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Neutral Portfolio

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FC: Johns Scrapbook John Rudolph, 1rst period 10/3/12

1: Table of contents: Use the Answers: pgs.2-3 Super Easy Algerbra: pgs.4-5 Super Easy Algebra- Algebraic Manipulations: pgs. 6-7 Mean Means Average: pgs. 8-9 The 6 Minute Abs of Geometry: pgs. 10-11 The 6 Minute Abs of Geometry, Parallel Lines: pgs. 12-13 The 6 Minute Abs of Geometry, Triangles: pgs. 14-15 Foil: pgs. 16-17 Math Vocab: pgs. 18-19 More Math Vocab: pgs. 20-21 Multiples Vocab: pgs, 22-23 Fancy Graphing Vocab: pgs. 24-25 Green Circle, Black Diamond, Slaloming Slope I: pgs. 26-27 Green Circle, Black Diamond, Slaloming Slope II: pgs. 28-29 The Sports Page, Using Charts and Graphs: pgs, 30-31

2: Skill 1 Use The Answers

3: To use the answers is simple, just use the choices you have on the test and simply plug them into the problem. If it is correct, then it should work out | Ex. 1+4=x x=4 x=5

4: Super Easy Algebra | On the ACT there will be problems that involve simple Algebra. The most important thing to do is to not over-think them. To complete these problems, solve for X

5: Example: 2x+3=7 -3 -3 2x=4 4/2=2 x=2 Real World:

6: Super Easy Algebra - Algebraic Manipulation | Algebraic manipulation is solving for y =... The way the problems are worded might sound difficult(What is y in terms of x?), but all that is necessary is isolating the y.

7: Example; 3x+4y=12 -3x 4y=12-3x /4 /4 y=4-3/4x

8: "Mean" Means Average

9: Mean is nothing but a fancy word for average. To find the average divide the sum by amount of numbers you have. ex. 100mnms/2bags 50m&ms per bag Median is the middle number when arranged in numeric order and Mode is the number occurring most often

10: The Six Minute Abs of Geometry | The six minute abs of geometry covers; vertical angles are equal, angles in a linear pair equal 180, and angles in a triangle equal 180. So if you follow these simple rules then you are sure to score better on the ACT. Example:

11: Real World Example!

12: The Six Minute Abs of Geometry: Parallel Lines | When learning about parallel lines in geometry, all of the confusing vocab might have been difficult. No bother. On the ACT you will only need to know how to work the problem. When working with parallel lines remember that they are both equal, so the big angles equal the same on both lines etc. Example: | 4=3

13: Real World Examples

14: 6 Minute Abs: Triangles | If a Triangle is isosceles ( two equal sides) then they equal the same thing. If the triangle is Equalateral (all sides equal) then every side is 60 Examples:

15: Real World Example:

16: FOIL | Foil is a method used to solve two compound variable multiplication problems. It stands for First Outer Inner and Last. All you have to do is multiply the terms in that order and viola Example:

18: Math Vocab | Some key vocab terms you need to remember are: Real number - means any number Constant term - like a variable but will not change Integer - numbers without decimals or fractions Even/Odd - even = 2,4,6,8,... odd=1,3,5,7... Consecutive numbers - numbers in a row Prime - numbers that have only the factors one and itself Units digit - term for the "ones" in a term. ex: 2 in 672

20: More Math Vocab | Factors= numbers that divide into a number evenly Greatest Common Factor = the largest number that can divide into another number evenly Prime Factors = factors that are also prime ex 48= 2 and 3

22: Multiples Vocab | Multiples are the numbers added on each other. (ex. 3 = 6, 9, 12, 15..) LCM is the least common multiple of several numbers Example; what is the LCM of 5, 10 and 15? The answer is 30 because that is the first matching multiple

24: Fancy Graphing Vocab | Standard coordinate plane - fancy term for grid that you graph lines on Cartesian plane - fancy name for line graph Ordered pair - A fancy term for a pair of X,Y coordinates x intercept/y intercept - where line crosses on each axis defined/undefined - anything that breaks math laws

25: Real World Examples:

26: Green Circle, Black Diamond: Slaloming Slope I | Slope is essitial algebra knowledge. Slope tells you the steepness of a line. To find slope use this formula: | Example:

28: Green Circle, Black Diamond, Slaloming Slope II | This lesson is practically the same but it gives you a few good tips such as; parrallel lines have the same slope,and perpendicular lines have negative reciprocal slopes

30: The Sports Page: Using Charts and Graphs | Using graphs is easy, they give you all of the answers! The trick to these problems though is reading the keys... If you read the key you have a good chance to get it right.

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