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Multicultural Novel (2 Roll of Thunder)

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FC: Multicultural Novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry By: Mildred D. Taylor By: Abby, Zach, CJ, Dylan, and Ryan

1: Summary of Novel The novel Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D Taylor, is about an African-American family living in the South during the Depression ( 1930's) The Logan family includes the children, Cassie, Stacey, Christopher and Little Man. The adults are Papa, Big Ma, Mama and Mr. Morrison.Throughout the story, there is a lot of racism. At the beginning, a bus for the white kids always splashes water on Logan kids, but they solve the problem and destroy the bus by making it fall into a ditch.

2: Later in the story, they are faced with the problem of almost losing their land. Then Papa gets shot in his head and gets his leg run over by a wagon, but he stays alive. TJ, who used to be a friend of the family is now friends with Melvin and R.W., who are white. Later on in the story, Melvin and R.W. bring TJ along to steal from Mr. Barnett.They end up hitting him, causing Mr. Barnett to die.

3: TJ is now in big trouble for the murder , so he goes to Stacey and her siblings for help. They forgive him and take him to his house and then a white mob of men want to kill TJ and his family for the murder. So Papa starts a fire which distracts the men because they all pitched in to put out the fire. At the end, TJ is arrested. Dylan

4: THEME The universal affirmation of man's ability to accomplish great feats by using a great deal of brain power and a tremendous amount of effort even in the face of great adversity. In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Mildred D. Taylor wants us to understand that you should use your brain instead of weapons and killing people. Abby

5: Example 1 (pg # 38 ) The Logan kids, Stacey, Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher John, all used brain power to get back at the white kids for splashing them with water. They dug a hole in the middle of the road so the whites' bus is stuck in a ditch. This was much better than going up and trying to stop it physically, and it was a much smarter idea as well. Abby

6: THEME Example 2 (pg 170) The Wallaces, a white family, wanted to beat up Mr. Morrison, so they parked their car in the middle of the road so Mr. Morrison's wagon couldn't pass it. Instead of hurting the Wallaces, Mr. Morrison nicely asked them if they were going to move their vehicle. After they said no, Mr. Morrison picked up the truck, moved it to the right side of the road, and went on his way. He was in no way being violent or trying to hurt anybody, even though he probably could. Abby

7: Example 3 (pg 208) T.J, a friend of the family, was in trouble one night when a white mob of men wanted to kill him for robbery and murder. Papa used his brain to find a way to distract them all. He started his cotton field on fire and everybody pitched in to help stop it. There was no killing of any sorts afterwards. This was a very smart thing to do and once again shows us that brains beat brawn. Abby

8: CHARACTERIZATION ADVERSITIES or OBSTACLES The main character, Cassie, faced many adversities in the 1930's due to her race during the segregation time period. Obstacle # 1 While the Logan children are walking to school, the bus driver of the white kids bus is tormenting them as he drives by the kids, and they get all dirty and mad at the white kids when they laugh and drive away. Zach

9: How they overcame the obstacle. The Logan kids dig a big ditch in the middle of the road in the hopes of having the bus drive through and get stuck. The plan works and the bus comes crashing into it causing damage that results in it being broken down for the remainder of the school year. They have a close call with it though, that almost gets them in trouble. Zach

10: Obstacle # 2 When Cassie goes into Strawberry for the first time, she encounters a problem with Lilian Jean, a white girl. She accidentally runs into her on the sidewalk and they start to fight about whose fault it was. Because Cassie is African American, she decides to try and get on her better side by being her servant, but this isn't what she really had in mind. Zach

11: How she overcame the obstacle: Cassie uses her position to trick Lilian and get revenge by taking her back into the woods to see something, but then she throws her books on the ground and starts a fight with Lilian and beats her up. She threatens her with the secrets she knows about her and is safe from a punishment. Zach

12: Lessons learned ... # 1- Cassie learns why they are treated poorly, and that even though it is unfair, she will have to overcome it and work harder to be successful. She also learns some of the ways to do this from her elders. Zach

13: # 2- Stacey learns to be happy with what he has and to accept it for what it is even if it isn't right. He learns this when TJ tricks him into giving him his new jacket and he won't be getting it back, this teaches him a great lesson. Zach

14: VIEW OF CULTURAL/ETHNIC GROUP I learned that it was very hard to get a job during the 1930's in the South particularity if you are black. Also, If you did something wrong that the whites didn't like, you could be hanged regardless of what you say.-Ryan I learned that the black people were treated horribly. I also learned that the whites got more privileges than blacks. -Dylan I learned that even though African Americans were free, the segregation was terrible and people still hated the black people. I also learned that black people didn't get things as much as they should have, and that white people would try to kill black people if they stepped out of line right away because they hated them.-Abby Ryan

15: I learned how bad the time period was for African Americans and how poorly they were treated. I learned that even though they were not slaves, they were treated as them and had to work others land.-Zach I learned that black people grow bitter at the whites, despite how much they say they want peace. The adults don't let their children know white people personally. There needs to be cooperation between the two races in order for there to be peace. I learned that when it came to a decision, the white person would automatically win and they would be believed simply because of their skin color. For example, that's the only reason T.J. lost his battle, without getting his say. -CJ Ryan

16: Change In Cultural View Zach-- I used to think all African Americans were in the same position while free, still struggling and being treated badly. Now after reading this book, I believe that some where able to still accomplish things and be successful because they worked hard. Ryan-- I used to think that blacks were ordinary people and that it wasn't too hard for them to get money. Now after reading the book, I have a little more respect for the cruelty they went through. Abby--I used to think that white people just didn't like black people that much and there were just different things for different colors. I also used to think that there would Ryan

17: be more jobs for black people back then. Now I know that white people would hang, burn, tar and feather, or shoot black people of they stepped out of line. Also now after reading the book, I know that finding a job, or land, was hard back then and most people grew crops to get by. C.J.--I used to think that black people from back in the 30's would be really mean because of how they were treated. Now after reading I know the mistreating has made them stronger and closer as a family. I used to think that black people from the 30's were able to get good jobs with good payrolls. I just thought the only problem was the rudeness of whites. Now I know the rudeness carried over to jobs. Despite slavery being illegal, it was still almost that for the sharecropping families. These families only got about 20-30% of the income, and all of the families had to split that. Ryan

18: 1. Years after the Civil War a system known as the southern farm tenancy was made. This was where a white landowner gave black families parts of the land to farm. The black families were known as a tenancy. 2. "We disliked them and made fun of them behind their backs. But some of them were good men who were polite and considerate." says Mrs. Barge about whites she knew when she was young. 3. The Ku Klux Klan were white men who attacked blacks at night and wore white masks while doing so. They wore the masks so their identity would not be shown. 4. During the 1930s there was a Great Depression putting black families into awful economic positions. In fact, 75% became unemployed. 5. Mrs. Barge, a black woman who grew up in the 30's, says that as a child she did not know about the discrimination between whites and blacks. She didn't know much about why she was hated, and why her parents disapproved of her being friends with them. It took her a while until she knew. CJ | Information

19: Relation to Novel 1. In the novel the Granger's were the biggest landowners around, and families like the Avery's were a tenancy. 2. Mr. Jamison was a very nice white business man and was concerned for the Logan's well-being. He tried to do what he could to help T.J. as well. Jeremy was also a kind white boy. Despite his parents hating whites, he wanted to be friends with the Logan kids and at Christmas he even sneaked out to give a gift to them. 3. This relates to the men who burned Mr. Berry. They were traveling at night and found him and burned him half to death. 4. In the story the Logans began losing much of their money, barely able to pay their taxes.It was same for many other families, like the Berry's and Avery's. 5. Mrs. Barge relates to Cassie, who never knew what to make out of different situations. For example, when they were at Strawberry and getting items from Mr. Barnett, she was frustrated when he kept helping white people before her. She didn't understand, and got into some trouble. Her mom finally explained it to her. CJ

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