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Never Again

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FC: Never Again | "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it"

2: Anti-Semitism Anti Semitism is hatred toward the Jews for no logical reason. Jews were accused of many downfalls especially of the economy because they were the ones who worked at banks and were in charge of money. Another form of antisemitism was stereotyping the Jews. An example of this would be "Jews hag big noses". Another act of antisemitism was when Jews were put into ghettos, so that Jewish people would live separately from the rest of society.

3: "As the noble laureate Elie Wisel warned years ago that forgetting the Holocaust is killing twice" | Acts Of Anti-Semitism

4: "when i cam into power i did not want the concentration camps to be come old age prisoners homes, but instruments of terror" -Adolf Hitler

5: s | Hitlers Rise to Power Hitlers rise to power took many steps to get him to where he was. First one of Hitlers first famous events occurred at the Beer Hall Putsch, which was an attempt to throw oner the government. This of course failed and Hitler was tried for treason and thrown into prison. While his time in prison Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf or "My Struggle, using propaganda Hitlers book became very popular and powerful in Nazi, Germany. Hitler using his dark manipulated ways became chancellor of Germany which means he basically made decisions for the President.

6: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

7: Nazi Propaganda Nazi Propaganda was used on Germany citizens to ensure the hatred towards the Jews, which were communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, and the press. Nazi films portrayed Jews as "subhuman" and that they were worming their selves into Aryan society. With all the Nazi propaganda and brain washing of the people in Nazi Germany it caused a tolerance of violence towards the Jews.

8: The Ghettos The Ghettos were a small section or sections in a city where Jews were placed together in order to keep them away from society because they were less than human to the Nazis. The Conditions WereTough, all the Jews were so closed together it was easy for diseases to spread like lice and typhus. Only a limited amount of medical supplies was offered so lice pretty much thrived on the Jews. Food rations were very little and not everyone got it. Their diet consisted on watery based stew, many died due to starvation.

9: Eugenics Eugenics is improving and controlling human population by breeding and using desirable heritable characteristics. Eugenics Controlled who breeded with whom. Those who were consider feeble minded, criminals, or alcoholics for forced sterilizations so they could kill off and make a perfected race. Eugenics later came to Nazi, Germany so they could make a perfected Aryan race.

10: Dr. Josef Mengele Dr. Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz death camp, he did horrific experiments on innocent people within that camp. Mengele had a obsession with twins and did experiments on them with no medicines or local anesthetics, an example of this is would be when he sewed to identical twins together into Siamese twins. Mengele also performed experiments on the twins in attempt to change eye color, transfusions of blood,, sex change operation, and incestuous impregnations. After Mengele left Auschwitz he hide out of Brazil near a village and still kept doing his work. Later the ocean took his life while he went for a swim and had a stroke and drowned.

11: Death Camps Death camps were where Jews were systematically exterminated by gas, chambers, hard labor, and/or mis treatment. Gas chambers were the most efficient system to kill Jews and they were able to kill them in large numbers because they used a gas known as Zyklon B. Another way Jews were murdered was by being worked to death. Those who looked healthy enough to work, worked until they couldn't work anymore. Mistreatment was also a way Jews died, this was due to not enough food or they were just to weak.

13: Jewish Resistance There was many type of resistance during the Holocaust. There was resistance groups, resistance fighters (partisans), and spiritual resistance. The most famous resistance uprising was at the Warsaw Ghetto. Some of the uprisings in death camps were located at Sobibor and Treblinka. There was Resistance groups like the White Rose Movement, The Robert Baum group. Even though many died, they died in Honor and not a the arms of the enemy.

15: Genocides Genocides are a mass murdering of a large group of those who a particular ethnic group, race, or religion. Genocides have been heard around the world. They have occurred more than once and the biggest genocide was the Holocaust which was six million deaths. Other genocide that have occurred throughout history was the Rwanda genocide which consisted of the Hutu's and Tutsi's which killed 800,000 innocent tutsi's.

17: Holocaust Deniers. Some people think that the Holocaust never happen or its completely exaggerated but there is plenty information to prove other wise. | 'It [The Holocaust] is something like a religion... The intellectual adventure is that we are reversing this entire trend within this space of one generation - that in a few years no one will believe this particular legend anymore. They will say, as i do, that atrocities were committed. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, but there were no factories of death. All that is a blood libel against the German people." Speech in Portland, Oregon September ,18 1996

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