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My story- japanese immigrant

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My story- japanese immigrant - Page Text Content

FC: Zaraki Kenpachi | 2012 | Trace Hoover

3: One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. -William Shakespeare

7: Don't think: Look! -Ludwig Wittgenstein

8: This is a Photo of me waiting for my sentence.

10: Dear Zaraki, This is Ippo, I am fighting in the war. I made myself a mercenary for the war effort. I am part of an elite squad of samurai that has joined the war. Last week I was send to the east side of Germany to face the Russians. It is my job to stall the Germans from mobilizing. The Schlieffen plan has everyone killing the French, so I am not even in the main army right now. The way I see it this war is pointless but if I kill over 50 Russians I will be given 100000 yen. Every kill after that is 5000 yen. This will make our family name famous too! I gave the dojo to miu our biggest sister. She is on par with my skills so the students will do fine. I am a bit old at 42 to be doing this kind of thing but I already saved 5 of my squad from a burning building. I heard your son was fighting for the allies. I hope I won’t have to face him.

12: The Battle of Ypres was a great victory for the allies. There was huge losses on both sides including the British regular army ranks and Germany new recruits. This battle happened when the Germans tried to take the supply ports of Ypres. The Allied forces were able to fend them off because they had an excellent ambush ready. This is a great day for the Allies, but the casualties are high. Now that Britain’s regular army is crippled, the Germans have less opposition. The Regular army is a highly trained army that can shoot 200 bullets a minute. They have excellent skills with their muskets. Lets rejoice though for we have kept our supply lines safe from those rotten Germans.

14: Dear Zaraki, This is Ippo again. The battle of Tannenberg was a clear win for the German forces. My squad and I ambushed the Russians while they were eating and continued to silently kill them at night so they were on edge. I was not in the battle but I did kill more than the average soldier with my sneaky night kills. I made most of them look like accidents but others I left bloody and chopped up so that the others will fear a ghost or traitor. The battle went nicely for us. The Russians had us outnumbered 3 to 1, but we still won this battle nice and easily because their commanders wouldn’t coordinate. I just have to kill 3 more for my first paycheck. Hope you are doing fine over in the Americas.

16: I am a French soldier. I am making this document for my family and anyone that may see this once all this fighting is done. I am going to die here. Tomorrow I have been assigned to run in the front of an invading squad. I will be holding a shield and wearing a gas mask but I know I will die as soon as I hit a landmine and clear the field for the soldiers behind me. I have trench foot. My commander has me sleeping on a fallen comrade right now because of my predicament. I have no family waiting for me at home besides my mom. I have thought of deserting but I will be caught and executed before that would happen. Whenever I used to get sent back for rest I always cried because I knew it wouldn’t be the end. I hear gunfire constantly, and can’t seem to find anything to eat besides these rats that eat my dead buddies. This is my will and goodbye note. I will be a martyr and recognized as a patriot after this is over.

18: Dear Dad & Mom, This is Greg, I have had a unique christmas. Here in the trenches, there was a truce that lasted till new years. There was songs and gifts. I even saw over 100 people playing a game of football. I was burying my comrades during that time but It was crazy. Everyone had time to recover from all the traumas and also I met a german that said that if I ever get back home I should make brownies for a living because that is the present he got from me. I got some nice buttons that I sent to you in the package. Tomorrow the truce ends and I am sure that it will start up slowly, but if we could do this why can’t we just stop the fighting all together? Oh well I am here for my country, Britain. I hope you don’t feel bad about how I moved here with my GF. Not the best idea I had but I made enough friends here to feel at home. Well, fin.

20: Dear Greg, This is Dad. I have been getting your letters. It has been 3 years since you joined the war effort. I am surprised by how long you have lasted with the way weapons are evolving. I have seen numerous news articles about the poison gas and what it does to people. The casualties are way more than any of us realize at home I am sure. There are machine guns that kill more than 20 people in under a minute. Submarines are a new thing. They are apparently easy to handle if you are prepared. I have seen some people using radio. That must be a great weapon for you so you can take orders easily. The artillery fire in these pictures looks really gruesome. I hope that they aren't used as much as this paper says it does. Good Luck killing those germans. Oh yeah if you see your uncle make sure to shoot him before he gets close to your. His legs are the most vulnerable.

22: The news is out and I am sure many of you already know that President Wilson has stated a declaration of war. Congress has also passed this bill. America is at war with the Central powers. The mobilization has begun. The US navy is already out there creating blockades and assisting the British armies. The first infantry units will arrive in europe in a week. This news means that we need more war bonds for the war effort. Please help the nation defeat this malicious vilain. It took 3 years for us to enter the fight that most of you probably wanted to fight from the start. Everyone knows that once America is in a war we are going to win! Enlist now if you are a patriot. If you aren’t a patriot then get out of this country. Wilson tried being nice and peaceful but after germany sank over 5 of our merchant ships we can not ignore their threat. Everyone must contribute to this war if we want those monsters to feel the pain they deserve.

24: I am a mother of 8 kids. They are all fighting in the war. Two of them are generals. Their dad died 2 years ago from a bullet shot to the stomach. I am writing this journal so that when my sons get back they can read it. It started out to seem like a quick victory but my sons haven't came back yet and I keep hearing and seeing bombings on the city. I just gotta keep calm and carrying on. I work around the clock in an ammunition factory. There have been accidents ,but I am still alive so I will keep supplying my sons with guns and bullets. The battle here is one that the citizens can only fight by winning the Trench war. My house is unkept. I am barely ever there though because I only sleep there. I eat at the factory.

28: As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can. -John Muir

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