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Multicultural Novel (Shabanu)

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Multicultural Novel (Shabanu) - Page Text Content

S: Shabanu; Daughter of the Winds

BC: Shabanu; Daughter of the Winds

FC: Multicultural Novel Shabanu by: Suzanne Fisher Staples By: Maddie, Emily, Erica, Nina, and Makayla

1: Summary of Shabanu The novel, Shabanu, by Suzanne Fisher Staples, is about a twelve year old girl who lives with her dad, mom, sister, aunt, cousins, and grandpa. They live in a little house in Pakistan, in the Cholistan Desert, but they have many camels they sell to people for money. Phulan is of age to get married to a cousin named Hamir. Before the big wedding, Dadi and Shabanu go to the Sibi Fair to sell some camels so they have some money for the wedding. Wardak appears, and he wants to buy Guluband, Shabanu's favorite camel. Shabanu is very upset, and told her dad that she didn't want him to sell Guluband.

2: Her dad did sell him, and Shabanu was very upset. After, her dad felt bad, and bought her a dog! The fair ended, and they went back home. A couple days later, there was a big storm, and their grandpa got hurt from it, and died. They then go to visit Hamir and his family when the landlord wants Phulan and Shabanu. Shabanu and her family make it out, but Hamir's family is not so lucky. The landlord kills Hamir and then Dadi and the others find them. The adults decide that Phulan is to marry Murad, Hamir's brother, and Shabanu is to marry Rahim-sahib, the brother of the landlord in order for the landlord to keep his hands off of Murad's land. | Maddie

4: THEME | Makayla | The universal affirmation of man's ability to accomplish great feats by using a great deal of brain power and a tremendous amount of effort even in the face of great adversity. | In the novel Shabanu, by Suzanne Fischer Staples, the author wants us to understand that in the intermixing of different culture groups and ethnic groups, there will be conflicts, but we can always overcome them.

5: Example 1- page | Makayla | The first example is when a dangerous wind storm comes and causes a lot of problems.Shabanu's grandpa was lost in the desert. He is found but soon dies because of the all of the sand. Also all the sand blew over the toba and then the family and the camels were not able to get water.

6: Example 2- page 14-16 | While tending the camels, Shabanu finds a mother camel in the middle of giving birth. She goes over to try to help. Throwing herself over the mother's stomach, and pulling really hard, Shabanu gets a start. With a lot of sweating and hard work,Shabanu just gets the baby out of the mom's stomach before she dies. | This miracle that Shabanu pulled off was once in a blue moon. What she did took a great deal of dedication, strength, effort, and brain power to accomplish this. Never give up. | Emily

7: Example 3- page 190-193 | Emily | Phulan, Shabanu, Mama, and their cousins sit in a close circle talking about the days that have passed. Mama tells Shabanu and Phulan what is to be done. Phulan shall marry Murad and Shabanu is to marry Rahim-Sahib, the landowner's brother, to keep peace between them. | Shabanu hates the idea and wishes she was with Murad because they were meant to be together. Mama says Shabanu does not have a say in what has been decided and is to say nothing negative of it. Every one is happy except Shabanu. She shall learn to love Rahim-Sahib and accept what's done is done.

8: CHARACTERIZATION Shabanu Shabanu faced many obstacles due to her culture. OBSTACLE #1 1) She had to see her favorite camel being sold to some people, and her dad never kept his promise. Shabanu's dad said he would try not to sell the camel, Gulaband, but in the end he did, and Shabanu was very hurt. | Maddie

9: Her dad felt bad, and bought her a new dog. She was always upset that her camel was sold, but she got over it, and just kept going on in her life, but she will always remember Gulaband and love him! | Maddie

10: OBSTACLE #2 Phulan's soon- to -be -husband died, so Phulan then married Murad, the cousin Shabanu was going to marry. Shabanu was pretty excited to marry him, so she was mad at her father's decision.

11: Her dad found someone else for her to marry, and it was a 50 year old man with three wives already. She wasn't excited for that, because she is only 12 years old. She really struggled, because she didn't have a say in who she would marry or not.

12: Lessons Shabanu learned... # 1 Shabanu learned that she shouldn't be afraid to speak up. She had different emotions, feelings and opinions. In the end, she wasn't afraid of the consequences from her dad, because she wasn't ready to marry so she ran away. | Maddie

13: # 2 Shabanu learned that she always has to be brave no matter what came to her. Many terrible things happened, like her grandpa dying, selling Guluband, and then Hamir dying. She really stayed brave the whole time, and knew some of her family members were there for her. | Maddie

14: Our View of the Ethnic Group I used to think that the desert people were poor and had nothing, but now, after reading Shabanu, I know that they may have money even if it doesn't appear so. -Nina I thought that the desert nomads were often crazy and followed an unsettled lifestyle, now I understand that their lives aren't just about partying and that they actually live very independently and calmly. -Erica I used to think that we live a hard life and that in other countries it is not really different. After reading, I understand that my life is a luxury compared to Shabanu's, and that I need to realize that everyone has different qualities in life and my way of life is easier than others. - Emily | Nina and Erica

15: I used to think that marrying at a young age, as Shabanu does, was abnormal. Now after I read reading the book I believe that this is common in their religion and that the age we marry at may seem old and unacceptable to their religion.-Makayla I used to think that riding camels, as the tribe Shabanu is part of does, was weird considering that they could just get in a car and drive. Now I understand that this is the way that they travel and that they are quite normal. - Maddie | Nina and Erica

16: What We Learned: | Child abuse and abuse are commonly accepted. Camels are common forms of transportation. Marriage by the age of 16 is common and hoped for. Sons are more valued then daughters. It is not weird to marry someone that already has a spouse or is older by many years. | Nina and Erica

17: Supplementary Information | 1. Less than half the kids in Pakistan go to school; Shabanu did not. 2. Pakistan only gets about 10 in. of rain a year. Shabanu and her family have a toba that helps collect and save water. 3. Marriage is another thing that Shabanu and others in Pakistan do and did not get a say in. Their family usually put them in a arranged marriage and the kids carry on with it, and they also marry at a young age. 4. For makeup, they wear eye makeup and lip stuff in Pakistan during the time the book takes place. The also wear henna on their hands and feet during a special holiday or wedding. | Makayla

18: 5. The Toba is where Pakistanis collect water, where the camels drink water and bathe, and also where Pakistani people bathe. | 6. Shabanu and her family live in the desert and travel from toba to toba for water for them and their camels. | 7. They do not have all of the luxuries that we have. We have light and they use fires. We have running water and they have to walk to get water and carry it on their heads. | 8. Folk music is the most important and Shabanu and her dad sing and listen to it during their travels. | Makayla

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