Cless | Believe and don't Believe I believe that girls can play with boys,Unless they are smaller,or younger, and they don't know what they are doing,and they can't shoot. I don't believe that boys are better than girls in sports, Unless we have to tackle, or break a nail, or stub our toe. I believe that girls can shoot better,Unless we have to talk to friends, or we have to shop, or it's too hot to practice outside.

5: Austen Burtnett | Charger is faster than a Dodge Viper SRT10. Honda s2000 can't compete with it. A lot of horse power. Rumbles loudly. Get out of my way. Every Charger is unique. Rides smoothly on open road.

6: Mike Comp | Rock loud fast dancing playing singing Metallica, Rat Ac Dc,Ozzy listening,talking watching tall short people

7: Griffin Eshelman | Snakes scaly, smooth hissing, striking, stalking frogs , mice , lizards , rats swallowing, chomping, eating quiet, stealthy, scales

8: Ode to my soccer ball when I think soccer I go out to play I run like a chicken with its head cut off when I kick the ball it goes with a flick when it hits the wall I go for a fall soccer, soccer, oh soccer ball where did my soccer ball go? I have it I need it I want it so bad now I put on my ankle pads when I become sad I might say I think I might just go to the bay by the end of the day I go to lay the next morning I see something corny it is back the end | Austin Fickes

9: Kara Harbold | Ode to Fish fish swim happy and joyful fish have no bothers with the rocks in the water the leaves that may fall in from big trees on the river bank leaves are like shades in their everyday life yet the creeks and streams are calm, the ocean is stirring with waves and coral reefs friends and families all live together in Fish-Peace.

10: Stevie Hutchinson | Ode To My Cell Phone Its in my pocket small black and silver you hear a beep[ when texting a sound goes off many times when many friends are sending me messages Happiness and joy comes when I use it it makes me smile and laugh in the morning when I'm tired I love the songs that play in the morning to awake me they play over and over letting me know that someone is texting me it's a tip of technology and I love it

11: Ethan Jones | Planet Alone, dark Floating, resting, shining Board, tired, metal, cold, Magnifying, reflecting, enlarging Shiny, long, Telescope

12: Derek Kauffman | ODE TO HOWLING Out in the open wilderness a white blanket covering the ground. Whats this? Its the sound of a wolf! You can see that I'm getting excited. I try to call back. I'm so free Nothing holding me back. I can talk to nature another howl This is living In my mind I can see the pack running over the tundra Its so exciting and relaxing at the same time. They are getting closer Howls and yips are getting close Over the horizon I can see a huge powdery dust of shining snow Here comes the pack And here I go.

13: Jazmine Kelly | MY ACROSTIC Jazmine is Always happy Zazzy Multitasker never Impatient all the time Never not noisy Extremely cheerful

14: Annie Megonnell | I Believe... I believe that everything happens for a reason... unless Kanye West comes up and says that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time, and only if all the single ladies are all single, and only when he actually puts a ring on it. I believe that someone will eventually love you, unless you hate them, and they have some pretty bad b.o., and they have a little bit of that spinach on their teeth from that sandwich they had earlier at lunch I believe that the world is going to end...someday, unless Kanye interrupts that too, and the movie 2012 is lying, and there isn't anymore of those dang earthquakes in California.

15: Tony Ortiz

16: Yvette Paey | Waiting through nightfall, they are my happiness as soft as a new born kitten I love my clothes there as pretty as a rose in case you didn't knows Ahhh, now I sit back in my nice new knitted clothes --My Happiness

17: Fallon Peters | Ode to Seasons throwing snowballs making forts sledding down an icy hill slip and slide across the yard WINTER'S HERE!!!! snow is melting the grass is green there's buds upon the trees it's getting warmer sometimes it rains SPRING'S HERE!!!! riding bikes the weathers hot wearing shorts and short sleeve tops cooling winds and swimming pools SUMMER'S HERE!!!! cooler evenings leaves of brown it's getting colder all around no more swimming school is starting FALL'S HERE!!!!

18: Kadi Putt | I AM I am strong minded and outgoing I wonder what someone sees I hear dogs yipping softly I see children playing I want to stop time I am strong minded and outgoing I pretend I can fly like superman I feel the wind in my hair I touch the clouds and moon I worry that I might die early I am strong minded and outgoing I cry when someone dies I am strong minded and outgoing I understand we all have to die I say let's freeze time I dream of being able to fly I try to get everything done

19: Paige Rice | Ode to Toys They are in every toy trunk Waiting to come to life Full of happiness and joy Balls, Dolls, Trains, and frisbees Wanting to be played with Wanting to be occupied They hear feet running toward them Laughing and yelling Saying "let's get the toys"! They become excited Hardly can contain themselves Hardly can wait Then they hear silence No more little happy feet No more laughing and yelling No more wanting to be occupied Then they fall asleep

20: Grayson Ricker | Oceans cool,blue flowing,moving,swimming waves,choral,fish,shark waving,floating,refreshing wavy,wet sea

21: Micahlah Sarver | ODE TO MY DOG! He waits in the basement, All day long, Short hair,black, Dirty from rolling, Around in the dirt, Cute like a baby black cub, Dinner time, He rushes like a cougar for food, Then when he is done, He looks at me like where is my water, And I say oh my gosh fine here you go then, When he is done he looks at me like what about my duties, I say o dear gosh are you almost done yet, And he just keeps looking at me like well are you going to let me out or what"? And i say fine and then when I let him out and then he comes back in and lays down and goes to sleep, And I say thank gosh. .

22: Jasmine Schreffler | I believe that my friends are awesome unless there mean to me and if they gave me a bad gift and if they just ignore me. I believe in always getting on facebook to chat unless I have chores to do and if I just don't feel like it or I have plans to go somewhere. I believe that music rocks unless the singers really bad and if the music really slow and if it completely bores me.

23: John Searer | houses school mall street talking walking racing playful cool friends | Friends fun exciting playing sharing texting

24: Codi Spoonhour | I believe that I will never quit cheerleading, unless I get too old, and too wrinkly, or I brake a n ail.. I believe that hunting is ok unless you hunt for fun or you hunt for trophied, or you hunt for stupid people. I believe tthat I shouldn't ever wear my champion jacket unless it is clean, and it matches my outfit, and my bag.

25: Horrible School School should be 3 hours long unless we have gym and the rest recess and we can take a nice long nap and do whatever we want I believe in having no homework unless you have to just color a picture and your just have to watch TV and go outside to play i believe in having a 6 day weekend unless we have parties and dances with lots of snacks and drinks and we just sit and do whatever we want CHASTEN UNGER

26: Travis Zeiders | Driving | Driving, fast,slow turning,racing,spinning mirror,engine,keys,car,hood sliding,screeching,hurting pain,blood

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