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NHL Alphabet

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BC: Written By: Jordan Stewart. Published by: Jordan Stewart.

FC: NHL Alphabet

1: A is for Atlanta Thrashers.The first entered the NHL in 1999. The home arena for this team is The Philips Arena. Atlanta has been a struggling team and has only made the playoffs once in franchise history.

2: B: B is for Boston Bruins, one of the first 6 teams to enter the NHL. The big bad Bruins have won 5 Stanley Cup, most of which had Bobby Orr participating in the cup final with the Bruins.

3: C: C is for Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are one if the 15 western conference teams. They have won just 3 Stanley Cups and 1 Conference Title in all the years they have played in the NHL.

4: D: D is for Detroit Redwings. The Redwings were founded in 1926 and were the 6th team to join the National Hockey League. Detroit stated out as a terrible team, but made some changes and now are one of the top teams in the NHL. They have had some legends on their team starting from Mike Bossy (Mr. Hockey) and now Pavel Datsyuk. They have won the 3rd most amount of Stanley Cups with 11.

5: E: E is for Edmonton Oilers . This Canadian team has won 5 Stanley Cups and 7 Conference Titles. The home arena for the 37 year team has been Rexall place for 34 of the team 37 year franchise.

6: F: F is for Florida Panthers. The Panthers were founded in 1993. Florida has not won any Stanley Cups and only 1 Conference title. The Florida Panthers have are a week team, but they have a LONG time to improve.

7: G: G is for Goal. What is a goal you ask? A goal is what you need to accomplish if you want a point in hockey. How you get a goal is by shooting the puck, past the goalie, and into the net. Some of the greatest goal scorers were Mike Bossy, Phil Esposito and Wayne Gretzky.

8: H: H is for Hockey. Hockey is the sport that is played in the NHL. Hockey was played well before the NHl was founded. Hockey was first played on ground, now known as "road hockey" or "field hockey". The first organized game of hockey was played in 1875 at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal.

9: I: I is for Ice. All ice is is frozen water but just put in the shape of a square with rounded edges so i fits in between the boards. Ice is one of the most important things in hockey. If there was no ice, all there would be was road and field hockey. Also, where would all those legends be right now? All those fans would have to watch, and love another sport.

10: J: J is for Jaromir Jagr. Jagr was born on February 15th 1972. He is 6ft 3in and 241 pounds. He was drafted 5th overall to the Pittsburgh penguins in | 1900. The other 2 teams he played for were Washington Capitals and New York Rangers. Jaromir | currently plays in the KHL for Avangard Omsk.

11: K: K is for Kovalchuk. This player is a Russian 6ft 1 forward currently playing for Atlanta Thrashers. Kovalchuck is one of the top goal scorers now playing in the NHL. He also got 51 points in 61 games in his rookie year. Kovalchuck was draften first overall in 2001 to the Atlanta Thrashers.

12: L: L is for Los Angeles Kings. L.A hasn't been what you call "successful". They are a weak team but keep improving every season. L.A won its first Division Championship in 1990-91 and two season after, they won their first Conference Championship. L.A is yet to win a Stanley Cup, but if they keep improving like they are, they will definitely have a chance.

13: M: M is for Montreal Canadians. Montreal was founded in 1909 and playing in the NHA. They then moved to the NHL in 1917 and played against Toronto, Detroit, New York Rangers, Boston and Chicago. The home arena for the Canadians is The Bell Center. Also, Montreal has won 24 Stanley Cups, 8 Conference Championships and 22 Division Titles. Thats they most cups won in the WHOLE NHL!

14: N: N is for New Jersey Devils. New Jersey started out in 1974 and was first named Kansas City Scouts. Two years later they decided to change the name from Kansas City Scouts to Colorado Rockies. After 6 successful season, they moved on to be the New Jersey Devils. Did you know, this NHL team won all their titles as the New Jersey Devils. They won 3 cups, 4 Conference Championships, and 8 Division Titles.

15: O: O is for Ottawa Senators. Ottawa began their NHL franchise in 1992, but were founded in 1990. Ottawa has 0 cups, 1 Conference Championships, and 4 Division Titles. The home rink for the Senators in The Scotiabank Place.

16: P: P is for Penalty. A penalty is when a player does something wrong and gets penalized for it. The player then gets sent to a small box along the boards for two minutes. | The team with the penalty can now only have 4 player on the ice which puts the other team on a "power play". If the team without the penalty scores a goal while they are on the power play, it ends.The coaches can also get a penalty. It's when he/she yells at the referee until he calls the penalty. That penalty is called a "bench minor". Some other popular penalties are interference, slashing, hooking and cross checking.

17: Q: Q is for quick. You need this skill to be in the NHL. If you aren't quick, you wont be able to keep up and maybe not even play. This trait of hockey is probably one of the most important because as you get older, the game gets faster and you don't want to be the only one who can't keep up.

18: R: R is for Rocket Richard. Rocket was one of the or the greatest Montreal Canadian player ever. Rockets name wasn't Rocket, it was a nickname, is real name was Maurice. He was born in Montreal and grew up a Canadians fan. He finally began his Canadians career in 1942 and continued on to play 18 seasons. Rocket was the first player to score 50 goals in one season. He was inducted into the "hockey Hall of Fame" in 1961, his last season.

19: S: S is for Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is the most prized possession in the whole NHL organization. It is what those NHL champions get to hoist in front of the thousands in attendance and millions watching at home. When and if your team wins, all the players and coaches get their names engraved into the Stanley Cup. This trophy is sometimes referred to as "The Cup" or "The Holy Grail". The cup was established in 1893. The current holders of the Stanley Cup are the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Stanley Cup is usually held in the Hockey Hall of Fame unless the NHL is involved in a special ceremony .

20: T: T is for Toronto Maple Leafs. The Toronto Maple Leafs entered the NHL as soon as it was founded and was 1 of the 5 teams who did. The Leafs weren't called the Toronto Maple Leafs at first, they were called Toronto Blueshirts first. They had 2 other names besides Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blueshirts. They were also called Toronto St.Patricks and Toronto Arenas. The leafs are currently second in the league in most cups won with 13. Although, the last time they won a cup was the 1967 season.

21: U: U is for Under Armour. Under Armour is what the NHL players normally wear under their equipment. Under Armour is worn so often by the pro's is because it absorbs most of their sweat, which keeps them feel more comfortable. Under Armour also stretches to support the players muscles, like a second skin. That would be why it is so tight to your body. This brand is stating to become so popular, it is spreading all through minor hockey as well.

22: V: V is for Visor. A visor is what is clipped onto the players if they don't have a cage, and what something to protect their eyes. There are SO many different designs of visors from tinted to wavy. You also have a variety in the shape of the visor, you can have what i call a "wavy visor" to just a "squared" visor.

23: W: W is for Wayne Gretzky. This all start was born in Brantford, Ontario in 1961 on January 26th. Gretzky entered the NHL in 1978, when he was 19, and played until 1999 at the age of 38. | He leads the NHL in point by a LONG SHOT with 2857, and second place in all time points is about 1000 points behind him! | Gretzky played for 4 pro teams. Starting his career in Edmonton,then L.A, after L.A he moved to St. lLousis, then retired in New York. He continues to participate in the NHL by coaching the Phoenix Coyotes.

24: X: X is for X-Ray. The NHL players get x-rays when they get a broken bone, or serious injury. If there weren't x-rays, some players may have lost their pro careers because they didn't know what was wrong with their body and not know how to fix it. X-rays have been used for plenty of years now and NHL players hope they only improve.

25: Y: Y is for Yzerman. Steve Yzerman played his whole career in Detroit. Steve was named team captain in 1986-87 and stayed captain for two decades. Yzerman was just recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. He now is the current GM of the Canadian Olympic team,

26: Z: Z is for Zdeno Chara. Chara is a 6ft 9 Russian tank who was born in Chensin CS. He made his way the the NHL and was drafted 56th overall by the New York Islanders. After a few seasons with the Islanders, Zdeno was traded to Ottawa. | After, Chara found himself being signed by the Bruins. Some accomplishments that Chara has achieved are being the worlds tallest NHL plsyer, being named captain of the Boston Bruins and also have the worlds hardest slap-shot ever in the NHL going at a speed of 105.4 mph! HOLY MACKANAW WHAT A SHOT!

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