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Multicultural Novel (Homeless Bird)

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BC: By Morgan, Amanda, Natalie, Libby, and Meg

FC: Multicultural Novel Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan By- Morgan, Libby, Natalie, Meg and Amanda

1: Summary of Homeless Bird The novel, Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan, is about a young girl named Koly who is thirteen and is soon to be married to a boy named Hari. But soon she finds out after they were married that he is terribly sick and will die soon. Her Sass treated her like a slave, and the only friend Koly had was Hari's little sister, but sadly she went off and married a boy. When that happened Sassure, Koly's father-in-law, passed away. Koly and her sass were the only ones left. Then her Sass got a letter from her brother saying that he wanter her to come live with him. They were on their way and stopped to see a temple but when Koly went to go get some food for Sass. Sass soon abandoned her and Koly had to sleep on a door step for weeks. She met a boy named Raji and he brought her to a widows house where she stayed and got an embroidering job, She and her friend Tanu both had enough money to move out of the widow's house Koly fell in love with Raji and moved with him to the country to live their lives together. | Koly learners that she can never give up, and that she always has to stay positive and know that she is lucky that she is a widow and she still found another boy to marry. | By Morgan

2: THEME The universal affirmation of man's ability to accomplish great feats by using a great deal of brain power and a tremendous amount of effort even in the face of great adversity. | In the novel Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan, wants us to understand that you have to work hard and never give up. | By Morgan

3: Example #1 On pages # 66-67 After Hari's death Koly found his school book and asked Sassur if she could have it even though she didn't know how to write or read. He said he could teach her and she worked hard to learn.

4: Example # 2 Pages # 145-146 Koly worked hard to get better at her job threading marigolds. At first she was very slow, but soon could and finish faster. | By Morgan

5: Example # 3 Pages # 152 Koly's best friend/ husband, Raji, can not read or write even though he is a boy and boys are the ones who go to school. Koly taught him how to read and write and never gave up on him even when he didn't understand.She was excited for him to come over every night for a lesson.

6: CHARACTERIZATION OBSTACLES The main character, Koly ,faced many obstacles due to her culture during the time period. Her obstacles are being used, and being abandoned by her Sass Obstacle # 1: Being Used | How she overcome the obstacle? Koly has been though thick and thin with her husband's, Hari's, family. | By Natalie and Decorated by Morgan

7: The only person Koly hates is her Mother-in-law, Sass, who had treated her horribly. Finally after Hari died from Tuberculous, the truth came out about why Hari married her. It was so his family could use the money from the wedding, so they could afford to take him to the holy city to get better. Koly overcame this when she became friends with Hari's younger sister.

8: Obstacle # 2: Being abandoned from her Sass | By Natalie and decorated by Morgan

9: How did she overcome the obstacle? | Koly went to a widow's home, then she got a job she LOVED, and met a special someone, and they ended up getting married at the end.

10: Lessons Koly learned along the way... | # 1 -Never give Up | Koly never gave up when her Sass abandoned her in the city of widows she eventually found a home and a friend Tanu. | By: Meg and Decorated by Morgan

11: #2 -Follow You Heart | Koly got through her Sass yelling at her, and when she was at Maa Kamala's widow house, by embroidering her quilt.

12: VIEW OF CULTURAL/ETHNIC GROUP What did you learn from the novel about this cultural or ethnic group during this time period? # 1 | Poverty | "Learn from Yesterday, live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow " -Albert Einstein | Written By Amanda, decorated Morgan

13: More people, than I thought, lived in poverty. There are women chanting in temples all day and night just to get fed free food. People will do anything for money, so you have to be careful of your surroundings all the time. | Koly had to sleep on a door step for weeks when her Sass abandoned her in the city.

14: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel? | By Libby and decorated by Morgan

15: I used to think that getting married at the age of 13 to a person you don't know wasn't a horrible idea! Now I realize it's a bad idea. I learned you have to get to know the person before you get married t; otherwise, you will end up with someone like Hari, instead of a charming Raji.

16: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel? | By Amanda and decorated by Morgan

17: I used to think that there were only a couple people scattered around town, that lived in poverty. Now after I read the book, I believe that they should lower the cost of everything, or offer more jobs to people because there were to many ones without homes.

18: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel?

19: By Natalie and decorated by Morgan and Amanda | I used to think that Indian kids were super smart, like most Asian kids. Now I know that most kids in India don't know how to read! Koly was the one that taught many people how to read, after she learned from her Sassur!

20: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel?

21: By Meg and decorated by Morgan and Amanda | I used to think that people form a different country were strange, and acted different. Now I see that it is just part of their religion and how they were raised in they country. Because of this, it is just wrong for people to make fun of them and how they act. Also how they act, is part of who they are.

22: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel?

23: I used to think that people form a different country's just lived in normal city's but when i read this book i realized they had holy cites and even a widows city. this surprised me because the city was filled with widows and their sass and sassur would just leave them there. | By Morgan

24: Information about India | From the research only one third of the people know hows to read and write. In the book only some boys get to go to learn reading and writing and girls that have enough money to pay for school get to learn. - Morgan | In the research Indian citizens get married at a younger age than Americans. Koly gets married when she is only 13! Normally somebody gets married when they are about 20 or older!- Libby

25: In the book, all of the women in the city were wearing saris. Koly used to have two saris, but then sass took it away, and gave it to Chandra. In India, the girl said that the women wore saris. - Amanda | One of the many religions that India has is Hindu. I find it fascinating that they believe after you die you get reincarnated into a different body than you were. -Natalie | In India they don't speak just one main language they speak 16 different languages. I didn't realize when I was reading the book since they only used 1 of the 16 languages. It would be really hard of me and other people traveling there. - Meg

26: Bibliography | | | | | | |

27: | | | | Whelan, Gloria. Homeless Bird. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2000. Print. | Research website-

28: Life Lessons To Learn! In order to have good times, you need to make memories with your friends and family! | By Amanda and Morgan

29: In Order to have a healthy relationship you need to believe and dream about love and happiness.

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