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Musical Instruments A-Z Book

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S: Musical Instruments A-z

BC: Music makes the world go Round

FC: Musical Instruments A-Z | By Katie Laterza

1: Musical Instruments A-Z | By Katie Laterza

2: Aa is for... | Alto Saxophone | A woodwind instrument that has several keys on it with a scoop neck with an open bell at the end; played by blowing into the reed mouthpiece at the top of the instrument

3: Bb is for... | Bass | A large string instrument with four strings, plays a deep, low pitched sound; played by plucking the strings

4: Clarinet | Cc is for... | A woodwind instrument having a straight cylinder like tube with a flaring bell on the bottom and a reed mouthpiece; played by means of finger holes and keys

5: Dd is for... | Didgeridoo | A large wind instrument originated in Australia, made of bamboo; played by blowing into the top of the instrument

6: Euphonium | Ee is for... | A brass instrument with three keys and a round mouthpiece and a large round bell at the top. Similar to a tuba but with a higher pitch.

7: Ff is for... | French Horn | A brass instrument that produces a mellow tone from a long narrow tube that loops in a circle before ending in a flaring bell. It has three keeps and a small, round mouthpiece.

8: Guitar | Gg is for... | A large flat-backed sound box with a circle cut out, a long fretted neck, and usually six strings; played by strumming or plucking the strings. (Frets change the notes)

9: Hh is for... | Harmonica | A small rectangular instrument consisting of a row of air holes; played by exhaling or inhaling across the air holes

10: Ii is for... | Irish Flute | A woodwind instrument that is a slender tube with key holes and an open end and an opening at the top; played by blowing in the top opening

11: Jj is for... | Jew's Harp | A hand-sized instrument placed in front of the mouth; sound produced by blowing across, and constantly hitting the side of the instrument

12: Kk is for... | Kazoo | A toy musical instrument with a membrane (round part at the top) that produces a buzzing sound when a player hums or sings into the mouthpiece

13: Ll is for... | Lute | A string instrument having a body shaped like a pear sliced lengthwise and a neck with a fretted fingerboard that is usually bent just below the tuning pegs, played by plucking or strumming

14: Mm is for... | Maraca | A Latin-American percussion instrument consisting of a hollow rattle containing pebbles or beans and often played in pairs. Usually painted colorfully

15: Nn is for... | Nyckelharpa | A string instrument from Sweden with four strings, the keys on the side change the pitch of the instrument; played by using a bow to run across the strings

16: Oo is for... | Oboe | A woodwind instrument with a double-reed mouthpiece at the top and keys along the body and a bubble like end, played by blowing into the reeds at the top, both in the mouth of the player

17: Pp is for... | Piano | A musical instrument with a manual keyboard triggering hammers that strike wire strings, producing sounds that may be softened or sustained by means of pedals. The keyboard is made up of black and white keys

18: Qq is for... | Quinticlave | A brass instrument similar to a trumpet sound, several keys along its body; played by blowing into the mouthpiece

19: Rr is for... | Recorder | A flute-like instrument with eight key holes and a whistle-like mouthpiece, played by blowing in the mouthpiece

20: Ss is for... | Snare Drum | A two-headed drum (round part at the top or bottom) with one or more wires stretched across the bottom drum head to increase the vibration of the drum, played by hitting with drum sticks

21: Tt is for... | Trombone | A brass instrument consisting of a long cylinder tube bent upon itself twice, ending in a bell-shaped mouth, and having a movable U-shaped slide for producing different pitches

22: Uu is for... | Ukulele | A small four-stringed guitar that is popular in Hawaii, played by plucking or strumming the strings

23: Vv is for... | Violin | A four-stringed instrument played by holding it to the players chin and running the bow along the strings

24: Ww is for... | Washboard | An instrument made of tin, worn on the player's shoulders. It has ridges all down the front and is usually played with two spoons

25: Xx is for... | Xylophone | A percussion instrument played with mallets (sticks with soft, yarn balls on the ends), similar to a piano as far as the notes go, but produces a different sound

26: Yy is for... | Yu | A reed instrument with lots of bamboo pipes coming out of it. To play, the player must blow through where the reed mouth piece is

27: Zz is for... | Zampona | A woodwind instrument also known as a Pan Flute with 13 hollow pipes; played by blowing into the different pipes, each producing a different pitch or note

28: Georgia Performance Standard | M5GM.6- Listening to, analyzing, and describing music c. Identify and classify orchestral, folk, and world instruments by sight and sound.

29: My Rationale | My reasoning for creating this book is to expand the knowledge of 5th grade students about different instruments around the world. I believe it is necessary for students to be exposed to different kinds of instruments and be able to identify the differences. I grew up around different types of musical instruments and I think it is vital for all students to be well-rounded. Music is an important aspect of my life and I'd like to share that same interest with my students. This book will give students a different view on musical instruments as they explore the different kinds from around the world rather then them just knowing the basic, traditional instruments.

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