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Multicultural Novels (Homeless Bird Copy)

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S: Homeless Bird By: Gloria Whelan

FC: Multicultural Novel Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan By:Belle P,Cara E, Sarah M, Allison L, Maggie H!

1: Summary of Novel The novel Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan,is about a girl named Koly and her parents have to find her a husband because she is turning 13 and that is the typical age when you get married. Koly's parents find her a husband and his dad approves of her, but his mom is a little mean and only cares about her own children. After the wedding Koly's husband got the disease tuberculosis, and Koly found out that she only got married so that Koly's husband, Hari, could get money so he could get better from his disease and go to a hosipital area. That night there was silence which was unusual because Hari is always up from his coughing. The doctor went into his room and came out with very bad news, Hari was dead. This story is about how Koly tries to find happiness again through all of Hari's mom's demands... will she ever find happiness again or will she be stuck doing chores and being scolded? _ #2 Discuss (2) things he/she learn s along the way? #1 #2 PART 3 VIEW OF CULTURAL/ETHNIC GROUP 1.What did you learn from the novel about this cultural or ethnic group during this time period? (2 examples) #1 #2 1.How did your view of this cultural or ethic group change as a result of reading this novel (2 changes)? ( I used to think. Now after. I believe.because ) #1 #2

2: THEME The theme that Gloria Whelan wanted to teach us was that you need to be yourself and treat others the way that you want to be treated. Also to stand up for your self and fight back. In the novel Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan, and the main character is Koly.

3: Example 1 (pg # 187 ) In this part Koly met a painter (Kajai) and he was a little scary and tried to get her to drink bhang (which has marijuana in it) and she has to stand up for herself and say no!

4: THEME Example 2 (pg 107 ) | An example would be that Koly's sass tries to take away her silver earrings. Koly doesn't want to give away her earrings, but she wants to learn how to read really bad. So Koly makes a deal with Sass that if Koly gives her earrings to her Koly can have Sassur's old books. Koly is sticking up for herself, and not letting everybody tell her what to do.

5: Example 3 (pg 133) | While Koly is waiting for her friend that she met, a random person comes up to her and tries to bribe her to come with him. Koly then remembers what her friend said before, and Koly says "No". The man won't take no for an answer ,and tries to grab her and take her to his shop. Koly isn't as strong as the man is, she is trying her hardest to get away, she bites him then he lets go. Koly is fighting for herself at this point.

6: CHARACTERIZATION ADVERSITIES or OBSTACLES Koly faced many challenges due to her gender and cultural views. Obstacle # 1 Being worked very hard by Sass was very hard for Koly to deal with. Maggie

7: Obstacle # 1 Koly overcame this obstacle by messing the jobs up to show Sass that she can't be owned, and that she won't be going down without a fight. Maggie

8: Obstacle # 2 The second obstacle is when Hari, Koly's husband, died, Koly became a widow. In the Indian culture, being a widow brings bad luck to the family. Maggie

9: Obstacle #2 Koly overcame this after being left in Varanasi. She met her friend Tanu, Maa Kamala, and her "friend" Raji. Getting a job also helped her save money to start a new life. Other people she met helped her find her way. Maggie

10: Lessons Koly learned along the way.... # 1 Koly learned to believe in herself and stand up for what is right. She is a strong person and doesn't want to be controlled by Sass. An example of this was when Koly didn't do her chores the way Sass wanted her to. Another example was when Koly wouldn't give Sass her silver earrings.

11: # 2 Koly learned to stay true to herself even when she felt like there was no hope. She also learned that some good can come from bad. An example of this would be when Koly became a widow and felt like her world was ending because she wanted to go back to her parents and couldn't. This is because going back to your parents is seen as a disgrace. If you go back to your parents, you are seen as not strong enough to take care of yourself. Not long later, Koly was taken by Raji to a house for homeless girls to find work and restart their lives with a direction to go in.

12: VIEW OF CULTURAL/ETHNIC GROUP What did you learn from the novel about this cultural or ethnic group during this time period? # 1 I learned that the Indian culture is different from ours in some ways. Girls are married very young, and they don't have the option to choose who they want to marry. Also, after being married they can't go back home because it will bring shame to their family. ~Maggie I learned that Indian girls don't get to choose who they get married to or when they get married.-Belle

13: I leaned how past India is different from the world today because we don't get married at the age of 13, our parents don't choose our husbands, we don't have the option to get married or not, we have to and once your a widow, you have to stay with your husband's family for the rest of your life. -Cara I learned that you had to get married at thirteen, and your parents have to pick your husband. I also learned that people will do anything for a place to sleep and eat. I though that the new mom (Sass) actually liked their new daughter, but some just want to get rid of them. I also didn't know that gold thread was so expensive. - Sarah

14: I learned that girls in India do not have a lot of freedom. Their parents take care of them until they are thirteen. Once they are thirteen, they are married and can't ever go back home. If girls become widows, they are seen as bringing bad luck to their family. -Allison

15: How did your view of this cultural or ethnic group change as a result of reading this novel? I used to think that Indian girls were treated the same as Indian boys. Now I believe they are not valued as much in society because the girls in Indian culture are considered a burden to their family. -Belle

16: At first I thought that being married at a young age was just a way of life. Now I think this is a bad idea. At age thirteen, girls are still really young. They aren't ready to leave their family forever. -Allison

17: At first I thought that India had the same marriage rules as us, but they don't the girls have to get married at 13 years old. I also thought at first that it wasn't that big of a deal to be a widow, but its like a sin to them. I also thought that the wife and husband got their own home, but they have to go to the husbands house. - Sarah

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