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Nikhil - Page Text Content

BC: Julian Lover of projects,friends,and Alice. Giver of ides,gifts, and tea. Needs to be less open,keep thoughts to himself,and a calligraphy pen. Wants a calligraphy pen,good friends,and peace to everyone. Is good at making friends,grammar, and thinking outside the box. Should work on keeping stuff to himself,being less open, and joking around. Is similar to my dad because he is open to everyone Is similar to Spongebob because he has a lot of ideas. Is similar to a maze because he's hard to figure out. Singh

FC: Souls | By:Nikhil

1: Noah | Gershom

2: S | My mother insisted that I write a B and B letter to my grandparents.I told her that I couldn't write a B & B letter, and she asked me why,and I told her that I did not know what a B & B letter was. | Page 5 | T | I told her that with all due respect,I didn't think I owed Grandma & Granpa a B & B and then I stated my case.Fact:I was not just a houseguest,I was family;and fact:I had not been a houseguest by choice... | Page 5

3: E | Mom explained not too patiently that a B & B letter is a bread and butter letter you write to people to thank them for having you as their houseguest. | Noah Lover of calligraphy,family,and being free of work. Giver of calligraphy lessons,invitations and B & B letters. Needs a better working enviornment,his mom to stop bugging him,and to not think so much. Wants to be free from work,people to tell him that he's right, andanother calligraphy pen. Is good at writing,coming up with ideas,and and arguing with Nadia. Should work on being polite,keeping some thoughts to himself,and not discribing things so much. Is similar to me(Nikhil Dham) because of all the reasons listed on line 4. Is similar to a bottomless pit because his talking never stops Is similar to a bullhorn because he's very loud. Survivor of elementary school,being the best man at Nadia's grandpa and Ethan's grandma,and learning calligraphy. Gershom | page 5 | BIOPOEM

4: Ethan | Potter

5: S | I am always the longest rider,I live farther from school than anyone on my route.I board the bus first and get off last.I always have.The bus ride is the worst part of the day,it always has been.Going is bad,coming is worse. | T | There is nothing wrong with Lucas and that is what is wrong with him.He is a genius,a star athlete,and is always doing wonderful/and or record setting. | page61 | page62

6: E | On the subject of who should give up their ticket,Ethan was particularly silent,which was a subtle hint that he really wanted to go... | Page41 | Ethan Lover of The Phantom of the Opera,his family,and independent activity's. Giver of quietness,friendship,and a seat on the bus. Needs to be more social,less quiet,and doesn't need to keep everything to himself. Wants to sit on the bus by himself,Ham to die,and go to Julian's house for more tea parties. Is good at social studies,being patient,and giving "good"ideas. Should work on speaking up,making friends,and not judging people. Is similar to me because I am shy at first. Is similar to a rock because it is silent. Is similar to a turtle because it always stays in it's shell Survivor of elementary school,jealousy,and having a quiet personality. Potter

7: Nadia

8: S | My grandfather is a slim person of average hight with heavy, heathery-gray eyebrows.He lives in a high rise condo on the beach in Florida.He lives there with his new wife whom he calls Margy.I was told to call her Margaret... | Page 25 | T | His eyes have always been the most alive part of him,but when Bubbe Frieda died,he seemed to die too.Since he married Margaret though,they seem to be bright enough to give off light of their own. | Page 26

9: E | Dividing up my time was part part of the divorce settlement. I was to spend thanksgiving, spring vacation, and one month over the summer with dad. He left Christmas holidays for mother because it was her holiday, not his... | Page 25 & 26 | Nadia Lover of reading, her dog, and turtles. Giver of puppies, sarcasm, and information about turtles. Needs more stuff to do, spend more time with people and a calligraphy pen. Wants to have more freedom, her dad to not hover over her, and to learn how to write calligraphy. Is good at taking care of her dog, knowing information about turtle and making people do what she says. Should work on being less sarcastic, controlling her emotions, and being patient. Is similar to a text book because she has a lot of information. Is similar to an agenda because she has a lot of information. Is similar to my sister because she gets frustrated quickly. Diamondstein.

10: Julian Singh

11: S | The bickering between Nadia and Noah no longer made me uncomfortable.As a matter of fact I had began to enjoy it.And so had we all including Nadia and Noah. | Page 101 | T | Ginger had learned her lines.Ginger had learned her cues.Ginger was a genius. | Page 102 | E | Privately, before tryouts began,I had slipped backstage and taught stage Annie how to palm a treat and pass it off so that no one in the audience could see... | Page 104

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