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S: Narratives

BC: We hope you enjoyed our narratives. Thank you for reading stories about our lives. 3C and 3N

FC: Narratives By 3C and 3N Gigi, Lucas, Sebas, Alan, Juampi, Joaquin Isabelle, Dan, and Fabio Barbara, Victor, Roarke, Kyra, Katherine, Amanda, Alex, Nicholas, and Emilio

1: Narratives ECA - 2009 Welcome to our third grade book of narratives. We have spent the past 7 weeks learning about the narrative writing genre. We’ve learnt that a narrative is a story or memory that has really happened from the author’s life. We’ve followed the writing process to create stories from our lives. We hope you enjoy them! 3C and 3N

2: My Happiest Christmas By Sebastian Baca One Christmas morning in Mexico I entered my grandma’s living room. It was bathed in sunlight. The Christmas tree looked so beautiful with the red, gold, and silver balls hanging from the branches. My grandma’s dog was lying on the floor. My grandma, Mom, and Dad joined me later in the living room. After that we decided to give out the Christmas presents. My Mom got earrings from my grandma, my grandma got a ring from my Mom, and my Dad got a sport watch from my mom and I. Finally, it was time for my presents. | Meanwhile, my grandma gave me a packet of Magnetix. It looked so cool from the outside, and it had pictures of shapes on the cover. I got a new Neo Shifter. It was wrapped in green wrapping paper. I ripped off the paper in a frenzy and found a green box with a cover showing the Neo Shifter, and another mini Neo Shifter coming out of the first. Finally, I got a big box which I opened really fast and found a big box saying: Nintendo DS! And on the corner it said: Mario Party DS!

3: I did cool stuff with the packet of Magnetix that I had got that morning, built the Neo Shifter, and played with my Nintendo DS.I couldn’t stop saying thanks to my parents! The next day, I woke up wishing it was still Christmas because to me, it had been the best Christmas of my life. | One of my favorite presents was, of course, the Nintendo DS. But I had two favorite presents. One was the Neo Shifter, and the other was the Nintendo DS. I loved the Nintendo because I had a super fun game to play. I liked my presents so much that I couldn’t stop playing all day. The Neo Shifter was my other favorite present because it was fun building it, and it was a challenge for me to build it.

4: My Best Summer Ever By Alan Bittan One day when I was going to Aruba, I was very excited because in that place I can do whatever I want to there. I went to bed early. When I woke up, I started to shout “We are going to Aruba”! We had our suitcases packed. When we got to the airport, I was amazed! We were all going on American Airlines. It took almost like 45 minutes. We stayed in an apartment at Playa Linda.

5: My favorite part of Aruba was the apartment. It had many awesome TV programs, the beds had soft duvets, and the coolest thing was that the elevator was close to us. Our apartment also had a giant rug for the floor. The first thing I did after getting to the apartment was go to the pool. It was very deep. I was surprised to see some of my friends from Venezuela there. We started to play all kinds of games like Splash!! There were some awesome activities like sports, hide and seek, and the best one, the hide the ball game. I won. I also ate some yummy snacks like cookies and fruit. | After two weeks, it was time to go back to Venezuela. I asked my mom, “Can we stay longer”? But my mom said, “No, we are going back to Venezuela!” Everyone was packing except me. I sat on the sofa and started to cry. My mom said, “Don’t worry. We are coming back next year.” I felt happy and excited knowing that we are coming back!

6: The next day Monse was in my bed sleeping! I went to give her a long walk for hours, and when I say hours, I mean hours! When Monse and I got home, Monse was hungry. I knew she was hungry because she was trying to open the food bag. | My First Pet By Barbara Malm I was going to be three years old, and I was very happy. All my friends and cousins were coming to my birthday, and my best friend too. When my best friend handed me an immense box, I was very surprised! I asked “What is it?” “You’ll see,” she whispered. When I opened it, it was a puppy! The puppy was brown, white, and black. It was little like a baseball ball. Her fur was very soft, and her eyes sparkled like the stars. I pondered what she could be called. I pondered and pondered. Then it came to my mind, “Monse!” I screamed. It was the perfect name. I said to Monse “Your name is Monse.”

7: The next day after school, Monse got lost!!! Monse always picked me up from school with my mom. But that day, Monse didn’t come to pick me up. I asked, “Mommy, where is Monse?” “I don’t know where she is!!” she said. I was very sad. I thought she was dead. My mom and I went through the whole town, but we couldn’t find her either. We didn’t know what to do. Then my maid, Yeya said, “I found her!” “Yeah!” I said. Then Yeya came with Monse. “Thank you, thank you!!’’ I said. I was really amazed she was here! Then I asked Yeya, “Where was Monse?’’ “In your cradle,‘’ she said. Everyone was laughing at me! Monse and I went to my room. It was a fantastic day!

8: My Seventh Christmas By: Lucas Amud My seventh Christmas was in Mexico in a city called Villahermosa on the 25th of December 2008. All my family was there, friends from my parents, and some friends from Brazil. There were three friends of mine Arthur, Pedro, and another Pedro. They are my best friends! We were very happy during that Christmas and it was only a bit cold.

9: After I played with my friends, my mom gave me a Christmas present. It was a Nintendo Wii video game called Madagascar 2! I felt really happy because that was what I told her to give me for Christmas. The cover of the video game didn’t have all the characters. There are eight characters in the movie, but there were just five on the cover. I knew who they were because I already watched the movie! One of them was, of course, the main character, the lion. The other characters missing were the zebra, the giraffe, and the hippo. Suddenly, Pedro decided to open the video game and start playing in my room. | The first time that I tried it, it was awesome! The first level was with the lion, and I could make lots of mini-games. Like the giraffe is sick, and you need to make a surgery to take out all the germs. When I went to another level I always asked myself, “How would the next level be?” After a few days, I won the game! Pedro, and another friend called Martin were playing with me. After winning Madagascar 2, I felt bad because I had nothing to do with it. It was still fun playing with my friends, and I thought, “Why are some games so short?” We finished the game so fast because me, and Pedro played one hour each day. He came to my apartment everyday because, we lived in the same building. I liked that day because, all my friends came for Christmas! I will always remember that wonderful day that I had! And I still think, when am I going to see my friends again? THE END

10: My Home By Kyra Turner I was sitting in my bedroom in Caracas thinking about all of my friends back at home in Trukee, which is in California. All of a sudden, my brothers were in my room yelling, “Tomorrow is the last day of school! Tomorrow’s the last day of school!” I yelled, “GET OUT OF HERE!” While thinking about my friends back at home I started to feel sad, mad, and dismay. I thought I was homesick. I ate some goldfish. Suddenly my mom came in and said, “Sunday, we are leaving!” I felt much better. The next day, which was the last day of school, everyone was crying, including me! My best friend Lillian was right next to me. It was the last day I was going see her. At the end of every Friday we had a pizza party. After a while we were all crying because Lillian, Isabelle, and Zoe were moving to another country. It was hard.

11: On Saturday, Zoe and I played together. She was not moving until Monday. We played as long as we could .We had breakfast and lunch together, but we couldn’t have dinner together. I had to get up at 3: 00 in the morning. So I had to go to bed at 7:00 at night. The next day, we woke up and went to the airport. We were late because my brother wouldn’t get out of bed! We got to the airport and it was full of people. We took our seats. The pilot said, “Prepare for take off!” 5 ,4 ,3… I counted in my mind, 2, 1! We took off! I started to play with my brother Ryder and then I fell asleep. “Kyra, wake up.” I didn’t want to wake up. I was fake sleeping because I knew that we were still on the airplane. My mom said, “WAKE UP KYRA, WE ARE IN TRUKEE!” I opened my eyes, I was laying in my Trukee bed! I hugged my mom! My mom said ``You slept through two airplanes. Dad carried you. ‘’ I was so happy I went upstairs. My friends were there eating breakfast. They said, “Come and play!’’ I said to myself, “I’m finally home!”

12: My Grandpa By Juampi Chaves Hello, let me introduce you to my Grandpa. He is a very funny and wonderful person. He is a very important person in my life because without him, life wouldn’t be the same, and it wouldn’t be as fun. My Grandpa lives in Delaware. He has blackish grayish hair. He always , and I mean always, wears a cap. They are from the marines. My Grandpa has a big chin and he is always sarcastic. He is my mom’s dad. He lives in a small house, but it has a big yard.

13: Did I mention he is funny? Well, let me tell you a story. It goes like this. Once my sister made a joke that made him laugh so hard, his big belly started jumping up and down. He was laughing so hard, we started laughing, just because he was laughing. My Grandpa and I like to watch movies. We usually watch old movies because we think they are better. My favorite movies are the ones with John Wayne in them, like The Quiet Man. My Grandpa likes old movies about the marines, because sometimes they use real marines in the movie. They’re also funny sometimes. I remember that my Grandpa flew from the U.S, all the way to Spain, just to see me being born. My Grandpa loved Spain. The only thing he didn’t like was the airplane ride. He said that that would be the last time he was going on an airplane. My Mom and Dad made videos of my Grandpa in Spain, that is how I remember. I miss my Grandpa. I only get to see him in the summer, but the good thing is he gets to see me on my birthday. I love my Grandpa.

14: The Best Team Ever! By Emilio Viscal When I was in my old school I had 3 friends, Tushar, William, and Samuel. William was the one who wanted to make the team. We all named the team the Yoshi squad. It was the best team ever! We started making our own universe, Pokemon, and played with toys and other things. We all played our favorite game which is running really fast. William was the one who we had the most fun with, and he was also the leader of the squad. We made the team because we thought it would be cool if we could go through walls.

15: Samuel, Tushar, and I, were trying to rescue William from mean Nintendo characters. We pretended to hypersonic really fast. We all lived in Helsinki Finland, in Postipuu School. All of us played at recess most of the time. Tushar, Samuel, and William, also played afterschool. Tushar, and Samuel once came to my house, and I to theirs. I had more fun at Samuels’s house. When I first started the team I really felt accepted. When was in the squad, I happy and exited. I was going on vacation, and I felt extremely sad.

16: My Favorite Vacation By Victor Cardenas On July 20th 2009, Oscar’s family and my family wanted to go to L.A. Even our parents wanted to go! Oscar and I were surprised because we were only told to go to bed early that night, so we could wake up early the next day. The next day, the taxi came at 4:00 in the morning! Oscar and I were worried because there was too much traffic. We all had problems finding the gate. Everybody, except me! I was still buying candy in the candy store. I was later than everybody. But I still got to go on the airplane. It took about 24 hours to get to L.A. I slept, played cards, played DS, watched movies, and I ate airplane food. It was a fantastic flight.

17: When we arrived in L.A, we all were so tired. Right when we got the room at the hotel, we went to sleep. The next morning, I didnt even wait for everybody to wake up. There was a giant pool, a giant restaurant, a lounge, lots of cool gardens, a bar, and more. The first day, we only stayed in the hotel. We went into the pool, we ate in a bar and a restaurant, and also played many games like hide and seek and tag. Over the next few days, we went to a cool toy store named Toys R Us. There, we bought toys, video games, and Legos. Our families went to Gladstones, a sea food restaurant, and to the beach, next to an amusement park. It had rides, candy stores, and restaurants. Whenever Oscar and I were in our hotel room we put on loud music and the T.V.

18: One time Oscar and I didnt want to wake up. Everybody tried to wake us up, but we still didnt wake up. When we finally woke up, our families were going to breakfast! Oscar and I forgot we were wearing pajamas and went down to breakfast. Everybody looked at us like, Whats up with those children? We tried to get into the restaurant. We said, Were with the Cardenas family. The lady said, You can pass when you change, brush your teeth, and especially take a bath. Oscar and I ran like a flash to our room. After our baths and cleaning up, there wasnt time for us to eat breakfast. We had to eat the candy we brought to L.A for breakfast!

19: After our candy breakfast, we went to Disneyland. We went on many rides. My favorite one was Splash Mountain. At the beginning we thought it was boring because it went slowly. But then, these bumps started to come and Vrooomwe flew down this giant waterfall! It was my favorite ride! Later we went to candy stores and bought a lot of delicious candy. We also got to see the Golden Mickey show. We thought there was only one Mickey. And poof all these Mickeys started to come out. Disneyland was so much fun. After our 2 week vacation, Oscar and I felt bad because we were leaving back to Caracas. We went to the airport and took the 24 hour plane ride. When we got to Caracas, we didnt feel bad anymore because we brought back video games, toys, and Legos. We had lots of fun with our new toys.

20: My Family By Nicolas Hollander My family is different from other families. My family is different because it's European and Latin American. We are a fun and great family. My dad’s side is from Europe. My European side is a little fancy. We cook a lot and we listen to classical music. We cook things like meat, chicken, soup, and cakes. My grandfather’s father is from Austria and made watches by hand. My grandmother was born in Germany during World War 2. Even though she was born at that time, her mother and father disagreed with Hitler. They had to hide under their garage to escape Hitler. They hid there because it was a safe place, plus, they didn’t want to go to jail or die.

21: My mom’s side is from Latin America. My Latin American side of the family is a little bit more fun! The reason why this side of the family is more fun is because we never feel lonely. Another reason is because we play more. My cousins, Danny and Andres, play Play Station with me. Our favorite vacation spot is an island called Margarita. It is a very beautiful island. My grandpa is from Margarita. My grandma makes many things like mangers, earrings, candle holders and rosaries. I love my family because we’re all different. We all make different things, we follow our own way, and we’re all one. In this family I usually feel happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes excited. I love this family very much!

22: Writing on Eggs With My Mom By Roarke Macdonald Last Easter, my mom taught me to decorate eggs in a special way. I was seven years old and living in Burke Virginia. Before my mom taught me this special way to draw on eggs, I just colored them. But now that I was seven, my mom taught me a more difficult ways to color on eggs. I was sitting putting white eggs into the different colored dyes. My mom said, I bought a kit to make Russian Easter eggs. Do you want to try and decorate eggs the Russian way this year? Ok, lets try it, I said.

23: First, my mom lit a wax candle. She dipped a metal rod in the melted wax. She lifted the rod out, and put the wax on the egg. She started to draw different designs, like ocean waves, on it. After the wax dried, she dipped the egg in to the blue dye. After a few minutes, she took the egg out of the dye and the parts with the designs were white. The rest of the egg was blue. It was a very beautiful egg. | I was excited to know a new way to color eggs for Easter. I tried to use the rod with wax to make designs. The first time the egg slid in my hand and the wax just made lines around the egg. I thought this might take me a long time to learn this but, I didnt give up. After two hours of trying I was able to make some very vibrant looking eggs. Learning how to make Russian eggs was very exciting for me. I will try to make Russian eggs every year. Would you like to learn to make Russian eggs?

24: My Birthday in Miami By Daniel Viteri It was my birthday and also I was turning 7 years old. My mom and dad were taking me to Miami. I had to wake up at 12:00am to go to the airport. I got dressed as fast as I could because I was afraid that we would miss the plane. Miami is my favorite place to go. I was so tired when we got inside the plane. When we got to the Miami airport I jumped up and down. I couldnt wait to get to the hotel. I thought we were staying in a house, but we stayed in a huge hotel instead.

25: The hotel was a super hotel! I was really impressed with it. I said to myself, Im going to faint! When I got in the hotel it was superduper hotel. It had a gym, also it had a wading pool, and a restaurant. I loved my room, it was very cool. It had all sorts of video games, like Hiro Rising and Aroon Stoon. The next day, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a park. I said, Yes of course! When we got to the park, it was a huge water park. Woohoo! I went to a waterslide. I could only stay for fifty minutes because we had other things to do. I had to go to a store and buy some things for my mom. They bought me a helicopter. I wanted to go back to the hotel so I could play with the helicopter. It was so awesome! The next day I had to go back to Venezuela. I will miss Miami. I felt sad, but we will try to do some of the things we do in Miami. We can go to a water park I said to my mom. I hope we have time to do all the plans.

26: How I Met My Best Friend Forever, Emily By Katherine Haver When I was five years old, I had just found out I was moving to a city called Galveston, Texas. Galveston is an island on the very bottom of Texas. I felt sad that I was leaving home. I was moving from Houston, Texas to Galveston, Texas. I was moving there because my mom wanted to live on the beach, and my dad said we had to move there. So we drove to the island. The drive was not long, and it was not pretty, but when I got there it was beautiful. We got to our neighborhood. My house was HUGE. My closet was gigantic. My bed was awesome. It had flowers on it so did the sheets. I loved my room. We had two backyards, one that I used to ride my bike and swim , and the other to do cartwheels in. Beside the playroom. My mom and dad had closets all to their selves.

27: My mom was working in a hospital called UTMB. I do not know what it stands for. She loved her job. She had made a lot of friends. One of my moms friends invited me to her house. When I got to the house, it smelled as sweet as ginger. A girl was in the house she was her daughter. She was my age. My mom said: Katherine why dont you go and play with Emily? I was shy , but then I got the feeling she was nice .We played with all her toys for one hour . When the play date was over I said goodbye but she said see you at school. The next day we met at school. We tried to find our classroom but we could not. So my dad found it for us. When he found it he said he said have a good day girls. We met our teacher. She was really nice. When we got in to the classroom it smelt as sweet as apples and cinnamon to me . One of the things I did was learn how to write . When I wrote my first sentence I felt so great . Even when I wrote five sentences I still felt good. I loved Kindergarten. I also loved my principal Mrs. Gilbert she came to visit our classroom almost every day, but something terrible happened she died at the end of the year. I was very sad so was Emily. But me and Emily had fun each and every day of our lives.

28: M Cool Cousins By Fabio Zavaley I was 8 years old and I was living in Bangladesh because my mom was working for the British American Tobacco Company. I really wanted to meet my cousins who lived in Argentina. In July, my parents told us that we were going to Argentina for a month and a half. I was very excited and eager. We left for the airport in the afternoon. It took a long time to get to the airport because there was traffic, and there was nothing to do in the car. After an hour, we finally got there. At the airport, there was a long cue to get on the plane. I was impatient. It felt like 3 hours before we got on the plane.

29: The plane had two floors. I had no idea where we were sitting, so I asked, Are we sitting on the first floor or the second floor? Luckily my dad replied, The second floor. I beamed Yes! Then my dad and I went to our seats. The seats were cool because they had a T.V. and a massage. I sat next to my dad. I told my dad This is amazing and cool. On the flight, I watched movies, played games, read a book, and lay down for a while. I was having so much fun, I did not want to go to sleep. It took 26 hours to get to Argentina. When I got off the plane, I looked everywhere for my relatives. After a while, I saw them helping my dad with the suitcases. My relatives came and hugged us a lot. Then we went to my nonos house. When we got there, my nono said, Lets go to the ravioli shop. We were all hungry and thirsty so we said, Great idea! We drove there and my nono said, Can we have ravioli with cheese cream sauce? That is his favorite. After, we went home. We ate the ravioli and drank orange juice. Later, at tea time, we ate facturas. I always get the arequipe ones because they are the only ones I like. I ate two and drank chocolate milk. In the night time we went to my cousins house to meet them. I was eager to meet them, but felt shy because they were bigger than me. And maybe would not want to play. When we saw them, we said hello and gave them a Manchester united soccer shirt and a cap with a parrot on the front. We ate empanadas and later, we played with the computer. We had a lot of fun with my cousins until my dad called us to go back to my nonos. I said that was fun! The next day, I went to my cousins house again to play. My dad let us go in and then went back to my nonos house. We played the computer then we made a club to make money and we made wallets out of cloth, picked flowers from the garden, and made bracelets out of beads. Then we sold them to our grandfather and parents. We made enough money by chocolates from the store. When my father came to pick us up, I asked my father, Can I please have a sleepover?! My father said, Okay you may have a sleepover.Yes I shouted. So my father left. We played more soccer games on the computer and we also played chaise with the lights off. Before bed, we read some stories and at the end of the first story, Alejo went to sleep. We read another story and then we went to sleep at 1:30 a.m. The next morning, we played outside until my dad came. It was a great sleepover. The next day, we went to a ranch. We played on a horse, ate barbecue and fished. I had a lot of fun with my Argentinean cousins. They were funny and fabulous. Since this trip, weve been to Argentina for 1 week. I was able to see them again. I hope to see them longer than I saw them on the last trip. I hope we are going to come again soon.

30: Moving to Venezuela By: Alex Milliken Once when I was in Scotland, I was three years old. We were getting prepared to move to Venezuela. My dad had the plan. We put everything in order, the stuffed animals in one box, toys in a other box, and other things in the last box. When I was going to Venezuela we took a very long flight because Scotland is very far away from Venezuela. In a little while I felt so hungry, bored, and sleepy. Then food came! The food was so good that I ate everything! It was sausages, fish, bread with butter, and pasta.

31: Once I got to Venezuela I missed my house in Scotland. Then I got impressed by my new house. I was so impressed that I fainted! It has an impressive furniture, comfortable beds, and a cool television room. | The next day my parents told me that the boxes with toys, stuffed animals, and all the other the other things were coming in one month. When I heard that, I fainted again! After I woke up I Played with my brother. After that, I was tired, hungry, and I was still bored. When one month past I first tried arepas and empanadas. They are so good! I was the first one in my family to discover that you grab them with your hands. Then all boxes were coming. I couldn’t remember how they looked like. But finally when I saw them in my house, I remembered how they looked like. I organized all my toys in my room and was very happy to see them again, I played with them, and I was testing them on mud.

32: My Family Amanda Trivella Last Easter my family and I went to Disneyworld. We went there because we had holidays and it was my brother’s birthday. Once we got there, we saw, a lot of shows, but the best one was the show where all the characters were singing and dancing. We also went on a lot of rides and had an Easter hunt. We had to walk all over the place. We were so tired that our legs felt heavy, because Disneyworld is so big and beautiful that you could hardly imagine it. At night we went to the hotel to sleep. We went to play golf, well mini golf, was fun. It was hard because there was a fan going around and in the middle there was a hole. You had to get the ball into the hole and, a big restaurant inside. You could see how they cooked the meals. There was a lagoon with big alligators.

33: The basket had chocolate and candy, I ate the candy in one go and I got a tummy ache then we went to the airport but the flight was canceled. The plane was being fixed. I said awesome because I wanted to stay more time, so my wish came true. But the next day, we went back to Venezuela I was sad. But I still have memories from Disneyworld. I love my family and I had the best time with them. | After one week we were living. I was sad. My mom told me to get up and have a shower and get dressed. When I got out of bed I saw a little handle to a basket. I got out of bed and got closer and closer I saw it was an Easter basket. How could the Easter bunny find me?

34: My Trip to France Isabelle Russell One day in the spring, I heard that we were going to France for spring break. I was so excited because we were going to eat some of the best food in the world! I learned about French food because one of my favorite restaurants in Bethesda is French. My parents told me that we were going to see our good friends in Paris and travel with them to a castle (chateau). We went on an Air France flight overnight from Washington, D.C. to Paris, France. The flight was long but there was a lot to do. There were video games, our own t.v. with movies, and you didn’t have to listen in French. You could also listen in English or Spanish. I ate dinner on the plane and after that I watched a movie, and then went to bed. The next morning they woke us up and gave us breakfast. After they took our trays, I had to put my seat up because we were landing in Paris, France!

35: After we got off the plane, went through customs, and got our luggage, we saw our friends, Philippe and Guadalupe. We were all hungry so we went to a bakery and I got a chocolate croissant (pain chocolat)! I love them. Then they loaded us in their cars and took us to their house. When we got there my mom told everybody to go pack your backpacks for the chateau. We were going to a very old chateau in the middle of France to spend the weekend! Our friend Philippe picked up his two boys, Axel and Alarik, from school, and then we packed up and left for the chateau. It was a long drive, but when we got there I jumped out of the car and said. “Hi!” to the grandmom because it’s polite and then I had a look around the chateau. It was incredible! There was shining armor and a dungeon. After we settled into our rooms (I was sharing with my sister), we went to a pizza restaurant. I got pizza with cheese and tomato sauce. After dinner I went straight to bed. I was exhausted! The next morning I got dressed and went outside to get to my mom and dad’s room. They were just getting up, so I went back to my room and played on my d.s. while they got ready for breakfast. Then our friend’s dog opened the door and licked me on the face. So I got up and went downstairs to breakfast. I had pain chocolat fresh from the bakery! Then we went sightseeing. First we went to a very old stone church with scenes from the bible painted on the walls. After that we went to a large, beautiful church where a t.v. crew was setting up to broadcast the Sunday service. There was also a chorus inside that was practicing for the service. The singing echoed through the whole church! Then we went out for lunch. We went to a real, French crepe restaurant (creperie). I had a crepe with cheese, tomatoes, avocados, beans and lettuce. For dessert, I had a dark chocolate crepe with a special order of whip cream on top. Yummy!! After lunch we went to another part of the village near a beautiful chateau that had birds in it (like an aviary.) Then we walked back to another old building near the restaurant and visited the museum inside of it.

36: After visiting the village, we went back to our friend’s chateau so the grown-ups could rest. The kids didn’t rest! We went down to the river and then my brother and Alarik locked me, my sister, and Axel out of the house. I realized that they forgot to lock the door to the kitchen so everybody tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Then I tried again and it opened! Then everybody went up to the kid’s room and the boys started shooting a b.b. gun at birds through the open window. That night we went out to dinner in a village close by. I had goose liver mousse (pate), venison, and for dessert I had strawberry cake. Then I went to bed. I was sad because we were leaving the chateau the next day and going back to Paris. The next day, I went downstairs and discovered breakfast laid out on the big dining room table. It was beautiful! There was toast, pain chocolat, croissant, yogurt, jelly, ham and cheese. After breakfast we wrote a thank you letter in the guest book. Then we loaded the car and began our drive back. On our way, we stopped in the Loire Valley at a humongous castle that was built over a river (Chateau Chenonceau). There were lots of historical moments there. We also went to the castle which was the setting for the Beauty and the Beast movie. It was beautiful! Then we stopped the car to see a hot air balloon that was flying over the valley at dusk. We got home late, had dinner and went straight to bed. The next morning we got up really early to go to the city of Paris. We put all of our luggage in the car and then it took about one hour to get to our hotel in the city. We had two rooms, one for my parents and one for the kids. When I opened the door to my room and looked out the window, I screamed, “Mom, there’s the Notre Dame!” She said, “Whoa! Lucky ducks!” Her room was very small and you couldn’t see the Notre Dame. After settling in, we went downtown to see museums, including the Louvre. It was huge and beautiful. Parts of the museum were underground. There were displays from all around the world. There were parts from Egypt, Asia, Africa, South America, India, and paintings and sculptures from Europe. After the museum, we went on a walk by the river Seine and the Notre Dame Cathedral. We stopped for snack at a Creperie. I had a citrus crepe with sugar on it and my dad let me have an ice cream too. That night we went out to dinner with some other friends at an old, traditional family-style restaurant. I ate duck (confit de canard), salad, and apple turnovers for dessert.

37: The next day after breakfast we walked to the metro and took the metro out to the Palace of Versailles. It’s a beautiful old palace. It’s so humongous that first my brother got lost and then my dad got lost. The gardens are so huge that there was a lake with row boats, restaurants, and a place to rent bikes. After the palace, we took the metro back to Paris and went to the Eiffel Tower. I took tons of pictures! That night we went out to dinner and I had duck again and the most delicious crme brulee ever! Our friend Philippe took me back to the kitchen to meet the chef who makes the famous crme brulee. Philippe helped me tell the chef how much I loved it! That night I decided when I grow up I want to be a food critic! The next day we got all our stuff together and our friend picked us up and took us to the airport.

38: Riding Bikes Joaquin Martinez I love riding my bike. It took me quite some time to learn how to do it. The reason was that I was afraid of riding my bike, even with the small wheels on. I was scared I would fall and break a bone. My dad and I used to go out and practice with an old bike I still have. We still use it when I friends come over for a sleep over. We use it even though its wheels don’t have enough air. When my parents felt I was ready to ride it without the small wheels, my dad took them off. After a couple of years, my mom bought me a new bike. This one did not have the small wheels. I really liked how it looked, it also goes very fast. The only thing I hate about it is that my friends always, and I mean always want to use it every single time they come over. But other that reason, I love it, even though I don’t ride it very often. But whenever I ride it, I go so fast that when pass my mom and sisters it looks as if they where statues! I can also go around my entire neighborhood twice in about 2 or 3 minutes. It takes my 6 year old sister the entire time. We have to ride our bikes to go from my building to the guard of my neighborhood. The best thing about riding my bike was riding with my friend named Matias, but we called him Matu. We rode our bikes all over our neighborhood. I always felt happy and never wanted to stop. He had 2 bikes. Sometimes, he let me use his brother’s bike. I was riding bikes like a pro.

39: Happy Birthday Giovanna Amato In Sunday it was my 8 birthday. I was very excited about the decorations. They were just rigGiovht! They had many colors like pink, green, purple, yellow, and blue. My mom dad and some workers cleaned the house before my friends came in my building in the park . At the party I was wearing a beautiful dress with pink flowers. I was also wearing golden sandals, litlle ear rings that were blue, and a pretty necklace. At the party, there were many gifts and I was just wishing to open them. There were many different colors of wrapping paper some were very shiny. I was jumping, singing, dancing, it was grate! I was very amazed that friends were having fun. The best part was the cake and ICE crem. They were really tasty. It tasted like a dream! It was yummy that I just wished I could eat it all again. The cake was chocolate mixed with a little bit of vanilla .The yummiest part was the brigaderos on top of the cake! The party felt like it went fast but it was beautiful. Before the party was done we broke the piñata a rain of chocolate came out! I ate all my chocolate bag. But there were toys too. After the party was done, me and my friend Isa went to my apartment to open all the gifts. There were so many that I was the happiest girl in my bulding!

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