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My Changes And Challenges

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BC: I saw that in real life! :D | I look like a ninja...

FC: My life... | By Mark Sara

1: About Myself! My name is Mark Sara and I'm 11 turning 12. I was born on the 24th of June and attend St.Charbel's college, in year 7. I live in NSW Australia in a family of 6, Michael, Lina, Josephine, Sandy and Peter. | Me at the best Camp!

2: The first thing you need in high school is organization, with out it, your basically ruined. Everyday in high school you get homework, a lot of homework, so as soon as you get home start on your homework straight away and do as much as you can, possibly try to finish it. you would also get bombarded with assignments, all flying at you. Do not leave it to the last day! you won't finish it! TRUST ME! Don't think you magic and you can finish it, that will just make you stressed and lose marks when you hand in an unfinished assignment.

3: Most of the year 6 students would fear the intensity of the work you receive in high school, but don't fear, fearing would just make it worse, just co-op with the work you are given and you won't believe what you can do if you put your head into it. Time is what you need for school. Get to school on time, unpack your bags and get ready for a school day. I would suggest to get to school at 8:10, depending on how far away you live. If you want to put all of this into practice, i suggest joining the Australian Air League, they offer discipline, listening skills, organization and respect. You must listen to commands you are told by higher ranked cadets and officers, which shows respect, they also discipline you if you mess around by double-dressing (lifting both arms up to the sides), man that hurts ALOT! Just do what i tell you and you will be fine in high school. Trust me.

4: My goals for the current year I'm in is to become much more organized. I want to become so organized my books are always in alphabetical order. Not literally tho, if it was i would be a nerd. I also need to focus more on my work in class, although there are people shouting and yelling across the room, I have to block out all that chit chat and focus on what I am doing in class. The next time I get an assignment, i would actually listen to what i have to do, and complete it, or do some of it the day I receive it. | Short Term

5: My long term goals are to increase my organization to be just like my brother, don't try to think i am like Jesus and can complete work in two seconds, especially when its the day before an assignment is due and you haven't done anything. When i has assessments, i need to study what i have learned and what i need to learn for the test so i can receive better education, better HSC marks and work at a fine place. If i just follow these goals I'll be just like my brother! Hopefully. | Long Term

6: My Greatest life challenge is holding the rank of a Leading Cadet in the Australian Air League, soon i will become a corpreal. At one stage, i was in charge of 52 boys my age, made sure they were on time to each parade, | had to make sure they were spic and span, not dirty and behaved properly. For me to earn my rank i currently hold, i had to complete my first course, giving a section of 6 cadets orders for a static fall-in and a circuit for a fedral review.

7: My worst fear, or challenge was getting my first few pimples. I thought in my head: 'OH NO!!!!!!! MY HEAD IS GOING TO BECOME COVERED IN ACTIVE PUSCANOS!' But i just did what my brother told me to do and my family and got rid of them and tried my hardest to prevent other pimples like those occurring on my head again. I just keep applying skin lotions, black head preventions, OXY (Pimple cream, also for spots and black heads(Recommended for guys)). I also had a challenge being graded for my Tae Kwon do test to become a yellow belt. I was at the grading area, when it started i was second to go up, i watched a group of children be graded in front of me, i felt scared, but than i got it over and done with and i actually done better than i thought! i got 100%!

8: After year 7 comes year 8,where i would see a rapid rise in homework, hopefully i would see a rise in work intensity, i would think there would be the same teachers as before, some different, since we have the same coordinator. I would think i would get more organized. Hopefully. | 9 is after 8, where i would have a variety of diferent teachers, new coordinators, new subject, a high amout of work and homework, an increase in work intensity and much more assignments. Now i really hope o will become organized.

9: 10 comes afterwards, where i would meet the most subjects and teachers i would have in my school life, more work, much more work and homework, a bombardment of assignments all at one time, along with assessments, essays, test and other reports. Hopefully there are nice teachers at year 10 :S. Year 11. The biggest change ever. New coordinator, new teachers, new subjects. intensity of work goes up. Much more homework. MUCH more homework. EVEN ON HOLIDAYS! When i see my brother doing his 400th assignment i think,'oh boy...'. Year 12, the big boy. Must get ready for the test that decides what type of career you will get for your life. I hope i get over 85 so i can life a great life. MY sister got 79 and she is an animator, my other sister got 97.8 and studies top majors and bachelors, she will soon be a Dr., in 3 more years.

10: My Family My family is the best gift i have gotten from God. I have 6 people in my family, my father, mother, two sisters, and brother. My dad Michael is a 44 year old engineer, we are all proud of him and he should be two. | My mother Lina is a 39 year old supervisor at Woolworths, she is a very loving person and i wouldn't have made it this far in life if it wasn't for her. My Sister Josephine is a 19 year old student in University, studying.

11: My other sister Sandy is a 17 year old student in her first year of university. My brother Peter is a 15 year old student at St.Charbel's College, he is very successful and we all hope him well in life.

12: I am a Christian, which i am proud to say. I believe in one God, the father almighty. The Trinity; Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, three in one. I believe, that when the time is right, Jesus will come again to Earth, and save us all and take us with him to the best place any soul can travel to. But, until than, we have to put all our love, hope, faith and trust into Jesus Christ to get to Heaven. Which is my goal for life, where i want to be. Where i need to be. Where i need to work all my hardest to get to. If not, i will be punished. Hopefully, that wont happen, but lets just live on and see what can happen in life.

13: Brought from the Bible, my favourite number is 3.

14: These are my two closest friends. Tony Bechara was my friend since we were 3, and we have made a very strong friendship with each other and we have great similarities. Nicholas Mansour was my friend since i was 4 and we have an extremely close likings same with Tony, we all have the same taste in things. It's a shame Nicholas left our school this year. | Tony Bechara | Nicholas Mansour

15: I have a lot of friends in different places, groups and activities. I have some from Air League, some from Soccer, some from Tae Kwon Do and some from other activities I've done with my family. Even just going to NRMA! | I will keep and stay friends with all the people I've met,and made friends with. Even if I will see my friend once in my life, i will still stay close friends, probably even closer than usual!

16: The Australian Air League is one of my favourite hobbies that i attend. I am a Leading Cadet, the second cadet in charge, under my brother, who is a Seargant. | USMC | I met Her Excellency, Mary Bashir!

17: Together as a league, we march, learn, teach, play, and enjoy! Along with Discipline and respect. Which isn't so bad! Right? I've been attending for 3 years, and now a acting corporeal, which is two chevrons. Can't wait until i get promoted! | Duke Of Edinburgh | My Greatest camp! | A.A.L | A.A.L | Australian Air League

18: This is my soccer life. Something i would not forget. i have passed my 6 year mark and than i stopped. But i've made my self proud being striker in two different teams and clubs.

19: I will miss soccer, but i have to stop for my school educational life and other reasons. Like my Taek Won Do class times and sessions.

20: Doughnut eating contest! | This was the best party i have ever hosted in my whole life. So far. It had everything! A doughnut eating contest, toilet paper fight, jump on me with textas, piniata (hit George in the head) and put cake all over my face and much more!

21: Awesome shot right? | That was the texta part...

23: I've done so many things in my life i lost count. Although, I have some photos that bring back the awesome scenery I've seen in my life time! They are just beautiful! I really hope you have done the same! | Well, my life is still young and have a long way from now, and this is just been from 11 years. Imagine in 11 years later. That would be crazy! I would have 3 photo books filled with my sights I've been to my life! P.S. I have much more photos

24: No matter how old i get, I will still be Mark; crazy and daring. Another year goes by and I'm still the same. But more risky.

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