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Naploeon's Mistresses

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FC: Napoleon's Mistresses

1: Made by: Rodny Alain, Ahlam Kaddoura, Brandi Marks, & Andrew Date Due: 09/01/2009 Subject: Social 20

3: Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15 in 1769 on the island of Ajaccio, Corsica; a colony of France. His family was of noble class, but were not wealthy.

5: In 1779 Napoleon entered the military academy at Brienne. In 1784 he enter Parisian Ecole Royal Militaire. Throughout his time there he would often show great leadership skills by taking command of snowball fights and brutally destroying his enemies. He graduated a course that would usually take three years in one, as the second lieutenant in the artillery.

6: In 1789 Napoleon fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the land, at that time. It took her quite some time to get to love him the same way he loved her. In that same year her name Rose de Beauhanais was changed to Josephine, when they married.

8: Rose de Beauharnais was previously married before Napoleon. She also mothered two children, Eugene and Hortense, in her earlier marriage. Her husband died, leaving her with his wealth.

9: In 1795 Napoleon fame and respect as a military officer took a huge growth when he protected the National Convention from anti-revolutionist. After his success he was appointed to be the commander of the Army of the Alps.

10: Two years later he found himself in command of the Army of Italy.

11: He took his young, small and starving army into enemy territories and conquered battle after battle. That victory became a thing in the past when he abandoned expedition in Egypt in 1798. In that battle the British fleet destroyed the French fleet and cut off their supplies, leaving them crippled with a huge disadvantage .

12: The Consulate

13: In 1799 he joined the consulate of France. By the end of the the year 1800 he established three consuls. He was in command of the first consul in which he had all governing power over the other three, his decision alone could overpower the other consuls. The second and third consuls were made up Seiyes and Ducos, who could only advise.

14: The Bank Of France

15: In January 1800 Napoleon created The Bank of France in an attempt to resolve France's economic problems. Funded by the government and private businesses, the bank extended low interest loans to promote industry. This made the Franc the most stable currency in Europe.

16: The Concordat

17: On July 1801 Napoleon signed a Concordat with Pope Puis VII. This agreement with the pope signalled that the church recognized the Republic as the government of France.It also recognized Roman Catholics as a "religion of the majority of Frenchman".

18: Education

19: "Equality must be the first element in education".-Napoleon Bonaparte | In 1802 lycees (schools that ran on a strict military program) came about all around France. In lycees students could specialize in medicine, pharmacy or teaching. Girls however did have this privilege yet.

20: King Napoleon

21: On July 1804, in Notre Dame Cathedral, Napoleon took the crown from the pope's hands and planted it on his head. This was a direct message to everyone that he did not get to that position with the help of the church but that of the French army and the citizens of France.

22: Mother | Grandmother | Grandfather | Great Grandfather | The Continental System

23: Father | In 1806 Britain placed the entire east coast of Europe under blockade. Napoleon responded with the Continental System. It had two purposes: to increase the export of France and to put a standstill for Britain's export. This plan would later have a huge backfire

24: Mother

25: Napoleon was very intelligent. His brain was like a computer and he always wanted to be the best. As he started being successful in everything he started taking his powers to a different level. In 1809 he divorced his wife Josephine because she produce any kids. He later married the Archduchess Marie-Louise of the Austrian Hapsburg royal family in 1810. Unlike Josephine, she popped out babies like popcorn producing him some heirs.

26: The French And Russian War

27: Great Grandparents | Parents | On December 31 Alexander I withdrew from the Continental System. This angered Napoleon, he prepared for war by amassing 600,000 active soldiers and 130,000 more which were on reserve.On June 24 1812 Napoleon's army crossed the Nieman River ready to attack Russians, but no one was in sight.The Russians cleverly led Napoleon into their turf.They did this by cleverly withdrawing at each battle, destroying crops and any food supplies that the French army could get.

29: On September 7 there was a small battle fought at Smoloust. The Russians retreated again with the same plan- to destroy any supplies that Napoleons army could get a hold of. By November the Russians plan had taken it's toll on the French army crippling to only 30,000 soldiers left. Almost ever single one of his soldiers abandoned him leaving Napoleon to return to France alone.

31: Napoleon just did not know when to stop. After his defeat he gathered another army in an attempt to take over Germany. Nearly every European state joined with each other to attack napoleon in the battle at Wellington in October 1813. He was brutally defeated in that battle. In 1814 a Coalition army entered Paris, there he realized that he was defeated. He was exiled to the island of Elba. His Exile did not last long as he came back again in 1815. He raised an army again and lost the battle at Waterloo and was then exiled forever to the British island of St. Helen. There he died in 1821, most likely the cause of stomach cancer.

32: Hero or Villain? | Our group believes that Napoleon started out as a hero, and ended his life as a villain. The power and success got to his head, causing him to conquer relentlessly.

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