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Ms Woodyard's compare contrast essays

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S: Compare and Contrast Essays

FC: Compare and Contrast Essays Ms. Woodyard's FIfth Graders December 2009

1: Compare/Contrast Essays Ms. Woodyard's Fifth Graders December 2009 | One of the required fifth grade writing products is a compare/contrast essay. These are the culminating essays written by this class.

2: Cheetos and Doritos By: Daniel Although Doritos and Hot Cheetos are both famous they have various differences. Doritos are triangles while Hot Cheetos are various shapes. Ingredients is a whole other world. Doritos of course have an unknown ingredient but Hot Cheetos have cheese and some kind of spicy sauce. Thirdly they both are stored in bags but the Hot Cheeto one has Chester Cheetah on it and the bag also has flames on it and the Doritos one only has Doritos shown on them. Doritos taste like tomato sauce and Hot Cheetos have a cheesy hot kind of flavor.

3: Maps vs. G.P.S BY Allen Although a map and G.P.S are alike they also have differences. A G.P.S is made of metal and a map is paper . However the G.P.S talks and a map doesn't . a G.P.S has a couple of buttons a map has none. Although a G.P.S is electric a map is not. A G.P.S is brand new and a map is old. A G.P.S has a touch screen and a map is boring. Now you know about the differences between a G.P.S and a map.

4: Cats and Dogs by Rebecca Cats and dogs are different kinds of animals. Although cats and dogs both make sounds, cats meow and dogs bark. Secondly, cats eat different foods than dogs. Cats eat fish and dogs eat crunchy bits. They both greet people differently. Dogs wag their tails and bark. On the other hand, cats don’t lick and they kiss with their nose. Cats and dogs both love to play. Cats like to play with hair ties while dogs like to fetch and run. When these animals are around each other, cats start screeching and hissing, but dogs start to bark furiously. That's how cats and dogs are different.

5: Dogs and Cats by Catia Although dogs and cats are similar, they have some differences. Let’s start with sound. Dogs go ‘’woof’’. Cats go ‘’Me-ow ’’. Next, is how they are helpful. Some dogs help blind people. Cats don’t really help people. Some dogs help you exercise. Cats help you calm down and pet them. Secondly is what they do. Some cats climb trees and dogs don’t climb trees. “Bath time!” calls the owner. A variety of dogs love water. Cats bathe themselves by licking their fur. Last but not least, is how they do their “business”. Cats need a litter box. Dogs go outside. To conclude, dogs and cats are different in many ways.

6: 4th grade vs. 5th grade By Jordan Fourth and fifth grade are the same in some ways, but they are also different. We didn’t seem to do science as often as we do in 5th grade. Even though math was easier in 4th grade than in 5th grade, I still like doing math. Recess wasn’t as fun in 4th grade than in 5th grade. Even though 5th graders do a lot cooler things than 4th graders do I still like the things 4th graders do. In spite of the fact that kids like 5th grade more than 4th grade I like both grades. Fourth and 5th grade are two grades that kids enjoy.

7: Winter and Summer By Nayamy Winter and summer are great seasons but in different ways. In winter, you go sledding. On the other hand, in summer, you go swimming and do other activities. While in winter it snows, in summer it`s sunny and warm. Although the clothing we wear in winter is jackets and warm mittens, summer’s clothing is swimsuits, shorts, and other clothing that feels right for the hot temperature. In winter, you wear snow boots and in summer you wear sandals. The place where you spend most of your time in winter is inside and in summer you`re mostly outside. To conclude, although they are different, winter and summer are seasons to enjoy.

8: Little Caesars and McDonalds By Blanca Little Caesar’s and McDonald’s are very different places to eat. Little Caesars mostly sells pizza, on the other hand McDonalds sells hamburgers. In Little Caesar’s you might want to eat with more than two people but in McDonald’s you can eat by yourself. The ways you get your order in Little Caesar’s is by going inside and wait about a minute. However in McDonald’s you can dine in, drive through, or go inside and take out. Little Caesar's has an ordinary place but McDonalds has playgrounds. Lastly, the symbol of McDonald is a big, yellow M while Little Caesars is a caveman eating a slice of pizza. As you can see McDonalds and Little Caesars are very different places to eat.

9: Skateboarding and BMX riding are different. In skateboarding you can drop in but in bike riding you just ride in. They both can jump. Grind bikes can go up and put their front tire up all by its self and pop down. Skateboards can do head plants. You can buy skateboards at Zumiez but you can buy bikes like mongoose at rad skate shop.com. To conclude, skateboarding and BMX riding are different. | BMX and Skateboarding By Trey

10: Skateboarding and BMXing By David Skateboarding and bmxing are different in many ways. First of all when you ride BMX you ride a bike and when you skateboard you ride a skateboard. Skateboards are different because skateboards have four wheels and bikes have just two wheels. Last, there are more tricks in skateboarding than there are in bmxing. But there are similar things also, they both draw crowds so people can cheer for them. Although skateboarding and bmxing are different, they're both sports. Some people like skateboarding and some people like bmxing. As you can see, skateboarding and bmxing are different , all kinds of people love doing them.

11: Snowboarding and Skiing By James Snowboarding and skiing are two different sports that everyone likes. Snowboarders lean forward so they get more speed. Skiers have sharp sticks so they go faster. Snowboarders do a lot of tricks like the coffin or 280 twist. Still, skiing is in the lead because skiing has more tricks like the splits or the roll. Snowboarding is better on a half pipe but skiing is better downhill. Lastly, snowboarders have one board under their feet when skiers have two boards under their feet. As you can see snowboarding and skiing are two different sports.

12: Ripstick vs. Skateboards By: Rourke Ripsticks and skateboards are two similar things but I’m going to tell you how they are different. First, as far as speed a ripstick goes faster and a skateboard goes slower. Yet, the amount of wheels a ripstick has is only two wheels and the amount a skateboard has is four wheels. However, the amount of tricks a ripstick can do is not a lot and a skateboard can do a lot of tricks. Otherwise, the movement you have to do for a ripstick is to wiggle it you push a skateboard with one of your feet. Finally there are many more skateboards than ripsticks because ripsticks haven’t been made for that long a time and skateboards have been made as far back as I can remember. In conclusion, I told you the difference between a ripstick and a skateboard. Now you make a list of how they are similar.

13: Cats and Dogs by Angel Although cats and dogs are similar in some ways these are some of their differences. Cats are more claimer because they are always lazy and dogs are hyper, jumpy, and wild . Their shelters are also a little different because cats belong mostly inside but dogs go outside most of the time. However, cats and dogs also have different habits. For example cats always scratch on things and dogs growl and bark at things. Finally, a dog’s enemy is a cat and a cat’s enemy is a dog.

14: Wendy's and Dominos by Alfonso Although Wendy’s and Dominos are American restaurants, they sell different things to eat. First, Dominos sells pizza and hot wings while Wendy’s sells hamburgers and more! Second, in order to eat at Wendy’s you have to use the drive-thru or go inside to eat. However, at Dominos you can order online or the people can deliver it to you. Third, Dominos can feed five people. When you order from Wendy’s it only feeds one person. Fourth, the desserts that are sold from Dominos are chocolate lava volcanoes. What Wendy’s sells are Frosties. Fifth, the symbol of Dominos is of course a domino. The symbol of Wendy’s is a red haired girl with pigtails. As you can see those are the differences I can think of between Dominos and Wendy's.

15: Vampires and Werewolves By Nicole Although they are very similar vampires and werewolves are very different too! First, vampires eat the blood of animals like humans and cows. On the other hand, werewolves mostly eat the meat of humans. Werewolves and vampire also have different eyes! For example werewolves have brown eyes and black eyes! Vampires have gold and red eyes. Also male werewolves have 8 sharp teeth while females have 4 sharp teeth. Vampire males have 4 sharp teeth and females have 2. Vampires usually have white skin and sometimes they have tan skin if they have been in the light. Werewolves have black and brown skin. They also have blood in side on them too! Vampire blood is a really dark red color but werewolves have a really light red blood color. As you can see vampires and werewolves are 2 different things that people are sometimes scared of but I’m not.

16: Gym & Math By Leah Although, gym and math are both school subjects, they are very different. First of all, they both help you in life. Gym is good for getting in shape. On the other hand, math helps gets finances done. Although, gym makes your brain get started, math helps you get a career. However, you use them every day. In math you multiply and subtract. In gym you can use parts to get exercise. Nevertheless, the two activities are similar. In gym you can play basketball and in math you can play multiplication bull’s-eye. Last but not least, we have two different teachers; for gym we have Mr. Renes and in math we have Ms.Woodyard. As you can see, gym and math are two different school subjects that people enjoy.

17: Aliens versus Werewolves by Shelby S. Although both would NOT make good pets or girlfriends, Aliens and Werewolves are very different. First, aliens are from another planet, while werewolves come from being bitten by another werewolf. Also aliens look green, bald, and gross but werewolves are like wolf like people - furry, fangs, ripped clothes. Aliens and werewolves behave differently too. Aliens speak a different language, have telepathic powers, use their tentacles to greet people and use as their voices. Werewolves act like a regular wolf but are very aggressive and bite. Also they are very scary, don’t like humans, and don’t make good girlfriends.

18: Penguins and Eagles By: Jasmine Penguins and eagles are different kinds of birds. First, penguins have thick fathers to keep them warm but eagles just have feathers. Second, penguins eat shrimp and fish but eagles eat fish and small mammals. Third, penguins slip, slide, and swim and eagles swoop, glide, and fly. Fourth, eagles live all around but penguins live in Antarctica. Last but not least, eagles fly while penguins just wobble around. To conclude penguins and eagles are different.

19: B.M.X and SKATEBOARDING By Joe Although they are both famous B.M.X and skateboarding are two very different things! First of all both have dangerous stunts. For a bike you may stand up, for skateboards you have to stand up. Bikes were invented in 1914. Skateboards were invented in1961. A 180g-turn, 360, 180, 180fact jam and ice pick grind are tricks a bike can do. On the other hand skateboarders can ollie, early grab, kick flip back side, and tail slide. Mega-star riser interchangeable column, are B.M.X’s awards. I found none for skateboards. This is why they are two magnificent yet different sports.

20: Huskies and Jack Russells By: Jessica Even though a Husky and a Jack Russell are both dogs they have various differences. First, a Husky and Jack Russell are different sizes. A Jack Russell is small while a Husky is medium or large. Next, is the jobs that they have. Although a Jack Russell is a small dog it is a hunting dog and a Husky is a sled dog. Another thing is how they behave. A Husky is not as hyper as a Jack Russell; they are crazy. They also have a type of weather they like to be in. A Husky loves the cold weather but a Jack Russell would rather be in the warm weather. Last but not least , is the type of food they eat. A Husky eats big dog food and a Jack Russell eats small dog food. To conclude a Husky and a Jack Russell are both different types of dogs.

21: Video Games and Board Games By Austin Video game and board games are both fun games to play even though they have lots of differences. First, video games have digital voices but board games have real people talking. Next, video games are digital while on the other hand, board games are not. Third, when you get hurt in a video game the remote starts to vibrate, and board games you lose a turn, lose a point or lose the game. Although video games and board games are different, they are types of games that people enjoy playing.

22: Feline vs. Canine By Genevieve A feline is a cat and a canine is a dog and they have many differences. When cats and dogs are around each other they react differently; cats hiss, claw, and whine while dogs are curious of cats. Talking is different also, because cats “meow” and dogs “bark”. For amusement cats love to climb and jump however, unlike cats dogs run wildly. Dogs love humans but, cats are outrageously adorable when they purr, and kisses with a nose are a great way to say “hi”. Dogs sniff your butt, wag their tail, and lick for kissing. Meal time means cats demand fish while dogs want their fish bones. Truly cats and dogs are really different mammals.

23: Wings vs. Pizza By Lanessa Although they come from the same restaurant, wings and pizza are different in many ways. First of all, wings are really spicy when you order them hot. Pizza is not spicy no matter what. When you order wings it comes in a small box, but pizza comes in a big box. Even though pizza has crust, wings have bones which means that there is less food to eat. Pizza comes from dough and wings come from little chickens. Last but not the least, when they get the wings they put the little chickens in the freezer then when they’re ready they get the chickens out and get them ready to eat, but pizza is made by hand and right away put in the oven. It doesn’t matter how they're different, it just matters how people enjoy them.

24: Thanksgiving and Christmas By Shelby and Thomas Christmas and Thanksgiving are very different. For example, on Christmas day you eat ham, however on Thanksgiving Day you eat turkey. Secondly on Thanksgiving for desert you have pumpkin pie. Then, on Christmas you have cookies. Thirdly, for Christmas you decorate with lights and stockings. Then, on Thanksgiving you decorate with paper turkeys and fake fruit. Last but not least, the reason why kids celebrate Christmas is so they can have presents. The reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving is so we can celebrate the Pilgrims that sailed the seas to find America. Which one would you rather choose?

25: Winter vs. Summer By Carla Summer and winter are different seasons in many ways. First, you wear shorts, spaghetti straps and saddles during summer but in winter you wear coats, boots and, gloves. Second, in winter you go ice skating and make snowmen but in summer you go swimming and make sand castles. Also, lemonade is good to drink in summer on the other hand you drink café and hot chocolate in winter. Next, in summer you see green leaves yet winter looks like a white blanket that covers everything. Finally, you ride bikes for fun in summer however, in winter you ride sleds. To conclude, winter and summer are two very different seasons.

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