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My Life In Poetry

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S: My Life In Poetry

FC: My Life In Poetry

1: Table Of Contents Part 1 | Pages 4&5-"Where I'm From Pages 6&7-"I AM" Pages 8&9- "My Mardi Gras Lover" Pages 10&11- "Animal" Pages 12&13- "Day" and "Night" Pages 14&15- "Ode to the Cows" Pages 16&17- "Foxes Response" Pages 18&19- "Tabby" Pages 20&21- "If I WasA..."

2: Table Of Contents Part 2 | Pages 22&23- Heaven Pages 24&25- A poison Tree Pages 26&27- Heaven

3: Table Of Contents Part 3 | Page 26- The Raven

4: I'm From | I'm from the horse pasture Where "You don't let it beat you" Where I'm feeding horses watermelon Where "If you fall off, you jump right back on" I'm from God's hands Where he watches over me Where I have strength through Christ, The Lord Where Springs of Grace Baptist Church is | I'm from Thanksgiving gatherings Where we cook corn fritters and fried okra Where chicken fried steak is eaten Where the tea is as sweet as the sun bright I'm from the place that i love Where I ride horses on my great aunt's pasture Where I'm a first degree black belt in tae kwon do I'm from the tip of the tree Where the leaves blow wildly like my family Where the sun shines like the kindness of our lives Where they change colors as if moods I'm from the beauty of the sun touching the earth The bright sunset shining on the world | I'm From

6: I AM | I am graceful and entertaining I wonder what people think of me I hear people cheering I see the audience clapping I want people to watch me I am graceful and entertaining I pretend that i don't mess up I feel the heat of pressure I touch the floor as i dance I worry that I will mess up I cry if something goes wrong I am graceful and entertaining | I understand that you can't always do it right I say that no matter what happens, I'm a winner I dream that everybody likes me I try to do my best I hope that people like my dancing I am graceful and entertaining

8: Mardi Gras Lover | The beautiful sign And lovely design Draws your attention But not mine You've broken my heart Stabbed it with a dart You said you loved me But your love fell apart | I waited for you But you left me blue When we were supposed to meet Who didn't come, you Mardi Gras is a wonderful day For others to laugh and play But not me, I'm alone Sad and alone if I may say

10: B U D D Y | I had a lil' birdie His sweet name was Buddy His green feathers were bright And he tweeted all night His wings were a bluish shade I could tell as he squawked and played He was a wonderful color He looked just like his mother He was playful in water and always happy When he was wet his feathers were nappy He liked to fly and crawl on the floor And play on the hanger on the door He was a sweet little bird He was never absurd I always miss my lil' birdie Whose sweet name was Buddy

12: Day Birds are chirping The bright sun is still shining Before the sunset | Night Everybody's asleep The stars are bright in the sky Seeing bright moonlight

14: ODE:To the Cows | Ode to the cows With brown juicy meat Ode to the cows Their meat I will eat Ode to the chicken With luscious breasts Ode to the chicken With the meat on their chest

15: Ode to the sheep With fluffy wool Ode to the sheep I wear their wool to school Ode to the cows With thick meaty ribs Ode to the cows That feed all the kids

16: Response | Gently, I will blow To protect those fexes Gently I will go For those poor little foxes Calmly I will come With nostCalmly i will come Those poor little foxes Happily I will stayu With glee and delight Happilyu I will stay I won't scare or fright Gently I will go To protect those little foxes Gently I will go With little flakes of snow

18: Tabby Creative,crazy,entertaining, and fun Sibling of Jacob Joseph, and Timothy Lover of Mom, Dad, and diet coke Who feels joyful, anticipated, and skeptic Who needs a boyfriend, caring friends, and family Who gives, presents, laughter, and entertainment, Who fears homework, rattlesnakes, and bullies,, Who would like to see world peace, New Moon, andVampires Assistant 2, Resident of Bossier City, Winiarski | Tabby

20: If I Was A... If I was a pencil I'd dance across the page Writing notes To others my age | I F I W A S A

21: If I Was A... If I was fire I'd grow and I'd swallow All of the bad memories That happened and that'll follow | If I Was A... If I was a dance I''d be a samba Either that or I'd be a cha-cha

22: Heaven By: Savannah Allison Heaven, where the streets are made of gold Heaven, where you never age or grow old Heaven, where life's secrets unfold Heaven, where the secrets are told Heaven, where flowers grow wild Heaven, once again you're a child Heaven the weather's always warm and mild Heaven, where wings lay open in piles Heaven, where we are free Heaven, can't you see? Heaven, it's for you and me Heaven, when we are free

23: The poem is Heaven. It is about heaven being amazing and wonderful. It uses alliteration and onomonopaea. It is positive about all of the things to do in heaven. The theme is that heaven is amazing.

24: I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow And I watered it in fears, Night and morning with my tears: And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles. | A Poison Tree By: William Blake

25: And if it grew both day and night, Til' it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine, And he knew that it was mine. And into my garden stole. When the night had veiled the pole; In the morning glad I see, My foe outstretched beneath the tree. | The poem is about wrath. It is all about not letting something get the best of you. It has ryming and stanzas in it. It is more of a negative poem. It describes not letting ager get the best of the author, but the it eventually does. It has nothing to do with a poison tree. Don't let anger get the best of you.

26: Not here the appointed End, not here! But somewhere, beyond Space and Time, Is wetter water, slimier slime! And there (they trust) there swimmeth One Who swam ere rivers were begun, Immense, of fishy form and mind, Squamous, omnipotent, and kind; And under that Almighty Fin, The littlest fish may enter in. Oh! never fly conceals a hook, Fish say, in the Eternal Brook, But more than mundane weeds are there, And mud, celestially fair; Fat caterpillars drift around, And Paradisal grubs are found; Unfading moths, immortal flies, And the worm that never dies. And in that heaven of all their wish, There shall be no more land, say fish. | Heaven by Rupert Brooke Fish (fly-replete, in depth of June, Dawdling away their wat'ry noon) Ponder deep wisdom, dark or clear, Each secret fishy hope or fear. Fish say, they have their Stream and Pond; But is there anything Beyond? This life cannot be All, they swear, For how unpleasant, if it were! One may not doubt that, somehow, Good Shall come of Water and of Mud; And, sure, the reverent eye must see A Purpose in Liquidity. We darkly know, by Faith we cry, The future is not Wholly Dry. Mud unto mud!—Death eddies near— | The title is Heaven. The poem is about how wonderful heaven really is. and it makes me feel joyful. I like how it dscribes how great heaven is. It surprises me how joyful people are about heaven.

27: The Raven The raven by Edgar Allan Poe makes me feel odd. It makes me think about noises in the night differently. I like when it describes the noises that the "raven" makes as iff it was someone. I could use the words rapping and tapping to help me describe and picture the noises. It surprised me that the old man was crazy and didn't really hear the noises.

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