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My Seed Story

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S: My Seed Story

BC: The End

FC: My Seed Story |

1: How Do Plants Reproduce? When a plant grows, it goes through a series of set stages. The series of stages that a living thing goes through as it develops is called a life cycle. It is important for people to understand plant life cycles because most of the food we eat comes from plants. Most plants grow from seeds. First, a seed is placed in the soil, so it can sprout. Next, the plant grows until it reaches maturity. A mature plant may grow flowers or cones. Then these structures make more seeds. You will learn about flowers and cones on the next page. (Mifflin Harcourt, 2011) |

2: Pollen Power In order for an egg to be fertilized, pollen has to move from the male parts to the female parts. How does the pollen get there? Plants reproduce through pollination, a process in which pollen moves from a male plat part to a female plant part. There are several ways this can happen. Sometimes wind can blow the pollen from one plant to another. Other plants are pollinated by pollinators. Some bees, birds, butterflies, and other animals can be pollinators. For example a butterfly goes from flower to flower drinking nectar. At each flower, the pollen on the stamens rubs off on the butterfly. When the butterfly visits the next flower, the pollen may drop off and fall on the pistil. If this happens, the flower will be pollinated. (Mifflin Harcourt, 2011) |


4: My Seed Story Flash! The sparkle of the sun! What a beautiful spring day. You don't know me, let me introduce myself. I am a dandelion seed. One of my hundreds of brother and sister seeds that live on top of a fluffy dandelion. The winter had been cold. So cold. What I mean by that is I was in my pod in the cold ground waiting for the spring so I could finally emerge. It was a dark, tiny place with not room to stretch and grow. We were all crammed in together so tight we were like teeny, tiny, turtles crawling all over each other on a night time ocean jaunt. |

5: One time it was so cold I felt the tinges of ice starting to form on the edges of my pod. I did not like the cold. Now its is finally spring and we are ready to fly. I was not always a seed. I was born when my Mama flower was pollinated by a honey bee and a lovely crimson and gold Painted Lady butterfly. After pollination myself and my brother and sister seeds were born into the fluffy dandelion that we are today. Wow the sky is so high, high as a skyscraper in the city. And blue, a happy periwinkle blue like the flowers growing right next to me. |

6: My life was so perfect. Ah. But then you will never guess what happened. A little human girl came up to my flower and smiled. She was so pretty. Pretty as my Mama flower. She was dressed in yellow with golden curls on her head. She smiled as she reached for my flower and then she plucked us right out of the earth! SNAP! Can you believe it? Oh no what will happen to me? Just when I thought it could not get any worse she took a deep breath and blew hard at my flower. When her warm breath reached me it blew me and my fellow seedlings right off our flower into the spring afternoon breeze. At first I was scared. So scared I wanted to cry, if I could. Then something happened. I felt free and happy. Somehow this felt right. So I flew through the air, soaring at first and then floating until I landed on a horse who was all dressed up in a fancy costume like he was in a play. |

7: The horse was walking along the paths in the park which I realized was much bigger than I could have ever imagined. The park was not just my little field with dandelions and periwinkles. No it had a big lake where people sat in little boats paddling. There were more children playing in playgrounds. There were also people running with their dogs and listening to music. All around the big park I could see big skyscraper buildings that could touch the sky. What an amazing place. | Just when I was starting to settle in on my new best friend the horse a quick breeze blew and again I began to soar into the sky. I loved flying it was fast and fun, but then I began to slow down and float down again. This time I could see the earth below me. It was a lovely patch of green grass. |

8: At last I landed. I liked this patch of grass. It was soft and green. It smelled sweet like honey and it was a little wet from still from the morning dew. There was a will tree that overhung this patch of grass and I knew this was were I was supposed to be. So I crawled under the grass and met the earth. I know soon I will grow roots and become a strong beautiful dandelion flower just like my Mama and the cycle will begin again. |

9: Resources Mifflin Harcourt, H. (2011). Think central. Retrieved from (2011). Retrieved from

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