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My scarp book

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2: Who am I? I am.. Who am I? my name is Giovanni Irizarry and I’m a teenager boy full of a lot of history, accomplishments, and has been through so much and still managed to be who I am today. I Giovanni Irizarry was born on February 19 1993. I grew up in Jersey City/ Hoboken since 5th grade and moved to Lodi. Back in my hometown it was rough the community was also kind of bad but thank god for my parents. My parents taught me well, how to respect, and taught me all of the things a gentlemen needs to know. The little boy I was before is still the teenager I am now. Childhood to me is the most important thing to me. If I was never taught properly I don’t think I would be the guy I am now. The accomplishments I’ve done and events I been to made me a more wise guy.

3: By accomplishments I mean meeting celebrities, auditioning for companies, and just being yourself when the time is needed. Auditions, celebrities? What? Not to confuse you but my dream is to be an actor and so far I’ve been doing a great job. I think being and acting as other people is a great way to be outgoing, I’ve participated in a showcase in Florida for a Acting/Modeling event and turned out to be good. I’ve go more then 10 callbacks but to bad it was around my area I lived. One of the agents that seen something in me that I am now working for now is from the City that never sleeps New York. Since then he been putting me to work going to auditions and modeling photo shoots. I hope this will help me and do me good in the long run I am running now.

4: "Blossom by blossom the spring begins" | This was my Resume when i first started the whole acting.

5: It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

7: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

8: If I had Three Wishes If I had three wishes I’d would wish I can fly haha. Ever since I was little the common question that kids asked me or fifth birthday wish was to fly. I’ve always thought how life would be if you can fly. Just imagine how easy it would be to fly how fun it would be, and how great it would be to just go far away just to explore different places. I also wish I can fly because of my pet bird I use to have that passed away not to long ago. It was still a baby and it’s wings were cut so it couldn’t really fly to it got older but sadly it didn’t get to reach its flying age. I’d love to see how it will be to fly and be the bird I cared for and be able to fly for him as weird as that may sound. It’s an amazing thought and imagination of the power of flight. The second wish I’d wish for would be money. Now and days money for mostly everyone been such a problem why? Because taxes, government, bills, etc. I wish for money because I think with it you can go far and can feel “powerful”. Money can get you to places, get you stuff you need like clothes house and food etc, and would be great to have some extra money to play around with so you can enjoy yourself like by expensive stuff you wouldn’t be able to buy. Just thinking of all the money in the world you can do a lot and make a big difference in your life.

9: Third wish I’d wish for is to live forever. How great would it be to just live and never die? Death to me seems so sad and devastating. But living forever sounds like a whole lot of fun and just being with the loved ones especially the girl I have in mind. Having to not worry about dying can be fun, you can do stuff you never done before without worrying about anything. I mean there isn’t really much to say about having internal life, just by saying “internal life” think about all the stuff you can possibly do before our time is up.

10: Nothing Is So Beautiful As Spring

12: Favorite Interests, Hobbies, and things to do.. My favorite thing/things to do would be playing baseball and hanging out with Stephanie. I’ve been playing baseball since I was 10, I wasn’t really good at it when I was younger but as I grew up I started to learn how to play the game the rules, and techniques. I’ve played with my bro and practiced with him almost everyday until it hit high school. He was either to busy to play with me or been with his friends. So I decided to play for a team. Playing for team is a good experience, you get to meet new people, make friends, and play. My interest would probably be acting. It was about 3 years ago that my mom heard a little try out for Disney or I think it was something else but told me “ just try you never know what can happen” so I tried out and that’s when things started to turn. Ever since I went to acting classes learned almost everything I needed to know and as soon as I know it been doing shows. So far I’ve done four and more is to come. I’m good friends with the person in charge of a company that gathers people to tryout in New York and if they like you you can be part of the play. Its tough work memorizing lines about 10 pages long, but hey at the end it’s worth it. .

13: The thing I mentioned earlier about hanging with Stephanie Tavares is another thing I like to do. Being around her makes me not care about anything else but her and how we just bond. Everytime I see her it puts a smile on my face. Doings things with her like going out, inviting her to my family parties, , etc just makes me more closer to her and lover her more and more each day. We been together since 2.29,2008 and there’s more to go. I don’t think ill never let go of such a perfect girl I must be a fool to do that

16: My First Love My first love that I know I truly fallen in love with is Stephanie Taveras. I’ve going out with a lot of girls, fake relationships, not going to lie but I’ve lost track of the girls I dated haha. When I say fake I mean like how the kids in are school are. The kids in the school go out for at least a week and they say “ I love you” they definitely don’t mean it they just say it to just say it since they are “going out”. Yes I’ve been there done that all the time it would be time and say bye to each other it’s like you would have to say I love you if not then they will be mad. I never really understood that word never felt it ever since I met Stephanie.

17: When I say I love you to Stephanie I can actually feel the feeling instead of just saying it. Every time I’d say it I have no regrets on saying it because I really do and that’s why I’d say she is my first “ Love”. I never felt like this before I’m glad I’ve found a girl like her, she is beautiful, very good girl, respectful, and different from all girls I ever met. This is definitely not “puppy love” I don’t care what people say when if your to young, you never to young to do anything especially love, if adults can feel love why can’t teenagers do also?

20: Friends I will never forget The friends I’d never forget will be the friends I met in Florida. In Florida I went to a showcase that dealt with modeling and acting and while I was there I met very great friends. These friends I met were so down to earth and down for anything you can throw at them. We all had everything in common which was actor and some model but we all fell into the same category. I’ll never forget this one kid I met his name was Jake and was probably the coolest kid I’ve met. We hanged out almost everyday in Florida the whole week we were there. We discovered so many things experience life changing memories, and can never forget. That one vacation to Florida was a once in a life time chance.

21: One of my other friends named Jessica which was also really cool. When it came down to rewards night which was an event that all kids participated in categories such as acting, a code read, and improve and there was another part that dealt with modeling and different kinds of events like a casual which would be walking the runway with casual clothes. Another one there was was a swim wear event which obviously wear swimming trunks or clothing you would wear for a day at the beach. And finally tuxedo event which is you would walk the run way looking the best you can and for the ladies dresses. My friend Jessica won 3rd place out f million of people which is excellent. She won five thousand dollars and the check she received was bigger then her haha. But I’ll never forget my friends in Florida, we all shared same dream, had a lot in common and all felt like a family together when we hanged. The hardest part was saying goodbye because it crushed us all. I’ll never forget them even if I tried to

22: My greatest Accomplishments. I’m sorry to brag about it but my greatest accomplishments would be making auditions in New York. Yes I know you been to a lot of auditions Gio and you done plays but it’s not just about that. Its about knowing you actually made the audition. Just the thought of you are giving it your all just for some agent to pick you for a part is life changing you will never know what one audition can do to you. The first time I been to audition was about two years ago when I was about to enter the room my nerves were out of control I was starting to forget my monologue and was a complete mess. Looking at the producer in the face was probably the scariest thing you can do. The reason why I say that is because you don’t know what’s running through their heads and thinking that you start to panic for example “ oh no what do they think of me? Do I have what it takes? Do they like the way I look? Am I over dressed for an interview?”

23: But that first audition I didn’t make. But I learned from that audition and I learned techniques to avoid nerve panics and etc. But as I kept going to auditions I started to feel as if I can scream my lungs out because I won’t care. Number one thing to make an audition for a producer is be yourself. Being yourself is the answer to everything. By me learning that one key all my worries and nerves were calm and I was ready to entertain them with my monologue. Playing other feelings and the person you are is a great way to show others you are outgoing. To me I don’t know any other accomplishments there is other then making auditions and performing in front of a lot of people, to me it’s a success

25: This is the modeling event which was casual.

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