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BC: Copyright 2011 Newtons Laws of Motion Publisher: Speedy Classics ISBN:20000017785

2: 1661: Isaac attends Trinity College | 1666: Saw an apple fall at Woolsthrope Manor | 1727: Sir Isaac Newton dies. | 1666: Discovered calculus, developed theory of colours, and constructed a reflecting telescope. | Scientist | Astronomer

3: 1642: Isaac Newton was born | 1665: Attends Cambridge Univeristy | 1693: Had a mental breakdown. | Mathematician | Genius

4: Once upon a time there was a panda named Isaac Newton who lived in a red, wooden cabin. I saac was a curious creature who loved staring out his winow day after day, just thinking. One bright blue day he was eating his fruit loops when an apple feel from his tree. "Wow, I wonder why that apple fell?" said Isaac

5: He thought and he thought but he didn't have an answer. "I will think harder and work better and sooner or later I will be able to come up with a conclusion!" He researched day and night until he got his very own first law of motion!

6: Now the first law of motion by our very own Isaac Newton is the law of Inertia! Inertia is a pretty big word to know what it means. Lets give an example of this thing we call "inertia" | Inertia is when something that is staying in place will stay in place until something or someone moves it. For example, when you're sleeping and your mom or dad tells you to wake up, you don't to move right? That us what we like to call, inertia.

7: 1st Law | States: | Every body remains at a constant velocity unless acted upon by and external unbalanced force. This means that items/ objects that are at rest ( no movement ) will never move unless something pushes or pulls on it.

8: Issac was so impressed with himself, he wanted to know what other laws there were out there. Plus he ate more fruity cereal! Isaac though of how an object will change velocity if it is pushed or pulled on. "Hmm, I think I'll try to calculating this one! I saac conducted a formula that would answer his question. "I've got it! F= M*A." My oh my this is harder than the first law, but he could break it down!

9: F= M*A for example, is when you go on the top of a building, and you drop a plastic today and pencil, and see which hits the floor first? | The plastic toy is the right answer because it has more weight, or mass, so it falls faster, which hits the ground before the pencil.

10: 2nd Law | States: | A body of mass M subject to a net force F undergoes an acceleration, A. Alternatively, the total force applied on a body is equal to the time derivative of linear momentum of the body. (This just means that the more heavier the object, the more force you need for it to move, and the lighter the object, the less force. F= M*A is just an equation that gives us the exact relationship between force, mass,and acceleration.

11: See that wasn't so hard was it? Now Isaac had two laws of motion. Would he come up with a third? | Of course he did! Issac discovered for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. | Isaac+Cat=Friends Isaac+Slap+Cat=Cat+Slap+Issac (+Angry cat) EQUAL OPPOSITE REACTION!

12: 3rd Law | States: | There is a pair of forces acting upon the two interacting objects. (This means that every tome you put force on an object, like pushing or pulling, the reaction will equal the same amount of force in the opposite direction.)

13: The most common example of the third law is fish. Yes really, fish. Whenever a fish swims through the water, its fins move back and forth. When it does that, it pushes water, and the water will react, making the fish move forward and able to swim in the water. | SWIM!!!

14: That is all of Isaac Newton's laws. So when Panda Isaac Newton made these laws, he was happy as can be. He got famous, along with intelligence, and getting lots of money!

15: Now how cool would it be to be Isaac? Why don't you give it a try! If you research and take the time you could very well be the next Isaac Newton! That is the end of our story today, until next time! Be safe and remember, learning can be fun if you willing to make it! THE END!

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