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My Poetry Portfolio

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S: My Poetry Portfolio

FC: My Super Secret Poetry Portfolio | This Book Belongs to Kripa Varghese Period 4 2/19/10

1: Table of Contents | Where I'm From.................2-3 My Mother's Kitchen............4-5 Mother to Daughter............6-7 Ode to GSMST...................8-9 Language Arts Poem.........10-11 Fire and Ice.......................12 Analysis #1....................13-14 Aliens..............................15 Analysis #2........................16

2: Where I'm From | I am from the soft smug that threatens my lungs The high-rise towers, the metal giants The colorful lights and the deep commercialization I am from that little patch of sunshine, Queens The flying vegetables soaring over the fence The anger on my parents' faces I am from the long airplane rides 3-hour movies, motorcycle-riding relatives Bollywood, galob jamin, salwar-kameezes Monsoon rains and mango trees I am from long-distance telephone calls Between loved ones I am from the smell of smoke after a long Sunday Service The heavy Sunday bag containing a King James Bible, A grade-level book on Orthodox traditions, a torn, washed-up, notebook, Several pens, pencils, and leftover candy wrappers I am from the Douglas firs, coca-cola, peaches And Stone Mountain, bulldogs, and the Varsity Spring that feels like the world is born again I am from the sounds of laptop batteries dying Chemicals burning, cars racing, and students multiplying Various gidgets and gadgets, preparations (homework) Formative, Interim, and Summative Assessments I am from the Brown people, the Asians Skinny jeans and bling, sweaters and dark-rimmed glasses Peace, love, and happiness Go green! I am from everything, but nothing I am from color and black and white I am the smog that threatens my lungs

4: My Mother's Kitchen | My mother singing My father listening As the video continues to run My mother cooking My father watching As the curry continues to bubble My little cousin walks My mother sees Her coming and looking on the tabletop My mother throws in My cousin reaches for The piece of green cucumber that's lying there My mother gently asks “Do you want something to eat?” And she nods yes She reaches for the oven door And they place the plate Of rice and dead, spiced chicken The spices continue to flow Traveling out the small window From my mother's kitchen

6: Mother To Daughter | Ladybug, Ladybug Life is not meant to be easy I know how hard it must be To work hard for something So ambitiously Keep working Keep trying Keep moving forward Keep pursuing That dream of yours Ladybug, Ladybug Look at me You can see all that I have went through Learn from me And you will be successful Be grateful Be understanding Be respectful Be your own Person, your own individual Ladybug, Ladybug Remember what I have been through Coming to a new country, a new life Keep pursuing your dream and Be yourself

8: Ode to GSMST | My brain sores of your wise halls My hands tremble when I think Of what your walls might enthrall And I move to the brink To where I must decide Of whether I should move forward Or move back To reside In the place of the caged bird Where I might just crack My heart yearns for the outside world Where I can be free I dream of being hurled Into present society Yet you seem to confine All those that want Something better By a deepening ambition inside To flaunt Our brilliance to the outsider O’ thou art so mindless Of what the teenager might feel With a school so blandness Of any high school ideal We are missing something necessary We are missing our youth That will never return If only you show some relief Then you will see the truth About being modern | You crush the brains of all who study Within those enchanted rooms You encourage the children so greatly Yet you make them feel like they're in the fumes Heated and stressed You lead the way Into an unsure future Where these poor children are constantly assessed There's no way to be at bay Unless you press the buzzer The pounds of work you cram Down the throats of many Result in the end of the program Of those that had come to you so badly They tried so hard to meet the pressure But was unable to keep up With all the math, science, and technology But I still remain in my armor Ready to live up To anything or anybody that you might throw at me

10: Language Arts Poem | Class started so easily As the children sat so attentively Writing and reading until The voices started to fill The room so musically The fingers typing The voices sighing As the next page continues to fill With words that give us chills Of what the students are writing Suddenly a comment was said That triggered something to spread Everyone looked And something inside shook We started to argue instead We started to get off track And everyone was about to crack Tempers flew Voices grew Everyone seemed to have a throwback An agreement was made And time has trailed away Everyone hurried To finish the duty That had been assigned today Our class is so unique Not one day seems bleak For everyday brings something new And everyone thinks so, too That Language Arts is the best time of the week

12: Fire and Ice By Robert Frost | Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.

13: TP-CASTT Analysis | T: It seems from the title that the poem might be a comparison between these two very different elements. P: Would the world end in fire or in ice? The speaker agrees with those that say fire, because he understands that what he has “tasted of desire” will bring on the destruction of the world. However, he changes his opinion to say that the world will die in ice, because of what he knows about hate and would completely destroy the world. C: Frost uses a metaphor in this poem in order to make his point. “tasted of desire/” represents the passion and also the anger of people that might destroy the world. “know enough of hate/” symbolizes the iciness of hatred and how it can ice over the soul destroying a person. The metaphor and the symbolism allow the reader to understand the two different views of the poet. Alliteration found in “favor fire/” adds a certain rhythm to the poem which draws the reader into the poem even more. The rhyme scheme, ABAABCDCD, allows the reader to be interested in the poem and feel the rhythm of the words. The diction of the poem is mainly to compliment the rhyme scheme, but also to give the poem its meaning. It also gives the reader a strong effect by making them wonder whether the destruction of the world is caused by hatred or anger.

14: A: The overall attitude of the poet is curiosity and wonder as to what will actually destroy the world. S: There seems to be two shifts in this poem. One shift happens at “But” where the poet changes view. Another happens when the line division is altered so that instead of “To say that for destruction/ice is also great/,” Frost writes “To say that for destruction ice/is also great/.” T: The title now gives the insight that the world can either end in fire or in ice, but not in both. However, fire can trigger ice, because anger can trigger the hatred in a person which in then destroys the world. T: This poem is describing the two different ways humans can destroy the world, through their hatred or their anger. The poet is trying to address the nature of humans and give the reader an understanding that humans are capable of anything, even their own destruction.

15: The chatter of little people Breaks on my purpose Like the water-drops which slowly wear the rocks to powder. And while I laugh My spirit crumbles at their teasing touch. | By Amy Lowell | Aliens

16: T: The title indicates that the poem would be about extraterrestrials. P: The young children are invading the poet's space and tease her causing her to hurt inside while she laughs on the outside. C: The simile “Like the water-drops which slowly wear the rocks to powder/” helps emphasize what the little people are doing as they approach the poet. Also, her diction in the last line allows the poem to gain a more somber tone as it ends. A: The overall attitude of the poem seems invasive and somber as the poet is being teased by the little people. S: The shift happens at “And while I laugh/” where the reader gets a true insight of what the poet is feeling upon the little people's intrusion. T: The title now shows how the little people seem like aliens and do not understand the poet and her ways which seems ironic where they are the ones invading the poet's space. T: The general theme of the poem is that teasing is hurtful yet ironic when those that tease others are outsiders themselves. | TP-CASTT Analysis

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