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Narrative/ 3 Velasquez/ 2009

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S: Narratives 3Velasquez 2009

FC: 3 Velasquez Narratives October 2009

1: It's great to have you see what we do in writing class! We have worked very hard in this project. The students have typed their own work and have chosen their backgrounds and stickers. Please excuse any "typos" or any other mistakes... We wanted this project to be as "natural" as possible! Thank you for letting us share our work with you!

2: It was April 2007. I was at my grandmas house in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Me and my family were on summer vacation. So me and my sister were looking out the window, which looks onto the garden. Was it snowing? It was! Its snowing in April? I thought to my self. Odd I thought. After, I got my jacket and jeans and I decided to go outside. I was shivering. So I foolishly touched the snow. In soon as I touched the snow I jumped back because the snow was so cold! But it was not just cold, it was freezing cold! So I had been thinking why could snow be so bad? I still did not know why? I felt frozen, really frozen. | It's Snowing in April? By: Ian Simmons

3: I had still been wondering why was I even thinking to touch the snow? There was one thing I knew for sure, if it ever snowed again I would not touch it again. I wanted to go play in the snow, but I did not, I was afraid to get cold again. It was so terribly tempting! It was so weird because April is supposed to be spring and it usually does not snow in spring. I was about to go back in the house, but just liked seeing the snow, so I turned around and just watched the snow covered garden. Finally I went inside. When I in the living room, I looked out the window again. I then realized why I was so cold, I had no mittens! I had forgotten to get some! Oh well. . .

4: Have you ever dreamed about a great and fun vacation? When we arrived to Bali it was night .The stars were glowing as the white bright moon. My moms friends came to pick us up. In the airport when we got home to my moms friend house we went strictly to sleep. We were so tired. In the morning I met every of my moms friends .I meet Marcela and Alan, Marcela sister .I also met her mom ,dad ,Camilla , Andy , mat hue ,sea ,santi ,and mariana.Those are her kids and nefius.WOW thats 13 + me and mom. After eating breakfast we went to the beach. We played Simon says and 123 chicken. We ate chicken with chips the beach was very fun! The next day we went to a club called the cangue club. We got 2 beds under the Side. We swam in an enormous swimming pool. Then it turned night the club had invited us to a party in the club .We ate chicken and saw a movies about this man That travels the world. It was in the club.

5: The next day we had to go on a trip to a hotel called the Caribbean .When we got to the hotel we put our swimming suite on and went to swim. After riding on a car for 1hour and on pack all my stuff we took a shower and went to sleep. The next mooring we had to go on another hotel called the rest pool but first we stop in 3 pleace.The1 plaice was a hot spring pool. It is called like that because theory water comes from a volcano. Well the 2 please we went was a beach full of rocks because mom and Alan wanted to scubadive.Me and the 4adults and 6kids went to the 3 please We went to this gorgeous beach with little house we rented 2 of them. I and the rest of kids went to play in the beach. When mom and Alan came back from scuba we went to Called the rest pool .When the got there I went to the pool. | My Marvelous Vacation by: Andrea Viloria

6: The next day we didnt go anywhere we stayed in the hotel 4 days in a row. Well back to what we did in the hotel that day. We went to the pool but first we went to Eat pancakes with banana up stairs. The next day we went to a restaurant called the sea food. There were games like bingo,goole,trop out. Back to what we did in the hotel Me and the group of kids came back together and made a club .We called it club friends. The last day we went snorkeling it was marvelous .I saw tones of fish there were blue,green,yellow,red,orange,purpe,pink,black,brown and silver. After that we went to that we dried up and we went to eat at the sea food restaurant again. After eating fish rings and fish. We went back home and took a bath and saw this movies called mamma.

7: It was so cool that it made us dance! The next day was the really last day we went to the beach .Well 1 we went to Mc Donald and then we went to the beach. When we got there we ate are burger and French fries. When everyone was finish we went to swim in the waves Blue Sea. The waves were as high as the class room. And I am series. .It was fun. It turned it was time for me and mom to go back to Venezuela. We were so sad to go from Bali. When we got to the airport of Venezuela I really wanted to go back because they were the best vacation of my life. | My Marvelous Vacation by: Andrea Viloria

8: On summer vacation I went to play mini golf with my cousins Santiago and Sofia and my dad. It took us half an hour from my cousins house in Costa Rica. The mini golf I went to was so cool! It had eighteen holes. The first one was easy, the second one was a little bit more challenging because you had to hit it from a mountain into the hole. In the third one was that you had to hit over a mountain into the hole. My favorite hole was the 17th hole. It was like a bridge where you had to hit it in a straight way in a curve way at the end .Every time you hit the ball it a you earned a point. First, my cousin had the most points then I tried harder and harder . Later we were tied. The score was 17-17 .My cousin hit it first and he hit it away. It was turn I hit it into the hole . I won !!!!!! the score was 18-17. That was best game ever ! | The Best Mini Golf Game By: Sebastian Segares

10: Wouldnt it be fun to go to Mexico? My dad told me that we were going to go to Mexico. It was spring break so we could go because there was no school. My family and I went in an air plane. The air plane we went on had the flags of Mexico. We were going to Cancun Mexico. In the air plane my mom said we were going to scuba dive.I was very happy because it was my first time going scuba diving. I stayed in a hotel. The hotel was white and big. It had two beds that were really comfortable. It even has a bridge on top of the pool. It was a very fancy place. Inside our room, there was a lot of paintings and there was a sofa in front of the TV. | Time to go Scubadiving! by: Gianni Marossero

11: We put on our beach clothes. My dad was wearing a black t-shirt and a black swim suit, my mom was wearing a dress of lot`s of colors and her swim suit underneath. My sister and I also ware our swim suit. We went straight to the beach. My dad and I decided to go scuba diving. My sister wanted to go but she was too scared to go. My dad and I went walking far until we couldnt reach the sand. I said lets go down.We so very happy and shiny fishes. We even saw some shiny shells. We picked them up, but some had bugs, so we left them in the sand. We were in the water for twenty minutes. We where tired so we went to the hotel to sleep. The next day we went to watch Mexican people play hockey with a fire ball, I felt very excited. While they were playing I was eating lunch. I ate meat with salad. I just ate the meat because I dont like Salad so much. It was night so we went to sleep we went to sleep. The next day at the afternoon we went back to Venezuela in a air plane. I told my mom how cool it was when we saw them play hockey with a fire ball, and when we went scuba diving. I loved going to Mexico.

12: Have you been in a really stormy night in midnight in my apartment in Colinas Valle Arriba me inside my red pajamas went to my moms room suddenly the Lights went out and a gigantic thunder crashed We walked all around the room to call my dad. It was dark .but my moms purple and pink dress lighted the was way. We tried to call my dad it was useless because no one answered. Then a big gust of wind bleu at us. The lights CAME BACK!. I still dangled on my moms dress. because I was very scard and Thunders just kept striking. My mom said would you sleep with me? I said of course! My mom puted the news that calme me down Because I could hear some thing thats not ligning strike.my eyes twincld that means I have to sleep but I wanted to see the tv. an even larger Thunder crashd . I fell out of bed I was still scared of thunder. My mom said dont worry they wont do notheing that canged my live and now im not sacred of thunder. I felt very good and I slept whethut conplnig. I said good night. My mom replid good night.


14: Are you scared to meet people? I am but I was only 6. It was the summer of 2007. That was 2 years ago! My family was in the United States of America. I was in New Mexico, in Albuquerque. We were at my grandmas house. I love it there! I love it there because it is the only time I get to see my cousin and Aunt and everyone in the United States of America. I of course wish I could go to New Mexico everyday! It would be a lot of time sitting on the plane though! Well, I was at my grandmas house one night dreaming of having of friend. I was dreaming of having a friend because I was bored of being around grownups all the time. In the morning my grandma told me that I was the perfect age to play with her neighbors son. That night I ate my dinner and took a bath. Then I got dressed and went over to their house. We met their family, and then a boy took me to his trampoline. The boys name was Jeremiah. | Meeting a New Friend by: Annalise Fisk

15: Jeremiah had a little sister and 2 Chihuahuas. They were very cute dogs. Then me and Jeremiah jumped on the trampoline. I thought I had a friend to play with every summer. We showed each other tricks. Then I had to leave, it was late. That night after playing with Jeremiah I dreamed of having a friend that was a girl. Did you ever get bored while it was summer?

16: You know what? When I was in 1st grade. I didnt have friends! I was only 6years old. I always thought and dreamt of having at least 1 best friend or more. Finally I had my wish in 2nd grade. I went to a school called ECA.In a new class. I had a very sad face I didn`t have any friends. I sat beside this girl called Annalise. She looked very nice And she was VERY PERETY!!!!! I really wanted to be friends with her, but I knew I Wouldn`t be friends with her, because nobody liked me when I was in 1st grade. As time went by, I felt much better because I felt she was going to be my best Friend!!!I felt in my heart. I wanted to go to recess so much to try to play with her, I was so tempted to shake her shoulder and I said LETS PLAY!!!And then I really did shake her up!!!It was amazing! | My First Best Friend by: Hye Won Chang

17: Annalise turned to me and she didn`t say anything! She had a surprising looking face .but I still said come on buddy, lets play together and she said ok And played tag and teach me how to do monkey bars. It was so fun! The next day I came to school with a big smile. My best friend was waiting for me .with a smile too. I ran to her and hugged her very hard. She smiled bigger and went to recess we played the fairy game it was terrific!!!She was very nice to me!!!Annalise was nicer than anybody in the whole wide world!!! On weekends Annalise would come to my house for a sleep over!!!!!I was so EXCITED!!!!!!!!When Annalise came we played puppet shows on top of the closet it was so cool up there. Annalise and I are better friends naw! We still play together and we really are best friends forever! You know, I write cards for her and she writes cards to me too. I love her.

18: Twister by: Jacob Caride Have you ever gone to a cool park? I did, on exactly a Thursday of spring break. On March 2009 or 2008 oh well I forgot. I remember I went to Universal Studios with my mom. She likes to write and read. She did that throughout our ride. My dad loves sports like ski and biking. I also went with my brother who likes to bother me all the time. I went to Miami. In Miami I rent a car. My dad used that car to go Orlando. In Orlando we stay at a hotel called Holiday inn where I was very comfortable because it had all what I wanted. Then the next day Universal Studios!

19: In the park we played and saw games and shows like Jaws, Shrek 4D, Jimmy Neutron and Men in Black. They are so cool because they are my favorite. After games and shows we entered Twister. We saw in a TV, a mini show about it. My brother started to get scared. When we were in there , there was a bar, a base and a path. Then a tornado started coming toward us! The wind was harder and harder and harder! The sign of the bar went on fire and crashed with the base! Thunder came out of the sky! We were very excited!

20: My Best Friend! by: Oscar Cardenas One sunny day, a boy named Oscar was sleeping in’ his bed because he needed energy. He woke up and he was very excited because it was Christmas! He rushed to get a paper. Then when he finally found one he wrote; dear Jesus, what I want for Christmas is a soccer ball, two video game, and a soccer table. Love Oscar he put it in the tree and then he went to wake up his mom. Oscar mom is tall she have black hire and her name is Carola. and his mom started making the food. They started made nuggets, turkey, peanut butter sandwiches, and a bbarBQ sauce. At night when my mom was waiting for Tomas. Tomas got into Oscars house they started to eat and Tomas said “The turkey is yummy thanks.”Oscar and his mom said “you are welcome”. It was Tomas time to go Next day, Oscar saw so many presents, he promised himself “I promise that in another day he was going to invite Tomas again back home”!

22: I Ski on Blue Mountain by: Sarah Benarroch When I was 6 years old, I went with my whole family to Canada. One day we went by car up the mountain. The mountains were full of snow and bumpy. We needed to take a cart lift to get to the top of the big mountains. It was fun but freaky! because we only had a bar to hold on to. I felt like falling off. When I got up to the top, I jumped off. I was about to slip, but my dad held me. It was really scary. Then I went on the first mountain. It was easy because It was a small hill. The second one, was bumpy. My dad taught me how to jump. The third one was slippery because there was water on top of it. The forth hill was very tall and I was scared because I went really fast. I felt like I didn’t have brakes.

23: I had lots of fun. Then I went on the biggest mountain with my big sister and my dad. My dad already had come on with me on this track and then he wanted to teach my sisters. My dad thought I was ready to go on it alone. I was scared, he only put attention to my sister. When I got to the end I fell rolling down the mountain. The ski hit my arm, but I was covered with snow and I didn’t get hurt. This was my favorite vacation!

24: A Machu Pichu Tale By: Shelby Hernandez Lampron Have you ever been to Machu-Pichu? In the year of 2008 I went to Machu-Pichu. The school I was going to called A.C.S. was having an Easter break, so my family decided to take a trip. There are five members in my family. First comes dad. He is tall and bearly has any hair. Then there is mom. She is short and has brown hair. There is also Kiki. She curly brown hair and is tall for her age. Sabrina is next. She is tall and loves to read. Last, but not least there’s me! I am very playful and have wavy brown hair.

25: My family started to drive in our big but cramped car. I wore baggy purple pants and a matching purple shirt that had a crown on it and said “Princess.” Me and Kiki were playing I spy. This is what it sounded like : “I spy with my little eye something green.” “Tree!” “O.K.” Kiki had said. It was my turn. “I spy something with branches.” “ Tree!” Kiki shouted. The game went on. All I saw was trees and the game ended up getting pretty boring. Besides, we were getting on moms nerve. I was really aiming to get to Peru. We came from La Paz Bolivia now we were headed to our final destination. I was so exited! On our way we passed Lake Titi Caca. “It’s the highest lake in the world.”Dad announced. We had already taken a boat ride there so we already knew. I was staring out the window trying to get comfy and saw nothing but dried grass. I was bored but knew that I still had a little while to go.

26: Later on, we stopped by Lake Titi Caca for a snack and bathroom break. I admired the sparkling, shiny sunlit water. It was a nice, dark, deep sea blue color. Time to eat. I ate a ham, cheese, lettuce and tamatoe sandwich. Then we started to drive again. We drove an hour or two until I got to a small town. We went to a hotel and left our belongings there. Then we went to get dinner. When our family finished our peporoni pizza we explored the town. I saw restaurants, candy stores and pet shops. We walked for about half hour then headed back to the hotel. I watched Tom and Jerry for a bit then went to bed. We were on the fith floor and it was very peaceful. I fell asleep in no time.

27: The next morning when I woke up everyone else was awake! That is pretty suprising considering I’ m usually the first one awake. My family went downstairs and ate breakfast. I ate the same thing as my dad ; An omlet and my mom, Sabrina and Kiki ate ham and scrambled eggs. Directly after that, we loaded up the car, checked out of our room and were on our way to Machu-Pichu! “We’ re almost there girls.” Dad told us. Sabrina was reading a book called “ You Can’t Tie An Aligator To a Fire Hidrant And Other Silly Rules. I was wrestling with Kiki. Mom and dad were fighting over wich direction to go. Finally, I saw another town to the right. “Yes!” “We’re here!” “ Oh yahh!” “ Booya!” I shouted. We were there at last!’

28: When I got to the check in desk a man took us to our room. “Wow!”I said in amazement. It was bigger than I expected. It was a tree house! The tree house had two floors. On the first floor, there was a bathroom, a window and a bunk bed. On the second floor, there was a queen size bed and a balcony. I went to have dinner with my family. I ate French onion soup and drank fizzy cool lemonade. My soup was hot and had melted cheese and onions in it. It was a refreshing dinner. Our family went to explore the town. I saw a store with postcards in it. “ Why don’t we send these to our cousins?” Sabrina suggested. So we did. Then, I went back to the hotel.

29: Later on, I went to bed. The next day, I got on a bus to go to Machu- Pichu. I was scared because we were so high up and I felt like I was going to fall. When I got to Machu-Pichu I was happy to see all the people there. My dad climbed a mountain called Ona-Pichu. It was so much fun! This had been one of my favorite times, but there are tons more places to explore. I will always be a girl who travels, but the places I go and the good friends I meet I will always remember. This is the end of my story, but is just the beginning of another of my adventures.

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