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My Big Idea of Einstein's Big idea

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S: By Jose Ortiz 3rd Period

BC: Sources: | www. mixbook.com www.imbd.com/title/tt0807520/ www.agnesscott.edu/riddle/women/chatlete.html NOVE : Einstien's Big IDea (Atlanta:PBS) 2005.

FC: My Big Idea of Einstein's Big Idea

1: by: Jose Ortiz | 3rd Period | Dedicated to: My Grade, and Ms. Williams

2: E is equal to M times C squared | In Bern, Switzerland, 1905, this small equation was created by Albert Einstein's and would be later regarded as the world's most famous formula.

3: E stand for Energy | M stands for mass | C stands for speed of light | All of these were the the variables that made up Einstein's formula

4: In London, England, 1812 "; Scientists didn't think in terms of enegry, but of force or power | Michael Faraday, with a thirst for knowledge, was given tickets to see Sir Humphry Davy,

5: w | When Faraday became Humphry's assistant, he absorbed knowledge and soon pass Humpry in the field of science with the new discovery of ELECTRICITY

6: With a Compass, he hypothesized that electrical force was eminating out the wire, so the compass would deflect at a right angle

7: With his successful experiment, he made the discovery of a century, which was, while he didn't realize it, which was ENERGY

8: In Munich, Germany 1885 | M is for MASS | Einstein saw and hypothesized about a new term, called Mass, and found a new source of energy called Matter

9: in Paris, France 1771 | Antione Lavosier, who worked as a tax collecter, married Mary- Ann Paulze, and both worked on a experiment and devised that no amount of matter is ever lost or gained

10: After Lavoiser, reject Jean- Paul Marat's idea, he turned into a hard journalist and despised him and the rest of the aristocrats during the French Revolution | Sadly, Lavoiser was sent to the guilltine and died, but what he help contribute to science was essential because he said that no matter just dissapears

11: Zurich, Switzerland, 1897 | By this time, in the Scientific world, there was two main groups that were the essential, which were Mass and Energy

12: Young Albert Einstein was attracted and obsessed with the component light

13: The Speed of Light | At The Royal Institution, London 1846

14: Prof. Michael Faraday was making new ideas and already introduced electromagnetism and he purposed that there is a light "ray" that beams from the sun.

15: But he lacked the advanced math to prove his theory, which faced a lot criticism

16: Professor James Clark Maxwell | - believed in Faraday's theory and had the mathematic skills to prove it | - became a very close friend of Faraday

17: - helped proved Faraday's theory by calculating the speed of light, which was 670 million miles per her | - Proved that light was a electromagnetic wave

18: "2"is for Squared | Chea'teau City, France 1722 | An 14 year old, aristocrat named Emilie Du Chatelet was an acomplished individual

19: - Published many scientfic works | - was named a Philosopher, scientist, languist, | - discovered advanced mathematics, at the age of 23 | - Fell in love Voltaire, and hid him in her home

20: Du Chatelle heard of Godfrey's proposal that objects had an "inner spirit" and was convinced that the ENERGY of an object was made up by its mass times the velocity SQUARED

21: - Du Chatelle did not believe in Newton theory about how fast the speed shall go | Eventually she came across a Dutch Scientist who proved her point by showing that the speed of the clay won't double but quadruple

22: With his expirement, with lead balls and clay,Willem Gravesande, heled out Du Chateltet in her prosposal

23: This physical and mathematical evidence helped Du Chaetlet help proved Newton's proposal for speed wrong

24: in 1740, Du Chatelet published her book on physics which provoked alot of controversy

25: Emilie Du Chatelet's conviction that the energy of an object is the function of the SQUARE of it's SPEED had an impact on the world and it took almost of century for it to be accepted | Sadly, she died at the age of 46, right after she gave birth to her 4th Child

26: The Bern Patent Office, 1905 | As brilliant as Einstein was, he had to accept a low paying job in a office | while walking with his friend, Michele Besso, he figured out the insight to help him solve the "problem

27: he claimed that as you approach the speed of light, time, itself, will slow down

28: in 1905, Einstein had a everlasting impact on Physics by: | - writing a publication on to determine the true size of an ATOM | - 2 months after, he wrote a publication about the nature of LIGHT

29: - 1 month later, he wrote another publication on how the atoms react when heated | - That same publication finally ended the debate on whether atoms really exists or not

30: - In his 4th publication, Einstein sets out his theory of light, time and space, or the theory of special relativity | - In Einstein's world, the only true constant was TIME

31: In his last publication for 1905, he noticed a connection between mass, energy and light | When he see this trains and looks at it with extreme curiosity, he see that it has an abundance amount energy, but this energy isn't apparent in it's velocity, so where is it?

32: Incredibly, he realizes that all this extra energy goes not the VELOCITY but to the MASS of the objects | So he stated that Energy and Mass can be converted into one another, which he use to stated his infamous formula

33: In his 5th and last publication, he stated hoe Energy and Mass were connected by the Square of the Speed of Light

34: Although he didn't gain instant fame after the publications were out, he "luckily" had the attention of Max Planck | With help from him, his theory was accepted and became Prof. at Zurich University and Berlin

35: He became to be known as the undisputed father of modern physics | His formula was an priceless tool in unlocking the vast reserves of energy in the atom, which he thought it wouldn't be known for another century

36: Unlocking the Atom | A young Austrian woman by the name of Lisa Meitner went to the University of Berlin, where they didn't employ female graduates | Berlin, Germany 1907

37: Luckily, Otto Hahn, came to her rescue and asked for her help in the field of radioactivity in atoms

38: - In 1912, Hahn and Meitner moved to the new Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute in Berlin | - Lisa became the 1st women to have the title of "Professor" | - She soon had to leave Germany because of her Jewish background

39: Kungalv, Sweden 1938 | - she invited to spend some time in west coast of Sweden, her nephew Otto Robert Frisch | Outside one day, they realized that an atom can split into two smaller atoms | By using Einstein's formula. they were able to find out why the atom would get smaller and lose mass

40: - MIetner and Fissch developed a new term called nuclear fission | - But Hahn was forced to claim that he, alone, discovered this, and won the 1944 Noble Prize | - By 1942, the Manhattan Project was under way, to build the first Atomic Bomb | - Although Lise Mietner refused to join, Otto Frisch join to beat the Nazis

41: The Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima showed how destructive power of Einstein's formula | Stanford Linear Accelerator Center U.S Dept of Energy, 2005 | - Using Einstein's theory, Scientist today are trying to solve the big question of how the universe was created , from the Big Bang, and how stars and planets, and life., itself, was form, all from Einstein's E= (M)(C^2)

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